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  2. Himeuta Navy Curry Friday
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  9. Barclays Premier League 2014-2015 (Soccer)
  10. Comptiq October issue on sale at 10thSept
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  12. Comptiq 2014 Oct issue
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  15. Nyantype Novemeber edition
  16. 4th figma to be announced 31st Oct
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  19. Pulchra Ikazuchi 1/7 Figure
  20. My Hobby? :P
  21. Yamato by Bandai EXTREME QC issues
  22. AGP Musashi confirmed, more incoming
  23. Pulchra Inazuma 1/7 Scale Figure
  24. 1up shigure poi and shimakaze Figure
  25. Kancolle Trading Straps Vol2 and Vol3 box split
  26. How to purchase from Taobao
  27. Coffee Talk.
  28. Nendoroid Suzuya And Kumano is going for the yuri route~
  29. Drawing
  30. The Goddess Hath Ariveth. Nendo Haruna Is now up for PO.
  31. 1:4.5 Yamato/Musashi at WF2015 winter
  32. [Max factory]Re Class 1/8 figure
  33. Just where do I stick the tail in? Nendo Re-class is WonFes Exclusive~
  34. Wonder Fest Kancolle Figs -It's Crying time-
  35. Visiting Historical Ship Locations
  36. It's that distinctive lack of silhouette~ Nendo RJ is up for PO wheeee~
  37. Operation Ten-Go 70th Anniversary
  38. Gaming Keyboard
  39. There's no way my Hotel-chan has this much parts! Nendo Yamato is up~
  40. Building Bismarck Drei- in 1/200 scale
  41. Any Shinki lover in here?
  42. here's any guys that like military plastic-model? (Like tank... warship... avation..)
  43. Bandai Tamashii Nation Haruna Kai Ni
  44. What is with the Nendoroid craze?
  45. Permanent Modifications, Yamato!
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  47. 1/700 IJN Satsuki (from Pitroad Mutsuki kit)
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  53. Phicen 1/6 Figure "Sparta Warrior"
  54. cute fan-made models