View Full Version : Kancolle - 3D Models Project (CG)

02-11-2015, 05:34 AM
Hey guys, I just recently started to work on a Project for myself which is Trying to make Akagi Model with her Arrows Becoming Planes. So I'm starting with the hard Part which is Making the Airplanes... Here is the A6M Zero. Just Recently Finished it today... Texturing will be last for me @-@ .... Up Next is the 2 other planes which is also part of the Carrier Arrows....which is B5N Kite, and D3A Val... Torpedo and Bomber planes. I'm Actually using a 3D Program called Blender to make these... Doing Planes is quite complicated though.... So I hope you enjoy what I make... More Coming soon...HANG ON AKAGI YOU WILL BE COMPLETE SOON!!