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  1. Some Hyperlinks are not set-up yet
  2. Regarding downvotes hiding posts?
  3. Notification in Groups
  4. Chatbox - Forum Games
  5. Lag with Beason Skin
  6. Can we have the "Latest Activity" back?
  7. Forum lottery
  8. Resurrect archived "Image dump? Image landfill" thread?
  9. Help and support emails help me stop them please
  10. Search parameter searchdate broke
  11. what happened to mobile view/site?
  12. Tapatalk Notification
  13. Kancolle Modules broken
  14. Marriage ring's and papers/
  15. Forced re-sign in when using " new subscribed posts" popup?
  16. Mention tags not working
  17. Long lag time when posting
  18. Unable to Search
  19. First post in threads not showing
  20. signing in after signing in.
  21. Some hiccups?
  22. Video embed subframe way long
  23. Notifications error
  24. Can't access new site on Mobile phone?
  25. Lots of negative credits
  26. Error with club albums, duplicates and undeletable images
  27. Tama, Incorrect Rarity?
  28. Subforum titles?
  29. Different Badges maybe?
  30. An actual chatbox?
  31. "Unread Subscribed Posts" Redirect Loop
  32. Latest Post preview?
  33. Ooi, Incorrect Rarity
  34. Account deleted?
  35. Not recieving credits at first
  36. Visual glitch in the text editor
  37. DST Detection error (time is one hour out)
  38. Deleted account after the recent shut down?
  39. Can't access user page, mentions or anything outside of settings
  40. Inbox -> undefined
  41. Nearly a week without daily credits and why are some credits crossed out in my log?
  42. Just Badge Stuff.
  43. Automatically subscribed to threads despite turning the option off
  44. Card Template System Memory Leak?
  45. Credits.
  46. Search function broken
  47. Cant view my profile
  48. Updating problem?
  49. About ranks
  50. Hard to see GD-Images
  51. Teach auto-update chan some manners please
  52. Increase the Max Dimensions of Signature Images
  53. Search function broken
  54. Spoiler problem
  55. Name change not working
  56. Cannot View Profile
  57. Unicode: quotation marks and dashes
  58. Dear everyone who has the authority in this forum(i just want a answers, that's it)
  59. Site not recognizing certain kanji in certain contexts
  60. A Suggestion for the Rep system(not Urgent)
  61. Some profile tabs not showing
  62. side bar
  63. Missing Card template
  64. Slow forum?
  65. Filter the New Posts Display
  66. The awesome URLs that get generated
  67. Lottery Threads Giving Error
  68. User's Specific Activity Display on Default
  69. 404 not found errors.
  70. Horizontal Lines not parsing.
  71. Unable to Search Thread/Post (& View Forum Leaders)
  72. Auto Post Update Forces Thread Subscription
  73. Himeuta Down
  74. A spoiler popping out of nowhere ?
  75. Reply Bug
  76. Kanpani Girls Subforum Request
  77. [Suggestion] Badges
  78. [Suggestion] Allow HTML or "Insert Image" on signature
  79. [suggestion] purchaseable badges
  80. Removal of Negative Reputation
  81. Subscribed thread
  82. How does one change their username?
  83. Text editor bug?
  84. Daily Credits
  85. Uncheck "reference locally" by default when linking images in GCT
  86. DMM Maintenance Countdowns?
  87. What are subscribed post?
  88. Please add a way to get the hell out of Metro mode once you are in it
  89. Unable to post, reply box not showing
  90. Can an admin help me?
  91. About adblock
  92. Saya what's the yellow user name mean?
  93. Weird Video Bug
  94. [Community] Do we have an IRC Server/Channel?
  95. Forbid pure black font colors for users of Beacon theme
  96. PM Word Limit
  97. Broken Thread or broken me?
  98. Non-parsed URL on merged threads
  99. Malicious Ads
  100. Ignore Feature Bug?
  101. Problems text box when posting and replying
  102. Suggestion for the rep system
  103. "History" Forum Section.
  104. E-7 Drop Rate Thread Database Error
  105. Search function broken
  106. Suggestion: gifv support
  107. Cannot see my signature.
  108. Skype Icon missing/broken
  109. Suggestions/Reaction on the forum (rep, rules, etc.)
  110. Change name error?
  111. Forum account wiped record thread 2015/07/05
  112. Those ship ranking badge-medal thingies on profile
  113. Server list
  114. Page list for servers
  115. Lost credits in shop, got no items
  116. Deleting threads
  117. Ads causing Flash Crashes
  118. Skype button broken: Redux
  119. Webm support
  120. Infracted Users Section
  121. Frequent Log Out Issue?
  122. Post Migration Related Issues Here
  123. Countdown Timer
  124. Fusou Badge typo?
  125. Missing favorite ships
  126. Shop & Badge System broken link
  127. Japanese Characters are showing up as Norwegian ones?
  128. Domain expiration
  129. Himeuta Unstable
  130. I broke it, help.
  131. Requesting help on IP banned (probably need admin's assistance)
  132. Kanji / Japanese script breaks posts.
  133. Migration Support Thread
  134. 400 Request Header Or Cookie Too Large
  135. Unread posts button doesn't aways show
  136. The sidebar at the front page (and the New Posts section)
  137. Possible malware?
  138. Trouble Posting in "Advanced" mode
  139. Locked out of general settings
  140. Feature Unfreeze - I'm-Back-To-Fix-Things Edition
  141. New Posts section and the IRC emulator threads
  142. Can I post a survey in the forum? Where should I do it?
  143. BugReport: 400 - Cookie Size too large
  144. Japanese character encoding
  145. Forum Bot Swarm Countermeasure
  146. Https