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  1. [Warship Girls] Warship Girls Section Rules
  2. [Warship Girls] Important Notice for New Players
  3. [Warship Girls] Construction/Drop Whining Thread
  4. [Warship Girls] New Server Closed Testing Codes
  5. [Warship Girls]General Info Thread maybe?
  6. [Warship Girls] Some tips of the game
  7. [Warship Girls] Something New about TW Server
  8. [Warship Girls] Shipping Ships - A Shipping Thread
  9. [Warship Girls] Warship Girls RP Interest Check Redirect
  10. [Warship Girls] This is a special example of China's mobile game industry.
  11. [Warship Girls] Some useful links
  12. [Warship Girls] The TW server new ships
  13. [Warship Girls] Use the formula [400-80-650-130] to build Ten million times
  14. [Warship Girls]Satellite in orbit--some ship outside of the earth
  15. [Warship Girls] Red Tab Quests
  16. [Warship Girls] World 2-3 question.
  17. [Warship Girls] The Official Artworks and Artists
  18. [Warship Girls] TW Server Public Testing Delayed
  19. [Warship Girls] Current Waifus and Future Waifus
  20. [Warship girls] Colorado class lines?
  21. [Warship Girls]Chinese Culture Department.
  22. [Warship Girls] Is Laffey bleed at her damage art?
  23. [Warship girls] Hidden update?
  24. [Warship Girls] More TW Server Closed Testing Codes
  25. [Warship Girls] Event on Testing Server
  26. [Warship Girls] New equipments!in V1.3.8 TW server
  27. [Warship Girls] Help with 6-2
  28. [Warship Girl] A joke!P7‘s developers confuse Potter with O'Bannon!
  29. [Warship Girls] Mainland severs going to be closed
  30. [Warship Girls] Poem: My Lovely Lady Lexington
  31. [Warship Girls] Comic strips
  32. [Warship Girls]WSG building guide---threshold value& weighting factor
  33. [Warship Girls] The System Of Skills
  34. [ Warship Girls ] WsG Future Updates (?)
  35. [Warship Girls]Traditional Chinese Server started!!!!!!!!!
  36. [Warship Girls] warship girl project consultant team
  37. [Warship Girls] HM's Official Name Change
  38. [Warship Girls] MAP 1-5
  39. [Warship Girls] Bugs in the new 1.3.9 traditional chinese server
  40. [Warship Girls] New Players Please Create Account on Non-Mainland Server
  41. [Warship Girls] Official Q&A for the New Server, Data Transfer Issues etc.
  42. [Warship Girls] The Microblog of WSG artist
  43. [Warship Girls]Face to face with the artist----12cat!!!ï¼ 
  44. [Warship Girls] client for the new iOS ASIA server
  45. [Warship Girls] (Fanskits) What if Warship Girls meet KanColle?
  46. [Warship Girls] WOW,It seems like I was one of the pioneers.
  47. [Warship Girls] I‘m shipyard artist 12cat
  48. [Warship Girls]We need feedback from you guys!
  49. [Warship Girls] Traditional Chinese Translation or TW Translation?
  50. [Warship Girls] Emergency! TW/HK server is under attack!
  51. [Warship Girls] List of Servers that Are Up for the Traditional Chinese Version
  52. [Warship Girls] Zero Transfer Starting
  53. [Warship Girls] [Comic] Verniy
  54. [Warship Girls] Related Products
  55. [Warship Girls] What kind of ships you want to
  56. [Warship Girls]Compensation Code
  57. [Warship Girls] Weekly Reset Question
  58. [Warship Girls]Emergency Maintenance
  59. [Warship Girls]New client for WSG Asian,iOS/Android
  60. [Warship Girls][IMPORTANT]Please Refrain from logging into mainland server
  61. [Warship Girls] New Compensation Code for TW server
  62. [Warship girls]press conference held on August 29(HM)
  63. [Warship Girls] I'm choosing who will i remodel first.
  64. [Warship Girls] Special event for Magpie festival
  65. [Warship Girls] A closeure.
  66. [Warship Girls] [Comic] Ranger
  67. [Warship Girls]Upcoming events
  68. [Warship Girls] Armaments Translations?
  69. [Warship Girls] Suukhbatar (sp)
  70. [Warship Girls]Live situation of CC16!
  71. [Warship Girls] The New Battle System
  72. [Warship Girls} New Codes
  73. [Warship Girls] Equipment setups?
  74. [Warship Girls] A tour of WSG offices and some general update comments
  75. [Warship Girls] Project R EnglishSub
  76. [Warship Girls] Quest Translation Please
  77. [Warship Girls] A Certain Unlucky Admiral's Silly Everyday Life (Manga)
  78. [Warship Girls] Has anyone tried collecting only certain countries on different serve
  79. [Warship Girls] short comic:Commander and Richelieu's 500 days
  80. [Warship Girls] Can I play this game on a PC
  81. [Warship Girls]Consult for slots
  82. [Warship Girls] The New Code (03/09/2015)
  83. [Warship Girls] Recommended Fleet Compositions for 2-3 and 2-4
  84. [Warship Girls] Streaming Thread
  85. [Warship Girls ] 3-4 fleet formation
  86. [Warship Girls]New Quest List, with more exact way to search for them
  87. [Warship Girls] New to the game: grinding and farming.
  88. [Warships] Consultation on this quest
  89. {Warship Girls] Abyssal Girls
  90. [Warship Girls] Help i cant remodel mi levxngton
  91. [Warship Girls] USS Langley
  92. [warship girls] question about rings
  93. [Warship girls] World 5 help
  94. [Warship girls] A question:How do you touched this game?
  95. [Warship Girls]About imminent extra activeites
  96. [Warship Girls] Discussion about the sour relationship between Morgane and WSG fandom
  97. [Warship Girls] Quest flow chart
  98. [Warship Girls] Some Fanart
  99. [Warship Girls] September Pre-Event Quests
  100. [Warship Girls] Official mirror site Twitter of MoeFantasy is on board
  101. [Warship Girls]Warship Chronicle in WSG(a fanmade video)
  102. [Warship Girls] Skill Leveling
  103. [Warship Girls] Fan Made videos
  104. [Warship Girls] Questions
  105. [Warship Girls]6-1 dc fishing demo
  106. [Warship Girls]Sept 18 events
  107. [Warship Girls] Can't sortie anymore.
  108. [Warship Girls]Stuck at 5-2
  109. [Warship Girls] Bug ? Can't select world 2
  110. [Warship Girls] Warship Blueprint Farming
  111. [ Warship Girls ] Ex - 1 Discussion Thread
  112. [ Warship Girls ] Ex - 2 Discussion Thread
  113. [ Warship Girls ] Ex - 3 Discussion Thread
  114. [ Warship Girls ] Ex - 4 Discussion Thread
  115. 【Warship girls】What's the results of the event
  116. [Warship girls] World 6 help
  117. [Warship Girls] Shipfu Analysis
  118. [Warship Girls] Construction/Drop Celebration Thread
  119. [Warship girls] Store
  120. [Warship Girls] CODE (2015-09-25)
  121. [Warship Girls]Wikia event: 3 Cure Albacore Deluxe Packs, FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING
  122. [Warship Girls] Fleet Names
  123. [Warship Girls] Best place to farm Enchantements materials?
  124. [Warship Girls]National day events
  125. [Warship Girls]Just a reminder
  126. [Warship Girls]Level-up rewards code on game announcement.
  127. [Warship Girls]Compensation code oct1 tatyznsu
  128. [Warship Girls] I'm setting up a Wikipedia article in English for WSG
  129. [Warship Girls] Special Fleet Girls trolls me after I (touch) them
  130. [Warship Girls] Updates?
  131. [Warship Girls] The answer of "Gearing Kai when?" (Manga)
  132. [Warship girls]What's the difference between the firefly and the glowworm?
  133. [Warship Girls]the spring events(repeat) will be started in next week!
  134. [Warship Girls]The Announcement of Spring Events (repeat)
  135. [Warship Girls ] spring event rerun EX-1
  136. [ Warship Girls ] Tartarus Archipelago Ex-2 Thread
  137. [ Warship Girls ] Tartarus Archipelago Ex-3 Thread
  138. [ Warship Girls ] Tartarus Archipelago Ex-4 Thread
  139. [Warship Girl]Please help!! <<Warship Girls Contributor in Thailand>>==
  140. [Warship Girls] Project R, CBT test start!
  141. [ Warship Girls ] Submarine question
  142. [Warship Girls] Best maps + nodes to level up different ships with fleet composition
  143. [Warship Girls] I am Chinese player, I can help you,answer and provide news for you~
  144. [Warship Girls]New Boss!The part of the picture of the new activity event BOSS。
  145. [Warship Girls]Please offer some feedback to help us to improve WGS wiki
  146. [Warship Girls] CBT update!!Hood and Bismarck Modifications!
  147. [Warship Girls] Is it true what I heard about the KSM Bismarck Server?
  148. [Warship Girls] Superstitious way(s) to obtain rare shipgirls
  149. [Warship Girls]Project R OBT launched(Hood server)
  150. [Warship Girls] Maintenance on 11:00 (GMT+8) Nov.11 !!!
  151. [Warship Girls]Project R 2.0.0 Client released(all servers)
  152. [Warship Girls] about the new ships known droping in new version
  153. [Warship Girls]Nov12 new version update note, download link, official website
  154. [Warship Girl] windows 10 phone compatibility?
  155. Warship Girls won't install!
  156. [Warship Girls] Finally a recent self-proclaim WG Thai version on FB
  157. [Warship Girls]Two videos
  158. [Warship Girls] Access denied to Warship girls
  159. [Warship Girls] What do you think about our new ship template?
  160. [Warship Girls] Prediction of the upcoming 2015 Winter event.
  161. [Warship Girls] Thanksgiving events!!
  162. [Warship Girls] Thanksgiving Quests and Special Offers
  163. [Warship Girls] Beginner Help
  164. [Warship Girls]Dec 4/2015 maintenance
  165. [Warship Girls] Passing 6-2?
  166. [Warship Girls]WSG 2.1.0 download link
  167. [Warship Girls]Warship Girls Wiki sucks so much
  168. [Warship Girls] Server Maintenance&Combat readiness Event for next coming Operation
  169. [Warship Girls]Winter Event: Midway
  170. [Warship Girls] Connection error?
  171. Stuck after click "Agree" on agreement
  172. [Warship Girls] Connection issue
  173. [Warship Girls] Error on attempting to open completed equipment craft
  174. [Warship Girls] A very nice song.
  175. [Warship Girls] Burnt 10k fuel and bauxite, still no potato girl :(
  176. [Warship Girl] Unlocking Fleets 2, 3 and 4
  177. [Warship Girls] Warship girls x Starwars
  178. [Warship Girls]Census of Native English Speaker Admirals
  179. [Warship Girls]120/120 Who have you released?
  180. [Warship Girls] Warship Girls R Christmas Event
  181. [Warship Girls]Signature Generator
  182. [Warship Girls] Q: Best ways to farm resources
  183. [Warship Girls] Brace for impact! The third unofficial fanmade WSG PV !
  184. [Warship Girls] The shipgirl(s) you wish to add into the game.
  185. [Warship Girls] Warship Girls at Firefly ACG Festival 2016
  186. [Warship Girls] 2016 New Year's Quests
  187. [Warship Girls]What do I do if I really want to buy those Warship Girls products?
  188. [Warship girls] 6-1 branching
  189. [Warship Girls] Jan 7 2016 Closed Beta Testing
  190. [Warship Girls]the best fanart I saw this week
  191. [Warship Girls] Distribution of highly trained ship types
  192. [Warship Girls]Server Maintenance Jan 14/2016
  193. [Warship Girls] Image of Dressing System & New Modifications
  194. [Warship Girls]Idol war! Quincy VS Aoba! Which one do you support?
  195. [Warship Girls]Warship Girls is now available on AppStore!
  196. secondary cannons
  197. [Warship Girls] Warship Girls R Construction Event 2016/01/22
  198. [Warship Girls] Update problems 18 Jan 2016
  199. [Warship Girls] Fan translation(Proof of concept)
  200. [Warship Girls] Question about Quincy Love Lyric
  201. [Warship Girls]Paypal
  202. [Warship Girls] Equipment Recipe changed?
  203. [Warship Girls]Jan 22/2016 maintenance
  204. [Warship Girls]A Givwaway
  205. [Warship Girl] Good luck to all who are constructing for era 1/22
  206. [Warship Girls]An interesting development from the "other side", worring for Warship
  207. [Warship Girls] Engagement Rings
  208. [Warship Girls]WSG-R is currently 32th on the top selling list of China appstore
  209. [Warship Girls]Jan24/2016 Beijing IDO resouces code
  210. [Warship Girls]Fanmade WSG PV "Ship Girls' Histiory-R"
  211. [Warship Girl] How to increase the affection of a girl?
  212. [Warship Girl] WSG 1/30 maintenance & update
  213. [Warship Girls] The Client of WSG-R (update follow the offical site)
  214. [Warship Girls] Gratitude to your most important shipgirl through expression
  215. [Warship Girls] New Player(help)
  216. [Warship Girls] New Year Celebration Event 2/8-2/14
  217. [Warship Girls] Need some advice on moving forward
  218. [Warship Girls] I just aware that Warship Girl got TvTropes entry.
  219. [Warship Girls] Feb14/2016 Maintenance
  220. [Warship Girls]Feb 14 Nanjing CJ Resource Code m5bfxcsx
  221. [Warship girls] What the hell is MF doing?
  222. [Warship Girls] WSG made it to TV!
  223. [Warship Girls] Feb22 Maintenance and update
  224. [Warship Girls] Crash when loading PVP in Bismark Server
  225. [Warship Girls] Warship Girls R English Mod
  226. [Warship Girls]incoming Summer event (Feb 26th - Mar 11th)
  227. [Warship girls] Unable to sortie or do PVP
  228. [Warship Girls]Server Maintenance Feb 26/2016
  229. [Warship Girls] Black login screen
  230. [Warship Girls] EVENT: Operation Pasta Revisit Ex-1
  231. [Warship Girls] EVENT: Operation Pasta Revisit E3
  232. [Warship Girls] EVENT: Operation Pasta Revisit Ex-2
  233. [Warship Girls] EVENT: Operation Pasta Revisit Ex-4
  234. [Warship Girls] Q: How to get special CG ?
  235. [Warship Girls] The battle of pasta All Clear
  236. [Warship Girls] A low-cost fishing strategy in Ex-4
  237. [Warship Girls] Resources Code feb 29
  238. [Warship Girls]Maintenance March 1/2016
  239. [Warship Girls]Maintenance March 3/2016
  240. [Warship Girls] Warship girls TH fake?
  241. [Warship Girls] Discord Server
  242. [Warship Girls]A somewhat interesting report of WSG english community
  243. [Warship Girl] WSG 3/15 maintenance & update
  244. [Warship Girls] The shipgirls that you would like to have their modification/skills
  245. [Warship Girls]Post UID to be added as a friend ingame
  246. [Warship Girls] Current definition of European TTK
  247. [Warship Girls]Sad news
  248. [Warship Girls] Mar 25 2016 maintenance
  249. [Warship Girls] 2016 April Fools Day events
  250. [Warship Girls] New unreleased content teased by moefantasy