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12-25-2017, 04:04 PM
There will be a maintenance held on Dec 26th, 2017 at 1400 - 1700 JST. With this the event "Feast of The Holy Night" will end, and the new event "Celebrate New Year's Eve With You(r Soba)" will commence. Bloomed (Stat only) flower knight will be also available during this part of the event.

Patch Notes:

1. Event:
- The new event "Celebrate New Year's Eve With You(r Soba)" is now commenced.
- This is a Raid Boss Event. Collect "Soba Noodles with Rice Cakes & Mixed Seafood" to summon a Raid Boss, so you can earn "Offertory of Gratitude" to exchange for a reward, including an Event girl.
- Special Stage Maps will appeared on the first three days of the new year.
- Challenge Missions is also available

2. Campaigns:
- 3rd Anniversary Campaigns:
i. Special Quest Campaigns(Dec 26th til Jan 10th): 10 Raid Boss related quest and 10 Whale Airship Missions related quest
ii. 30% stamina discount on the following stage missions:
a. Until Jan 5th: all Story Missions & All Recurring Events
b. Until Jan 10th: Current Event "Celebrate New Year's Eve With You(r Soba)", All Whale Airship Missions, All Ultimate Missions, & All Special Missions
iii. Party Leader EXP up: Players will earn 1.5x more exp per subjugations
- Gold Up Campaign in commemoration with the recent FKG Nicotama: As a reward for achieving the 400K comments milestones, all players will now earn double the amount of gold received per subjugation.
- "The Years Come And Go" Login Bonus Campaign (Dec 28th til Jan 15th): Login at least 10 days to get all of the rewards

Note: If I didn't mention any dates, that means the campaign last until the next maintenance.

3. Characters:
- Bloom (stat only) is now available for the following flower knights: Edelweiss (New Year), Chocolate Lily (New Year), Formosan Cherry, Chinese Quince, Red Spider Lily (World Flower's Shrine Maiden), Anemone (World Flower's Shrine Maiden), Green Bell, Coral Bush (June Bride), German Iris (Tanabata)
- Adjustment has been made to the abilities of Epidendrum (Swimsuit) & Dancing Lady Orchid (Fos Bride)
- New Comiket Exclusive Flower Knight: False Helleborine (Sci name: Veratrum album subsp. Oxysepalum)

4. Stage Missions:
- New Stage Missions:
i. Nicotama Dedicated Stage Missions
ii. Story Mission 45
- Recurring Event: The Crescent Moon Island and the Midsummer Sun (Jan 4th til Jan 17th)

5. Garden:
- 8 New Garden Furniture
- Wishbone Flower's dedicated pot
- 1 new BGM

6. Exchange Shop
- Exchange shops for Crystal of Life, Medal of Honor & Party Leader Medal has been updated.
- Added Wishbone Flower to Bond Crystal Exchange Shop & Party Leader Medal Exchange Shop

7. Misc & Bugfixes:
- If you exit the log window of a cutscene, the scene where you open the log window will be played again.
- Fixed the bug that cause the power of the helpers in the helper selection screen to not display correctly. Compensation has been set to all players.
- Spelling Corrections

8. Distribute
- FKG Nicotama Achievements' Rewards has been send to all players

12-26-2017, 01:18 AM
MrHueHue Here's a title that encompasses both meanings.
"Celebrate New Year's Eve With You(r Soba)"
Sounds like Purslane will be making a cameo with her puns in this event.

12-26-2017, 10:33 AM
New girls for this event:

Edelweiss (New Year), Chocolate Lily (New Year), Formosan Cherry (Sci name: Prunus campanulata), Chinese Quince (Sci Name: Chaenomeles sinensis)