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  1. [Tool] KanColle Mobile
  2. [In Progress] Kancolle Online Spreadsheet
  3. Want to write your own guide? Instructions!
  4. Worst cases Guide [in progress]
  5. [In Progress]Combat 101
  6. [Suspended] Expeditions
  7. [In Progress] Play Kancolle without a system-wide VPN client (Chrome only!)
  8. Veteran Admiral Guide to the Kancolle Galaxy.
  9. [Pending] Quick reference ship list with modernization figures
  10. Sortie Quest Guide
  11. [In Progress] Dive Dive Dive! A guide to Subs!
  12. [In Progress] Dedicated VPN connection using OpenVPN & VPNGate
  13. [In Progress] Combat Stages Quick Reference
  14. [In Progress] Which Ship Should I Use my Blueprint On Next?
  15. [Guide in Progress] Caching Kanmusu CG Files
  16. [In Progress] Understanding Overkill: Requires Formatting