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  1. Retaining improvements stars when swapping planes
  2. Warning: Reloading when you send a taiha ship by mistake might no longer save it
  3. Warspite's English
  4. Resource help?
  5. Yasen: Is a searchlight on the escort flag good or bad?
  6. Fall festival patch new CG thread
  7. Using ship ID to determine your activeness in KC in a particular period
  8. Warspite's Ability to Walk
  9. Kancolle the Movie: Details regarding the movie in NewType Magazine
  10. Comptiq October 2016 News
  11. Comptiq October Magazine Leak: Warspite's Seiyuu and upcoming content for the Fall
  12. Kancolle Arcade:The Upcoming First Event
  13. 16th Sept uranami patch New CG thread
  14. Pachinko questions and grumbling
  15. August Rank Reward item: 38.1cm Mk.!/N Twin Gun Mount Kai
  16. [Survey] Who is your favorite Kanmusu?
  17. 5th Oct LABs patch new CG Thread
  18. new map 6-5 general thread
  19. Oct 5th patch new quest help
  20. What keeps you playing Kancolle?
  21. Who is better Shoukaku kai2 or Shoukaku kai2 A?
  22. Saria Columbas Patch New CG Thread
  23. KanColle Naval District Saury Festival (in Yokohama)
  24. What is abyssal ship for you ?
  25. Rank Reward for September 2016: The Toku Daihatsu
  26. Kinu K2 patch new CG thread
  27. The KanColle Festival de Beaujolais Nouveau
  28. [Survey results] So here is the final video I promised, hope you like it :D
  29. Fall event 2016 patch new CG thread
  30. Shiratsuyu-class Wedding Thread
  31. Event Wrap Up Thread
  32. Lucky 7 Wedding: Which 7 KC characters would you marry?
  33. Your successful Hail Mary passes in Kancolle
  34. 9th Dec End of fall 2016event patch new CG thread
  35. 9th December Update new Quest Thread; the age of jets is upon us
  36. New info from 3rd official KC book
  37. Epithet for Crane K2A
  38. Kancolle Kai to cease all production of game on January 2017
  39. Jet planes, are they worth it?
  40. 22nd Dec Chirstmas patch new CG thread
  41. Discussion on the future of Kancolle
  42. F6F-3. . . 'New art or eh.
  43. KC Arcade port on PS4?
  44. Interview with Tanibe Yumi - Voice of the Shiratsuyus, Yura and Commandant Teste
  45. Kancolle New Year's Resolutions
  46. The latest tweet...
  47. Small scale event incomeing.
  48. An overview on KC's aa defense system (to be continued)
  49. Jan 2017 New Kai Ni Discussion
  50. KanColle Style Vol. 2: Uesaka Sumire Interview
  51. Arashiok2 Patch New CG Thread
  52. Any data on bulges' effect out there?
  53. What do you put in your girl's hole?
  54. Anyone got the source of complete shipfu analysis?
  55. Finally ringed Yuu, all subs entries ringed
  56. New info leak on Winter 2017 event from Comptiq
  57. winter2017 event new CG thread
  58. Winter 2017 Event Wrap Up Thread
  59. Zarak2patch new CG thread
  60. LBAS Quest Path
  61. My naval base 1.5 years on - some questions on what to do next
  62. New info leak on Comptiq April 2017 issue
  63. A ceartain battleship is being quoted
  64. Kancolle Mitsukoshi Collaboration
  65. [spring event 2017: duration limited seas] (ITS TOO EARLY TO PANIC)
  66. Someone explain this to me
  67. Suzuya k2 new CG thread
  68. When does quarterly quests refresh?
  69. Tasting the power creep in game with the new quarterly quest
  70. Kancolle is 4 years old!
  71. Info leak from Kancolle Style vol4
  72. [Spring Event] New Ship Line Translations
  73. Yura Kai Ni? Or art from somewhere?
  74. New info leak on Comptiq June 2017 issue
  75. [Fleet Battle Screenshot Request]
  76. Finally! My first ringed ship reach 155!
  77. Regarding types of seaplanes and artillery spotting
  78. Loli 1-5 clearing!
  79. Suzuya 5-3 compo help
  80. DE Expansion Slot Equipment
  81. Card Template + Ship List Page Template
  82. Finally finished modding my CL guns
  83. Spring 2017 Event Wrap Up Thread
  84. Testing OASW and Fatigue
  85. April 2017 Ranking reward
  86. 2017/06/06 Update Voice Translations
  87. New info leak on Comptiq July 2017 issue
  88. The KanColle Naval District Zuiun Festival
  89. End Game Item Upgrade Recommendations
  90. Sharing ranking data I collected for June 2017 of Hashirajima Anchorage
  91. May 2017 ranking reward
  92. Old but good: Akagi on enemy ship :D
  93. 2017/07/14 Update Voice Translations
  94. Kancolle Kanmusu "Skills" Poll
  95. Possible Zero mod 63 fighter bomber improvement bug
  96. DMM's questionnaire about payment method -- Chance to win 500 DMM pts for free
  97. Kancolle and the end of Flash
  98. Kanmusu K2 Wishlist?
  99. June 2017 Ranking reward
  100. Kancolle-Pai
  101. 2017/07/31 Update Voice Translations
  102. Aerial Battle Simulator
  103. New info leak on Comptiq August 2017 issue
  104. Summer Event 2017 patch new CG thread
  105. Summer Event 2017 Voice Line Translations
  106. Test of accuracy of different equipment sets against PT imps
  107. Summer 2017 Event Wrap Up Thread
  108. July 2017 Ranking Reward
  109. Saigiri Kai screenshot request
  110. New info leak on Comptiq September 2017 issue
  111. Ichiban Kuji ~FROM SHIP'S KITCHEN, WITH LOVE~
  112. Info on the new CV cutin system
  113. The Fourth Naval Review
  114. Perfect S on damage taken
  115. New Aracde Stuff
  116. Possible change of anti-installation bonus
  117. August 2017 Ranking Rewards
  118. Fall and Saury CG Mode
  119. Info on Saury festival and the new DE modding system
  120. Let's Talk Sara
  121. New info leak on Comptiq November 2017
  122. Requirements for CV NB?
  123. Info on the new DD night CI
  124. September 2017 Ranking Reward
  125. Info leak from Comptiq Dec 2017 issue
  126. Fall Event CG Colle
  127. October ranking rewards and possible Tama K2 hint?
  128. A couple of points about the vanguard formation, and other new mechanics
  129. Info leak from Comptiq January 2018
  130. Fall 2017 Event Wrap up Thread
  131. Post-Event CG Colle Nyaa~
  132. Yuugumo class K2 around Christmas 2017?
  133. Info about the new 12.7cm type D k2 gun
  134. Reminder about the X'mas present box
  135. Admiral's Survey
  136. Need advise on DE feed combination
  137. Your Kancolle's 2017 In Review and 2018 New Year's Resolutions
  138. Info from Comptiq Feb 2018 issue
  139. Fleet Formation Tactics
  140. 2017 December ranking reward
  141. 2018/02/05 Voice Line Translations
  142. Valentine Chocolate
  143. The Arcade Corner
  144. Event CGI Corner
  145. Potential E2 reward bug.
  146. Winter 2018 Voice Line Translations
  147. KanColle Official Twitter Account suspended.
  148. Jan 2018 ranking reward
  149. God Paul Allen did it again, he discovered: USS CV Lexington!
  150. Info leak from Comptiq April 2018 issue
  151. A couple of new discoveries in LBAS and more
  152. There's 0.00152% Chance of This Happening
  153. Winter 2018 Event Wrap Up
  154. A Different Perspective on Hard-locked Rewards
  155. 2018/03/23 Voice Line Translations
  156. Feb 2018 Ranking reward
  157. Guess that kanmusu! First USN DD(E) edition
  158. Zuiun Festival and The Fifth Anniversary
  159. Featured Japan sites with KC references
  160. Info from Comptiq May 2018 issue
  161. Another mid-gen remodel incoming
  162. Will base DE pair increase HP?
  163. 2018/04/23 Voice Line Translations
  164. March 2018 Ranking reward
  165. Info from Comptiq June 2018 issue
  166. Spring Mini Event Info thread
  167. Regarding DMM
  168. April 2018 Ranking Reward
  169. DMM's announcement on other companies using the term "kanmusu"
  170. Info from Comptiq July 2018 issue
  171. 2018/06/13 Voice Line Translations
  172. Which DE material setup to maximize hp modding chance?
  173. The naming ship of a certain dd class is getting a k2
  174. 第4次かんこれふぁんくらぶ -Extra Operation-
  175. 46cm kai bonus?
  176. DD with BB level of FP
  177. What could be next for 5-1 monthly significant power creep?
  178. SEGA and C2 has officially filed a lawsuit against MorningTec Japan
  179. Kancolle Chinjufu fes. Ice Festival Info thread
  180. The next event and html5 block 1 will be introduced in early and late August respecti
  181. Rabaul server is suffering from a large scale connection problem
  182. June 2018 ranking reward
  183. Detail of KC HTML5 Block-1
  184. Suspicious twitter account...?
  185. July 2018 Ranking Reward
  186. August 2018 ranking reward
  187. Welp, I need some help...
  188. Questions about duplicates
  189. Early Fall event 2018 wrap up thread
  190. Saury event 2018 discussion thread
  191. September 2018 ranking reward
  192. 7-2 and Nagato's special attack will be introduced soon.
  193. Why is there stat bonus for 16inch Mk.I Triple Gun Mount on Kongou class
  194. Next event will be in December
  195. Carrier Girl's Aircraft
  196. Kaga's Facelift
  197. October 2018 ranking reward
  198. Kancolle 2019 calendar leak
  199. Kancolle 2018 Chirstmas Gift box
  200. November 2018 ranking reward
  201. Jazz concert info: New KC Anime project
  202. KC Server Connection issues
  203. Morningtec Japan has officially withdrawn from the operation of Abyss Horizon
  204. Dev's update on the DDoS issue
  205. Hyuuga k2 and three other k2 will be introduced
  206. Does land based recon gain proficiency?
  207. 2019 Winter Event Wrap Up Thread
  208. December 2018 ranking reward
  209. Info from Comptiq March 2019 issue
  210. January 2019 ranking reward
  211. What To Do?
  212. February 2019 ranking reward
  213. 1 April 2019 Announcement