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01-16-2015, 02:28 PM
I don't much do the thumbnail stuff as of 2017 but I still update this thread periodically with my art in newer comments~

Since I got into kancolle, I've been doing some sketches here and there Kancolle related, so I figured I'd start compiling them here for the as a little side project for myself. I've tried to make it a habit to draw at least for one sitting a day, and on some occasion, I end up keeping the sketch, and on a rarer occasion, I end up taking it all the way to a complete picture. This Logbook will keep sketches and complete pictures.

If you're interested, here's my Pixiv account (http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=5933325), Twitter (https://twitter.com/akipmeL) and my DeviantArt account (http://lempikah.deviantart.com/).

Sketches and Drawings
Click the thumbnails to see the full sized versions I uh, don't think most of these work any more.

http://i.imgur.com/hVvKG0R.png (http://i.imgur.com/iWxXNdr.png) http://i.imgur.com/ocxwi1H.png (http://i.imgur.com/W8ldEq3.png) http://i.imgur.com/7LUiNfP.png (http://i.imgur.com/QnqACJA.png) http://i.imgur.com/zjJg3kh.png (http://i.imgur.com/NTvF5NY.png)
http://i.imgur.com/c4XavHF.png (http://i.imgur.com/N8SBX63.png) http://i.imgur.com/m2cEwwR.png (http://i.imgur.com/CnZSuei.png) http://i.imgur.com/WC3Da7K.png (http://i.imgur.com/BI3s9M3.png) http://i.imgur.com/qZMeYwY.png (http://i.imgur.com/UFmKeCk.png)
http://i.imgur.com/VIJ25dT.png (http://i.imgur.com/RmhUrdD.png) http://i.imgur.com/tx5qNWb.png (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CnVAdQJVYAAPh7D.jpg:large)
http://i.imgur.com/gXebwom.png (http://"http://i.imgur.com/6xzOHkE.png") http://i.imgur.com/Jsl0pnC.png (http://i.imgur.com/dRGbCyd.jpg) http://i.imgur.com/aYJu0vj.png (http://i.imgur.com/C41uIGP.png) http://i.imgur.com/D1FWKFb.png (http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2015/016/a/0/_1_16_nightbattle_by_lempikah-d8e3tbj.png)
http://i.imgur.com/z7mMaT4.png (http://i.imgur.com/m7NRjco.png) http://i.imgur.com/PhbbtuE.png (http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2015/035/1/0/_2_5_casual_by_lempikah-d8gq83z.png) http://i.imgur.com/lhL75ps.png (http://i.imgur.com/6G0WkAC.png) http://i.imgur.com/r2Ej41L.png (http://orig00.deviantart.net/e94f/f/2015/122/2/d/5_2_15_by_lempikah-d8rtsjj.png)
http://i.imgur.com/SKMWERy.png (http://orig06.deviantart.net/6162/f/2015/135/0/2/respite_by_lempikah-d8tivzc.png) http://i.imgur.com/CLnHE1h.png (http://orig00.deviantart.net/86b1/f/2015/151/3/0/kantai_idol_naka_chan_by_lempikah-d8usgw8.png) http://i.imgur.com/EahNp4u.png (http://orig06.deviantart.net/708c/f/2015/249/5/3/snap_by_lempikah-d98kg0e.png) http://i.imgur.com/lm3aEx8.png (http://orig09.deviantart.net/5ed1/f/2015/257/2/4/yasen_ttk_by_lempikah-d99mjjf.png)

GFX (Signatures and stuff)
Coming to Himeuta made me want to make signatures again, so I've got that going for me

Most recent:

The new stuff (2015-)

http://i.imgur.com/SGGxVOz.png http://i.imgur.com/luFoF2K.png

http://orig12.deviantart.net/e6cd/f/2015/144/e/3/signature___kongou_by_lempikah-d8umehs.png http://orig05.deviantart.net/f405/f/2015/118/7/3/signature___yamato_by_lempikah-d8rgn05.png

http://orig12.deviantart.net/bd8f/f/2015/118/4/c/totsuka_by_lempikah-d8rcreq.png http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2015/031/9/8/signature___destroyer_hime_by_lempikah-d8g3atb.png

http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2015/019/d/a/signature___hibiki_by_lempikah-d8eiu03.png http://i.imgur.com/egN1lnB.jpg


The really old stuff (2010)

http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/260/e/e/lucky_star_signature___kagami_by_lempikah-d2yxegn.png http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/260/0/c/signature___brain_child_by_lempikah-d2yxecs.png

http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/260/5/b/signature___shakugan_no_shana_by_lempikah-d2yxe32.png http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/260/b/5/signature___kaitou_kid_2_by_lempikah-d2yxdhu.png

http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/232/0/d/Signature___OneUp_Mushroom_by_Lempikah.png http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/232/f/0/FFXIII_Signature___Lightning_by_Lempikah.png

that floating head syndrome doe

I'm totally down for doing requests since they're fun, so if you want one, just lemme know here or via PM.
I'll at least need the character (I recommend only one), if you have any more specific details, let me know, these can include:

1. Dimension of signature/banner/whatever

2. Text (name of user/character/whatever)

3. Mood or theme (eg. dark, serious)

4. Specific picture(s) to use (that I may or may not use, depending on the suitability)

I'll assume that I can take artist control over anything not specified. You can even just give me the character and I'll do the rest.

I'll take drawing/sketching requests too, since it's a decent way to get practice. Just lemme know what you want and I'll see if I'm up to the task.


01-16-2015, 03:51 PM
ohhh I love your Nisekoi art~

01-16-2015, 04:00 PM
Excellent quality as always, Lempika :haruna_happy:

01-17-2015, 08:47 AM
@acolyte (http://www.himeuta.net/members/3385-acolyte/) Thanks! Tsugumi masterrace yo.
@Tepidus (http://www.himeuta.net/members/3157-tepidus/) Thanks Tepidus ^^

I've made a new signature, as you can see below. I've added it to the first post. I decided I'll take requests, let me know if anyone wants a signature!

01-18-2015, 07:51 AM
Bumpity bump, new picture. I didn't know who it would be when I started drawing initially, but my fellow Teitoku bro KazeToushin crafted Suzuya yesterday, so I figured I should draw her.


And if anyone was interested, here it is without my lazy colouring: http://i.imgur.com/FVfSieA.png

01-18-2015, 07:53 AM
Bit of advice, don't use black or white color as text since it'll look like no text at all for a certain theme (white on Silent Blue theme and black on Beacon and to be Glow Red theme)

01-18-2015, 08:06 AM
Pururumpai Thanks for the tip, I'll make sure not to have that happen. I'm just using the automatic colour for all the important text.

01-19-2015, 11:29 AM
Signature for KazeToushin


01-31-2015, 02:29 PM
Going for the fabled triple post. Signature request for Zalfier. It's still open for a bit of tweaking.


I'll also be doing a major revamp of the OP soon, to make signature requests a bit more accommodating.

02-05-2015, 03:54 AM
Drew my three favourite CLs in casual clothing.


The lineart for this drawing was really fun, but I got a bit distracted during the colouring process, since I didn't know what type of approach I wanted to take. I always see really simple solid blocks of colour working effectively, and it was my goal this time around to try emulate it, but I ended up being between that and my usual style, which resulted in this strange style.

I also knew next to nothing about clothes, let alone clothes that work well together. I just had an image of Kiso wearing a hoodie and Sendai wearing earphones, and it kind of just went on from there. Yuubari came in after the other two, when I thought the canvas felt empty in the middle.

I tried keeping the colour scheme of each character similar to the original, but I obviously have a lot of room for improvement there.

04-28-2015, 04:43 AM
It's been a while since I bumped this thread last, but anyway here's a drawing of my TRPG fleet that I'm a part of.

I don't think I've ever drawn something this silly before. It's a big mess really, and I'll be honest, half the reason I went for monochromatic was because I couldn't be arsed colouring it, and the other half being that I haven't done a monochromatic one in a while. It's pretty much basically still a sketch. I often see artwork by other artists which have sketch lines still there in the end product, and the way it adds to the picture rather than detracting from the overall feel is a technique I still haven't really wrapped my head around. It's a really neat trick and I definitely want to learn how to go about doing that.

Oh yeah and I'm still taking requests for signatures and general GFX.

04-28-2015, 05:44 AM
Lempika I vaguely know what this is about, but it's still ridiculously awesome! (.. especially how you drew dranzer)

you're so good at this, though! these drawings actually remind me of another forum user's art style, but they're no longer active on the forums :'(

04-28-2015, 07:26 AM
Made a new signature for practice. I think it might be a bit too bright, judging from how my retinas feel like burning every time I stare at it for too long. Been fiddling with brush settings and whatnot. Would like some c&c if possible.


@S.Razelrink (http://www.himeuta.net/members/132-s-razelrink/) Thanks for your kind words! I'm kind of curious to know who that old user is. Did that person have a thread here?

04-28-2015, 08:04 AM
Lempika yes! the profile name is petit-cheese, and their artwork thread is located at: http://www.himeuta.net/f17-artwork/petit-cheeses-boredom-corner-redux-196.html

petit-cheese draws really slender figures, but the way they draw their character's postures give me the same sort of feel when I look at your drawings!

04-28-2015, 09:00 AM
I couldn't resist posting after seeing that dranzer shoukaku.
But yea GJ, I love those silly expressions and your sigs are quite good as well (the most recent one might be a bit too bright as you mentioned).

Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.

04-29-2015, 03:51 AM
Signature for @Nitroflame (http://www.himeuta.net/members/7741-nitroflame/). That makes two whole requests done. Looking back, I'm a bit uncertain about the C4D's colour compared to the rest of it. The flow of the signature was also originally going to go downwards to the left in front of Yamato, but after putting the flame stuff, it went against the general flow. I flipped the background and it somehow kinda sorted itself out. I found the render here (http://ors-renders-gamer.animemeeting.com/2013/12/kantai-collectionyamato-aw-mecha-hd.html), if anyone was interested.

Definitely inspired by artificial this time. Your stuff is way too cool. Also I totally had help from your tutorial. Didn't know about the gradient map function, I've literally been using the gradient tool for colour correction up until now.


@S.Razelrink (http://www.himeuta.net/members/132-s-razelrink/) I forgot to thank you yesterday for the link. I had a look through their stuff, and I see what you mean when you said you saw some similarities. Would be nice if they came back!
@kuavera (http://www.himeuta.net/members/1065-kuavera/) Thanks. I was wondering because my monitor's brightness is a bit high as well, but it's better to play it safe and lower the brightness I guess.

04-29-2015, 09:00 AM
Lempika I dream of the day when petit-cheese returns :'( but your drawings are really nice as well, so I also really look forward to that!!

05-02-2015, 07:37 AM
Did a little post editing with my sketch for today.

Still not sure how to properly blur things to focus the attention to the things I want, and I'm not sure if blurring it helped at all, but it's always fun.

05-06-2015, 05:10 AM
An experimental logo thing for personal use. My intention is to have the colours interchangeable so I throw it onto anything without the problem of colours clashing. It's rather simple, so I honestly wouldn't be surprised if something similar or identical to this already exists.


05-13-2015, 05:54 AM
Since we are now friends I figured I do a edit of something of yours!~ (Also since your doing me a sig thanks!)

http://orig10.deviantart.net/0c7c/f/2015/132/1/a/nirto_sig_edit__lights_out__yuki_sama_edit_by_moxi e_gfx-d8t6sbi.png

I hope you like it. I did somethings to it haha. :D

05-16-2015, 04:14 AM
Drew Kiso with megane this time around.


It was difficult imagining her hair without the hat, and as I type this, I just realise that I had forgotten to put her hat somewhere in the picture.

05-18-2015, 07:25 AM
It was difficult imagining her hair without the hat[...]
Well, it is part of her body, after all :haruna_grin: http://safebooru.donmai.us/posts/2014158

05-18-2015, 08:16 AM
sutenai Well great now I can't see Kiso's hat as anything but a mutated appendage.

05-22-2015, 07:16 PM
This may or may not sounds weird coming from me... Then again why did I said it's weird anyway?
Now move on to the main topic~

May I request a sig?
Not a really complex one, just this pic
Merge with my current sig so that the current "outerspace" picture is replace with my sig, which is this
Well easier said than done, so if you felt burdened by it just tell me
Also I won't use this sig in himeuta, but on other sites for a little "ad" of this forum

Thank you

05-24-2015, 04:35 AM
@Pururumpai (http://www.himeuta.net/members/2412-pururumpai/) Sure thing, I've got 2 requests lined up right now (forgot to update the OP), but once I get through those, I'll get right to to it.

05-25-2015, 12:13 AM
Signature for yukisama


06-01-2015, 12:49 AM
Drew Idol Naka-chan for dranzerstar's second mod for Crypt of the Necrodancer. Shameless promotion here: Steam Workshop :: AbyssalDancer Naka (w/ voice&boss) (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=452479958)


It was used as part of the mod thumbnail and the character selection screen for the character Naka-chan replaces. Her right pinky is bendy af.

09-06-2015, 10:35 AM
Got my tablet fixed, so what better way to celebrate than draw my edgy, grimdark, one-armed robo Sendai from my TRPG sessions


09-15-2015, 01:28 AM


Looking back at the ingame CG of Sendai, turns out her costume is a lot more red than orange. Gotta keep that in mind for when I eventually draw another picture of Sendai. who am I kidding I'm already drawing another picture of her

And a couple of sketches in the last few days that I thought I would finish but ended up not.


09-15-2015, 04:48 PM
Been a while since last time I checked this thread and damn, you have improved quite a lot in both sigs and drawings.
I really, reeeeally like that edgy Sendai.

So yea, good job and looking forward to seeing more.

09-16-2015, 04:46 AM

Moving over here to avoid hijacking kuavera's thread!

Thanks a ton for the input.

So first, I gotta say that your Amatsukaze signature is smokin'! Eyes are so sexy! But sometimes no eyes is sexy too!

I recently started playing osu and I got a taste of that "I'm moving my hand here but it's doing something different over there!" but hopefully I will be able to adapt pretty quickly. There's a lot that I want to learn to do such as drawing cleaner lines, but ultimately, I want to participate more directly in this fandom right now while the opportunity is here. I'm pretty passionate about KC and the girls, and I don't know if I'll ever feel this inspired in the future. I'd like to produce presentable pictures - not just the half-assed stuff I kind of pigeonhole myself into doing.

09-16-2015, 05:12 AM
@Jifaru (http://www.himeuta.net/member.php?u=513)

Welcome welcome to my little thread :V I should mention that I didn't draw any of the signature related stuff, they're waaaay out of my league for now. And my bad, I assumed you were looking into getting a tablet, didn't think of the possibility of you having one already. So yeah, I fully encourage just diving into trying out digital artwork, because there's really nothing to lose and it's fun as heck. I've been following your stuff in your thread, I think you you haven't tried it out already, program-wise, PaintTool SAI is a great one to start with, especially for lineart.

I think the definition for presentable has a lot of range depending on the artist in question. In general I hear the average artist takes 2 /3 years of constant practice to reach a point where they can start being happy with what they can create, and to be able to accurately recreate what they imagine in their head. I've been following your stuff in your thread, and I think you'd totally be fine in transitioning into digital art. The best approach is to just keep drawing and learning and reapplying what you just learned onto the next piece.

09-16-2015, 05:19 AM
Lempika Oh, I don't have a tablet yet. I just mean even using the mouse required muscles and coordination that I didn't have.

I am definitely looking to pick up a tablet. My friend's been like GET AN IPAD PRO! but my wallet really can't handle that nonsense. I've never done any kind of digital stuff whatsoever, other than some rudimentary spriting with MSPaint during middle school.

09-17-2015, 12:15 AM
You have some very nice stuff, I like your recent coloring style! Sendai is love. <3

11-21-2015, 11:03 AM
Heyo Lempika! Signature request here~

1. Dimensions: 500px X 120px
2. Text: Jackyyy
3. Mood or Theme: Flowers. Possibly similar to the ones in the image
4. Pictures (Slightly NSFW)

Thank you :)

11-23-2015, 02:00 PM
Woah i love your art! They look so cool and clean c:
Here's a siggy request and dw about the time limit, no pressure :kaga_grin:

1. 700 x 200px (the Kongou sig in your most recents)

2. Zuikaku (big font) and Myrred (tiny font below it) all on the bottom right with Zuikaku slightly to the left
Oh and could i request for the pixel font used in your "Light Cruiser Sendai" sig? Thanks!

3. Slightly dark with colors leaning more towards the red/warm color spectrum but no pink/yellow. For glow/blur/particles if you're adding too.
But i trust your judgement, so if it feels wrong, feel free to tweak it!

4. Zuikaku kai (the black/camouflaged uniform)
As for the picture.. preferably the original art by Konishi. If you're planning on using another artist's work do let me know so i can ask for their permission :)
Here's an imgur link
Thank you!

11-27-2015, 02:48 PM
Today's Kancolle 1 hour drawing thingo of Umikaze

Really felt the time constraint this time, I think I spent too much time on the linework.

@Myrred (http://www.himeuta.net/members/16864-myrred/) Ooh an ingame CG, that should be a fun to try out ^^. I'm just about done with Jackyyy's request, so I'll get working on yours pretty soon!

12-17-2015, 12:50 PM
Jackyyy's request complete

@Myrred (http://www.himeuta.net/members/16864-myrred/) Your request is partially completed so far, sorry for the wait, but it will be here soon™!

12-19-2015, 12:22 PM
Like Sendai, this picture was lying around for a week, so I decided to finish it up


12-19-2015, 01:31 PM
I love how she's laying there like "I have found my eden", that's Yasen-baka for you XDDD

12-22-2015, 02:03 PM

Its alright! Take your time :kaga_grin:

01-04-2016, 07:08 AM
@Myrred (http://www.himeuta.net/members/16864-myrred/)

Here's your request! This was probably one of the hardest requests to complete yet, just because it took a long time to get a setup I was happy with, due to the size of the signature and the fact that it's the ingame CG (and its resolution was a bit on the lower end), but I liked the challenge. I'm still learning the ins and outs of stuff like flow and lighting, but hopefully it's to your liking. Lemme know if you want anything changed ^^.


01-10-2016, 06:00 AM

omg its perfect, the background is so interesting and i like the overall feel of the signature! Thank you so much, it was definitely worth the wait! :kaga_grin:

01-13-2016, 08:41 AM
Today's sketch. A lot of fiddling with filters and lighting, and even more blur than my usual spam of it.


01-25-2016, 08:07 AM
Naka-chan sure is popular

Went for a much thinner lineart this time, and I found it helps a lot with busier and more clustered canvas like this. Also I'm still having too much fun with adding blur and black borders.

w/o post-editing:

01-25-2016, 03:47 PM

1HD for today

01-25-2016, 06:51 PM
Naka-chan sure is popular

the fleet idol retreats gracefully! this is pretty much me whenever I find out that the boss has two or more symbiotic himes

01-26-2016, 12:12 PM
Lempika Abyssal: I...I just want an autograph. From Naka-chan!


01-26-2016, 01:12 PM
1HD for today
Awww man; busshi, blushing and boobsocks :/

01-31-2016, 06:41 AM
Some colour and lighting practice. And of course more sendai and and blurring. The luminosity layer for Painttool SAI is pretty fun to fiddle with.


01-31-2016, 12:26 PM
Lempika DarthSidious/AbyssalLeader: I sense much power within you. Feel the power! Join me to the dark side/Abyssal! :p

02-20-2016, 09:32 AM
Drew someone not Sendai for Dranzerstar's XCOM workshop mod on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625473328


This is the version without the XCOM modifications.

02-20-2016, 12:38 PM
Shoukeks still looks really badass without the XCOM stuff.

03-24-2016, 07:57 AM
Happy birthday/ launch date Naka :V


04-04-2016, 04:13 AM
I started this picture late december, and it was one of those pictures that every time I go back to finish, I'd be distracted or couldn't get into the groove. Didn't really know what I wanted to do with the background, so I went with the simple approach (i.e nothing). Overall, pretty happy with the pose, not so much the theme. Maybe it's a bit too bright for someone who prefers the night?


04-07-2016, 07:53 AM
Had a quick go at drawing a chibi. The proportions were really interesting to work with, but wrapping my head around the simplified lineart and colours took me a while. A bit too cutesy for my liking, but definitely worth trying out everything, right?


04-09-2016, 07:25 AM
Had a quick go at drawing a chibi. The proportions were really interesting to work with, but wrapping my head around the simplified lineart and colours took me a while. A bit too cutesy for my liking, but definitely worth trying out everything, right?

I don't usually draw chibi either, but when I do... I feel exactly the same way as you do! haha

well done with chibisendai!

04-18-2016, 01:53 AM
S.Razelrink Thanks! Looking back at it now, it was kind of fun to draw something different from my usual style, I might end up having a go at some more chibi later.

Speaking of usual style...


.. more angsty sendai! Still very interested in doing more monochromatic work, so this was super fun to draw. I didn't know how I wanted Sendai to express herself, so I was stuck on drawing her mouth for a long time. I'm always surprised by how much the eyebrows and mouth affects expression.

04-20-2016, 06:56 AM

Poi for today's 1HD

cough morelike1hourandahalf cough

04-20-2016, 08:46 AM
I didn't know how I wanted Sendai to express herself, so I was stuck on drawing her mouth for a long time. I'm always surprised by how much the eyebrows and mouth affects expression.

I never fully understood this either until I really started to draw a bit more seriously (since late last year). it makes you wonder how much more difficult it is to act in front of a film/movie, while attempting to fully communicate the mood of your character!

I suppose you could say the sendai/abyssal jintsuu drawing was...... poignant, ha ha (loving your yuudachi drawing!)

04-20-2016, 10:39 PM
Very good pic's!! Great for pro gaming n.n

Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk

04-21-2016, 12:46 PM
@S.Razelrink (http://himeuta.org/member.php?u=125) I think if anything, acting in movies should be a bit more subtle. I suppose since this is anime/manga, we can over-dramatize all the facial expressions we want :P


Jintsuu vs Sendai, part 2 - Twitter 1HD edition

Didn't expect 1HD to pick Light Cruiser Princess so soon after I happened to draw her. The colouring and smoke stuff ended up being rushed, and I even went a bit over the 1 hour time limit

04-24-2016, 09:49 AM

Pretty happy with the lineart. The background was a last minute change, especially the foreground souce of light, so you might notice that the lighting is kinda conflicting on Kawakaze.

04-30-2016, 12:04 PM

Sendai Sketch! Think I'll be drawing more like these exclusively for Sendai, to see how we go.

04-30-2016, 12:43 PM
Lempika your lines are so smooooooth <touches monitor screen>

05-05-2016, 05:28 AM

sendai sketch 2!

05-19-2016, 08:34 AM
Finished this picture up today, took around 4 days on and off. I've (re)learned the lesson of planning out the background and lighting in advanced, saves a lot of time later.


Today also happened to be the 1 year anniversary since I waifu'd Sendai. I was hoping to get my account unfrozen by today, but no such luck I guess~

06-05-2016, 12:58 PM
My base's newest combo


A bit more monochromatic and screentone practice with this picture.

06-05-2016, 05:30 PM

06-17-2016, 09:19 AM

Casual clothes ninja. Not that I have the slightest idea what pieces of clothing work together.

06-17-2016, 09:33 AM
Lempika In that case you should do an 80's style Sendai, imagine all that leather...

06-23-2016, 10:02 AM
Poor Bismarck. It must feel bad to lose in height and size to a weaker (level-wise) ship.

07-14-2016, 11:51 PM

Sendai and Umbreon yeeee

07-15-2016, 11:09 AM

short sketch

07-19-2016, 12:48 AM

For yesterday's 1HD

08-24-2016, 02:30 AM
Been a bit since I updated here, I've got a few new pictures since then.

I find myself drawing Naka a lot, and every time Jintsuu comes up in 1HD, I either screw around too much or I miss it entirely.

I kinda goofed this one up. The eye placement is a bit awkward, and there's that one line on her neck that doesn't make sense.

And this one's a continuation to this picture (http://himeuta.org/showthread.php?2806-Admiral-Lempika-s-Artwork-Logbook&p=1041492&viewfull=1#post1041492).

10-01-2016, 02:09 PM
For Megane day, which is today apparently. I didn't resize it properly so it looks a bit flaky ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


10-11-2016, 09:30 AM

Sendai in autumny clothes, still playing around with styles at the moment

11-17-2016, 01:49 AM

Just a little image I had of Kiso walking in on Tenryuu trying out her eyepatch. I really didn't expect this picture to be shared so much.

Also I finally found out how to upload images onto twitter without it being converted and compressed into .JPEG. All I needed to do was to make sure at least one pixel was slightly transparent to make sure the image stayed as a .PNG

11-17-2016, 01:58 AM
Lempika A new level of memes for Tenryuu indeed.

11-17-2016, 05:14 AM
Lempika: "Oh, I'm definitely scared now, Tenryuu."
PS. I like your art a lot.

02-14-2017, 01:56 AM
I've started work on too many different illustrations and I've only got this one finished up. Hopefully I can knock them all out soonish, and drop them all here. One of them is a short-form manga type thing, very new and different for me.


02-17-2017, 12:00 PM

Soft brush practice, ended up liking the feel of the colours.

02-26-2017, 02:57 AM
Since it was Inazuma's birthday recently, it got me thinking about ship IDs, which led to this little comic. I rushed to finish it quickly, so the screentones and shading ended up pretty shoddy.


03-03-2017, 01:14 PM
Now I'm starting to go through the stuff I had started, from around the valentines picture.


Also, forgot to update the previous post, but I cleaned up the screentones and lines a little bit later.


03-04-2017, 01:32 PM
Now I'm starting to go through the stuff I had started, from around the valentines picture.

Also, forgot to update the previous post, but I cleaned up the screentones and lines a little bit later.

pfffff, this is soooo good. I've been drawing recently a bit too and improving on my lining, but it's hard as I remembered it to be!

for me, my level 96 murakumo was my starter ship, and my bismarck is ship ID 2463! nobody angers ship ID 1, ever! :')

03-05-2017, 04:08 AM
pfffff, this is soooo good. I've been drawing recently a bit too and improving on my lining, but it's hard as I remembered it to be!

for me, my level 96 murakumo was my starter ship, and my bismarck is ship ID 2463! nobody angers ship ID 1, ever! :')

Nice! Gotta keep working at it. I've been practicing lineart too, since I've done a bunch of monochromatic stuff recently. I've noticed that I seem to shy away from really heavy contrast, and that really became apparent with monochromatic stuff. I throw in too much grey and not enough black, and everything ended up feeling a very flat.

The IDs in the comic is accurate to my own fleet, but the levels were a bit exaggerated for the sake of the joke. Inazuma was one of the first in the fleet to hit 99.
I'm kinda interested in doing a series of illustrations with my fleet's Inazuma and her gradual change into the cold tactician that she is now. Maybe a little bit later down the line, I really need to get through the pictures I've already started.

03-05-2017, 09:45 AM
Nice! Gotta keep working at it. I've been practicing lineart too, since I've done a bunch of monochromatic stuff recently. I've noticed that I seem to shy away from really heavy contrast, and that really became apparent with monochromatic stuff. I throw in too much grey and not enough black, and everything ended up feeling a very flat.

I also have this problem, and I feel like it just stems from me not having much of a background in colouring since I started drawing in middle school, but never ever coloured until I bought a tablet a year ago! because of that, I just don't have the confidence in using courageous colours which also results in a lot of 'flatness'. supposedly colouring in monochrome is meant to really help you draw out depth, because you only have to think about the shades, instead of the hues? there's even a technique where you start a painting entirely in monochromatic shades, then apply a 'multiply' overlayer with the hues to finish it off! there's actually something I'm working on right now, so maybe I'll try this out once my lining is finished :')

p.s you're from australia!? which part?!?

03-06-2017, 01:24 AM
@S.Razelrink (http://himeuta.org/member.php?u=125)

Ah yeah that technique does seem to help with establishing the values on the picture first (I guess that's kinda the point). From my experience though, because it does focus on proper depth and lighting more than anything, it anchors a bit on the more realistic style of illustration. Like it'll bring less benefits on an piece with abstract forms of colouring and lighting. I'll need to try it properly a few more times before I can really form an opinion on the technique though.

Also I'm from QLD!

04-04-2017, 03:15 AM

I started this pic around January in anticipation for Sendai hitting 155. It was actually really close to completion around the end of Jan but I ended up not liking it, and it wasn't until end of last month that I picked it up and redrew from the lineart. I was able to carry over some of the colouring from the original version, so that helped with saving time.

07-18-2017, 06:36 AM
Welp, haven't posted anything here in 40 or so years but here's a bunch of Sendai drawings from May. The last couple of months have been pretty busy but I'm getting back into the groove in the last week and a bit so more Sendai soon probably maybe.

Sendai and Shouhou clothes swap from bob's 4 year anniversary picture
CQC training. Black and white drawings are really fun
For Kancolle 1HD, I was surprised with how well received this one was
For my second anniversary since I waifu'd Sendai