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  1. [Guide] How to Love Your Girls - Making Purchases
  2. [Guide] Expeditions
  3. [Guide] The Newbie Guide
  4. [Guide] How to play Kantai Collection on Android-based devices
  5. [Guide] Map Clearing
  6. [Guide] [Repost] Using your Amazon EC2 server in Windows
  7. [Guide]Registering for the Game
  8. [Guide] PvP guide
  9. [List/Chart] Quest Ship List
  10. [Guide] Kantai Collection video tutorials for new players
  11. [Guide] Sortie Farming & Powerlevelling
  12. [Guide] Everything you need to know about sparkles and sad faces
  13. [Guide] Troubleshooting the Error Screen
  14. Guide Index
  15. [Tools] Air superiority calculator
  16. World 5-5: Northern Salmon Sea Area
  17. [Guide]Mod Your Game Guide
  18. [Guide] Access DMM at its simplest
  19. [Guide] Everything You Need to Know About Kancolle-db
  20. [Guide] 0 to E7 in 50 Days: Lessons on event preparation for new players
  21. Abridged Event Ship Guide for new players - I.E. "What Ships Should I Get?"
  22. [Guide] KC3Kai with portable chrome and dropbox synchronization
  23. Loadout Guide 2.0; now with a slice of Akashi Factory