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Tirpitz chan
10-15-2014, 03:46 PM
The Admiral's side began to weigh in with some incoming pressure that heaved downward on his side, a great big weight holding gravity over him as it presses down under the mattress, in fact, measured by the tonnage, that were it not for the fact it was only a portion of the mass, he would feel more than a gelatinous form compressing against his tough, musculature. There was only wriggling and silence, and the bareness of his torso pressing against something smooth and silken soft. Of course, apparently he had his pants on when he dropped to sleep.

Seemingly there were 25 missed calls by Hoppo since he left his phone silent from her ongoing assault of the ears without an end.

The sun slowly began to poke its way past the window in his bunk, and shined into his eyes, if the weight wasn't enough to stir him out of bed. If he opened his eyes, he'd notice that the weight pressed behind him, as opposed to in front, where a distinct lack of the poker quadruplets was apparent. Only the leftover of their cards remained, and Hiei's clothes, her panties namely, crumpled up at a corner.

Blinking awake, Admiral checked his phone first, and noticed the missed calls, which left him sighing. He should really get a ringtone.. This time he actually wanted to be called back, and he just missed them.
Wait, he couldn´t remember going to sleep with someone.
Hastily, his eyes went over to the mass next to him, just to check who it was- He´d have to take a shower anyway, and then get to fleet operations as soon as possible.

The Admiral's eyes creaked to find something huge and human skinned enveloping his back side in sheer slime, a musk of something organic infesting his nostrils in scent as the big creature-thing had resembled Mutsu in appearance, complete with her hair do, and snail-like antennas, except what was on top of the Admiral was INDEED a Mutsnail giving him a happy face, perpetually, eternally, and forever.

His entire back side covered in snail slime, and seemingly his bed as well, as he apparently laid with a snail creature.

".......aaah, uhm, hi." Was all he could say to the happy faced snail, and gave it a pat on its suprisingly hairy head. While bizarre and no doubt an abomination, it was suprisingly... cute. Of course, thoughts ran wild as to where it came from and what the hell happened to Mutsu, but right now... this wasn`t the big problem. The problem was that his window was open, and the trail of slime came from there. "Ah, crud. Should`ve known i forgot something. Good thing that window´s too small for Musashi... how did this fit through, though?"

Shaking his head, he decided to blame it on drugs he didn`t take and pushed the button to call Hoppo and War-chan back.

The paracute was cut, and the suit-like capsule opened, revealing a rather shakey and pale Lightning, who climbed onto the dock, and headed straight inside, to the nearest fuel pump to get some much needed resources back into her body.

": D" Was the snail's response. A literal happy face as the crime against nature wiggled with happiness to the pat. That same pat had a smear of slime coat it with thick adhesion, holding it closely that it would take a substantial effort to break free of the snail's hide, if the Admiral wanted his hand to ever be free. Of course, if he is fine with having his hand stuck on the snail, that's all on him. The reaction from the Mutsnail was always that same, goofy looking happy face.

Admiral, trying to get his hand free after patting Mutsnail on the head, eventually resorted to using some water from a nearby bottle to free his hand from the stickiness... he briefly considered using alcohol, but he heard snails were easily poisoned with that. Meanwhile, he heard someone pick up, and sighed in relief. "Princess? Terribly sorry i didn´t manage to call you back earlier, but my phone wasn´t enough to wake me. Is everything alright?"

"No worries, Admiral, you can call Hoppo anytime! We`re just fine and dandy. And Sis is busy talking with that big booby cruise ship, so Hoppo shall be your source of information!"

"...Oh. Great."

The water actually may have weakened the slime, for now, but a thicker coating flowed out of her, pooling the bed in sheer stickiness as it wriggled around. Strangely enough, there was some stickiness on the Admiral's crotch, a mixture of the snail's stickiness, and something smelling like the sea, whitish transluscent fluids formed around his nethers.

"Sooo, what are you doing, hmm?" Hoppo asked, just in the right moment, as he looked down on himself and noticed where Mutsnail had been, before sighing lightly.

"I had sex with a man-sized snail, Hoppo, and one of my friends might be dead. How was your day?"

"Awesome! I played a lot with my Reppu and my Saiun, but i can´t find my Zeros anywhere. Those Barbie dolls Auntie Carrier gave me make the whole thing more realistic, too, because i can make them look just like shipgirls being bombed by my Reppus!"

"...Thats great." He briefly looked at the snail, and wondered if she actually had any sexual organs of her own, or just slobbered him so much in his sleep the stimulation eventually set him off. Then he wondered what was worse.

Yamamoto was a bit suprised as he was unable to hear Hoppo over a cry coming from a shipgirl, but... he had worse problems to consider right now. Like for instance how he would get up.... his first idea, trying to slip out using the slime already on his body, only resulted in sticking more. Perhaps he should just dump the water bottle over his lower body.

"Anyways, Hoppo... i´ve got stuff to do, you know? Would be nice to talk to your sis sometime, but right now, i need to get off this... snail and have a shower."


Admiral had finally managed to escape the mighty Mutsnail, by shedding his pants and underwear and slipping out from it rather than from the very sticky substance the snail gave off. He then very quickly headed to the showers, for a much needed rinse-down of the remaining fluids, and some relaxation... should he call Hackett for some advice, or even orders? He was reluctant of that. ...and although Kiichiro had his phone number, she hadn`t given him a call yet. Perhaps she just didn´t have a phone on hand.

Tirpitz chan
10-15-2014, 04:49 PM

While Lightning somehow was roped into the teaparty of the remaining Kongou sisters, the Admiral had a rather uneventful, but quite long shower as the sticky slime prooved to be quite presistant, especially when dried up. He`ll have to decide what to do with the slug, which, by the way appeared to be armed, later. For now, he went straight into his office with his uniform on, and took a seat in his usual chair to check the mail, check the fleet status and... make a few calls, as the right thing to do came to him during his showertime.

As the Admiral went into his office, it seemed that there were sticky substances at the upper corner stuck to the walling. A slimey thorax-like ball objects that dripped down a long saliva strand of smear, raping the office's background with its organic musk, invading the fresh aroma of the room with its own pungent smell. Despite that, they seem to lay inert, aside from the few subtle shaking originating from their forms. Despite that, the rest of his office is relatively clean from the slime, including his desk and chair.

"....Oh crap. Don´t tell me its been breeding..." Seeing how there were multiple of those slimy balls hanging from his walls, it meant they were more than one... provided the Mutsnail came from that, to begin with. If so, they might have yet another crisis on their hands. A deep sigh came from the very core of his being, as he pushed a button on the intercom. "Attention, all shipgirls- we may have an unidentified species running loose in the base. If you see any slimy, ball-shaped, hollow things hanging from the walls or sitting in the corners of your rooms, please report this the instant you see it. Cleanup fairies, please report to my office... thats all." He sighed again, before simply opening the windows as wide as they could go to get rid of the smell, then he wrote Hackett an email in response to the Midway crisis... the same thing that he would tell War-chan, or Hoppo, in person soon.

Despite his call for that, it seemed that there were no immediate reports forthcoming from any of the shipgirls. Mysteriously enough, only the Admiral's office had the Mutsnail eggs, probably, most likely. Though as he was writing an e-mail to Hackett, which the contents remained indeterminate, the door flew open, swinging to reveal four fairies taking a dramatic pose, as a vividly bright shiny illumination back lights their exaggerated pose. The infamous four fairies that every sea man prays for success, now were in front of the Admiral, re-assigned from compass duties to clean up duties.

In their tongue, they greet the Admiral, stepping inside the room, as they were rather small, dwarfed even by the giant human being and his desk, despite that, they remained undaunted. A mysterious race indeed. They step inside and stop right square in front of the Admiral's desk, and each one of them give varying salutes. From laziest to most jubiliant and enthusiastic.

"....Huh, its you guys? You must´ve pissed someone off, hmm? Well, anyways."
After giving each of them a pat on the head with two fingers, he points over to the remains of the Mutsnail eggs, which still reeked in his nose despite the fresh air coming in. "I´m no expert on these things, but you might need a ladder to reach... or an airplane. And that stuff was quite hard to get off my body, so... maybe one of those flamethrowers you fairies use for ship building would help?"
He decided not to tell them about his slobbered bed yet. They might cry, and he didn´t want that. After sending the mail, he then gave Hoppo a call, wondering who`d pick up this time.
The first fairy raised an eyebrow to the sign of a Mutsnail infestation, and sighed. This was seemingly something that only occurred to Admirals that have been blueballed for more than a day, she explained in her tongue. Perfectly understandable despite being an indecipherable tongue, yet despite that, she gestured for the rest of her gang along to head out to bring flamethrowers. Sure, some of them wanted to stick around to be patted, particularly the sun haired fairy, but they had a job to do! And professionalism was needed utmost. Among their muttering, some of them remarked that this was worse than the ET viral shapeshifter problem they once had to deal in the base, that none of them should tell the Admiral about. Too bad that muttering was loud enough to be picked up by him. They soon headed out of the room.

The phone would be picked up as a calm voice purred along like honey to the ear, familiar and distinctly womanly and feminine, so unlike the childish voice Hoppo uses, that by one conclusion is a singular entity -- War-chan. "Admiral... to what do I owe... the pleasure of this call?"

While staring at the fairies and listening to their explaination (Seriously, those things spawned when one was blueballed? Odd. But he had seen wierder things.
Among things wierd was that War-chan herself actually picked up this time, rather than Hoppo, and sounded quite pleased as well.
"Princess. I´m sure you noticed what Midway`s done... and i can`t leave it like that. I cannot, and i will not let her have that island... if she would´ve done the things you did, perhaps, but if she takes it by force, destorying everything in her path- then i won´t sit still and let her do as she pleases...! ... i was going to ask a favor of you. One of my friends, Admiral Kiichiro, is missing in action... she was last seen charging into the enemy fleet at the Midway battle. ...your people should be able to find her, or whats left of her without being attacked, at least not right away. So... if you can, find her and bring her back. Please."


(Rest follows because its too long for the post)

Tirpitz chan
10-15-2014, 06:22 PM

Two set of folders drop to the ground and clatter HARD, audibly striking at the ground, as what follows the folder was a drop of the jaws in suspenseful surprise of what she had heard from the likes of the Admiral. Tanaka raised an eyebrow and stared at the Admiral, whilst the chatter from the phone between the two parties came about with vigorous enthusiasm.

"Tut tut, Admiral... are you so... willing to experience my sort of pain play~? That you'd disregard the fact... my definition of pain... differs from yours~?" She cooed back, at this point, she unconsciously twiddles her fingers around her dampened crotch, cupping them generously, feeling the contours of her marble-like folds, caressing it over cloth and yet the passion was all the same. "Midway... screw her? Now that... is a thought I didn't think you'd have it in you, Admiral~" She teases, unaware of what is happening on the other side of the phone.

"Mh, as a matter of speaking. ...But you sound like you´d enjoy watching it, is that what i hear from your voice there? ...Do you want to watch me screw Midway?" He teased back, not realzing Tanaka entered the room right away, before licking his lips. "Any sort of pain you bring me- so long as you deliver it with those skilled hands of yours- is welcome, Princess~"

...Then he stopped, blinked, and stared at Tanaka, actually getting a bit of reddened cheeks from it. "....god damn it, work is coming up. I`ll call you back later, my lovely Princess... think of me, will you? I`ll do the same." Then he hung up, and cleared his throat, straightening in his seat before blinking a few times. "....Ahem. Sorry about that, Yuri-chan."

''Mm... perhaps, perhaps not. But I will not... lie to you, that is.... an enticing thought and it would have been quite the sight to behold... you, making love to your most sworn enemies. It is... one that sends quivering tingles down my spine, and drives my blood to boil... with the thoughts of her screams.'' Her grin now grew complete, her sharp teeth meant to bite out the steel from hulls bared in full view of her unnerved servants. Their princess was always... predictable, with her war lust, but that doesn't make it any easier a pill for them to swallow.

Then came his sudden tone of ending this conversation. She'd be a liar if War-chan said that she didn't find annoying, and in fact, looked balefully to her servants after yet another phone chat cut short. ''Till we meet again... Admiral.'' With that came the last speech between the two, as she simultaneously hung up at the same time as the Admiral. Her fingers snapped as her kill squad turned to bare their 40mm hand cannons at the servants, as the last thing they have done is scream in terror to the explosion that rocked their bodies whole into smithereens.

''It's Tanaka is fine...'' She said flatly, frowning, ''I guess I'll uhm... come back later? Seeing how you're uhm... busy.''

"I`m not busy actually. I just calling her for some advice regarding midway, and to ask her to look gor Kiichiro, and possible survivors... Then, somehow, we ended up with... that. Not that i`m complaining." He slowly stood up, straightening his uniform in a very Star-Trek-Next Generation manner, before picking up the folders she dropped. "...i hope you don´t have snails infesting your room too?"

"What? Snails?" Tanaka replied once again flatly. What do snails have to do with anything? She thought rather ruefully, curving her lips downward in general dissatisfaction to catching the Admiral in the act. Not that she has a problem with the act in general, but she had high opinions of the man. "Well uhm... actually I have some good news of my own! Kongou... she... SHE'S ALIVE!"

"Uhm, yeah, there´s a giant snail in my bedroo- What?!" He jumped into a stand, looking at her quite closely. "She`s alive?! Where is she? I`ll dispatch a rescue team this instant...!" Unaware she was already inside the base, and had slipped in while no one was looking, he already reached for his phone, while in the background, the fairies torched the snail eggs. Wierd. Was there only one snail in total or something?

"WAIT WAIT WAIT!" Tanaka lunged forward and grabbed the Admiral's hand a little too tightly around his wrist, to wrench his hand free of the phone gently, that despite such want, came across shortly with a strong grip without realization it choked his bones and blood flow. "She's already in the base, Admiral! She's safe!" Though Tanaka seemed not to notice the fairies torching the snail eggs, only for some whip-like appendage to latch unto them, and threaten to pull one of the fairies into the eggs for nutrition, yet the fairy resisted with all her might as a tug of war struggled across a teetering stalemate. The flames didn't seem to work much on the eggs. A titanic battle ensued whilst the Admiral and the Captain had their own drama.

"She´s here already? ...Damnit, did she get in while no one was looking or something? I didn´t see her at all during my morning stroll through the hallways...!" He got that habit from Shepard, who seemed to take great joy in walking around in her base, talking to random people and asking them about their feelings, making them unable to do their job in the meantime. As he noticed the fairies struggling, Yamamoto pulled the Nambu from his desk drawer and put it on top of the desk, gesturing to the fairies that they should try using that instead.
"...Anyways, where is she now? After all that time, i´ve got a lot of things to tell her."

"Kongou has gotten sneakier since... well, that's not important. The important thing is that she's ali-- wha-what are you doing?!" She saw the Nambu with the expected reaction of something akin to being not exactly shocked, or aghast, but flabbergasted at why he'd unveil such a thing, only to look behind for the source of his directed gesture to see an egg thing... and its whip-like appendages as the fairies were fighting against it furiously, despite being burnt. "Admiral. What the HELL IS THAT THING IN YOUR OFFICE?!"

"You tell me! Its been here before i got in the office this morning...! I thought it was some sort of egg that the snail came from, but... seems like its something else, something... alive." Seeing the size of the fairies, and the size of the gun, he decided to help them out a little bit and grab the gun himself, aiming it at the center mass of the attacking creature and firing off a shot, seeing if it was going to settle down with that. "God damn it. I go to sleep, and the next day my base is full of aliens."

"SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" The egg thing's screech showed it did NOT respond well to the gun shot, as a bullet hit it right in its center, popping a hole, it flowed with a transluscent olive-like ooze. It's response was to whip out its long, tendril towards the Admiral's Nambu, sticking its appendage to the firearm, it pulled it out of the Admiral's hand and into itself, swallowing the gun whole, before leaping to the door, and running out, while still on fire. The fairies chased after it out of the room, with flamethrowers ready to spark fire at that foul beast. Tanaka was speechless, for the whole time that egg thing acted, but now? She found her wits again.

"Why do all the weird things keep happening to you, Admiral? You're a magnet for the improbable, I swear..." Tanaka mumbled, scratching the back of her head as she wondered how she did NOT see the whole thing ensuing.

"I`ve stopped asking myself that a long time ago... Be careful not to set the gun on fire, guys! It might explode!" He called after the fairies, before shaking his head with a sigh. "Anyway, back to Kongou.. mind if we pay her a visit, then? ...I need to get back to my room real quick, too. If i left the door unlocked, that snail could be anywhere now..."
Maybe it was his imagineation, but after the tentacled thing and the fairies left far enough, a slight... slorking sound, like something squishy was compressed to a vacuum, and got into motion, was heard... sort of like a slimy thing moving forward...

"Actually I don't know where Kongou is at the moment... I know she is in the base last I saw her, but... where exactly? No idea." She shrugged, still staring at the door. But since Tanaka was NOT exactly looking at the Admiral...

The source of the sound became incredibly close, as if there was some sudden proximity, except one problem. It was nowhere to be found. On other news, the Admiral's back weighed down heavily on him, with something sticky smearing his back, as that familiar face looked at him with its dumb smile. Somehow it snuck up and climbed up to the Admiral's back without notice. The Mutsnail got in through his window, as that trail of slime was any indication of its origin.

"Well, it should be easy to find her, afterall. She´s the only english girl and she´s one of the only two Kongou class`s he- Aah..?!"
Feeling his back grow moist and heavy, he quickly slipped out of his jacket and stepped away, turning quickly to see the snail making its way into his office. "Oh, damnit. Couldn´t you stay in my room? You´re going to get everything sticky." He poked Tanaka on the shoulder, and gestured over to his... new friend. "That, by the way, is the snail i mentioned... like i said, i wake up, and the whole base is suddenly full of aliens."

Tanaka turns around and stares to the obvious distress that bewildered the Admiral so, receiving the snail creature with the same attitude as she did the egg-thing.

"What... the... fu-- Hell." For the second time in this day she found herself speechless in the face of that THING. It was probably an insult to nature and an abomination to life itself, and for one thing, it seemingly resembled Mutsu... but there is no way Mutsu is a snail. She is a shipgirl... so WHY does it have Mutsu's hair do?! "Why are you on talking terms with that snail? And... why aren't you investigating as to HOW they came in here in the FIRST PLACE?!"

Mutsnail smiled (except that's all it is doing in expression nowadays), nesting itself on the Admiral's now slimed jacket, oozing up the place as its antennas began to move around flaccidly, reading the environment. It didn't seem to notice the egg-thing being gone, or its leftover slime, or the fact its formerly inhabited area is STILL on fire.

"Because, unlike that wierd tentacle-thing that just left my office, this.. this is kind of cute." He gave the snail a pat on its head, rubbing it lightly, before slipping his hand out of the glove and pulling it off its slimy skin seperately. "...If it only wasn´t so sticky, i`d love to keep it. ...I mean, look at how happy it is!"
He probably shouldn´t mention that it also raped him, or else Tanaka would really snap and break.

Tanaka flinches to the Admiral's clear admiration of that SNAIL thing abomination, as she refused to comment any further. She didn't have many kind thoughts on the matter, and the absurdity of the whole situation. "Then get rid of it! That thing, you don't know where it's been! Why would you touch it?! IT'S CLEARLY UNNATURAL no matter how we look at it!" She threw her hands upward in frantic motions.

The Mutsnail smiled, and began to lurch forward really slowly towards the Admiral's leg, nuzzling its sticky smear encrusted head at his pants, even caressing its face in between his thighs with great affection. Probably some snail thing, and had nothing to do with the night yesterday WHATSOEVER.

"I know its unnatural, so... What am i supposed to do, shoot it? Who knows WHAT it is or WHERE it comes from? It could be a visitor from another planet, or someone who`s going to help us end this war, or... Mutsu!"
He squeaked the name a bit, as he felt the antennas of the snail poke him before it nuzzled his nethers. Oh dear. "D-dont touch that..! Anyway, until we know what it is, we can`t just get rid of it..."

His warning fell on deaf ears, the Mutsnail lodged its face further at his crotch, smearing it with slimey massage, growing it damp with its own transluscent ooze as it shook its head on his most sensitive spot with care, in fact, happy for it whilst it continued.

Tanaka once more, played the role of the staring bystander, raising an eyebrow to the display. "You... you really see that thing as Mutsu...? There is no way she is Mutsu... no possible way. You don't really see how different they are as day and night, right?" She paused, continuing, "I mean LOOK at that thing! It's its own species! They don't build shipgirls like THAT. And HOW is that thing incapable of speech capable of ending wars?!"

".....Uh, maybe it just doesn`t want to talk right n- Stop licking that! ...Are you even licking?! This is really inappropriate right now!" He sighed a bit, continueing to pat the snail a bit in order to keep its face away from his crotch. "Okay, maybe its not Mutsu, but why does it look like Mutsu? That can´t be a coincidence. ...Maybe she knows something more about it? Afterall, she was here with Nagato while your base was... uhm, had that accident, so she`s alive and well, too." He was seriously hoping this was just Mutsu transformed into some sort of devious being, because then he could brag to it to Nagato. The chances of that were very low.

His vocabulary once again reached with no avail, continuing its spree of smothering his nethers with lavish lushness, lapping with further intensity and soft, sublime shakes across his veiled fruit hidden deep in his pants, as it became woefully clear that it hardened, growing in length from the boiling pressure assailing it unabatingly. His pat found his hand stuck to its head adhesively, as its musky film of fluids soaked into his pants, licking across his skin underneath his garb.

Tanaka's suspicion was confirmed that the snail wasn't merely cherishing his thigh, it was FONDLING HIM OFF. Her decorum of professionalism kept her from going into that outburst, but unbelievably she held every restraint from exploding into a hysteric accusation on the Admiral's part. "It could be a coincidence, because I saw Mutsu along the way here, and in NO WAY could someone transform into THAT THING all of a sudden and nobody would notice... she's still clearly alive with Nagato, and NOT a snail!" She bit down on her lips, "...Why is it strapped to your crotch by the way...? Am I missing something here?"

Once more, he had to pull his hand out of his glove to get it off again, using force to get the glove off of the snails skin... before he swallowed, hard.
"I don`t KNOW why its so attached to my crotch, but... it seems to really like it there, because i can´t seem to move it back from there! ...Good god, you have no idea how that feels, and you never want to, either." So, Mutsu wasn`t a snail. and she was alive, and probably unrelated to this. "Okay, so if Mutsu isn´t to blame, what ELSE is this thing then? Its not... hostile, at least, but i`m starting to see your point, Tanaka.."

"You're ENJOYING this? Actually yeah... don't answer the question, I don't want to know." The black haired Captain pinches the bridge of her nose, letting loose a sigh of exasperation to the sheer oddness of the situation eminating profusely. "It's obviously an abomination... and it's obviously NOT Mutsu. It's probably... an Abyssal secret creature designed to keep you from doing your duty, thus enabling the Abyssals to win in the war in the long run, seeing how it's fascinated with your crotch... your one true weakness and strength."

The Mutsnail's filmed skin caressed his stiffening girth with a sense of sticky-like pseudo-licking using its skin, the smoothness of its human colored 'cheeks' stimulating it as if it were licks grinding against the dorsal underbelly of his shaft, soiling his pants now in a dampness of stickiness, pooling up a darkened moistness growing in its spread, lathering up against his skin with tender care.

"Its not like i can help it, damnit!" Of course he was enjoying this, he was a man afterall, and this thing... was pleasing him in a quite intense manner. If he wasn´t practically restrained by its slimy mass, he might get weak knees and fall over at this point. "I... can´t really seem to move, my legs are sticking to the side of it.. Just.. uh, get Akashi or something, okay? Akashi knows everything, and can fix everything...."

"I am sure you can't... alright, I guess I'll uhm... leave? You really look like you need Akashi..." Tanaka quipped dryly, slowly backing away to the doorway, eyes locked on the Admiral, before turning around and running off to summon Akashi to the Admiral's salvation (and removal of crotch benefits). Soon as she turned around a corner and fled out of the Admiral's sight, a loud screech similar to that alien began to echo from opposite of the direction Tanaka ran towards, followed by the licking whistle of flamethrowers flaring about. The fairies are probably having everything under control.

The Mutsnail's boneless skin pressed against his hardness, grooving along its shape vertically on the area it pressed itself against, its head rose and lowered in its soppy rub, encouraging further passion out of his loins to grow fiercer, despite its slowness not deliberate of its snailish design.

The message to Akashi should be told some time about this.

Mutsnail will return in the THIRD INSTALLMENT.