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  1. Fall event new boat predictions
  2. What is your favorite Destroyer Division?
  3. Lucky Star with Kancolle on this month Comptiq:)
  4. Fall Event LiveStream Thread
  5. Before and After~
  6. Which ship(s) do you hope to find during the event?
  7. What do you want in nextgen?
  8. Fall event new ship thread
  9. Has anyone tried building Bismarck/Z3 with Prinz Eugen as flagship?
  10. Aircraft loss following Nov14 update
  11. Worst Teitoku Thread
  12. Fall Event 2014 - Did your support expedition fleet work well?
  13. KanColle Lottery Failure Streak!
  14. Does it look like there will be a Xmas event?
  15. Sinking line
  16. Who has the best idle line?
  17. How many subs do you keep?
  18. Kongou sank today.
  19. I wish I had grinded more [ship type] for the event!
  20. KanColle Minigame: 3-2-A Bingo
  21. Some insights about the 2 types of Combined Fleets.
  22. Relation between event Abyssal ships and Kanmusus?
  23. My first feeling of victory
  24. Share your girl's most embarrassing moments! Damage art thread
  25. I keep getting _______ as a drop or from construction.
  26. RNGeesus and Murphy's Law
  27. Breaking the 4th Wall for the Kanmusus
  28. Do you use alarm clock for expedition?
  29. Furutaka Kai 2 Thread
  30. Event Ship losses
  31. Kancolle jokes
  32. Weaboo Pronunciation Guide™ KanColle Edition
  33. KanColle × Avira AntiVirus Compatibility problem
  34. Which Winter Furniture to Get?
  35. Love for Kongou
  36. Haruna Waifu Achieved
  37. Least favorite ships
  38. What do you do when your war against the abyssal is over?
  39. Kancolle pics and GIFs
  40. What equipment do you expect from ships that will later get a Kai Ni?
  41. Motivation to Keep Playing?
  42. Documentaries on Kancolle ships?
  43. Corellation between stats and shipgirls real life counter-part
  44. A new LoS formula?
  45. The Ultimate Six
  46. Where to get Kancolle mouse cursors?
  47. How to draw KC characters in less than 10 seconds
  48. How many girls have you farmed for their Kai Ni equipment?
  49. That "rare" common ships
  50. The ship you just can't throw away
  51. Furthur remodel (Kai Ni/San) timeline
  52. Fubuki K2 Thread
  53. I started Stream KantaiCollection !
  54. North Korean Hacker Group Threatens Attack Unless KanColle Anime is Cancelled
  55. Kanmusu Birthday Calendar!
  56. Kanmusu Birthday Calendar! V2
  57. FOR SCIENCE! The Kancolle Calcs and Feats Thread
  58. The ships everyone has but you... OCD central...
  59. How are your preparations for the Winter Event?
  60. Kantai Collection Arcade announced by SEGA
  61. Chinese KanColle and Baidu fiasco
  62. Winter Event Drop Wishlist
  63. Suggestion to DMM?
  64. Who were the Abyssals? All Speculation Welcome
  65. Mutsuki gets a Kai Ni?
  66. Nachi K2 and Hatsushimo K2 thread
  67. Construction Testing.
  68. 2015-01-23: New quests: Nachi Squadron
  69. The Starters are all the same, they said ...
  70. Bug Report
  71. Fun Fleets!
  72. halp me get back into the swing of things
  73. What was your best roll out of a 30/30/30/30?
  74. Drink Bar
  75. The Elite 6 DDs and the role of DDs in Kancolle.
  76. Fun or Troll Fleets (fought and created) in PVP
  77. How much time do you spend on KanColle per day and what are your play strategies?
  78. Maximum Luck candidate AKA Chomp Maruyu thread...
  79. Looking for help with a Kancolle Sig\avatarD:
  80. Who are your overperforming Kanmusus?
  81. Kancolle Card Generator
  82. Who is your favorite sub?
  83. Sometimes RNG just renders your battleship completely useless :)
  84. What do we know about AA? A call for collecting info
  85. Lottery Limit.
  86. KanColle User Demographics - Who plays this game and what do they like?
  87. WG42 specuation thread
  88. Shipgirls of a new Nationality coming to a Kantai near you?
  89. how do i get into the fandom ?
  90. What are your fleet setups?
  91. How to complete E-3 and not get U-511...
  92. U-511 or ro500?
  93. Oshiete~ Katori-sensei~
  94. Anime Ending + E1 + E2 BGM = Gold
  95. Winter 2015 E-4 Critical Damage Bug
  96. Boss Last Kill Voice
  97. Ship sinking & Question
  98. Equipment Development
  99. Holy crap why is Anti-Air FD so hard to get...
  100. Lottery on the 13th of February?
  101. How much do you Orel Cruise?
  102. U-511 increasing the chance of bismarck construction?
  103. I hit a roadblock in E-3 (Unable to pass Symbiotic Hime*)
  104. Battlefield 4 x Kancolle OP & ED
  105. MVP for Valentine Day Quote
  106. So next event will be HP reset abuse eh?
  107. A not-at-all-serious idea for an event I just thought up.
  108. Who's Your Worst Nemesis?
  109. Do we need more sensei?
  110. Kantai Collection Collaborates with Pizza Hut
  111. KanColle Arcade
  112. U511 similar to an Abyssal ?
  113. Your best to make resources for feeding your girls ship.
  114. The map where compass-sama hates your guts.
  115. How is the KanColle community with BluePrint ships?
  116. Light Cruiser Tsu-Class able to use Anti-Air Cut-in...?
  117. That ship you don't expect to get but others are struggling to get
  118. Kanmusu Zodiac Signs
  119. U511 or RO500
  120. Any ships you'd like to see in KanColle?
  121. Simultaneous Ship Sinking P.2
  122. Re-analyzing Luck Modernization (specially on CLTs)
  123. What do you trade your Mochi for?
  124. What are the Lucky hours in JST?
  125. Sunken Ship Theory
  126. Kantai Collection Panel for Anime Convention
  127. around when is the next event going to be?
  128. Unused ship classes
  129. We need ways to beat RNG into pulp!
  130. Ship locking and Sinking in the Event Maps
  131. Quick discussion in Winter event-E-5甲.
  132. Shinden Kai: Overrated or Overpowered?
  133. Debate the pros and cons of Kai Ni
  134. Let's try to decode RNG
  135. What do you do when RNG is not helping?
  136. The victor of Operation MI in the anime! Poll
  137. Maya k2 thread
  138. Medium Bombers in the Game?
  139. if there was one thing you could change/ add in the game what would it be and why?
  140. Proposition for new standard in Kancolle guides
  141. Light Cruiser Demon & Battleship Water Demon sinking lines.
  142. Change to Construction ??
  143. White Day Best Voice
  144. Just how rare is Sendai?
  145. "Wait, How much resources did it cost?!?!"
  146. Musashi Wall Scroll?
  147. 25mm Concentrated Deployment apparently enables CIs?
  148. Do you Orel Cruise with 3 or 4?
  149. Anime And Event To End/Begin In (possibly) Two Weeks
  150. Spring Event 2015 Speculation: Operation Ten-Go
  151. What is your "strategy" when it comes to Kai Ni'ing girls?
  152. What's the most frustrating/unlucky map for you?
  153. Japanese Reddit KanColle Community
  154. Kagerou-Class Showdown
  155. clone shipgirls
  156. Name a ship that will be overpowered if introduced in-game
  157. To anyone who has sank a submarine
  158. PvP "styles"
  159. Omg wut is dis RNG!
  160. Kantai Collection/Kancolle Character Sorter
  161. Where are your first 10 ships now?
  162. Best Shipgirl Brackets
  163. Best/Worst Ship Voice?
  164. Choukai k2 thread
  165. Kancolle Shooter - kancolle fan-made game preview
  166. LSC Priority
  167. How you play Kancolle ? (Feeling, reality etc)
  168. Who was your last Kongou?
  169. The hardest sortie quest (for you)
  170. Is 1-4 supposed to be this frigging hard?
  171. What's the current score of 500ish rank players in your server?
  172. Special-Type Destroyer Rumble
  173. Clear 2-5 but dont have medal
  174. Urban Legend regarding Lucky Time Slots, List Them
  175. KanColle Arcade Review
  176. Your six top CAs
  177. How many tries did X take (LSC)?
  178. Best expedition to go before long vacation(like sleeping)
  179. Memory of your first day knowing Kantai Collection.
  180. 41cm better than 46cm?
  181. The sparkle myth
  182. Curious about CLTs and Torpedo Squads from a historical perspective.
  183. Sonars boost firepower on odernisation
  184. Warp Modernization (Two or more remodels in one go)
  185. Mutsu Secretary 3 Kai quote?
  186. Anyone keeping ships moderately-damaged?
  187. Played for 1+ year. Just know Kongou sisters have the same seiyuu from Animelo
  188. Murakumo k2 thread
  189. 1-6 Clearing Discussion
  190. 1st Fleet While You're Away
  191. Which of Your Ship Girls Likes Taking Crits To The Face ALL THE TIME?!
  192. Kancolle apps
  193. Favourite Artwork
  194. How would cancelled ship/classes be added
  195. Kancolle Fan Video
  196. Kancolle client not appearing on DMM/Can't generate new API link!
  197. Weapon fitting/penalty
  198. Fishing at Ooyodo River
  199. Let's share our fleet compositions (Redux!)
  200. Mutsuki Class - months of lunar year
  201. What are your fleet names?
  202. Anti Air Cut-In Discussion and Tests
  203. What is your base's BGM?
  204. KanColle Dreams
  205. When Shinano Comes Along...
  206. Mutsuki K2/ Kisaragi K2 thread
  207. Event Rare Ship Drop Rates
  208. Best Ships Yet to Be Implemented of Each Type (No Pacific!)
  209. Equipment Improvement Success Rate
  210. In this coming spring event, if
  211. 2nd Anniversary Voice Collection
  212. Member Fairy-Waifu Database
  213. How many maps do you expecting in the up coming event?
  214. DMM Event 10% bonus?
  215. [Possible Bug?] Worrying Issue with PVP
  216. The Akitsushima Info and Appreciation Thread
  217. Who considers Italia as the first Allied ship featured in Kancolle?
  218. The Ultimate Test of Skill - Monthly 2-5 4DD CA CL Mission Race
  219. How Long Did It Take For You To Win Your First Lottery.
  220. How long will Kancolle last?
  221. 6-2 Clearing
  222. The "Friend Fleet" button
  223. Is there a ritual you have to give yourself some luck for salvaging ships?
  224. The effect of Luck on shelling accuracy
  225. Shokaku class ready for K2 ??
  226. Who's your favorite fairy?
  227. Help with line translations
  228. KanColle dominates winter 2014/15 anime blu-ray ranking
  229. KC3 Kai Backgrounds: Show 'em to me
  230. What's the most ridiculous thing you've done for Kancolle?
  231. Wreid bug
  232. Haruna's New Panty Pattern
  233. Maruyu Gambling - Probability of gaining more luck than the average 1.6
  234. Im streaming KanColle!
  235. Challenging a common misconception about Maruyu Feeding
  237. Ryuujou Cosplay Hat Thing
  238. Which is better, KCV or KC3 Kai?
  239. Expedition 40 Success Rate
  240. What motivates you to continue playing?
  241. World 2 Daily
  242. how did u do at the event?
  243. Does introducing Pudding in LSC break the game?
  244. An evaluation of current Akashi upgrades
  245. Your preferred Combined Fleet type: Surface Task Force or Carrier Task Force
  246. Full Quest Flowchart
  247. Easily exploitable PvP compositions
  248. That one ship that everyone can get except you.
  249. Ne-class CA uses AACI?
  250. Kancolle Image Quiz