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04-30-2014, 04:17 PM
Well. Saya made one. I asked if I can make one too. And I did.

March entry
March 15
Just got to lottery. Slept after that

March 16
Yosh. Completed starting quests. Crafted EQs and halfed resources. I got it back quickly though. I was still using Wikia. Cleared up to 1-3 and got to HQ lvl 12. Stayed up all night.

Got Tenryuu and Tatsuta, Naka, Isuzu, Natori, Kiso, Yura. Ooshio, Michisio, Arare, Kasumi, Fumizuki, Wakaba, Nenohi, Murakumo, Hatsushimo.

March 17
Started lurking in the forums. Joined after a bit of hesitation. Had problems with resources...Crafted too much EQ.

Got Atago, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, 2 more Nenohi, Shigure, Another Naka.

March 18
Started failing a lot of expeditions because I didn't know they had requirements. Just farmed my Resources on this day. The day I learned about those Dailies. Haven't modernized or scrapped anyone yet..

Got 2 more Nenohi, Takao, Jintsuu, Yuudachi, Takao, Haguro.

March 19 - March 22
Didn't clear anything. HQ lvl 17 at this time. Just leveled new ships. No notable ship gains.

March 23
I got Sendai. Unlocked third fleet. First modernization. Modernized Naka with my Nenohis and her. First EQ scrap. Those 12.7 single guns had their use. Unlocked LSC. Had a lot of Resource from the quests. Did a default recipe, got a Maruyu.

March 24
After gathering 4/6/6/3 did a LSC. Got Yamato. Couldn't use her because she's not resource friendly. Got back some resources from Composition quests.

March 25 - 28
Gathered resources, placed a level 12 Yamato at Flagship position with level 25 ships. Cleared 1-4.

Got Akatsuki.

March 29
Didn't touch 1-5. Cleared 2-1 on the first try with Yamato and then Cleared 2-2 as well. Even though I didn't have CVs.

Got Shouhou. Completed Akagi quest. LSCed Noshiro.

March 30 - 31
Spammed 1-5 after getting a pair and Type 3 and 2 Type 93s and 2 Type 94s. It was an all DD fleet. "DesDiv 6"

Got Imuya on first run. Got Iku on seventh.

April Entry

April 1
Crafted Hiei, Kongou, Kirishima from dailies. Leveled only Hiei and Kirishima. Resources at 400 fuel/ammo/steel.

April 2
Completed Kongou class when Haruna appeared from a CVL recipe *300/30/400/300. Did another CV recipe 300/300/600/600 and crafted Zuikaku.

April 3
Learned about Remodeling. A total of 16 ships of mine already reached remodel stage but weren't remodeled. Used up resources in remodeling.

April 4 - 13
This is my so called "Luck strike"
Completed Myoukou-class then unlocked Fleet four. Cleared world 2 and proceeded to world 3, Cleared it.

Got Agano, another Maruyu, Mutsu, Nagato, Fusou and Yamashiro, Mogami from LSC. Abukuma, and the requirement for other 2-3 composition quests. The only 2-3 composition quest I had trouble was deploying the "New Mikawa" fleet. Barrel count was 9 and cleared up to expedition 23.

Current HQ level: 68

April 14 - 17
My so called "Luck withdrawal" Depleted my resources. No luck on crafting.

Only cleared up to 4-2. Not that much notable ships except for more Maruyus and a Goya and a Hachi. Completed 5 subs.

April 18 - 23 midnight.
"Event preparation....not"
Cleared world 4 on April 21. Ship's average level was 66-68. Mutsu was the highest leveled BB. Yamato stuck at 42.

Stocked up to 20K resources on April 21 as well. with only 160 buckets. Tried 5-1 and resources and buckets was drained. Gave up on stockpiling and leveled my ships more.

then did 2 LSC, whose ship I'm not gonna tell.

HQ level: 74. Maruyu level: 91. Avg ship level: 72.

Mutsu level: 72.
Atago level: 79.
Mogami level: 68.
Mikuma level: 62.
KTKM level: 54.
Ooi level: 56.
Akagi level: 72.
Yamashiro level: 72.
Ise level: 62.
Shigure, Poi, Desdiv6 level: 64.
Zuikaku level: 71.

3 reppuu, 2 46cms. 8 Zuiuns. Loads of Comet, and Meteors.

Event entry
April 23. Event start.
Sleeping...on the morning...

Cleared E1 before next day.

April 24, 2nd day.
No resources. Farmed resources.

April 25, 3rd day.
Cleared E2. No resources.

April 26 - 27, 4th - 5th day,
Farmed resources while simultaneously clearing E3. Cleared at 4:51AM JST 27Apr.

Crafter 4 Sanshiki and 4 AP shells during the day and noon.

April 28, 6th day.
Stocked up resources. A lil crafting here and there.

April 29, 1st week.
Cleared the E4 at 11:37PM JST

April 30, 1st week and 1st day.
Couldn't connect to game.

May 1, 1st week and 2nd day.
Still not connecting.