View Full Version : [FKG] Personal-Use Skin Release Memorial Gacha: 7/31 - 8/7

07-31-2017, 11:06 PM
The Personal-Use Skin Release Memorial Gacha (専用スキンリリース記念ガチャ) is a promo gacha worth 2,000 DMM points. You can buy this promo infinite times. It's an 11x roll such that the only 6*s available are Cattleya and Anemone. Furthermore, Swimsuit Cattleya and Miko Anemone are featured. Finally, the rates are different than normal gachas.

6*: 0.8%
5*: 10.2%
4*: 89%
3*: 0%

My personal opinion is that this is a good gacha for new people because you get 4* characters at bare minimum. Buying it multiple times would be considerably expensive even if you get that money back in bond crystals since the rates for 5/6*s are still pretty low.

08-01-2017, 03:34 AM
3*: 0%? Why would they put that if they decided not to include 3* girls in the gacha....