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  1. Registration Help Thread
  2. Kancolle Kai (PS Vita)
  3. The Screenshot Thread
  4. Show off Your Room!
  5. Theory testing/discussion thread
  6. Amatsukaze 's artist revealed to be Fatalpulse ?!
  7. What are your latest accomplishments?
  8. What are your recent failures or idiocy?
  9. Observations on new "scout plane" mechanics
  10. New Ship Akashi
  11. Ship Graveyard
  12. Ships you'd like to see ingame - (Kai version)
  13. New Player's Discussion
  14. Tips and Tricks
  15. heavier equipment/accuracy. Defensive formation modifiers.
  16. April's ranking rewards
  17. "How mean is RNG-sama to you lately?" Thread
  18. How many ship girls has been scrapped by you ?
  19. Why/When did you start playing KanColle?
  20. Get Lucky (Maruyu Kai Remix)
  21. Monthly Model Graphix July
  23. Miditchu Wo and various figures
  24. Planned Miditchu figures
  25. KanColle Swag Pics
  26. A quite random message.
  27. sub farming 1-5 vs 4-3
  28. KanMas - Kantai Mascot by Elemental Soft
  29. Best ways to Farms Resources, Buckets and Development Materials
  30. 3-2-A video from niconico
  31. What is your daily routine?
  32. NyanType July Featuring Shimakaze, Yukikaze and Amatsukaze
  33. Kancolle mind blown when grinding.
  34. Today's Teitoku battleranks 2014/5/23
  35. Why should people play Kantai Collection?
  36. Article: HOBBY JAPAN and DENGIKI HOBBY kancolle peaks
  37. Shigure Juice in stores now.
  38. Cheapest way to buy DMM points?
  39. Fastest time taken to 99?
  40. Don't buy webmoney from sea gamer mall
  41. Kancolle x Chibi Kyun
  42. Ichiban Kuji Lottery kancolle goods
  43. Today's Teitoku battleranks 2014/5/29
  44. KanColle Girls with Umaibo Makeovers
  45. Kancolle Stuffed Mascot Vol3 arcade prizes
  46. Close shaves
  47. Scrapping ships is recommended?
  48. NyanType July Peeks!
  49. my 50 ships keep list, am i doing it right?
  50. Practice Bug?
  51. Panda's Fleet Level Feedback Thread
  52. Welcome Message
  53. "Type Kanmusu"[艦娘型録] official over 400 page artbook on sale at 10th June
  54. Effective ways to farm resources...
  55. Problems with KCTViewer
  56. Is this a ban notice?
  57. AGP Yamato action figure by TAMASHI NATIONS (updated 25/6)
  58. Preparations for the Summer Event: How ready are you?
  59. Comptiq July
  60. Type 2 Recon Plane usefulness.
  61. For KTKM Lovers - Kitakami Nendoroid
  62. Level and Accuracy Relationship
  63. Nendoroid Ooi Pre-order
  64. Kanco tools blocked by google
  65. May 2014 Ranking Rewards
  66. Official artist Humikame drawing bismack
  67. Hiryuu Kai Ni and her (potential) greatness? Enlighten me!
  68. Taigei and Ryuuhou Discussion
  69. Destroyers
  70. Recent Noteworthy PvP Opponents
  71. Boat colle nick name guide
  72. Ayanami k2 discussion
  73. Sendai k2 discussion
  74. WF2014 summer Kancolle preview
  75. Open2ch KanColle Thread
  76. How fast of leveling are you?
  77. Current Fleet Feedback and Showcase Thread
  78. Analysis of Bauxite costs
  79. Nagato Figma
  80. Kiso K2 Figure in summer WF2014
  81. Ranking and Monthly Rewards
  82. What is the best map to do quest Bw6?
  83. Tenryuu+ Tatsuda 1/8 Figure set
  84. Max factory - Nagato figma
  85. Map Spamming/Craft Spamming/Both ?
  86. Myouko K2 predictions
  87. How often do you play Kancolle?
  88. Kanmusu Coolant water Vol 2 -- PoiPoi juice (Updated)
  89. What's your favorite ship from each class?
  90. Tamashi Nations's AGP seires 2nd figure. Atago
  91. Nedoroid Petit Colored Prototypes Revealed on This Month's Comptiq
  92. 1/8Figure Wo class
  93. Keeper Ships
  94. API problems
  95. Nendoroid petit
  96. Desire sensor
  97. Poll: Who was your starter destroyer?
  98. Green CV k2 predictions
  99. WF2014 summer Kancolle Preview 2
  100. Summer event new kanmusu predictions
  101. WF2014 summer Kancolle Preview 3
  102. Well, seems like it would be fun...
  103. WF2014 summer Kancolle Preview 4
  104. Shiratuyu class figure in production
  105. WF2014 summer Kancolle Preview 5
  106. Event. Skip or Participate.
  107. WF2014 summer Kancolle Preview 6
  108. Haruna K2 Predictions
  109. AGP Atago figma prototype preview
  110. Poi Anime Visual
  111. Possible ban?
  112. Up coming commercial KC figures
  113. Nagato class is out of question?
  114. Poll: Who was your last Kongou?
  115. General fleet composition
  116. Poll: Who was your last Sendai?
  117. Who was your latest drop?
  118. Who was your last Myoukou-class?
  119. How many girls have YOU Kai Ni'd?
  120. What was your last Mogami class?
  121. About AL/MI
  122. WebMoney Code Give-Away: Round 3
  123. Can I have everyones attention please, Thank you
  124. Do you guys think it is too late to Start Playing KanColle ?
  125. AL/MI Event Marathon + Discussion
  126. KC anime Nagato
  127. Oyodo confirmed for summer event. Mutsuki anime portrait revealed.
  128. event AL operation final boss loli airfield?!
  129. What's the best feeling in Kancolle?
  130. Will you scout event map?
  131. Streaming Kancolle
  132. Assemble your Three Fleets for AL/MI!
  133. FREEing 1/4 I-168 Imuya (preorder available now)
  134. Saya's Summer Event Stream
  135. Figures from WonFes and Hobby Maker’s
  136. DMM Half price promo
  137. Create-a-Kanmusu
  138. Kancolle Cosplay thread Ep.1
  139. Wonder Festival Kancolle Figures
  140. Systems / Modes / Items you want to see ingame
  141. Our History with Kancolle and WWII
  142. Defeat 5 World 2 bosses quest - howdo you do it?
  143. Why CV oni/hime is Kaga
  144. What was your first battleship?
  145. How interested are you in Kancolle now?
  146. Why you like your waifu so much
  147. Nendoroid Hiei
  148. Have you guys spent money on Kancolle?
  149. What is the luckiest thing that has happened to you in KanColle?
  150. Multiple KC anime character reveal this weekend
  151. Out of all the ship girls, which one would make the best admiral?
  152. Kanmusus Loafing Around the Base
  153. What do Kanmusus do when the Admiral is away?
  154. Your ideal fleet?
  155. i just sunk a ship ._.
  156. 1/7 Amatsukze by aoshima preorder
  157. Grinding Motivation
  158. Kancolle Suite performed by clarinet ensemble
  159. Kanmusu Fashion
  160. Is there a site that shows pictures of all damaged ships?
  161. Who was your first carrier (build/construction)?
  162. To whom the Maruyus are fed
  163. Character-hobby KC covreage
  164. Kanmusus Waiting for Repairs, Half-Naked
  165. Who was your latest LSC build?
  166. Regarding shipgirls' origins.
  167. The One Shot from the Grassy Knoll
  168. What was your goal when starting them game and your current one?
  169. Max Factory Yamato Kai Light Armament Ver. 1/8
  170. Alternate Kanmusu
  171. Event Cooldown
  172. How many trophy ships do you keep?
  173. How was your haul this event?
  174. Re: Dates of ship(s) receiving their Kai Ni
  175. Thinking of dropping some money into this.. Should I top now or wait?
  176. The Phoenix is haunting me
  177. how often is the wiki updated?
  178. I hear there is an event soon, late Nov/Dec, any details on that?
  179. Shinkaisei-Kan School of Poetry (Creation and Speculation Thread)
  180. Interested in a Kancolle Podcast?
  181. Favourite IJN Destroyer Class?
  182. What do you feel on seeing your ships getting sunk?
  183. What is your favorite kongou class?
  184. Things that Kancolle got Right... you wish they did... and over the top with...
  185. Favorite BBV
  186. Track Star Shows Off His "KanColle" Love
  187. Max damage caused?
  188. Let's share our fleet compositions
  189. World 3-5 Discussion
  190. Superstitious Sister Flagship beliefs :D
  191. 12/9 patch AA guns changes
  192. Why Tsu class is Yuubari?
  193. Coping Mechanisms AKA Your attempts to be the unfazable Teitoku
  194. What map are you on right now?
  195. Ship Quotes traduction request
  196. sisters in the double
  197. What is Left...? (Ships Yet to Be Released, Battles Yet to Be Dealt With, etc.)
  198. Nicknames you give to your Ship Daughters~
  199. Does anyone remember their first drop/build?
  200. Magami's Shipbuilding Database and My Analysis
  201. Kai 3s coming?
  202. Simultaneous ship sinking
  203. Mamiya as a playable ship?
  204. Hidden Game Files from September 26, 2014 Update
  205. Shioi LSC Report
  206. Remodels you'd like to see implemented...or ones you expect will happen?
  207. So How Was the Event?
  208. Nendoroid Amatsukaze Pre-order Sept 30
  209. Poll: So how about the old ball-and-chain? (What level is your waifu?)
  210. 4-3 grind new branch rule (maybe)
  211. "Kongou-is-my-waifu" shrine
  212. What make Kancolle a sucess
  213. Discussion: Would you prefer if T-Cross was accurately represented in Kancolle?
  214. The quality of you ship girls collection. (What level are they?)
  215. Have a Webpage Sort yo favorite ships
  216. PSVita [Kancolle Kai] to be released on Spring 2015
  217. Fall 2014 Event Prediction
  218. october 5, Sunday new server lottery
  219. The Most Annoying Shipgirl for You
  220. KC panic moments
  221. What are your 10 earliest obtained ships that are still in your fleet?
  222. Hatsuharu K2 Discussion
  223. Enshuu (PvP) Ethics: What sort of "idle fleet" do you keep out?
  224. Who said that?
  225. About Junyou's new voice line
  226. I-401 6-1-H drop proofing thread
  227. Shtap Iiiit GSC!!! Nendo I-401 is ready for Preorder~
  228. Who was your last Nagumo Task Force member?
  229. Has anyone here actually bought the Ensky "Wedding Set"?
  230. How are your event preparations?
  231. Crossdressing KanColle cosplayer takes 2nd place in marathon
  232. Kancolle Fan Made Animation
  233. Is there a ts3 in use for Kancolle?
  234. Keeping Kancolle Fun
  235. Fuso Kai 2 Thread
  236. Akashic Factory System Thread
  237. Figma Mutslug is NOW for pre-order. As in now, Totally poi.
  238. Fall Event - non IJN CA Speculation - Prinz Eugen confirmed?
  239. Question about carriers model (not about the game, japanese culture)
  240. What do you use to play Kancolle?
  241. Iku's damage pose
  242. Why are you play this game, or in what way know kancolle?
  243. Official Response from DMM about foreigners
  244. Extra Mission HP bar
  245. When did you stop worrying and start farming? bosses that is.
  246. Retirement, Milestones, and End-term Goals
  247. something I only just realised from the 2013 christmas furniture handout...
  248. Kancolle Videos
  249. Tweets says destroyer only map and 3 Slow BB(V)s and 1 CL? [misleading]
  250. Who was your first Kai Ni?