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Ladies and gentleman, first of all I would like to thank everyone for showing so much interest in this competition. The amount of people showing their interest in writing is indeed a welcoming sight!

Below I shall name the participants of this competition: @Pururumpai (http://www.himeuta.net/members/2412-pururumpai/) @jomrem4772 (http://www.himeuta.net/members/1399-jomrem4772/) @Luminair (http://www.himeuta.net/members/5485-luminair/) @SenkanYamatoKai2000 (http://www.himeuta.net/members/927-senkanyamatokai2000/) @sutenai (http://www.himeuta.net/members/4492-sutenai/) @CaioDuilio (http://www.himeuta.net/members/4015-caioduilio/) @Blankman (http://www.himeuta.net/members/3838-blankman/) @Pudding (http://www.himeuta.net/members/6008-pudding/) @Nuko.nuko (http://www.himeuta.net/members/1045-nuko-nuko/) @Negame (http://www.himeuta.net/members/781-negame/) @skittleslol (http://www.himeuta.net/members/2747-skittleslol/)@Peggisan (http://www.himeuta.net/members/1408-peggisan/) @syaondri (http://www.himeuta.net/members/7359-syaondri/) @Katiya (http://www.himeuta.net/members/7011-katiya/) @MagnAvaloN (http://www.himeuta.net/members/2443-magnavalon/) @Impstar_Deuce (http://www.himeuta.net/members/1455-impstar_deuce/) @atagowatcher69 (http://www.himeuta.net/members/614-atagowatcher69/) @Shiragiku (http://www.himeuta.net/members/4241-shiragiku/) @Hitomi (http://www.himeuta.net/members/17-hitomi/) @reikutohno (http://www.himeuta.net/members/4781-reikutohno/)


Writer's are given 3 weeks to finish and submit their work
One week will be given to collect votes.
Votes are placed via the rep system. One upvote counts for one vote. Downvotes are not considered

"A story that will touch the readers"


Forum wide rules apply and hence blatant R-18 material is forbidden
All submissions must be placed in this thread. Don't upload it on other sites and link it.
Submissions will be short stories. Character count is limited to the maximum possible for a single post.
Any submission can be edited within the alotted 3 weeks. Works cannot be edited when judging period starts

1st place: 3000 credits
2nd place: 2000 credits
3rd place: 1000 credits

For the purpose of judging the winner, I would like to invite the members of this forum to place their votes on the story that touches their heart the most!

Now without further ado, ladies and gentleman, pick up your pens and start! May the best writer be victorious!

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The Meaning of a Name
Inazuma!!! A-ah… wh..what…

I activated my hover engine as I stabilize myself who almost drowns to the sea… where am I, no, who am I? Is the question I would like to ask. I tried to look for someone, but no one’s coming. The sea and its cerulean sky above are the only things I could see. So I keep my engine’s throttle maximum and move this chunk of darkish metallic body I have.

But, what was that vision I saw earlier… That name… sounds familiar… but I can’t quite remember anything else. I even had forgotten the name I thought about earlier. Who was it, the girl whose name I remembered just now? Friend? Enemy?

My single optical sensor that glows in red starts to look at my blurry reflection on the sea. I… have some big pairs of teeth down there… Was it there from the beginning? Suddenly I could see a lady with strange balloon like hat from afar, her hat kind of looks like the bloated version of me… she called me… "help" she says..

In front of her I could see three girls with ship rigging firing at her, one of them were crying…
“Come on Inazuma this is not the time for that!” said the girl on the lead.
That crying one… I think I know her… yea… it all makes sense now.

So I shot my twin 5 inch cannon at her, as I fulfills my duty. As an abyssal ship…

Bam! My shell managed to hit one of them, but it seems like the squadron leader is the one who took my shot, saving the crying girl behind her.

“A-akatsuki!?” the crying girl runs toward the leader whose hat was burnt to ashes and clothes torn into pieces, blood sprays from her mouth but she keeps her smile.

“As a lady, this is nothing…” even though she acts all cool, she soon passed her conscious and fell to the catch of a silver haired girl who hurried herself toward the two girls. Seeing that my attack was effective, I continued my shot, trying to sink the leader. But the crying girl managed to angle her rigging to receive my shell as a scratch damage.

She’s staring at me. No, she’s glaring at me. Her eyes were different. The eyes which once reflected sadness, now was set ablaze by anger and hatred. This is not good. I glanced at the balloon hat lady behind me who was critically damaged. She understands my eyes even before I said a word. She retreats herself, leaving me with the three girls in front of me.

Blast! A pair of 12.7 caliber shells was shot; it splashes right on my sides. I start to reverse my hover engine as I fire my five inch canon toward the Crying Girl who chases me. She’s fast… no, she’s too agile, I can’t have a clean shot at her, all of my shell dips into the ocean while the girl came at me with a terrifying speed. At this rate… I could…. Sunk?

Wait, suddenly, my head feels hurt though none of the girl’s shell hits me. What is this… the memory… did she sunk me before? Why, why am I afraid of this situation, as an abyssal ship I must not afraid of sinking for the better of everyone… or… am I really an abyssal ship?

“Ikazuchi… Tomorrow is admiral’s birthday! Inazuma, Vermiy and I thought of making a scarf for the admiral. What do you think?”

wh… what am I thinking… why did I have a memory together with those girl!? Who is this Ikazuchi… who… am I?

I was sunk on my deep thought that I forgot my situation. The Crying Girl managed to hit me with her 12.7 shell right on my face. It sent me several miles behind and splashes to the sea. My body could still floats but my engines were totaled…

“Ikazuchi! No! Noooo!!”

now… I think I finally remember…. Who this balloon hat lady, these three girls… who I am… it all finally makes sense now and this time I am assured… I was…

Just as I sunk on my thought once again, a torpedo blast broke my body into half, breaking my outer skin and reveals my inside to the open world… yes… this is the cerulean sky I saw this morning… and the crying girl’s face who came toward me, only this time with an angry facial expression…

“W-what…” the Crying Girl, Inazuma, lowered down her weapon before she managed to shoot it as she intended to… her anger fades as melancholy struck her head once again, she recognizes me… “no.. no… why… why is this happening, this, can’t be true…” she shook her head as tear streams down her cheek once again so I try to move my broken right arm, which only extend to my elbow, from my metallic body to reach her and tell her something I failed to confess before…

“I’m sorry, I can’t finishes my part.” And so the image of crying Inazuma fades as so does my existence. I tried to find something I could remember so that if I was to reborn as an abyssal once again, I could go home to where everyone is…
And so I decided remembers her name



I keep shouting that name before I can’t feel anything anymore.

This.. dark place… is where I soon find myself in. I could barely see anything and the atmosphere here is too cold. Even though so, I think I vaguely remember this place. Everyone’s queuing toward some sort of chasm in front of us… I could hear a loud engine sound roaring in front of us. Everyone looks so sad, but… why? What is this place?

Wait, no, that’s not an engine’s sound… as the queue declines into a short line toward the chasm, I could finally hear it clearly. It’s the sound of the girls right in front of me… they’re crying… shouting something… they shouted something that is precious to them. Admirals, friends, rivals, places… I remember it now…

“No! No! Please let me just remember that one name! Inazuma! Inazuma!” so I keep shouted as I tried to escape the terrible fate which awaits me beyond this chasm. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried, I can’t move my body which keeps getting dragged into the abyss. The closer I get to the edge of the chasm, the harder it is for me to shout and as seconds pass, I could only shouted the name in my mind. Even though I know it’s a futile attempt, I hope that this could somehow brings me back to where everyone was and I know every other girl who shouted behind me thinks the same..
And so I shouted…




Inazuma!!! A-ah… wh..what…

I activated my hover engine as I stabilize myself who almost drowns to the sea… where am I, no, who am I?

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Impstar_Deuce Done :D


anyway I kind of cheats since this one is derived from my other story in fanfiction.net XD

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Rules have been updated Other than that good luck everyone

03-01-2015, 05:15 PM
Iku chan kai Ah ah, question D:

what about the writer? could we upvote someone else's story? Or was it an obligatory even?

03-01-2015, 06:27 PM
I'm not sure if you understand what the word "official" means; ironic, seeing that it's a writing competition.

03-01-2015, 07:36 PM
@Saya (http://www.himeuta.net/members/1-saya/) I assume your comment confirms that the competition wasn't supported from the staff's side. Makes it more logical, as it would be weird for a forum to hold an official writing competition but it wouldn't be announced in the News and Announcements forum board.

The idea has piqued my interest, however. I'll keep an eye for possible participation sign-ups the next time. :)

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I'm not sure if you understand what the word "official" means; ironic, seeing that it's a writing competition.

changed to Winc

03-03-2015, 07:56 AM
One question
Must it be in line with KC or not?

03-04-2015, 08:38 AM
Here is hoping that she gets a deserving White Day art.

Pure White - Hamakaze White Day Chapter

March 14, 20XX – 18:07
Kiska Island, Aleutian Islands Wilderness

“Well… I didn’t expect things to go this far, haha…”

I looked at my left arm, grazed with a wound from the attack I withstood just now. The pain gradually sank in, but I think I am already getting used to it.

Getting used to pain, huh… I personally think it sounds like something normal coming from a shipgirl who experiences naval battles with her life on the line—but I guess that person won’t be happy if I am saying this right in front of him.

Yeah, “that person”.

…actually, why am I even here? Today’s supposed to be—


As if to return my focus to the ensuing confrontation, a huge sound of explosion came from my right side.

“Shigure, are you okay?!”

“Thanks for the concern, Hamakaze-chan; it’s okay, though, I can manage if it’s only this much.”

After Shigure said that, she closed her eyes for a second as if to calm herself down, and then quickly stormed through the front. In rapid succession, she closed in on a Ha-class, pointed her signature Type-B 12.7 cm twin gun mount to the abyssal’s head, and quickly fired three consecutive shots without batting an eye before maneuvering to another Ha-class nearby to take it down. Before the latter could react, Shigure jumped high to about five meters above the enemy destroyer with her body upside down as she points her gun to the Ha-class’ single ‘eye’ and fired without hesitation in the air.

Ayanami who was just trading blows with the Ru-class moved back and returned to my side as Fubuki provided cover fire to halt the enemy battleship’s advance. “This isn’t looking good,” muttered Ayanami, “their reinforcements threw our calculations off; to think that six more would appear…”

At the start of our engagement, there were two flagship Ri-class heavy cruisers, two elite Ha-class destroyers, a flagship To-class light cruiser, and a flagship Ru-class battleship. Not exactly the ones we are expecting from the report of abyssal ships running amok at Kiska Island’s waters, but I was pretty confident we could still wrap this up. However, the course of the battle tilted against our favor when another two elite Ru-class along with two elite Ri-class and two elite Ha-class appeared out of nowhere.

Albeit no casualty so far, the ones we have been able to finish off are the flagship To-class, all the Ri-class, one of the elite Ru-class, and three of the elite Ha-class with two of them taken out by Shigure just now. With two enemy battleships and one of the destroyers still remaining, things aren’t looking much under control with this much fuel and ammo left.

“Hamakaze-chan, watch out!”

Tokitsukaze’s shout suddenly reached me.

But apparently, it was too late.

Right on the direction of 1 o’ clock from me, the last Ha-class that Murakumo just took down seemed to muster its remaining strength and fired a torpedo right towards me.

I tried to dodge, but I guess my response was a tad bit late—and all I remember was the ‘fireworks’ that ensued afterwards along with the scream of my comrades calling for my name.

I can feel my body falling deeper. Fear starts to engulf me, even more than the pain that comes after the impact… Is this what Shinano or Kongou felt at that time, I wonder? Brimming with confidence, and yet getting taken out by a torpedo…

To think that this had to happen today… of all days…

…Admiral, I…
March 14, 20XX – 10 Hours Prior
The Naval Base

My name is Hamakaze—a destroyer assigned to Destroyer Division 17 along with Urakaze, Tanikaze, and Isokaze. As of now, I am serving as one of the destroyers in this naval base, while also being the secretary for the admiral. Recently, we accomplished a success at the operation on Truk Island situated in the Caroline Islands. Since things are pretty peaceful at the moment, it can be seen in a way that we are on a break, at least that’s what the admiral said.

By the way, talking about the admiral…

“…what are you doing, Admiral?”

“Oh, Hamakaze. If there are any new documents for me to review, just put it on my desk. My hands are kinda full right now.”

“No, I mean…”

“Oh, you are referring to the report for the last operation? I have finished it too; you can check it later at the office if you want.”

“No, I am not talking about work… I mean, what’s with that getup?”

By getup, of course I am referring to the white apron that Admiral wears.

The place Admiral and I are at right now is the naval base’s kitchen. While it is not an odd thing or someone to wear an apron here, that person being the admiral ticks me off a bit in a strange way. After all, the ones who usually use the kitchen are either Kongou, Eugen, or Haguro.

“Don’t you remember what day is it tomorrow?”

The admiral’s question popped a question mark up on my head; March 14, now that I think of it…

“…ah, it’s the White Day… right?”

“Yep, so I think you understand what I am doing right now, then,” Admiral confirmed my response to his question with a smile. I tried to hold myself in—not to allow my face getting flushed beet-red in the face of that honest smile of his.

“S-so… you are making a return gift, then? For who?” I asked him as I put my hands behind my head.

“For everyone, of course.”

Hearing his answer, I simply gave a wry smile. Last month, Admiral literally got a valentine chocolate from all the shipgirls from this naval base. Of course, by everyone, I am also counting Hiei’s dark chocolate that Akagi accidentally ate, apparently mistaking it for something completely different due to its peculiar smell; things went a bit awry after that, but I am surprised she survived that seemingly-lethal chocolate.
Well, there’s that, but I think regardless of whether Admiral got a chocolate for everyone or not, he is the kind of guy who won’t leave anyone behind, so he will definitely give everyone a return gift.

“Hmm… Want me to help?”

Hearing my offer, Admiral seems to be quite delighted. “Really? I’d be happy to have you lend a hand. Well then, please take care of me,” he said as he handed me an apron for me to use.

The chocolates that Admiral is making are a variety of chocolates that he seemingly chooses based on the shipgirls’ preferences. Well, he is always like that—thinking of what we like or what we don’t, hearing our problems and simply being there for us, while also doing his best in our struggle against the abyssals.

Yes, that’s exactly right. Admiral has always been good to everyone.

Admiral has always been good to everyone, so why…

“Admiral…” In the middle of mixing the ingredients, I called out to him.


“Err… Why… Why did you choose me to be your secretary?”

I finally let out the question that seems to appear out of nowhere.

The question that has been right on the back of my mind since the day I was chosen as his secretary.

At that time, I, who was at the loss of words, could only say yes, but were too hesitant to even ask him why. I was happy, but confused at the same time. For someone like me, whose role is simply a tool, to be able to have this feeling towards him that I adore, this is already more than enough. At least that’s what I have always thought. But, even so…

Hearing my question, Admiral turned his head up like he is thinking for a while, and then replied with another smile, “I think it’s on a whim, haha.”

“W-what do you mean ‘it’s on a whim’?! S-so you mean it can just be anyone?! You—” Unable to withstand myself, I started throwing a tantrum without realizing that my face has clearly gone red.


But his sudden words made me stop.

“Well, how could I say this… I like everyone here in this naval base, and as an admiral I want to fight alongside all of you. But I think, I feel most comfortable when I am with you. What do you think yourself, Hamakaze?”

His sudden question took me aback; what do I think? Do I… with the admiral…

“I… I like you… that is…”

“Yup, me too,” he quickly said it, devoid of hesitation.

“B-but… aren’t I different? I rarely speak, I am not as attractive as Haruna or Kongou, I am not as strong as other destroyers like Yuudachi or Ayanami, nor do I have any special appeals or womanly traits like Yamato, and I… I am just a shipgirl, to begin with…” I muttered slowly while fidgeting, lacking any more attempts to hide my embarrassment.

“Does it matter?” he said, “it’s because you are who you are that you are so precious to me.”

At that moment, my body froze like a deer caught in the headlights while my cheeks turned as red as a tomato.

Before I managed to respond, though, the emergency signal rang through the naval base, including the kitchen we are both at.

Admiral, hearing the signal, sighed a bit and said with a wry smile, “I guess our break is over, then.”

“…well, yeah.” After regaining my composure because of the sudden interruption, I calmly spoke up.

Admiral quickly took the communications device he always keeps in his right pocket and turned it on, then ordered everyone to gather at the control room.

“Shall we head there too, then?”

“Understood, Admiral.”

We put down our aprons and walked to the exit of the kitchen.

Right before reaching the door, I pulled Admiral’s uniform from behind.

“Hm? What is it?”

“Please… let me handle this. Let me take part in this operation, and please don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything, so you can focus on making the best chocolate for everyone.”

“…I see.” Hearing my words brimming with resolve and seeming to understand what I am getting at, the Admiral nodded. “I believe in you; please lend me your strength, then, Hamakaze.”

“Of course, Admiral.”
It’s dark… and cold…

I can’t see anything; I can’t even hear my own voice. I can only stay in silence as the darkness consumes me.

No, this is not what I want. This not what I desire. I don’t want things to end like this.

…but what can I do?

When my hope was about to wither, I saw it—a light.

Seeing it and wondering what that light is, I started hearing a familiar voice.

That familiar voice is calling… my name.

“…ze…kazeà ¢â‚¬Â¦Ha…Hamakaze!â€Â

I lifted my hand up towards that light, and towards the source of that voice. As I tried to reach out to that light, I called his name inside my mind; and as the light started to envelope me, I am overwhelmed with warmth.
After waking up, I found myself lying on a white bed. I quickly recognized it as the one in our base’s infirmary.

“Thank God, you are finally awake.”

I turned to the source of that voice, and there he is—sitting on my right side, holding my hands.

“Admiral…. I am sorry.” I lowered my head as I apologized, trying to hide my tears that have started to flow.

“It is not your fault. The enemy reinforcements were not within our expectations. With everyone being able to return back, I am already satisfied,” answered Admiral with a reassuring expression.

“B-but, how?” I muttered in confusion, “I thought that… we are done for…”

“Tokitsukaze sent out a flare right after you got hit by the torpedo, so Yamato and Bismarck were able to arrive in time.”

“…I see…”

I wiped away my tears while still lowering my head, and continued, “do you hate me for this?”

“For what?”

“You gave me your trust for this operation, and yet, I was the one dragging everyone down. If only I was—“

Before I can finish talking, Admiral’s index finger touched my lips, prompting me to look up at Admiral’s face.

“Rather than talking about depressing stuff… here.”

As he said that, Admiral gave me a tiny bag that is tied on its end with a ribbon and told me to open it.

“Is this…?”

“Yep, white chocolate. Your favorite, right? The day is almost over so it might be a little late, but I want you to try this.”

I opened the bag and took one of the white chocolates, then put it inside my mouth.

“So, how was it? Is it to your liking?”

“…you added too much sugar.”

“Haha, I see. I guess I’ll take note of that when I am making another one.”

“…Admiral… ¢â‚¬Â


I won’t hesitate anymore.

“Can I have one selfish request?”

I won’t lie to my own feelings anymore.

“And that would be?”

Even if I am just a shipgirl, I am…

“Please close your eyes.”

Without a second thought, Admiral closed both of his eyes. His expression suggests that he is anticipating what I am going to do; I guess that’s the admiral for you.

I took a deep breath once, and then…

…I leaned forward, and touched Admiral’s forehead with my lips.

“T-that is… for the chocolate.”

“Thank you; I guess you can get pretty daring when it counts.”

“Oh, can’t I?” I replied while flicking his forehead with my right hand. He laughed in response, and I laughed too afterwards.


I guess I’ll take it one step at a time,

going at my own pace;

with me being myself,

and Admiral being himself.

For now, I just want to enjoy these white chocolates and the lingering sensation of Admiral’s warmth on my lips, even just for a moment.




DDX chan
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One question
Must it be in line with KC or not?

you can choose not to write about kc

03-04-2015, 11:38 AM
wait D: we could actually uses the spoiler to lengthen our post DDD:

oh well, my story was, pretty much finished anyway... '-';;;

o yea @Iku chan kai (http://www.himeuta.net/members/706-iku-chan-kai/), I believe my question is still left? uhh... could writer upvote someone else's story? Or was it an obligatory even? also if I may add, what about criticizing? 'v'? at least grammar-wise or plot-wise too?

03-04-2015, 12:05 PM
syaondri You do not need spoilers or anything; the limit is simply that much.

03-04-2015, 12:11 PM
How does one get to participate in competitions like this? o3o

03-04-2015, 12:54 PM
MagnAvaloN E-eeeh D: but my post usually limits me to 1000 characters... DDD: or... was every thread has different limits?

also one touching story there 'v'b great to know my winning percentage has just lowered down XDD

there are some typo though if I'm not wrong...?

@reikutohno (http://www.himeuta.net/members/4781-reikutohno/) you could just post your story here right away I guess '-'b just make sure to comply with the rules stated on the first post 'v'b

03-04-2015, 01:56 PM
syaondri There might be a different limit for each thread since that can be set by the admin, but for normal ones it should be around 10.000 for vBulletin IIRC.
I only relied on Microsoft Word to detect errors when I wrote the story this afternoon and didn't come across any at that time; I'll check it later on to see if there is anything I can fix. Thanks. :)

03-04-2015, 03:27 PM
MagnAvaloN I see .-.;;;

also I only did saw one typo and I guess everyone knew this already
"While it is not an odd thing [or] someone to wear an apron here,"
I believe this [or] should actually be [for], right?

03-04-2015, 03:35 PM
syaondri Oh, that's why the checker didn't notice; thanks for pointing it out! :maya_grin:

03-05-2015, 01:57 PM
MagnAvaloN hey, no problem :D glad to help~

DDX chan
03-05-2015, 02:05 PM
How does one get to participate in competitions like this? o3o

uh there was a sign up thread a few days ago
you might have missed it in the MISC section
nvm i reopened the thread
just post your name there thx

03-05-2015, 02:07 PM
Prinz Eugen Eh? so those who didn't manage to signs there can't enter? DD:

DDX chan
03-05-2015, 02:11 PM
wait D: we could actually uses the spoiler to lengthen our post DDD:

oh well, my story was, pretty much finished anyway... '-';;;

o yea @Iku chan kai (http://www.himeuta.net/members/706-iku-chan-kai/), I believe my question is still left? uhh... could writer upvote someone else's story? Or was it an obligatory even? also if I may add, what about criticizing? 'v'? at least grammar-wise or plot-wise too?

you are free to up vote anyone's writing, when submissions close
but i would prefer if you PM the writer instead of posting it here during the three week posting period
after 3 weeks, the voting will begin and only then feel free to criticize in this thread
because i don't want to clutter the thread too much and make it hard for the readers

- - - Updated - - -

@Prinz Eugen (http://www.himeuta.net/members/706-prinz-eugen/) Eh? so those who didn't manage to signs there can't enter? DD:

well, if they want to enter, i think i can open up the sign up thread
just post his/her name there

03-05-2015, 03:11 PM
Prinz Eugen I see.... well sorry about my previous post then (criticizing another writer's typo even though it was a trivial one)

also Danke Danke Schön~! ehehe

03-05-2015, 04:40 PM
"Admiral! My Onee-sama finally arrived here!" Hiei's shout beaten the loud noise of the door being banged open. The running sound of the rest of her younger sister, Haruna and

Kirishima followed soon, the three sisters wore a very bright smile on their faces. Slowly, you wore the old, silver locket you've just polished while Hiei barged in, with a grin on your face. "Finally we could assemble the 4th fleet! Hell YES!" You screamed your heartfelt joy as you hug the three sisters, feeling genuinely happy as the sisters. "Yes, Admiral.. We could finally do it.." Haruna's gentle voice with Kirishima's "This is a very strategic and happy moment for us" comment. Ever the intelligent lady she is, even on an occasion for celebration. You lit up a cigarette and walk with the sisters to meet their eldest sister. Little did i know that this moment of happiness will bring me a great grievance..

"That old locket looks very important to you, Admiral." Haruna asked while you walked to the dock. She's your secretary ship, so it's natural that she often saw you polishing the
old silver locket. "Mm? Yeah, this is one of my most important thing in the world.." Hiei jabbed you on the rib "Ooh, it's from a girl, isn't it? Isn't it?" She smirked like a little sister who pester her brother who just got a love letter. You laughed it off "well, you're not entirely wrong though. Oh, it's Aya, c'mere girl." You picked up a black kitten and cradle her. Ever since you picked her up, she's like a mascot to your base. "It looks like Aya want to greet my Onee-sama too!" Hiei commented while scratching Aya's chin. The kitten purred happily in your cradle. With laughter and smile, you merrily walked with the girls to the dock.

At the dock, there's already some crowd of shipgirls, greeting the newly arrived shipgirl. "Hey, Inazuma.. What's with the racket?" you asked Inazuma, your first secretary ship.
"Ah, it's the Admiral, nodesu. It seems the girls are really interested with the newly arrived Kongou-san." You shook your head, but with a smile plastered on your face. It's no wonder the shipgirls are interested with Kongou. She's the first battleship for Imperial Japanese Navy, built at Vickers in England. The fact that she's a returnee and the first battleship is already an interesting fact. Since i also have some British blood, this encounter might be interesting. "Well, let's meet this new girl, eh.. S'cuse me girls.. AT EASE!" The girls stopped their chatter and lined up, splitting into two lines. "Thank you, girls. After this, let's celebrate this joyous moment at Mamiya's, it's on me!" The girls cheered while you walked with the sister to meet the newcomer, who's standing at the end of the line. She's not facing you now, but her slender yet tall figure, with that long, brown hair gives a very calming feeling. It felt almost, nostalgic.. As you get nearer to her, she turned towards you, and the time felt like it have refused to move. The whole world have stopped. It's just you, and this newly arrived shipgirl. The cigarette slipped from your lip, and fell to your shoe. "It's the English-born returnee, Kongou! Nice to meet you, Admiral!" at that moment, you've turned around at your heel and walked away, without uttering a single word.

"Mou.. It's been a month since i've arrived here, but the Admiral haven't even said a word to me..!" Kongou slumped over a cup of black tea, pondering about the Admiral's ice cold
treatment towards her. Her sisters is as confused and clueless as their eldest sister. "It's really unlike him. He's normally a nice guy. He usually treats the girls nicely, just like a good brother. He seemed more, how could I put it, grim now." Hiei commented on her sister's lament. Haruna nod with agreement. "There's no reason for him to hate you, Nee-sama, since you've just met him." Kirishima concluded, followed by Kongou's sigh. "I know.. That's what makes me even more confused.." Kongou leaned back to the sofa, stretching her limb and rose up. "Well, i'll ask him directly, hopefully it'll clear up some matters." With those words, Kongou walks off to your office. "Admiral? It's Kongou." Kongou knocks on the door, but no response came out from the room. "Admiral? I want to talk about something. Please open up." Kongou knocks again, but silence came as a reply once again. She turned the doorknob and peered inside "Admiral? Excu-- ADMIRAL?!" She swung the door open and barged in, approaching you, as you laid silently the floor, unconscious, with your old silver locket in your hand. "SOMEONE, HELP!"

The four sisters gathered by your bed, with Kongou sitting on your bedside. Knocked unconscious by a very high fever, Kongou carried you to your room with the girls who
immediately came upon hearing Kongou's scream. "Hey.. What's that old silver locket the Admiral held, as if he clung to his dear life?" She asked her sister, as she wipes off sweat from your forehead. The sisters shook her head "We don't know. He never tells us what that is. We only know that it's a really important thing for him." Haruna answered while looking down, looking sad that she doesn't know everything about you, even though she's your secretary ship. "I'll attend to him tonight, don't worry about it." Kongou told her sisters, and they left her alone. "Don't overdo it, Nee-sama." Hiei peek a last worried glance along with her words, and the door shut, leaving a worried girl and an unconscious man alone.

"Ah, i fell asleep." Kongou wake up at your side, and glanced at you hopefully, but you're yet to open your eyes. Kongou sighed worriedly, and she noticed that your hand which
gripped the locket have became loose, the locket fell to the side of your hand. Kongou carefully picked it up, and she inspected it. "It looked like a normal locket.. Hm? There's a photo inside?" "She opened the locket, and her curious eyes became a surprised one. There's a photo of Kongou, with the younger Admiral, he looked like at least 10 years old. "Mm.. Who's there..?" You slowly pried open your eyes, your head felt heavy like a log from the fever, and your gaze fell toward Kongou, with your locket, opened, in her hand.

"You saw it, didn't you..?" you gritted your teeth and you forced yourself to sat on your bed. Kongou suddenly looked very apologetic, likely from trespassing your privacy. "I'm very
sorry, Admiral. I couldn't held back my curiosity.." She bowed deeply and gave the locket back to you. With a sigh, you let yourself fell to the bed "It's okay.. It's my fault for keeping this a secret from you girls. I especially need to apologize to you, Kongou. For my behaviour to you.." Kongou looked very relieved, but she still have some questions dancing in her mind "If i may ask, who's that girl in that photo?" You nodded upon hearing that "ah, yes.. I have to explain this to you first.. She, is my mother." Kongou jaw dropped, and silence reign supreme in the room. "But, but, she looked like me? How come?" Kongou pushed the questions. "Regarding that, i don't know.. But, she died because of the Shinkaiseikan's attack about 11 years. She died protecting me. She sacrificed herself for me.. The shells, pierc-- " You coughed, and choked on a held back sobbing before continuing your explanations "I vowed to her, on her dying side, to avenge her. But she told me to be a man who''s gentle yet strong enough to protect those who I held dear. I told her that it's her, but my words no longer reached her." You wiped some welled up tears. "After that, i pushed myself to reach this point in the military, but i still haven't found that person. I felt my struggling were meaningless, and i felt i haven't apologized to my late mother properly.. That's why the moment i saw you, i instantly remembered all that pain, of losing someone i held very dearly.."

You coughed again "therefore, i apologized from the depth of my hea--" Your words were cut close, as Kongou pulled you to her embrace"It's okay.. It's okay, Admiral.." a drop of
water fell on your cheek. You looked up to Kongou, and tears were rolling down her cheek. "You're a good boy, Admiral.. A very good boy.. Your mother will be very proud as she watches over you from the heaven.." Kongou cradled your head gently, just like a mother "let yourself cry to your heart content, Admiral, for a man's honest tear is a form of virtue.." With her word, the damn inside you is broken, overflowing with emotions, emerging in the form of tears. You buried your face to Kongou's embrace, as you start sobbing and shivering, with Kongou's warmth and gentleness enveloping you, just like a mother's love for her children, until you cried your heart out and fell asleep.

The sound of the chirping bird wakes you up in the morning, still kind of fuzzy but definitely healthier than yesterday. "Good morning, Admiral.. Did you sleep well?" Kongou's
voice and smiling face erased the rest of sleepiness from you, and you immediately noticed that you're still in her cradle. You groggily pulled yourself away from Kongou, and sat straight in front of her. "Um.. I, hope that yesterday i didn't burdened you, Kongou.." She dismissed it with a shook of her head. "No, it's okay. I'm happy that i knew more about you. I hope we'll get along better now." She smiled brightly, without a single trace of bearing a grudge for your cold attitude for a whole month. You scratched head, looking somewhat embarrassed "Yeah, i hope so too.." Kongou nod with a satisfied look on her face. "Mom.." that slipped out of your lip unintentionally. "Hm? What's that, Admiral?" Kongou looked half amused, half touched."N.. No, it's nothing.." You stood up abruptly and begun wearing your uniform, still with a warm face, you bet your face is as red as tomato right now. Kongou stood up and hugged you from behind "You could think of me as your mom, if you want.." You stopped buttoning your jacket in the middle of the process. Looking at your toes, you muttered "Yes.." with a barely audible voice.

*PS, i originally wanted to make this into an arc in my 4koma doujinshi, or a whole doujinshi on it's own.. But damn i'm a writer, i'm not that skilled as an artist..

03-06-2015, 02:14 AM
Well, here's my entry. A heart-wrenching affair, but it was worth it~


Letter dated 23rd November
Dear Yayoi,
Thank you so much for your last letter! Yes, Mutsuki-chan is doing fine here - we’ve both been assigned to the same squadron, so don’t worry about her safety, she’s safe with me!

How have you been doing? I’ve forgotten what Yokosuka looks like now, with so many years on this island. Are Agano and company still there? I’ve forgotten the taste of Noshiro’s mochi already, but thanks to Akatsuki and her friends I’ve got plenty of curry to taste! Let’s hope I don’t scorch my tongue before someone else arrives that can make more delicious mochi~

Oh, right! I almost forgot – we’ve got a new destroyer with us! Her name is Fubuki and she’s going to be attached to Mutsuki-chan’s squadron to train. She’s pretty hopeless right now, but hardworking and the others have taken a real shine to her. Mutsuki seems to be pretty close to her!

Nothing much is really happening here, aside from some occasional patrols and lessons. Lessons! Myoukou-senpai is a really harsh teacher, but at least we’ve got Haguro-senpai on hand just in case things get out of control. Oh, how I miss kind Katori-senpai and the old days~

Hope this letter gets to you safely. For now you take care of the other girls, alright? Hoping to hear from you again soon.

Lots of love,
Letter dated 2nd December

Dear Kisaragi,

It was wonderful to receive your last letter. Yokosuka is still the bustling port as we once remembered, and yes, Agano-san and co. is still making their delicious mochi. They’re starting to add a bit more art now, and they look really pretty~

If I remember correctly, Fubuki-san is the lead ship of her type. She’s much stronger than us Mutsuki, but rather top-heavy with all that equipment on her. Do your best to help her with Mutsuki-san, you hear?

As for me, there’s been nothing special here too. The Admiral here is really quite lax, and sometimes we can see him shovelling snow off his driveway, always good for a talk. He’s really aged quite a bit since your departure – he’s grown grey hair and now wears glasses. You wouldn’t be able to recognize him now!

The teachers here are a little better but no less demanding. Katori-sensei is now Ops commander now, but she pops into class every now and again to give us an interesting lecture. My form teacher is Natori-sensei now, and she’s sweet, but just as demanding as Myoukou-sensei. So I guess we’ve both had a reversal in fortunes!

I’ve included a special parcel with this letter, but make sure you open it with your friends, okay? I met Agano-sama yesterday and she remembered your favourites – here they are!

Hoping to hear from you again,
Letter dated 9th December
Dear Yayoi,
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE MOCHI!!! I opened them with Poi-san and Mutsuki-san and just as if Agano-sama was there all our favourites were in the box! We ate them quickly, and it was just like being in Agano-san’s parlour again. Thank you soooo much!

I wish I could come over there and thank Agano-san, but I trust that you’ll thank her for me. The rabbit design on the red bean ones was really cute! Kaga-san saw one of them, I gave her one and she enjoyed it very much (although she didn’t show it much, but that’s our Kaga-san, eh?). The next day I found a bunny sculpture made out of a cotton towel on top of my locker – a very nice thank-you, totally in character, of course.

Fubuki-san is doing really well at the moment – Hibiki told me she’d upstaged everyone else in her lessons, answering everyone else’s questions for them. I wish I could have seen Myoukou-sensei’s face! She’s really training hard and I heard that even Nagato-senpai is watching her progress closely! Wish she’d pay more attention to us Mutsuki…

Things are getting real busy here on the base. More of my friends are being drafted into expeditions, and they always come home tired but cheerful and bearing plenty of loot. There are also some rumours that a large-scale operation is in planning, and that most of us will be on it. Here’s hoping it won’t be so bad!

I hope we’ll be able to enjoy some mochi together when this operation finishes up. Hopefully I’ll get some leave to visit back and have some fun with the old gang!

Lots of love,

Letter dated 15th December
Dear Kisaragi,
I thanked Agano-san for you – she blushed and said it was nothing, but I think she enjoyed making those sweets for you. I rather think she put a lot of effort into them; she really misses you and Mutsuki-san…

I do hope you’re alright – Satsuki and the rest of the gang all miss you, and they can’t wait for your return. I told them you’d be O.K. and they immediately started planning activities to do with you. Make sure you come back safely, you hear?

As for the rest, the snow has buried most of the base and it’s been really cold these nights. The Admiral stopped shovelling snow and put up a sign saying “I give up”. Most uncharacteristic! Luckily we’ve got plenty of wood for the range and the new kotatsus are working really well. Working well, that is, if you can stand the strong smell of kerosene!

Ever since you mentioned the ‘big operation’ everyone here has been on edge – even Musashi-senpai is said to be drawing up a plan for support units to be sent! If it’s true we might be able to meet before the ‘operation’ is done!

But even if I’m not there I want to be there in spirit. As you know I’m always worried about our class and now that it looks like you’ll be off on your adventure I want you to have something else – do you remember my crescent moon pendant? It’s in the box – a good-luck charm for the battle ahead.

Everyone is praying for your success – I wish for you only to come home safely.

With love from all of us,

(Accompanying this letter is a faded velvet box containing a small silver pendant-chain with a golden crescent-moon charm. The charm is untarnished and free from scratches.)


Ten days passed. As the snows of the mild winter settled into mixed slush, the inhabitants of Yokosuka stirred slowly back into life.

One small solitary figure trudged through the melting snow, her boots sinking half-a-foot in the soft white. She was wrapped up in scarves but these did little to conceal her free-flowing silver hair. She walked with the slow, steady pace like one on a solemn pilgrimage.

She reached the main square, devoid of life. Wriggling her boots out of the snow she headed for the little cottage adjoining the main administrative building. Atop its sliding door was a roughly-hewn sign bearing “Post Office”.

Inside, the snow clinging onto her boots quickly melted as she shrugged them off. An iron brazier stood in one corner, enveloping the sparse room with a mild, comforting heat.

There was a rustle from behind the counter. From the back room a rotund, portly man dressed in a bulging army uniform stepped into the room. From his bulging, friendly face multiple chins wobbled dangerously as he swung himself onto his little stool.

“Ah, Yayoi-chan!” The postmaster’s voice boomed loudly in the enclosed room. Yayoi nodded slightly and approached the counter.

“Any mail for me, sir?” she enquired.

“Hmmm, let me see, let me see…” The postmaster ducked underneath the counter, rummaging through the cardboard boxes that held the most recent deliveries. He resurfaced with a pronounced frown on his face.

“Sorry, Yayoi-chan, nothing here for you.” Then he smiled, seeing the downcast look on Yayoi’s face. “But I’m sure there’ll be something tomorrow… Cheer up! The post is bound to be delayed in these conditions; you get what I’m saying? You know…”

But Yayoi was already turning away, trying desperately to hide her tears. She hardly heard the rest of the postmaster’s babbling reassurances as she put her boots back on, bowed quickly and left.


Next door, Musashi paced her office with mounting distress. In the biting cold of the spartan room she shot the paper on her table with a terrified look, a sickening feeling rising in her stomach. On the modest, carved table a single telegram lay open.



There was a knock on the door. Musashi opened it and found the Admiral standing there, uniform pressed and looking immaculate in every way. But his expression was grave.

“Musashi-san. I believe you called?”

The battleship stood stiffly at attention. “Telegram, sir. Nagato’s report just came in.”

“I see.” With three short strides the Admiral nimbly crossed the room and read the telegram quickly. He looked up at Musashi sidling behind her desk, both their expressions concerned.

“The second line is of obvious concern,” Musashi said. “I am worried about the morale of the Mutsuki-class if this line were to be revealed.”

The Admiral stared at the telegram, his expression solid. He re-read the second sentence over again. Then he looked up at his adjutant, expression grave again.

“There’s nothing for it. They must be told sooner or later. But for now…”

He took a pen from the stationery box on the table. With five quick strokes he obliterated the last two sentences. “There. Now we can breathe easy…” The Admiral turned his back on the telegram, relaxing as its pressure was lifted. “I’ll leave it all to you, Musashi-san.”

“Yes, sir.” Musashi saluted, and the Admiral left the room.

03-09-2015, 03:04 PM
Well finished mine... and a little music to go with it...


It's just you and me and the rain.

Feeling the cool breeze of lonely night, I stare into the far sea. Eyes blurred, failing to focus on what I hope to see.
The nothingness.
A total disappointment.
And never ending despair.
The distant siren a while ago slowly rings in my head, then faded into the darkness. Now it is just a world of silence. Just you, and me, and the rain.
What can I hear?
My heart beat.
Your heart beat.
The rain.

For what seems to be an eternity, we stood there, drenched and soaked. Yet these are never a negative thoughts for me. That soft rain against my body is the only thing that could sooth me. To comfort me of the sins I have committed.
It isn't exactly rain. More of the form of a late night drizzle.
The precipitation consists of water drops so small,
they brush past us,
dance around us,
caress onto us.

Then they wither like flowers, scatter and fall, saying good bye.
'I will leave this by your door. If you do not like it just throw it away.'
Without turning around, I know the time is up.
Even the rain I loved would not be there forever.
Hearing his footstep, noticing he had started to walk away, my heart screams out to stop him. Every inch of my soul wanted to stop him from leaving yet my body are cold dead.
Unresponsive. That nothingness. The void in my heart is not satisfied.
I would never love again.
'There is no need for you to take any responsibility. Fuso's case, Yamashiro's case. All of them, none of them are your responsibility.'
His final words was to comfort me, yet I just stood there, ignoring him and staring into the night rain. Those words instead are like blades, cutting deeper into my hearts.
Just how could I forget about them like that?
'This is war after all. And even if we are to take responsibility for them, I would carry that burden.'
Stop, stop saying anything! My body are so sensitive that twitches to every mention of their names and tales. For every second my minds come across them, energy within my body weakens, like a pile of old bones, ready to collapse.
Fortune of Sasebo?
It is all a lie. I am just a grim reaper of my own comrades.
Every night, their faces comes back to haunt them. Why couldn't I have saved them if I was the fortune? No! It was purely built upon the blood path of those that I loved.

'And this time I will stop it all. There is no need for you to suffer anymore.'

By the time I turned around, he was gone.
'Why don't you hold me instead?'
I dropped onto my knees.
All I wanted was for you to hug me.
Hug onto me, the both of us, until the rain stop.
And until then, we can see the new light.
There was no need for you to search out into the past. The past that have haunted me, there was no need to bring them up.
All you need to do was let those thoughts sink, like the destiny we all hold. We will cherish our memories, no matter how harsh they might be, to the very end. They are what they made us. Without them, there won't be any of us.
All my emotions, like lifting up a gate, flush out without any means of end.
The rain is not going to end tonight. All there is to stay with me.
The rain that I loved, hug onto me as the drizzle grew larger into the night. I sat there crying, hiding from anyone else, in the darkness, in the silence that I once loved. I cried until I could not cry anymore.
And until the morning come, I would be reborn. All those emotions are not necessary. There is no need for them to invade into my nerves.
I hate the rain.

Slowly limping back into the dormitory, I notice everyone is in the hurry.
'What happen to your face?'
One of the Destroyer girls who was carrying stuff around noticed me.
I rubbed my eyes a little and shrugged.
Noticing a new notice on the notice board, I brushed past her.

'And this time I will stop it all. There is no need for you to suffer anymore.'

His word rings again into my head.
Ignoring everything, I ran. My mind must have faded into nothing by now and I do not know what I did. But, I ran.
Checking every room and corner, I continue to run.
Into the Briefing Room,
The Admiral Desk,
His personal room.
I continue to run, hoping to see a last glimpse of him.
Nothing, nowhere, he was already gone.

By the time I came back to mind, I was sitting inside of my room.
The two items he have left behind for me, lies next to me.
One of the box I ignored. From yesterday I already know what is in the first box. I have made my mind to forget about it all and that thing is only going to tear at my wound.
The second box I opened.
And then, my eyes blurred up again. Quietly sniffing by myself. Everyone is too busy with the preparation to notice me.
This time crying alone, without the company of the rain.
The memories we share lies within the box. The red line that once connected both of us. That was the end of the love that would never be fulfilled.
The emotions I swore to sink to the bottom of my heart rises again, standing up, my arm with the box stays behind as I prepare to throw it out of the window. Screaming but with no one to hear me, I took a step towards the window.
Even the most sweet moments can become a harsh nightmare.
Yet, I cannot find a way to discard of them.
I dropped back down, hugging onto that box instead. Crying again yet I spent the night crying to the sea. I hate this yet, I cannot get rid of it.
I continue to cry yet nobody would come to me.
This is farewell.

DDX chan
03-15-2015, 08:44 AM
Just a heads up for the writers
only a week and a few days remains for submitting te short story

03-19-2015, 05:06 PM
I'm sorry. I'm afraid I am going to have to drop from this one.
Academic papers unfortunately coincided with this. Gggh.

03-19-2015, 08:29 PM
I wrote a little fanfiction based on the events of the first Kancolle anime episode. It's just a first draft and I might go revise it.

“Hello, Admiral! I am Fubuki! Reporting for duty!”

The admiral gestured back that she is at ease and said, “Welcome to the Naval Base.” As Fubuki approached the admiral, a chill went up her spine as he opens his mouth to say, “Before we proceed, I want to talk about your prior operation.”

Fubuki froze solid as he continues, “My superiors demanded you to resign for what happened in that, but I disagreed with them. I went through a lot to convince them that you were still fit for duty, but I could only let them off easy on you with the condition that you will go through training again. You will have a new start here at this base, especially that your former fleetmates are not stationed here with the exception of Mogami. I don't want word of this coming outside of this room because that could cause distrust. Don't worry about Mogami, she has already been informed about this policy.”

After that, the admiral continues with the introductions and finishes with, “As of now, you are a new destroyer. Work your hardest to fight for the Emperor. Dismissed.”

Fubuki exclaims, “Thank you very much!” but exits the office with a heavy-heart, sighing, “What should I do?” Right as she said that, Mutsuki encounters her and asks, “Are you Fubuki?” Startled upon hearing her name, Fubuki replies, “Yes, I am Fubuki! I'm transferring into Torpedo Squadron Three today!” Mutsuki responds, “I'm Mutsuki, also with Torpedo Squadron Three! Nice to meet you!”

Fubuki bows, but drops a bag that she was carrying on her, revealing various snacks, charms, and useless trinkets. She immediately drops onto the floor to clean up after her shame, but Mutsuki picks up a dropped crying penguin doll and admires its cuteness with Fubuki staring blankly at them. Fubuki was left speechless until Mutsuki helped her up and was relieved to find out that Fubuki was not as scary as she had thought, given her stature as a special-type destroyer. Happy to hear those words, she reciprocated the appreciation back at the friendly, also not scary Mutsuki.


Eventually, Fubuki, with Mutsuki, meets another member of their fleet, Yuudachi. Enticed by the tales of their victories against overwhelming numbers only to leave unscathed, Fubuki leads the trio into viewing the legendary First Carrier Division during their training. Startled by their discovery by Kaga, the trio attempts to escape. As Fubuki starts running, she feels weak at the knees and strikes her head on a tree branch. Akagi and Kaga approaches them and speaks directly to Mutsuki and Yuudachi as Fubuki cowers, lost in a flashback.

“Fubuki! There she is! That little bitch!” shouted voices. Fubuki felt herself running away in desperation, away from an angry mob, but was stopped by a tree branch to the face. Catching up to her, the men shouted, “So you think you could hide from what you did? You should rot in Hell!” A boot stomped into her knee, causing her to falter into the ground. Fubuki tried to get up, but a blow landed onto her back, pushing her into a crouched position. She then tried to cover her face from any coming blows, hoping that the beatings will stop until a voice in the distance scared the mob away.

“Fubuki?” Snapping back to reality, Fubuki found herself staring at Akagi speaking to her, “I knew it was you. I heard about you from the admiral. I hope we can fight in the same fleet someday.” In the presence of her savior, Fubuki blushes and salutes her with a loud affirmative.


Beaming with enthusiasm over those words, Fubuki spends the rest of the day with her new friends, Mutsuki and Yuudachi. However, a loud alarm blares and their fleet is called for a sortie. Fubuki meets with the other members of the fleet: Sendai and her sisters, Naka and Jintsuu. The entire fleet descends towards the sea to take off, but Fubuki shrinks and thinks to herself, “A sortie? I don't know if I could handle this again. After what happened before... What should I do?” Mutsuki hugs her and cheers her on to do her best. From hearing the waves of the ocean getting louder in beat with her memories of the past battles, Fubuki writhes in guilt and finds herself on the verge of a confession. She was abruptly interrupted by Yuudachi laying her confident hands onto Fubuki's fidgeting fingers, with Yuudachi inviting her to have a wonderful party with the rest of the girls.

The fleet then departs one by one until Fubuki is left dead last. Fubuki attempts to set foot onto the sea, but as soon the bright light of the sun hits her eyes, she is taken back to a scene where transport boats lie blown open on the seas, consumed by hellfires torturing the poor souls that remain within and scream out in agony. The smell of burning steel, oil, and flesh produced a noxious, suffocating odor. The experience of witnessing such horrors threatens to sink Fubuki into the sea. She struggles just to keep herself grounded in reality and adapt to the fast speed of the rest of her fleet.

If the anguish of the dying and dead from that scene were not enough, then came the living. First, her fellow ships were shocked but once it wore off, then the condemnations started flowing out.

“Special type destroyer, you're out of formation!”

Fubuki finally snaps back to reality and panics to keep herself afloat. Jintsuu, wondering about the difficulties Fubuki is having, proposes, “Fubuki have you... never been in a real battle?!” Sendai speaks out in disbelief, “Zero? In other words, this is your first battle?” Mutsuki adds, “You have zero experience?” Yuudachi ponders, “They wouldn't let you fight?”

That last question pierces Fubuki's heart to ooze out her bottled up guilt, but she remembers the admiral's words and decides to go with the flow of the inquisition.

Fubuki grins in tension and answers, “It wasn't that they wouldn't let me, I just couldn't... Because I can't...” The guilt building up in her explodes and knocks her into the waters.

Sendai swings up to her to ask, “Why didn't you tell us?” Fubuki replies, “The admiral said it was fine, and that I could do it.” Yuudachi shakes her head and states, “He's so irresponsible.” Jintsuu brings them back onto the mission by informing that they're almost in enemy territory.

Soon, the fleet finds itself facing enemy Abyssal forces, but all of a sudden an enemy destroyer sneakily lunges towards Fubuki. In the nick of time, the Sendai sisters blasts it away, leaving it dead with a flame raging out of its wound. They plead her to fire her cannons at another incoming enemy destroyer. As the enemy nears Fubuki to strike her with her aiming her gun right at it, a split second thought of friendly transport ships appears in her mind's eye. By the time it dissipates, the destroyer has moved past her gun and is about to hit her.

Bright lights strike down from the heavens and punch a hole through the incoming enemy. Akagi, once again Fubuki's savior, steps in and orders her fleet to fall back while she and the carriers and battleships enter the fray. Fubuki could only stand and watch the shock and awe from the resulting devastation of smoking hulls and burning wrecks.


After returning from the sortie, Fubuki stares out into the sea for hours. Hearing rustles in the flowerbed behind her, she turns around and becomes startled that the admiral himself is right there in front of her.

With Fubuki frozen in fear, the admiral began speaking, “You did a good job today. I'm glad to see you up and on your feet already.” Blushing from the gratitude, Fubuki stammers out a thank you.

The admiral then asks her, “Do you want to know why I let you return to service?” Fubuki said yes. He answered, “Don't have any misunderstandings, but it was because of a dream I had about you. I saw you standing on a tall building towering above the cities, adorned in a beautiful white dress. When you turned around to greet me, I saw a sparkling tiara on your head and I was taken back. It was from then on that I realized that deep down, you girls were people just like me and the rest of Japan. You all must have your hopes and aspirations and dreams. You all can make mistakes and feel the way we do. The top brass view you all as weapons of war, machines under total control that can be discarded should they no longer be useful, but that's wrong. I see that you all as fellow people who will have a future here after this war. I cannot stand anyone who will accept your selfless bravery in their defense, but not your humanity. That is why I have let you return to service.”

Fubuki doubts, “Is everything really okay? I still did that... Those people will never...” The admiral places his hand onto her shoulder and says, “I don't believe that you did it. Even then, it doesn't matter whether you've done it or not. Why do you think I have given you a new start? I have heard about how hard you work and now I have seen it for myself. I do not believe for a second that you would intentionally let us down.”

Upon hearing these words, the shipgirl's eyes light up and she burst with joy and enthusiasm. “Thank you! Admiral!” In response, he says, “Now work your hardest to fight for the Emperor.” Fubuki saluted him and left onto a journey to become useful to those who have accepted her into their service.

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Academic papers unfortunately coincided with this. Gggh.

RL is more important
good luck

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So yea, I can still change the story right? well, an idea suddenly stuck to my head so... yea XD

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So yea, I can still change the story right? well, an idea suddenly stuck to my head so... yea XD

As long as the voting hasn't started yet
yes you may

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Prinz Eugen okey dokey already did 'v' thanks for the quick reply 'v'b

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My apologies. I had midterms (multimedia so it takes 1-2 weeks) and after that I had 'trangkaso' or influenza (I didn't know its English counterpart until last week) so I had to stay in bed for a week. Looking at screens made me dizzy.

I'm so sorry. I'll make it up the next time perhaps. ;~;

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My apologies. I had midterms (multimedia so it takes 1-2 weeks) and after that I had 'trangkaso' or influenza (I didn't know its English counterpart until last week) so I had to stay in bed for a week. Looking at screens made me dizzy.

I'm so sorry. I'll make it up the next time perhaps. ;~;

Health th is more important
I understand and I hope you are well now
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but looking back at the amount of submissions
i might consider extending the dead line.

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Prinz Eugen

I might participate if there's still time.

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Just giving you guys a heads up since you guys haven't submitted the writings
the competition deadline has been changed to 26 March 2359 hrs
Seraphil is three days sufficient ?

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Prinz Eugen Yeah, I'm a kuso contestant :/ Won't make any excuses, but I'll see about making the new deadline.

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Three days? No problem. :kaga_grin:


It was late afternoon, the sun still providing light, but obscured by a dense overcast sky. The pattering of rain could be heard against the window. The sound droned on, echoing inside the empty hallway of the living barracks of Truk base. Empty, that is, except a girl walking alone.

Tip, tap, tip, tap.

Zuikaku had lots on her mind. A new carrier girl had been assigned to the base recently, and Zuikaku had taken it upon herself to help the newcomer adjust to typical life in Truk. It was a familiar feeling, and it brought back some memories... good ones. Her steps slowed for a moment as the green haired firebrand let a wry smile cross her face; good memories were becoming hard to come by lately.

Indeed, the Abyssal War had gotten much more desperate as time went on. By now, Zuikaku had seen her fair share of action, and had experienced the full spectrum of emotional turmoil. Pain from the loss of friends... relief from seeing others come home safely. Joy from a successful mission... regret from a devestating defeat. These experiences had culminated in shaping Zuikaku into the woman she was now, someone who could help and lead others, to give them someone to rely on, someone to look up to and follow in their footsteps.

For Zuikaku herself had that someone.

Stopping by the room she shared with her sister, Zuikaku popped her head in through the doorway. Inside she found Shokaku and the newcomer, Taiho, both seated at the table and in the middle of what seemed like a heated discussion. The two long-haired carrier girls paused in their murmuring and looked in her direction when Zuikaku knocked on the doorjamb. "Ah, just checking in. Giving our newbie a brush-up on tactics or something, Sis?"

Shokaku tittered behind one of her hands. "Oh no, nothing that important. Just some gossip." Not exactly interested in girl talk or rumors, Zuikaku rolled her eyes and groaned. Shokaku, for her part, ignored her little sister's reaction and instead continued with an observation. "You seem to be headed somewhere with a purpose, my little sister."

Zuikaku gave a small grin in response. "It's that time, you know? I can't be keeping her waiting." Shokaku's expression stayed level, but her words came out just a tad heavier than before. "Oh, that's right. To think how time passes... please say hello to Kaga and the others for me."

Taiho simply watched the exchange without a word, and Zuikaku gave a small wave before leaving the two to continue their conversation. Continuing down the hallway, she noticed that the sound of the rain had vanished. When she reached the door, Zuikaku opened it to find that the sky was starting to clear a bit, the slowly setting sun peeking out from behind the cloud cover in a final act of defiance before night would come. Zuikaku left the barracks building behind, as she made the trek across the base to the grassy knolls near the docks. As she walked up the cobblestone path etched in the gentle hillside, she could see the silhouette of what awaited her illuminated by the setting sun.

A grave marker.

As she approached the crest of the hill, Zuikaku could see the hilltop clearly. The grave marker wasn't alone. There were three other markers as well, forming a diamond atop the grassy hill overlooking the docks. Each stone marker had a name and date engraved upon them.


The date was one year ago to the day. Indeed, it was the anniversary, and Zuikaku remembered. She remembered when Carrier Division 1 deployed, along with the main fleet, in order to undertake Operation MI. She remembered her anger and disappointment at not being able to go with them, to be stuck in the docks back home. She remembered the long days of waiting for their return. She remembered the confusion she had when the main fleet came back without them... and she remembered the shock, disbelief, then tears when told what had happened.

"Kaga... it's been a while, friend."

Sitting down in front of the stone marker, Zuikaku stared quietly at the ground, before looking up at the setting sun. Her lips quivered slightly, before she started to speak.

"Y'know, you really did piss me off. Always so quiet and calm, despite all my attempts to get a rise out of you, trying to show you that I was just as good a carrier. It just drove me insane that you could keep a straight face against anything, yet at the same time you were able to fight back with sharp words that really stung."

Zuikaku's mouth turned up into a toothy grin.

"God, I hated it so much. Here was Zuikaku, the greenhorn addition to the newest carrier division, and there was you, so high and mighty, the great Kaga of Carrier Division 1, the hero of the navy. Pissed me off to no end."

Her grin settled into a warm smile as the memories came back.

"But, I wouldn't have traded it for anything. I felt alive, Kaga. I mean, I still do now, but back then I was so driven. I had to do my best and give my all to try and top you. And the fact you didn't give me any quarter, only now do I realize that you actually treated me like an equal. Sure, you acted like you were better, but you didn't give me a handicap or respond halfheartedly. I think deep down, I really respected you. I respect you now, certainly."

She paused for a moment, before continuing on.

"I think you'd be proud, Kaga. Shokaku and I have done our best to live up to the legacy you guys left behind. Zuiho has been a real trooper too. We even got a new model of carrier joining us, and I'm sure she'll be a big help. Everyone else has been doing the best they can as well. I mean, those Abyssals haven't gotten us beat yet! I just wish you could be here to see us."

Zuikaku never took her eyes off the orange glow of the sea as the sun started to set below the horizon. Odd, was the sky still really that misty?

"I... I really miss you, Kaga. Akagi, everyone. Everytime someone doesn't come back from a mission... it hurts just as bad no matter how many times it happens. We get used to it, I guess... I mean, I have to since everyone looks up to me now... but there's always this hollow hole in me that just seems to never go away. I've gotten pretty good at ignoring it but... but... I..."

Shuddering Zuikaku clenched her fists tightly to her chest. Her eyes watered up as she squeezed them shut, her sentence cut off as her shoulders heaved and a strained gasp escaped her lips. Falling to her side on the grass, she let the tears come as she cried.

Zuikaku stayed in that position on the hill for a long, long time. Once she felt her heart settle and her quivering shudders vanish, only then did she pull herself back up into a sitting position. She could feel her face was a mess, her nose runny and her eyes likely bloodshot. But at the same time, it felt a bit relieving.

"Sor... sorry you had to see that, Kaga. I guess it's going to take a while for me to really accept you're gone."

Wiping her face with her sleeve, Zuikaku continued to sit there in silence. The sky grew darker as the sun fell most of the way below the horizon, the orange sea turning shades of violet and blue as it reflected the twilight sky.

"Ehehe... I guess I've been gone a long time, huh? I bet Zuiho's wondering where I've gone off to. It's almost dinnertime afterall."

Standing up, Zuikaku brushed loose blades of grass from her skirt and legs. Looking at each of the four grave markers, she clapped her hands together once and prayed.

"This crane will continue to fly. In your memory and honor, Carrier Division 1 will live on. Kaga, Akagi, Soryu, Hiryu. Please continue to watch over me... over all of us."

Dropping her hands to her sides, Zuikaku gave a nod and a smile. "I'll visit again. I won't forget. Wait for me, alright?"

Turning away, Zuikaku began walking back to base, her lone footsteps scraping the cobblestone, the shadows of the graves behind her fading away in the growing darkness of night.

Tip, tap, tip, tap.

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I am yet to finish my past memoirs, I hereby to withdraw from competition. apology sent

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I am yet to finish my past memoirs, I hereby to withdraw from competition. apology sent

thx for showing interest

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Apologies for the late entry.. though it seems i've made the deadline

Here's my submissions apologies again if there are any misspelled words or grammatical errors..

What comes after?

I sat on the terrace overlooking the horizon. It was a place that I’d always visit when I needed to sort out my feelings. It was rather special to me as well since my sister ships had loved it too.
Back when they were still here at least.

I’ve always liked seeing the sun sink below the horizon, the sight felt oddly calming. It was one of the few things that had never failed to abate the feeling of turmoil inside me.
I could only wish that it would banish it instead of just abating it.

I looked down and saw some of the others playing around. The submarines were swimming about on the waters while some of the carriers were drinking. If anyone else were to look at it they would see normal girls of different ages simply having fun…

…but when the enemy appears we would all carry our weapons, set forth to the seas and do battle.

“…but then what?”

It was a question that haunted me; a question that I’ve long wanted to bury in the furthest recess of my mind to be forgotten… but no matter how hard I tried that question would pop up randomly in my mind without warning.

We looked, slept, ate, and acted like every other human being… but that’s where it stops. What we ate was ammo, steel and bauxite, what we drank was fuel. When we get damaged, we easily heal and get repaired. When we fought we could easily match the might of the old ships our names were based on.

We were weapons plain and simple. Every single one of us were.

We were created for the sole purposes of combating the threat presented by the abyssal forces. We were tools of war, capable of just as much destruction if not more so than the enemy.

We lived, we fought, we trained… it was an endless cycle. All of us yearn to someday succeed in the one purpose we were created for…

To defeat the abyssal forces and end the war

“…and then what?”

That was the question.

What happens after that?

What happens to us when the war ends?

What happens to us when the abyssal forces were to finally disappear?

For what purpose would we exist? For what reason should we continue living for?

Will we live on as humans? Continue to live as weapons? Be discarded?

I’ve always wanted to know the answers yet at the same time I was afraid as well. I despised thinking of them since these questions would always make me feel like I exist for nothing more than doing battle.

I sometimes wondered if the others in the fleet would think the same but when I asked and heard the answer I would never fail to feel small and pathetic.

“That doesn’t matter. We can cross that bridge when we get there…”

“Focus on the battle first, we’ll worry what comes afterwards”

“You should worry about surviving first”

Those were the answers that would always hear and I couldn’t help but ask how everyone can go on without seeing what’s ahead. How they’re able to live so joyously when we only exist to battle, how they’re able to smile despite everything we have to put up with.

‘How is it that they can keep on fighting and finding meaning in such a thing when we were all so simply to replace?’

I wasn’t unique and that applied to most of us. Right now there was probably another me in several different bases across the country. I could sink to the deepest parts of the ocean and yet I can confidently say that it would only be a minor inconvenience.

Another me could easily be created, trained and reach the level that I have now and the only thing they needed was some time and a bit of resources.

‘So how can everyone so calmly keep going despite knowing all of this?’

“You seem to be deep in thought.”

A deep voice brought me out of my reverie. I turned to see a large man with a stern look in his face.

‘The admiral’

He had short hair and a beard. It still surprised her to see how old he had looked now compared to when they first met. He had used to be young, vibrant and energetic. His smile was bright and his
jet black hair was always combed back neatly.

Now he had such hardened look, barely ever smiling. The years weren’t kind to him as he back was hunched as if he was always carrying a large burden. His hair had turned gray and he had long stopped caring for whether it was combed or not. The clean white uniform he had on looked a bit more faded.


I grimaced and scolded myself for sounding to weak or worried. I didn’t want to burden. He already had a lot of things to deal with and a lot more important things to concern himself with. I didn’t want my petty worries taking up time he could use to relax.

“What’s wrong?”

He asked and I knew there wasn’t really anyway out of it. He’d keep asking me until I say what’s bothering me or he’d just hover over me for the next few days if I keep insisting nothing was wrong.


I didn’t reply, not knowing how to find the words. He simply let out a sigh and sat beside me, patting my head gently.

“Two decades. Twenty long years… we’ve known each other for that long. You were my first ship and first secretary and yet despite that you still insist on keeping your problems to yourself…”

He gave me an exasperated look to which I carefully avoided with a glance to the side. If I were to lock eyes with him now I’d probably spill all my secrets, worries, problems and even the recent gossip I heard about Yamato-san and Musashi-san spending time together at night.


For the about the 18th time

In my defense he just had those kind of eyes that saw through you like you were glass...

“Not even going to look at me? That’s a bit cold”

He let out a laugh and smiled, and for a moment I was happy that I could at least get that out of him. It’s been a while since he’s even smiled.

To be honest I hadn’t actually hear him laugh ever since we lost Ise and Hyuuga-senpai during the battle against the symbiotic hime.

They… the first of the many casualties of our fleet.

I could barely suppress a cold chill running down my spine when I thought back to that moment.

“Thinking about that won’t help you know… right now its best that you focus on the present. It took me years to learn that…”
I released the grip on my skirt that I wasn’t even aware I was gripping. I glanced at him, now looking at the sun that was soon to set. When I thought about it, I never did ask him the question I’ve asked the others.

“So what is it?”

He quickly turned back and locked stares with me. I couldn’t help but feel it was unfair that he would do something like that so suddenly. He probably planned it that way.
Ah great, I’ll need to pour out my heart out to him now.


Despite wanting to ask him, those were the only words that came out of my mouth. When I looked at him, looked at that faced marred with scars and wrinkles, looked at the weary eyes that had seen and experienced too much, I felt like I needed to be strong.

My mouth quivered and I bit my lip. He did nothing but wait for me, never asserting, never prodding. He knew what I wanted to say and knew what I felt. I was just being selfish by making him listen to this.

…but just this once I want to be selfish, even for just a moment.

“Why? Why is everyone like this?”

I started, trying to control myself but I was obviously failing. I couldn’t help but spare a glance to the ship girls below, happily enjoying themselves.

“How can everyone smile and enjoy themselves when we have to fight every day?”

I’ve already stood up barely able to keep my voice low. I gripped his shirt and rested my head on his chest.

“How can they keep going when we’ve already lost so many of us?! Ise-senpai and Hyuuga-senpai, Hiryuu-senpai, Kisaragi-chan, they’ve all sunk to the bottom of the sea! I don’t even understand
why… how they could smile when they were sinking!!”

Their final moments were burned in my head. I could recall every painful and agonizing moment of their sinking, the strange look of contentment in their eyes, the pained smile they had on to comfort us and the utterly wrecked bodies they had.

It haunted me everywhere I go and the plagued every dream I had after.

“How can everyone just keep living when we can be so easily replaced?! Right now there’s already another Kisaragi on the base! Right now there might even be a new Ise-senpai! How can everyone so easily accept them when we’ve already lost the ones before?!”

I poured out my heart before I could even stop myself. I didn’t hate them, I didn’t dislike the new Kisaragi or the new Ise that would arrive on the base but no matter what I couldn’t help but feel like we’re just replacing our old comrades and forgetting about them.

“Why…. Why can’t I be like that…? Why am I so weak?! How… how are all of you…”

I couldn’t hold back and cried as I gripped his clothes tightly. I could only hear him let out another sigh and feel his arms going around my body.


He called my name. It surprised me how long it’s been since he had last called my name out loud. We would always just talk without calling each other whenever we met. It feels like an eternity since he last called me.

“Fubuki… you aren’t weak nor are you helpless… you’re kind, you’re simply so kind and gentle that you can’t help but worry what will happen to everyone after this is all over…”
I could feel him tightening his embrace.

“… but we can’t weigh ourselves down with the past or the future. Right now we can only fight and enjoy these precious fleeting moments of peace and happiness. The others understand this as well… that no matter what the future we face, right now what we can only do is enjoy the present”

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth.

“Someday… someday you’ll understand why those that had already passed had looked so content. It took a lot of time and coping for me to understand as well but to them… to them they died without regrets because they had been able to live protecting the things they loved”

We stayed like that for a long time even after the sun had set and stars had encompassed the skies. Even then I had a hard time accepting his words.
Maybe he were right and someday I would understand…
================================================== ===============

“Ahh… ahahah….”

I could only smile and laugh when I thought back to it. Maybe I’ve lost it or maybe my mind just kinda broke but the first memory that came to me was that moment.


Shirayuki was looking at me with a worriedly. Her face was drenched with tears as she looked at me like I was about to disappear forever.


The sound of the worried voices of the others was what actually gave my mind some clarity. Though they seemed so far away.

I tried to move and stand up so that Shirayuki-chan could stop worrying but I realized that my right leg wasn’t there anymore. My arms weren’t capable of moving and all my rigging was just floating near me, completely wrecked.

‘Ah…right… I was hit by the abyssal battleship…’

She had been active in battle again after she had been remodeled. She almost always fought when a destroyer was needed in the main fleet.

This time it was a simple reconnaissance to the 3-2 area, the Kis Island that was only accessible by destroyers, checking if it had really been retaken by the abyssal forces.

The reports were right and we had to do battle with several princess class abyssals. We emerged triumphant but the destroyer hime had launched one last attack that headed towards Shirayuki.

I can only remember racing with every bit of strength I had left to save her.

“F-Fubuki-chan! Don’t worry, we can still help you! W-we’ll….”

I could see Shirayuki fumbling about, looking for something, anything that could help me but I knew it was useless at this point.

I struggled but I was able to move my battered hand and touch my precious friend’s face. I lightly pinched her cheeks and shook my head.

“No… no no no no no!! You… we can still save you!”

She grasped my hands and cried. I was already slowly sinking.

“It’ll be fine. I… didn’t understand it at first but now I do… I get why they were able to smile now when they were sinking…”

I struggled to speak but I needed to make sure she understood so she didn’t have to suffer like me.

“Shirayuki-chan, it’s not your fault... I’m happy and content that I could protect you… that I could… I could protect my precious comrades and fight for everyone’s sake…”
So this what it felt like, all the others must’ve felt this moment of satisfaction and contentment when they were at the same situation. I only wished I could have understood earlier.

“Please… please tell the admiral… thank you… and…”

My vision was already fading at that point and I didn’t even know if my words were reaching her.

“..I … his words… I understand them now...”




The ocean depths were a bit different that I thought. My body didn't move and the light from the surface was slowly receding.

I’d always been scared of what was below the surface but it was oddly far more beautiful than anything I've ever seen.

I wonder…

Where do ship girls go when they sink?

Put into a spoiler tag since its a tad bit long

03-26-2015, 03:31 PM
Apologies for I cannot send my entry for this year due to an important event in IRL. There will be delays but expect my submission later by 3 hours.

03-26-2015, 03:47 PM
Aiming for sentimentality on purpose is hard. I cut it close and worked on this too close to the deadline, but it's done.

"Thank You For The Hard Work"
"Thank yo-"

I walked on by without letting her finish. Every time I enter to check on my tasks for the day, Ooyodo greets me with 'Thank you for the hard work' with that smile on her face. Whether I've done well or not. Whether I've accomplished anything or not. Even if I just walked out and back in, she'd still say the same thing. That praise lost all meaning. If it was like that, I would rather skip it and finish what I'm here for sooner.

I once asked Ooyodo to quit it, but she refused. Even when I told her how inconvenient it was, she responded with "Even so, I will continue.", still with that gentle smile. I couldn't understant why, but decided to put up with it.

One day, we got an advance notice on a critical operation coming up. Rescuing new girls from the enemy was to be expected and the base was nearly full again, so I had to let off some without a role to fulfill. I found a couple that hasn't seen a single real battle and discharged them.

Tired from the day's operations, I headed to the office to report on the tasks we finished. I braced myself to hear that greeting when I entered.

But it never came. That's right, I realized. All this time after operation AL and MI, not once did I bring out Ooyodo to a sortie. She must have been one of those ships I released. It was a shock, but maybe it was for the better. Nothing would change in battles, and I can finally look through things uninterrupted.

It was convenient. Day after day, I went through my routine without a hitch. Our resources were piling, and the fresher members of the base were getting stronger. Things went so well that I lost track of time. I lost track of interest. I was merely going through routine out of habit.

I used to enjoy this job. I used to get excited seeing new faces. Receiving clearance to venture to new waters got my blood pumping. But now, all that barely registered. All I had to look forward to was retirement once I've served my time.

We were assigned a new operation over at Biak island. There were reports of Ooyodo being sighted there. Once we finished with our main objective, I patrolled the area to deal with stragglers from the enemy. It was within one of their transports that I saw a familiar face.

"Do you have space for me now?" Ooyodo asked in jest, but still expressed her gratitude for being rescued.

"Yes. We made sure we could accommodate for any new arrivals, as always." I answered simply, then issued the order for everyone to return to base.

As usual, I headed to the office to report the completion of our duties.

"Thank you for the hard work." Ooyodo was already there to greet me. It's been so long since I last heard it, so I indulged her and listened to the end for once before checking off the list.

"Did something change while I was gone, Admiral?" Ooyodo suddenly asked.

"You can tell? I'm getting tired of this job, so I was thinking about retiring." She wasn't around when that was happening, I'm sure.

"No, what I noticed was something else. You're smiling for once."

Mood-breaking omake:
I was just idly looking through Ooyodo's specifications when I noticed something.

"Wait. You have four slots and can equip planes?" I looked at Ooyodo, astonished.

"Yes. Why?" She acted as if I should have known this from the beginning.

"Get some depth charges ready. We're heading to the Western Curry Ocean right now!" I grabbed what I needed myself and gave the order to the rest of the fleet.

"What's with this all of a sudde-" Ooyodo followed me, clearly lost but there was no time for that.

"Less talking, and more moving!" Why the hell haven't I used her up to now? She'll be grinding those waters until she drops!

Tirpitz chan
03-26-2015, 03:48 PM
Great, i`ve heard of this too late. :V

DDX chan
03-26-2015, 04:00 PM
Due to unfortunate technical difficulties on my side the competition will be extended by 24 hours, the final deadline will be 27march 11:59pm local time
my sincerest apologies to the writers.

03-26-2015, 05:21 PM
The delay is a godsend gift, I thought I was late until you declare it

anyway, here is my work, dont be a grammar nazi (criticizing is welcome)

“Welcome! Old taste, as usual?” – The lady stand behind the counter greeted me with a warm smile.
“Yes, as usual.”
The coffee shop, Nostalgic, was one of my favorite visit place, along with the library and the bookshop. I don’t really have a specific reason for choosing my favorite place, maybe it’s just a quick, hurried decision in my mind. The owner, Maria Lovisa, whom has a long and European-like face, covered by a shoulder length silver hair with a typical maid outfit. She operates this coffee shop by her own, a rare thing in here since many place I passed by was run by a male and a bunch of waitresses. One thing that I liked in here was the atmosphere, it’s warm and friendly, along with art decoration which I never understand it. The tables and chairs was imported, since I never see this kind of decoration in my country. It was carved with a western style, with a cute white table covers. The wallpaper was a light yellow color one. Perhaps the reason I choose this place is her coffee. It’s neither too bitter to drink nor too sweet but a combination of them, which created a nice, light and made you want to order another one, just to taste it again and again.
“Sigh….. Let’s see what can I done today….” – I mumble to myself when I slowly take out my book. Currently I’m a college student with average GPA and such, my dream is to get over this as soon as possible and find a job and live a life like everyone else. You could say that I’m a boring person with no dream for the future, but I feel like those are for the fools.
“Here is it” – Maria brings the coffee cup to me, with a smile. Her smile is always like that, warm and make people feel better even that is one of their bad day.
“Thanks” – I replied, handed over to get the coffee cup from her.
“Hey is that European history?” – She asked me while looking at my book. Seems like there is no point hiding it…
“Yes, but…. I don’t think I can pass this course….. ahhahaha….” – I let out a bitter smile when replied back. I bet my face looks really pathetic right now.
She didn’t say anything but silently pull out the chair in front of me and sit down, “What is she up to?” I wonder.
“You can’t not do anything if you keep having that kind of reaction. God humanized you is because you are supposed to contributed to this society, not to be a burden.” – She gently scolded me, not so harsh but enough to show me that I’m not going in the right direction.
“Yeah….. Maybe you’re right. Sorry for showing my pathetic side.” – I feel so shamed about myself right now that I have no choice but to agree with her.
“Let me take a look at your book, see if I can help you. “ – Looking at my book, she begins to ask.
I rotate it to her side and push it slightly forward. While waiting for her to done with the book, I pick it up and take a sip. The coffee taste is unchanged, it still very good from my own opinion. Her slim, long hand swifts through those pages, seems like she’s eating those words with her eyes fierce through the book. This is a rare sight because me, and probably every regular visitor in here are used to her warm, gently welcoming smile.
“Ah…. So this is the age of renaissance in Europe. I can help you if you want” – After a long, awkward silence, she finally speaks, and she wants to help me, why?
“I can help you with this, I came from Europe, after all” – Knowing that I’m still confused, she slowly asks me for the allowing.
“What should I do? What should I do?” – The question continued running in my head, leave no space for other question to come up with. If I agree, that mean I’m already took her time for running this shop. However, I can’t refuse it either. This course, by far, is the hardest one that I took and I need to pass it at all cost.
“Well…. I guess….. I can ask you for help, but ….. I’m sorry for taking your time….” – Having no choice but to accept her help, I replied with my not-so-confidence voice.
“So it’s decide, I will help you until you pass this course. Hope we can get along well.” – She smiles, which is the warmest smile that I ever see.
“Yes…. I hope so.”
“Now, let’s head back to the problems then. What make you confused?” – She asks me.
“I don’t understand the reason why European countries followed the Renaissance after Italy.”
“Hm… I think that’s because after the Crusade, European countries notice that how behind they were compared to Ottomans in everything, so….”
The smoke came from the untouched coffee cup made a thin barrier between me and Maria. Behind it, she looks like an angel, who is preaching the bible that she got from the god. Her soft lips keep making voice, looks like a cheery which is waiting for someone to bite it….
“Hey are you listening?” – She asks me, her voice pulling me down to reality.
“Wha- What?” – Surprised by her question, seems like I was daydreaming about her.
After she lets out a small sigh, her face show a disappointment at me. Maybe my action is not appropriate….
“I…. I’m sorry for not concentrate on it…..” – After a long silence, I broke it with my most sincerely apologize to her.
“It’s….. okay”
Another silence moment took place, and I don’t have any good excuse to say.
*Ring Ring*
The shopkeeper’s bell ring when another guest come in broke the atmosphere.
“Welcome, what do you want? We have coffee, cake, and many thing else.” – Maria greeted the guest with the shop’s menu. The man, looks like a young businessman, struggles to choose the drink, his hand keep wavering between the coffee and some kind of juice that I rarely look at. After a while, he orders a cup of coffee and sits in a table behind me. It didn’t take that long for Maria to complete an order. After gives the new customer his coffee cup, she comes back and sits in front of me.
“How about you come here every day and I will help you pass this course?” – She said
A suggestion that even me can’t accept. Doesn’t that mean I will take her times just for this?
“Ah no no, personally I don’t think that is a good idea. I know that you’re concern about my study but…. This may take your opening times.”
“Who say you can only come and stay here in opening hour? You can stay he-“
Realized her offered shouldn’t be said, her face quickly become red. She becomes silence, a rare sight that I haven’t seen before. Another silence comes in, like it’s not go away but to stay there, waiting for a time to strike.
“Come here tomorrow, I will have to rethink about this today. For now, please leave” – She raises her voice. What surprise me the most is that she asked me to leave and come back tomorrow. Having no choice but to do that, I silently pay for the coffee cup and leave the shop.
“Ah….. It’s that late already….. Time to head back to home then…” – Letting out a small sigh, I come back to my house while my mind is repeating her offer nonstop.
I never called this place as my home, but a temporary shelter that protected me from nature. Plus, the rent price is cheap, which helped me to save more money for my study. Slowly go up to the stair, I check my empty mailbox, just to fool myself that someone want to send me a letter or something.
“Ah…. I need to add more machinery oil to the hinge….” – The rusty door sound demanded me to take care of it more often, but hell… I stop caring about it after it keep being stuck after added more machinery oil into its hinge.
The condition of the room is unacceptable for a normal man to be living, but somehow I feel comfortable with this, even when my parents said I need to take care of my room more often. Putting down my backpack, I begin to cook my dinner, a cup of instant noodles.
“Such a miserable life” – Sometimes I think, but then I saw a lot of classmates who can only eat a piece of bread for the whole day, just because they have no money left make me feel easy.
The next day, I come to the shop, as the promise between me and her. The shop was empty, looks like there are hardly any customer in the morning. The bell rang when I come in, but no one come out.
“Uh…… excuse me, anyone here?” – I raise a question, just to make sure that I don’t break into the shop.
“Sorryyyy, I was busy with something.” – She rushed out, while still wearing her usual outfit, seems like she used to this situation already.
“Do you have any guest in the morning?” – I ask her, just to see if someone can come in and mistook as we are dating.
“Usually no, but sometimes I have. About the proposal yesterday…. Well I think I can help you in the work time, but not at night!” – Suddenly, she raises her voice at the end, implying that she doesn’t want people to misunderstand.
“Sound good to me. Again, I’m sorry if I make any troubles for you.” – I bow before her, hope that I won’t make any trouble to her.
From that day, Maria and I spend a lot of time study and researching about Europe history. Even when the shop is busy, she tries her best to serve both the customer and take care of my study. Sometimes, I feel like I’m exploiting from her, but whenever I ask her, she always smiles back at me, saying that this doesn’t trouble her at all. In fact, this make her remembered about her childhood where her parents spent time teaching and instructing her to embrace to the beauty of her country, a northern European country. The more I spend time discussing with her, the more I found out about herself, some are good, some are bad. In general, she’s a girl that every man want to marry, including me. Time passed, and my feeling toward her became larger and larger, I know that I will ask her out at some point, but not today.
“Okay class, we have a special paper right here, a paper that even myself need to try very hard to complete it. This deserved a maximum score from me!”
The class, which was filled with defeated face due to the recent topic that my professor gave out, nearly exploded when he said there were a perfect paper. Some people gather and discuss who that person is.
“Hey who do you think will received that score?” – Eric, my class-friend, asks me.
“Hm…… maybe Lucas?” – I reply, while still thinking about Maria.
“Hey he is announcing who is the writer of that paper” – Eric talks to me.
“And now, the one get the perfect score is………. Frank Colletti! Congratulation!”
“What? How?” – I’m really surprised when he announced my name, which never happened before.
The class, which was shocked by this, starting to look at me. Some amazed, some have disgusting gazed toward me. Even Eric, was shocked with his announcement, stare at me, while waiting for my reaction. His announcement, is that true….
“Sir, can I have a look at that paper?” – Some people begin to ask, doubting my ability that I can make this paper.
“I will send this to each of you tonight, for now, class end. Remember to study hard, prepare your notes, you know, that kind of thing.” – Professor replies to them, his answer was to avoid further disagreement, which can lead to violence.
“Hey, hey! Frank! Where are you going!?” – Eric shouts at me, but I ignore his question, right now, I need to show this to Maria, and buy for her something.
However, life never pleased you, when I come to her shop, the shop was closed. This is unusual, since she never closes the shop like this before. Without further thinking, I left a piece of paper saying I need to talk to her about something and hope that she will see it when she comes back. I thought she will see it and read it, but I was wrong. The next day I come there, that paper still in there, un-touched by anyone.
“Something is wrong here” - I think.
*Ring ring ring*
Suddenly my phone rings, with a strange number that I never saw before.
“Hello, Frank Colletti, to whom may I speaking with?” – I ask.
“Hello, this is St. Michael Hospital, Himekura Yuri, pleasure to meet you.” – The caller replies.
Hospital? Wait…. Why hospital call me?
“Pleasure to meet you, why do you call me?” – Feeling uneasy, I ask the doctor.
“I assume you know Maria Lovisa?” – She replies.
Maria? Why does she involves in this?
“Yes, why?” – I ask.
“She is staying here for 2 days already, and she is in critical condition right now. She called your name many times when she was here, so we make a guess and call you.”
Wait….. Critical condition? Maria looked so well before…. How could this possible…..
“I will be right there.”
Smashing the end call button, I called a taxi and tell him to bring me to the hospital. My mind now is a big mess mostly from the call of the hospital, and her condition. I never saw her tired face before, but that’s not the problem right now, I need to go to the hospital as soon as possible.
“What is going on?” – Hitting my head into the driver’s seat, I ask him for the sudden brake.
“Traffic jam, probably car accident, I see a lot of cops”.
“Dammit! Why now…….” – I mumble to myself, while take out the wallet and pay for the fees and get out then run straight to the hospital.
“Please god, don’t let a woman like that passed away.” – I keep praying while running to the hospital.
Took me an hour to come to there, St. Michael Hospital. Gather all my strength left, I go to the receptionist.
“Excuse me, can you show me where the room of patient name Maria Lovisa is?”
“Let’s see…. She’s in the emergency room now. Go down the hall, and turn left, keep going until you saw the room with the board named Emergency room.” – The nurse replies while guiding me to that room.
“Thank you.” – I reply and go with her direction.
The hospital’s atmosphere was filled with bleach’s smell, and people getting in and out of the room every minute, but I don’t really care about it right now. All I care is Maria and her health, I really hope that she’s okay. The Emergency board still being lighted, indicated that the surgery didn’t complete yet. All I can do for now is sitting outside and pray for the surgery to be success.
I keep checking my watch, the time passed so slow, so slow that I feel like it stop moving. I heard that this is the feeling of a person worried about the sake of the other, now I have a chance to experience that, and it is painful. It’s like a torture of both physical and mental, hitting you until you give up and fall down like a dead tree.
The light turned off, and doctors slowly came out of that room. I rush to them as soon as I saw one of them.
“Doctor, how is she?” – I nearly shout at him.
They look at each other, every single one of them has the same reaction.
“I’m sorry but….. She’s dead.”
I feel like something inside me is broken piece by piece when he said that.
“Dead? You say something easy like that? Your job is a doctor, you’re supposed to save people!” – I grab his collar and shout at him. Hearing shouting, everyone stop doing their job and look at us. A nurse nearly call a guard before she is stopped by a doctor.
“How…… How can she die…. Please tell me doctor………à ¢â‚¬Â¦.” – Gather all my strength left, I ask him. My voice is so small that even I can’t hear it. The news shock me really hard that I can barely stand.
“She has a congenital heart defect, we have try our best but….. She couldn’t pass it.”
This news completely shock me, I feel like the land beneath me is falling apart. Releasing his collar, I fall down to the floor, while my head is repeating his word, seems like it’s playing with me right now.
“I…. I…… Need to go home first….. This is too much….”
Calling a taxi, I tell him my address. My memory is so confusing that I can’t even think straight. The taxi driver need to shake me, just to pull me out of that confusion. I slowly walk to my room, while my hand open the mailbox as usual. This time I see a letter in there with only my name on the receiver, I take it with me into the room and open it. The writing stunned me, its Maria’s handwriting.
“July 14th, 20xx
Hi Frank
I don’t know what to write, so I will be quick.
Thank you for your coming to my coffee shop during these time. It’s my pleasure to serve a customer like you. You know, you’re a great person, I know it, but you need to drop your negative attitude, seriously. About me, I’m sorry for hiding from you my situation, I know that I can’t live much longer with this, so I try to live with the best of my work. I don’t want to make you worry about me, and uh…. I know that you have feeling toward me, thank you for that but I don’t think I can reply to it. Anyway, my life is not a perfect life. So after my hard time, I come here and set up a coffee shop with that name to remind me that my original place, where I come from. However, I don’t think I can tell you this, but…..
Rakastan sinua
Maria Lovisa”
“Rakastan sinua…… This is not English….”
I turned on my laptop, try searching it with the language translator.
Why don’t you tell me that from the beginning, just tell me that you have feeling toward me? Ahahaha………. . Dammit……
I can feel that something salty coming out of my eyes, something that I haven’t tasted before. Some people say its taste the best when you realized you lost something that you can’t get back. I guess this is what they mean…. A lost tears.
--------------10 years later--------------
“Hey I heard that there are a good coffee shop with nice food nearby, wanna come there?” – 3 girls talking with each other about some coffee shop that quite famous.
“Okay give me 5 minutes.” – A girl packs up her notebook and book into her backpack and start going with her friends.
“How can you know this place?” – Another asks when they are on the way to that mentioned coffee shop.
“The owner of that shop is handsome, my heart is being stolen when I saw him at the first time.”
“Really? I wonder how handsome he is.”
The shopkeeper’s bell ring when they came into the shop. Behind a counter, is a guy, who looked like he has passed his thirty? Wearing a butler outfit, he quickly comes out and ask them.
“Welcome, what would you want for today.” - He asks.
“Uh….. What would you recommend?” – A girl asks back the guy.
“We have everything in here, from coffee to cake, and many things else.” – He replies to his customer, his mind remind him that line was said by someone, a long time ago.
“3 coffee, do like what you usually make for me.” – A girl, looks like the leader of the group, order for the group without asking her friends.
“So 3 coffee, usual making. I will be right back.” – He tells them while going back to the counter, preparing to make the coffee.
While his hands moved like a certain person that he saw a long times ago, his customer admired his skill with silence. Their eyes followed every single step of the man, while commenting about his skill. It doesn’t take long for him to serve his customer with the coffee.
“Tell me if you need anything else.” – He said while serving them with the fresh-made coffee.
“Hm….. It’s this late already, I should turn on the board.” – He mumble to himself when he was stopped by a girl’s question.
“Can….. Can you give us your name?” – Gather up all of her strength, and her friends’ support, she asks him with a shaken voice.
He answers while serving a coffee cup to a picture of a girl, who wear a maid outfit, standing in front of the coffee shop.
“My name…. is Frank Colletti.”
The sign outside the coffee shop, fueled with the electricity, shining up like a noel tree during Christmas. The sign flicking for a sec, before showing the coffee shop’s name: “Nostaglic”

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03-27-2015, 11:48 PM
Seems like the time is up. Thank you all of you guys for participating.
The voting will begin now. And end in a week's time. The voting will be using the rep system, and voting is open for everyone in the forums.

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Prinz Eugen O yea, final question I guess, each voters could only vote once or are we allowed to vote more than once?

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Another question is do we just vote silently, or can we comment on the stories here too?

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@Negame (http://www.himeuta.net/members/781-negame/) Ah it was answered before actually 'v'b
we're free to comment the stories and upvotes it (but dunno how many upvotes you're allowed to do yet)


make sure to consider what the writer says too since not everyone likes a lecture of grammar if it is the commentary you're about to give, I think :D

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syaondri Ahh, thanks. I forgot that post talked about the voting period too.

No worries, I leave out criticism and editing corrections unless someone specifically asks for it. It'll just be thoughts on the stories themselves as a regular reader without worrying about words.

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@Prinz Eugen (http://www.himeuta.net/members/706-prinz-eugen/) O yea, final question I guess, each voters could only vote once or are we allowed to vote more than once?

i believe one vote for everyone should suffice
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Just add a poll to the OP of this thread, it's far easier to track than a flimsy rep system.
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I put off reading anyone's until I was done with my own submission, so took my time read everything one after the other. Followed by a quick skim to remember things that struck me on each. As expected of a theme about touching readers, a lot had added tragedy. I liked how we got a lot of different angles dealing with a loss here. Some during the loss, some before, some after. Ended up spoilering all of my comments for uniformity since a lot of them talk about the latter half of stories. Was just going to comment on a few, but ended up doing one for all.

@syaondri (http://www.himeuta.net/members/7359-syaondri/)
The best part of the piece was the grasping of the memory after recognizing it. Recognizing the enemy as a friend when it's too late was a nice angle to go for the touching story requirement.

@MagnAvaloN (http://www.himeuta.net/members/2443-magnavalon/)
I liked how it starts off seemingly tragedy, then rises to be a sweet fluffy romance. Hamakaze was cute there.

@Blankman (http://www.himeuta.net/members/3838-blankman/)
Grandma Kongou, so old. What really nabbed me was the feeling of mystery first from the admiral's attitude to Kongou, then the idea that there might be something bigger going on, if shipgirls' development had anything to do with those that died from the war against abyssals.

@CaioDuilio (http://www.himeuta.net/members/4015-caioduilio/)
Wow, what hurt in that piece was that they avoided revealing the truth to Yayoi so she won't be getting closure. Tragedy from averting tragedy, wahaha.

@Pudding (http://www.himeuta.net/members/6008-pudding/)
Using Shigure is cheating! But you cheated so very well. That was really good and not only did the song fit, but it was long enough to be at the credits instrumental when I finished reading at a leisurely pace. A nice coincidence.

@atagowatcher69 (http://www.himeuta.net/members/614-atagowatcher69/)
Hnn, an alternate interpretation of Fubuki's attitude using her guilt, and seeing the joining of the new base as a chance for a fresh start. Her nervousness could come off as that, and her admiration for Akagi could be still be her unwavering attitude, if the past disaster was from Fubuki hesitating and causing the failure of a mission. Last episode would have a whole other meaning with that.

@Seraphil (http://www.himeuta.net/members/8618-seraphil/)
Saw it coming from Shoukaku's reaction, but still got that nice sinking feeling from the mention of the grave marker. Didn't expect more than Kaga dying though. How Zuikaku ended up grateful for the memories despite being so annoyed back then was nice.

@Nuko.nuko (http://www.himeuta.net/members/1045-nuko-nuko/)
“Someday… someday you’ll understand why those that had already passed had looked so content."

My vision was already fading at that point and I didn’t even know if my words were reaching her.

“..I … his words… I understand them now...”

i.e. jaded admiral was dooming Fubuki from the start, tsk tsk.

A philosophical pain this time, showing how hopeless things are. Chances are having a future is low, so best to enjoy and find meaning in their lives now while they still can. Nice way of showing that.

@Scaletta (http://www.himeuta.net/members/4241-scaletta/)
That POV was so thorough, it was easy to slip into and follow as I read. Made it easy to like Maria too, so that one moment strikes harder. The atmosphere was consistently calming with a bittersweet aftertaste near the end, something that would actually be nice to read in a coffee shop. Liked that overarching mood.

04-02-2015, 02:56 AM
Negame Ah, it seems i unintentionally picked up old Kongou meme..? All in all, your insight is very interesting, especially that shipgirls devs had anything to do with those who died at war against the shinkai.. It could give more depth to the background story, perhaps linking back to WWI.. It's interesting.. *rubbing hand in excitement*

04-02-2015, 03:18 AM
Blankman Not really a meme, just a joke on Kongou being the oldest battleship on Kancolle that I heard before and recycled. ...So maybe a budding of a meme. Dang.

04-03-2015, 12:31 AM
Negame I didn't think a full-blown narrative would cut it enough so I opted to use both Clint Eastwood's Letters from Iwo Jima and the anime as the basis for the story. Glad to know it was heart-rending to read, I had trouble writing it myself~

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after tabulating the results
we have a winner
and its Scaletta

coming Cloase at No. 2 is CaioDuilio

and at third place is Pudding

to those who did not win, better luck next time
i had a lot of fun reading through the stories submitted, and a few were indeed touching

to the winners
congrats again and the prize will be sent
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nice... and thanks for the event...

I actually voted for @CaioDuilio (http://www.himeuta.net/members/4015-caioduilio/)... really like the letters + the little description of Yayoi waiting out for letters...
@Scaletta (http://www.himeuta.net/members/4241-scaletta/) would probably be my next.. but since i feel i am putting a bit more of a bias on kc story (and girls i like) so yeah...

but grats to you all

04-06-2015, 11:54 AM
Grats for the winners brah, and thanks for the event..! I'm looking forward to more writing competitions as it's productive and fun..

04-06-2015, 05:03 PM
Pudding ah well....... I planned to write about KC as well, then I couldn't think about any good plot, so I switch to the one I submitted here

also, thanks...
Blankman thanks...

04-07-2015, 12:19 AM
yay congrats for the winner :D

well I didn't win but yea it was a good competition I'd say ;v;b looking forward for another~

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Congrats Scaletta for winning. I voted according on what gave the strongest touch, and Pudding's was sharp in contrast to the gentle touch of Scaletta's. Both were indeed my favorites from this batch of entries, so nice to see they were among the top 3.

04-07-2015, 02:31 AM
Congratulations Scaletta for the win~ I thoroughly enjoyed all the stories posted, Pudding especially.

Hope to see another competition soon.

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Congratulations to Scaletta ~

Nice work everyone!

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Question, this writing was instead of the usual monthly raffle?

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Argho This isn't official as the title says. Just a member-made activity.