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10-06-2014, 03:09 AM
Yup! This is the place to conduct baseless speculation to your heart's content! Feel free to speculate anything, be it Kancolle related or not!

Welcome to Baseless Speculation Hellhole the Thread!

Arthur Blaze
10-06-2014, 03:10 AM
I don't even..... Anyway, does anyone think that exact moment is important for LSC?

10-06-2014, 03:12 AM
Blank Zerghit

There's theories, but there's no good data with which to determine it, since that one site only provides the number of successes at a certain time, and not the number of attempts during a certain time. Considering when people are awake and online playing, it's natural that there'd be more successful constructions at a certain time, simply because there were more constructions. In other words, this is a great topic that you've suggested, considering this thread's purpose!

10-06-2014, 03:13 AM

Threads should all have clearly-defined, substantial topics only.