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09-20-2014, 06:27 AM
Hello, a while back, while grinding E-5, I promised to poke the hell out of Amatsukaze for about an hour if I eventually got her.

It is time.

Entire broadcast: http://www.twitch.tv/mogamibestkanmusu/b/570353717
First stripping: http://www.twitch.tv/mogamibestkanmusu/c/5153059
Second stripping and LSC failure: http://www.twitch.tv/mogamibestkanmusu/c/5153066

Chat log:
Welcome to the chat room!
11:32 Madao64: Lol
11:32 Mogamibestkanmusu: Enjoy.
11:34 Dataex: stream a bit lagging. but still enjoyable.
11:34 Mogamibestkanmusu: I've adjusted the volume. Let me know how it's working.
11:35 Observer39: Volume's fine on my end
11:35 Madao64: Same
11:35 Dataex: Hearing the poking are too much for me
11:35 Madao64: lol
11:36 Madao64: I don't have her, but I don't mind
11:36 Observer39: mi mi mi mi
11:36 Madao64: I has Ooyodo
11:36 Madao64: lol
11:36 Madao64: mimiimimimi
11:36 Dataex: I have nachi. best myoukou class ship.
11:36 Dataex Opinion varies.
11:37 Observer39: I really like Haguro. But Nachi's always a real help during the monthly quest
11:37 Observer39: Always wrecks at least one enemy every node
11:38 Mogamibestkanmusu: Want the music to be louder?
11:38 Dataex: too loud for me.
11:38 Dataex: derp.
11:38 Observer39: Music volume's fine for me
11:39 Mogamibestkanmusu: ayte, then we'll have Amatsukaze screaming over the music as I punish her.
11:39 Dataex: oh god.
11:39 Dataex: HAVE MERCY
11:39 Observer39: lol
11:39 Dataex I CAN'T STAND IT D:
11:40 Observer39: Amatsukaze is rather squeaky, I'll admit.
11:40 Observer39: mimimimimimi
11:40 Mogamibestkanmusu: rensouhou line best line
11:40 Observer39: I agree
11:41 Tomppelisusi: Make her do 1v1 forever alone
11:41 Tomppelisusi: 1-1*
11:41 Mogamibestkanmusu: I'm not a PvP ass.
11:41 Mogamibestkanmusu: Oh
11:41 Dataex: that moment when you equip you Fusou Kai with all zuiuns.
11:42 Observer39: And you're not going to a all-sub map?
11:42 Mogamibestkanmusu: gonna get rekt
11:42 Dataex: i'm at 1-5.
11:42 Dataex: been hunting subs.
11:42 Mogamibestkanmusu: not modernized at all
11:42 Dataex: so that i can do expedition for Z1.
11:42 Observer39: She's goona wreck it!
11:42 Madao64: lol
11:42 Observer39: Ah.
11:43 Madao64: Sparklecolle
11:43 Mogamibestkanmusu: now we tear at her scantily clad body with more pokes
11:43 Observer39: Such torture!
11:43 Dataex: Panda you are one evil TTK, you know that?
11:43 Madao64: lol
11:43 Madao64: Good music
11:44 Madao64: Good coordination
11:44 Dataex: Connect?
11:44 Dataex: nice taste.
11:44 Observer39: Although you went through hell and back trying to find her during the event, so I understand all this.
11:44 Observer39: Classy music
11:44 Madao64: imada imada imada
11:47 Dataex: And not get the boss, RNG hates me.
11:47 Dataex:
11:47 Mogamibestkanmusu: Should have enough time to rekt her again
11:48 Tomppelisusi: Bucket her and do 1-1 again
11:48 Tomppelisusi: A lot of times
11:48 Mogamibestkanmusu: Like I would waste buckets, considering how many I burned to try to get her in E-5.
11:49 Dataex: Panda, calm down.
11:49 Dataex: You have Mogami now.
11:49 Mogamibestkanmusu: I promised to do this.
11:49 Dataex: Oh.
11:49 Mogamibestkanmusu: I swore to punish her.
11:49 Dataex: Do it again.
11:49 Tomppelisusi: Punish her with 5-5
11:50 Mogamibestkanmusu: That's next then.
11:50 Mogamibestkanmusu: Near the end, once the repair is done.
11:50 Observer39: She needs to see Re-chan's killer smile.
11:50 Dataex: Is agano class the best CL?
11:50 Mogamibestkanmusu: Nope.
11:50 Mogamibestkanmusu: Jintsuu kai ni.
11:51 Observer39: The best? Not since the Sendai class Kai Nis
11:51 Mogamibestkanmusu: Unless we're talking about other stuff, like how Kinu is great.
11:51 Tomppelisusi: Melon best.
11:51 Tomppelisusi: Forever
11:51 Observer39: At least stat-wise
11:51 Dataex: because i just got both Yahagi and Noshiro about yesterday.
11:51 Dataex: all LSC.
11:51 Observer39: I still use them because I like their design
11:52 Observer39: Especially Yahagi. Dat ponytail
11:52 Dataex: She reminds me to Nachi.
11:55 Mogamibestkanmusu: Time to box.
11:55 Mogamibestkanmusu: GIT IN THE BOX
11:56 Dataex: oh god...
11:56 Dataex: why i'm enjoying this? JeBaited
11:56 Dataex:
11:58 Observer39: Because you're a sadist?
11:58 Mogamibestkanmusu: Time to mix it up for a bit.
12:00 Dataex: At any rate, my sis will gonna ask me "Bro? what is that sounds coming from your laptop?"
12:00 Dataex: wat do
12:01 Mogamibestkanmusu: "A panda is punishing a naughty fox girl."
12:02 Dataex: Okay.
12:07 Dataex: how long till the repair completed?
12:07 Mogamibestkanmusu: You'll see in a bit.
12:13 Mogamibestkanmusu: Two songs left before the stream's done.
12:13 Mogamibestkanmusu: Or the punishment, at least.
12:16 Dataex: Okai.
12:18 Mogamibestkanmusu: It's time.
12:19 Observer39: BOOM
12:19 Dataex: ARE YOU NUTS?!
12:20 Dataex Panda confirmed to be a sadist.
12:20 Observer39: Just for Amatsu here.
12:20 Mogamibestkanmusu: Level up.
12:21 Dataex: My sides are gone.
12:21 Mogamibestkanmusu: Best way to grind her.
12:21 Observer39: Kinda bad for win rate though
12:21 Mogamibestkanmusu: Mine's at 96, and not much is going to change that.
12:22 Observer39: Fair enough.
12:23 Mogamibestkanmusu: Ise is the fruit of Amatsukaze's pain.
12:23 Mogamibestkanmusu: Well, that's a wrap.
12:24 Observer39: Good show.
12:24 Dataex: Thanks for the Torture fest, Panda.
12:24 Mogamibestkanmusu: Alright, time to update the thread.
12:24 Mogamibestkanmusu: At least it wasn't Kongou.




Join me for almost an hour of nonstop poking, followed by a Yamato attempt, since I happen to have the resources.

Arthur Blaze
09-20-2014, 06:32 AM
I dont even....

09-20-2014, 06:36 AM
Hit it! Keep hitting it like the Fist of an Angry God! LOL

09-20-2014, 07:32 AM
I've updated the main thread with the links. Thanks for watching!

09-20-2014, 09:10 AM
lol what

09-20-2014, 10:45 AM

I'd reference my post, but I can't seem to find it, but my status from 8-14-14 mentions this.


09-20-2014, 12:18 PM
Hey panda, Good job for your Amatsukaze ! ;)

09-20-2014, 05:51 PM

It's good to have her, finally. I need to get Akashi now, to fully redeem myself for Spring event.