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  63. Your current desktop wallpaper?
  64. I think I might have turn my Akashi into a Masochist
  65. Looking for........
  66. About me!me!me! Music Video by teddyloid
  67. It's all in the rear: Akizuki or Prinz Eugen
  68. So here's a Kancolle Joke
  69. So i did this on Himeuta.net
  70. What is the Ship you will use everytime ? (when you can during event, sortie,Exercice
  71. What do you do to cheer yourself up?
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  83. Talking to Non-Teitokus About KanColle
  84. Naming of Warships in the Imperial Japanese Navy
  85. Blue/Black or White/Gold?
  86. Can someone help me translate this? something about 50% dmm money
  87. Musashi's Wreck Was Discovered by Paul Allen Today
  88. Why did US force Japan to open up in the 19th century?
  89. How many like WW2?
  90. I was surfing the internet and found this...
  91. The War Nerd
  92. What are the specs of your PC?
  93. This feels kind of...sad
  94. Chinese Flag on Sunken Japanese Warship in Palau
  95. How gamers contribute to war
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  99. Anyone got any favorite books/documentaries/etc about the IJN?
  100. What is the origin of your username?
  101. [NEW PROJECT] Infiltration of Yashukan Museum and creation of WWII ship encyclopedia
  102. Anyone familliar with battle of Savo Island and USS Quincy?
  103. I-400 Hanger Found
  104. Historic Carrier Divisions and Next Ships
  105. Anime Expo 2015 !!
  106. Anyone know of a Kancolle Personality quiz
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  114. Batman vs Superman
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  117. Kancolle Wallpapers?
  118. DMM Japanese Classes Any Good?
  119. Correlation between 2015 Final Event Maps.
  120. Kaga- Reborn as DDH-184 Kaga .
  121. [Giveaway] 5 1000 point webmoney codes
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  123. DMM App: Free 500 pts
  124. A Certain Kanmusu Tours the USS Ronald Reagan
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  140. My Account is turning 1 Year Old!
  141. Odd ship i found
  142. (First news of 2016 )This looks... familiar...
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  144. Royal Canadian Navy Shipgirls
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  146. is shipping good ?
  147. GoGames Ripsoff Kantai Collection
  148. World's oldest aircraft carrier to be converted into luxury hotel
  149. [ATTENTION] Another Kancolle Copy Game!!
  150. A6M Zero in WWII-era hangar at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan
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  156. Who should I give 5 Maruyu to?
  157. So Harukaze is a lie
  158. Why Kagerou is the best DD ever and why yours is the worst
  159. (Himeuta community related)Interesting screenshot I found
  160. Japanese Yen: Will the currency weaken this year?
  161. Victory Belles Funded.
  162. Kancolle stuff in Hong Kong?
  163. Vocaloids
  164. Did they remove webmoney option in DMM site ?
  165. registering phone number in dmm account
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  167. Yamato-class Blueprints Disclosed?
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