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01-08-2015, 11:43 AM
This is a social thread

Tell us the story on how you met your favorite ship and perhaps a bit of your journey with her. I'll start with mine:
I'm just gonna drop this here.(50% of-, maybe 30% of this story is true)
-I was just a lvl 20 teitoku.
-I loved Haruna so much, i have all the artworks and illegally downloaded doujins
-"Haruna is love" I say,"Haruna is life"
-Inazuma hears me and she tells me to stop using BB recipes all the time
-I knew she was just jealous of my devotion for Haruna
-I called her a cunt
-She torpedoed my ass and sends me to sleep
-I'm crying now, my rectum hurts
-I lay in my cardboard box and it's really cold
-A warmth is moving towards me
-I feel something touched me
-It's Haruna
-I am so happy
-She whispered in my ear,"高速戦艠¦Ã£â‚¬ÂÃ¦Â¦â€ºÃ¥ÂÂÃ£â‚ ¬ÂÃ§Ââ‚¬Ã¤Â»Â»Ã£Ââ€”㠁¾ã—た。 あなたが 提督なのà £ÂÂ*Ã¯Â¼Å¸Ã£â‚¬â‚¬Ã£â€šË †Ã£â€šÂÃ£Ââ€”くだÅ*願い致㠁—ます.(Fast battleship, Haruna, reporting for duty. You're the admiral, correct? I'm looking forward to serving with you.)
-She took me to the docks with her delicate hands and equips herself.

-I'm ready
-I prepared a fleet for PVP and Sortie
-She starts owning everything
-It drained my resources so much but i do it for Haruna
-I can feel my fuel reserves emptying as my eyes started to water
-I use her even more, i wanted to level up Haruna
-She mutters cutely with her beautiful voice as she remodels
-Inazuma walks in
-Haruna looked her straight in the eyes and says."これは†¦â€¦ç´Â*敵㠁§ã™ï¼ã¡ã⠀šâ€¡Ã£ÂÂ£Ã£ÂÂ¨Ã©â€¡ÂÃ £Ââ€žÃ¦â€žÅ¸Ã£ÂËœÃ£â€šâ €šÃ£Ââ€”ます㠁‘ã‚Œど、à £ÂÂ§Ã£â€šâ€šÃ£â‚¬ÂÃ©Â*⠀˜Ã¥Â¼ÂµÃ£â€šÅ*まだ™ï¼ (This is... amazing! It feels a little heavy, but, I'll do my best! )
-Haruna returns to the Harbour
-Haruna is Love, Haruna is life

01-09-2015, 03:12 AM
This story sounds familiar...

01-09-2015, 03:32 AM
Still haven't met mine in game >.< Fell in love with Amatsukaze the first time I saw her in a Kancolle page I liked on facebook.

01-11-2015, 03:22 PM
My favorite kanmusu is Taihou... but the last fall event introduced Prinz Eugen, I love the voice done by 小澤亞李 (Ozawa Ari), which led me to Akizuki (same voice actress)...
The more I look at Prinze Eugen, the more I wanted Bismarck to complete the german ships.
BUT THEN! I found out both Bismarck and Prinz Eugen is drawn by 島田文醡‘ (Shimada Fumikane)... The same artist that did Taihou and Strike Witches.

So, am I idolizing Taihou + Prinz Eugen + Bismarck? or Am I actually idolizing Shimada Fumikane? I'm confused.

On a side-note... I'm still trying to get Bismarck :(

*Ya this thread should be moved

01-12-2015, 04:41 AM
In my early TTK days, I desperately needed a BB. I could only spare a single 400/100/600/30 craft. And she came to me with burning love. I found her upbeat tone pleasing, even though it could annoy others. But what do I care? I faved her regardless of the current popularity trends. Besides, I didn't even know who was who and how much hype each one had at the time. Truly an unbiased choice for me but I knew she was the one. ^_^

01-12-2015, 10:24 PM
When I came back from vacation in Japan I vaguely remembered seeing a few shipgirls (having been made aware it was a game at some point): The archer, the one with her skirt on her knees, the swimsuit pedobait and the grumpy one. So when I actually got into this thing, those were the ships I felt I knew -- and Grumpy-chan was by far the most badass. As luck would have it, she was my second battleship and I think she's been my highest-levelled ship since. I'll always love you, Grumpy-chan, even if usually go for the weakest targets, you lazy bum! :haruna_grin:

Harpy Kai
01-12-2015, 10:45 PM
- Harpy Discovers Kancolle exists (just over a year ago)
- Harpy Discovers a cute little submarine is available in a special event, or something. (shortly after)
- Arpeggio event ends
- Harpy Gets around to actually getting a Kancolle account (Febuary/March last year)... Shioi? Where are you? What do you mean "unavailable now"? :(
- A bazillion years pass.
- Shioi is added to LSC!
- Harpy's Shioi LSC #1 (http://www.himeuta.net/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1) - I don't remember but lets say Fusou
- Harpy's Shioi LSC #2 (http://www.himeuta.net/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=2) - Shioi! :D

And they lived happily every after~

Until Yamagumo was added and Harpy cheated on her.