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09-03-2014, 09:31 PM

I read the pvp guide over at the guides forums, and it mentioned that you don't get your airplanes back for free after pvp engagements if you disconnect. Does this imply that I should get them back if I don't DC?
I've been playing for a week, and I never got back my aircraft. It didn't bother me that much at first, but now that I have 2 carriers and seaplanes on most ships, It's got to the point where my last 3 PvP battles today cost me a bit over 1500 bauxite, which is insane. I did not disconnect mid-fight, but I am using the API link.

So what gives? Did they mess up the game and now you lose your planes if you use the API link no matter what?

09-03-2014, 09:46 PM
You don't get your planes back for free - bauxite is expended if you have planes, same as fuel and ammo. A lot of people don't use carriers in PvP for exactly the reason you listed - huge bauxite costs.

I think the system used to work such that if you DC'd from a PvP battle, it didn't count the battle and any resources used were not counted. That's no longer the case.

09-03-2014, 09:47 PM

No, it never worked that way. They're supposed to get shot down the difference is that if you d/c you're fuel+ammo doesn't get used up (but the battle also doesn't finish) but you lose planes. The problem with this is that without resupplying fuel or ammo you cannot resupply your planes.

Also as Etrigan mentioned most people don't use carriers in PvP or they use them without equipping planes since you have to guess what the enemy has equipped on their carriers. If you don't want to make your CV/Ls completely useless one option is to equip your strongest dive or torpedo bomber in their smallest slot and use a Saiun on another to prevent T-Cross disadvantage and put 15.5cm secondaries on the other 2 slots. With that setup they can still attack in shelling (if the slot with the dive/torp doesn't get emptied which can happen sometimes) while the possible bauxite costs are next to nothing.

09-03-2014, 10:06 PM
I see, thanks for the replies. I re-read the pvp guide, it's a bit ambiguous about the resupplying mechanics, sorry for the confusion.
I had hoped that it was just a bug, because this makes my beloved carriers pretty much Russian roulette in pvp.

09-04-2014, 04:03 AM

Alternatively, if you want to run your carriers in PvP, you will probably want to run very heavy on fighters -- fighters do not really participate in attacking ships, of course, but they will lessen your losses to enemy fighters if you can manage to win air superiority (admittedly not terribly probable unless you have a few 3*+ fighters available to use).

Air Superiority is fairly critical in PvPing, if you can accomplish it -- it denies the enemy the ability to use artillery spotting mechanics, and it tends to limit the effectiveness of the enemy's carriers (as well as the accuracy of surface ships that can use recon planes).

09-04-2014, 11:52 AM
Don't be afraid of using carriers on PvP when the enemy doesn't have. Forfeit then if the enemy has then. In any case, don't fret too much over the enemy fleets on PvP. They are nerfed by 2 stars so even a fully modernized low level fleet can win against a high level fleet.

09-04-2014, 12:16 PM
Thanks for the heads up.

As for plane usage in PvP I like to use green, green, blue/red, blue/red/yellow, from the largest plane slot down. At your current stage I would suggest just using stripped carriers since you might not have good enough green planes to fight for air superiority.

09-04-2014, 02:20 PM
Just saying: there's always a risk of losing tons of bauxite even if the opponent doesn't have carriers, and some players deliberately make a troll setting. I once lost most of my bombers in a PvP against a fleet of CAs, BBVs and DDs and presumably the guy had nothing but AA equipments on them.

Or the usual 3-2-A setting like a random flagship + SS + 4 CVLs. You'd think the CVLs would have nothing but bombers, right? Wrong, I once ran across the same setting with all fighter planes just to troll you. Presumably the guy was AFK and wanted to troll. It was not a pretty sight when the opponent Hiyou cut-in in the air phase showed Reppuus. (Confession: I used to do the same things too when I was in bad mood, though not anymore.. too lazy to even do that.)

I do think the common sense suggestion to use CVs only when the enemy doesn't have one is good enough for the most time, but you might get troll'd. The lazy solution I use to win against the difficult combinations is just 6 BBs with Sanshikis to shoot down some bombers, forfeit air superiority and just blow things away. (..and say goodbye to ammo/fuel.)

09-04-2014, 09:11 PM
Speaking of bauxite cost of loosing planes. Does it scale with lvl or is constant per plane? I'm usually using CV in PvP but I can't imagine loosing 1500 bauxite so fast. Even with two CV and BBVs in the fleet.

Captain Kiso
09-04-2014, 09:26 PM
Argho It costs 5 bauxite to resupply 1 plane. In pvp, you want to have enough green planes to get air superiority and minimize plane losses, or not use any CVs at all.

09-04-2014, 10:35 PM
Whenever I bring my Carriers to PvP, i just have my battleships and others do the heavy lifiting and only really equip 1 actual plane on them and just use secondary yellow guns or radars for the other slots. My bauxite cost hovers around 5-10.

09-04-2014, 11:43 PM
Argho CVs are a gamble in PvP. Most of the time I just eat the losses and suck it up because I want to level those CVs. On average, I get lucky with PvP fleets and only use 80-100 bauxite a run. And then there are those rare runs against troll fleets that cost me up to 200-300 bauxite.

09-05-2014, 02:18 AM
I once faced a pair of carriers presumably loaded with AA guns that wiped out my air strike and ended up costing me close to 400 bauxite for that run alone. You could do that with your carriers, and make people hate themselves when they see the bill.

09-05-2014, 05:03 AM
Chihayasaur actually, I do that whenever I pvp with carriers, load one or two up with my strongest AA guns. It is not worth putting planes on them except 1 sauin. Dat bauxite bill! I am not evil enough however to leave that setup on and then go afk. Although some pvp opponents REALLY tempt me.

09-05-2014, 07:41 AM
I guess I was just lucky when it comes to bauxite costs of PvP, they usually don't exceed 100 bauxite per run. It's still a nice place to level up CV, loosing some bauxite is better than loosing tons of steel and bucket because CV got crit on regular sortie. At least it's true for low-mid tier. Maybe on high HQ tier looses are much bigger with people loaded full with Reppus and best AA guns.

09-11-2014, 02:59 PM
After experimenting for another week using carriers in PvP, I'd like to post an update.
First, sorry for the initial outburst, it was quite shocking to lose ~600 bauxite in a single pvp fight. And yes, I really did lose 1500 bauxite in three battles. How did that happen? Two carriers, two BBV, one CAV, with barely any fighter support (one squad of the weakest fighters). In total, I brought about 150 airplanes. It worked just fine in the first two worlds against the computer, so I never really realized the implications of the air combat part. In short, in PvP my high level enemies most certainly got Air Supremacy against me, completely wiping out most of the aircraft.

Since then, I obtained some medium tier fighters, and in PvP I always take at least 4 squads of Type 52s. If the enemy is higher level, or has at least two carriers, I usually go safe and bring 6 squads of fighters. That barely leaves room for bombers, but I find that it's still worth it to secure artillery support for the rest of my fleet. I can now use carriers, and I usually don't lose more than 100 bauxite per fight.

09-11-2014, 03:16 PM
If your opponent have more than one carrier you bring yours pretty much only to take Saiun and prevent him from harming you too much during air combat. Very often in PvP my carrier just sits there and act as a punching bag. Which is not bad when RNG makes my opponent attack only that poor CVL with 10HP left and miss or scratch, while rest of my fleet takes care of it.

If you don't bring enough decent fighters for regular sorties, be prepared to have you and your bauxite destroyed by Wo-chan.