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06-29-2015, 02:08 AM
All times are posted as Japan Standard Time (JST).
Please check for detailed instructions on how to enter the lottery in this tutorial (http://kancolle.himeuta.net/forums/showthread.php?421-Guide-Registering-for-the-Game).


Lottery Information for Monday

Start Date/Time: 6/29 [Monday at 17:30]
Selection System: Multiple-Stage Lottery
Available Slots: 5,000
Available Server: Multiple Servers

Lottery Start Countdown:

2015/06/29 17:30:00

Other General Notices and Tips:
※ Common Start Times: On weekdays, between 16:00 to 21:30.
※ On weekends, as early as 13:00.
※ Please clear your browser cache before connecting.
※ Make sure Flash is updated.
※ If you have problems connecting please try another browser.
※ Set your disk cache space to 1024MB.
※ Try to connect earlier than the scheduled time.
※ After successfully entering the lottery, please refresh every 3-5 minutes.
(Lottery Screen says 5, but tweets from Kancolle Devs say 3-5).
※ Do not repeatedly refresh, as it will decrease your chances.


AKA: #HelpMeEnterprise (http://kancolle.himeuta.net/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=HelpMeEnterprise)

Current Lottery Record: 707
Highest Record for Single Lottery: 39 (16 January 2015)
(100 reached on 19 May 2014)
(200 reached on 21 August 2014)
(300 reached on 4 December 2014)
(400 reached on 16 January 2015)
(500 reached on 4 February 2015)
(600 reached on 14 March 2015)
(700 reached on 17 June 2015)

Donate! (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=B3MLZXTXRVTPA)
Donations help me do things like eat and live so I can keep helping others like this.

I pretty much get everyone who requests a spot for the lottery into the game. So if you really want to get into the game, I can certainly help.

Basic Steps on How to Request a Slot

By clicking to read the guidelines, you agree to understanding them fully. Those who send PMs which show no understanding of the guidelines will be ignored and deleted.

1) Look below "The List". If it says OPEN, then proceed. If it says CLOSED, then I am not taking requests at that time. Any Request PMs will be deleted and ignored.

2) Check "The List" Below. If slots are not full, then you may request a slot. Please do the following:

Send a PM to me with the following in the in the message body:

1) DMM username -
This is the login for the account your made.
This IS NOT your username on the forums(!!!!!). It can be the email you signed up with on DMM,
or the DMM ID which looks like a random string of characters, or something like this: hjk121aui

2) Password -
Just type it in as you input it, as all I do is copy-paste it.
No need to tell me any details. Because CopyPasta.

3) Secret Word - "idol"
Just to make sure that you read these guidelines, this word must be in your message IN A SENTENCE.

Be Creative. Use your Brain. Make me laugh.

Having it just the word alone WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED , so ESL beware.
Also, "Secret Word is blahblah" WILL BE IGNORED!

Failure to follow these rules will result in me ignoring your request.

I DON'T need a nickname as you should do this yourself.
I DON'T need a desired In-Game Name since I don't start the game for you.


3) If successfully received, I will add your name to "The List."

4) Check back here during or after the lottery to see if you've been granted access to the game.

If you are on "The List", do not try to log in during the lottery. It will cause problems.


The List

Request Slots (0/?)


Q: Why do you only take requests after the start time for a lottery has been announced?

A: As I feel I have the best chance of any registration volunteer to win slots in a lottery, I don't wish to disappoint hopeful players if I find that I cannot participate in a lottery due to a schedule conflict.

Q: Why hasn't the time been announced yet?

A: Because the official Twitter hasn't announced a time yet.

Q: They've announced a lottery, but no time yet. Will you take requests?

A: If there is no time announced, I don't know if I can participate, so no, I will not take requests.

Q: I PM'd you before you opened your requests. Why aren't I on The List?

A: If it did not say "OPEN" then I will not take requests. Your PM was ignored and deleted.

Q: I had to change some of the information, so I sent you another PM. Why aren't I on The List?

A: If I see more than one PM in my Inbox from you, I ignored and deleted it. Please triple check your information before sending me a PM.

Q: Why is there no lottery today/tomorrow?

A: Headquarters has a pretty random and loose scheduling pattern for their lotteries. Sometimes they won't announce a lottery until an hour before it starts, and sometimes they will announce on a day in advance. Best thing I can advise is to check back later.


Once a lottery starts, I'll be working two (2) requests at a time, so if you see your name on The List, and I am working on them on a first-come first-served basis. This means top to bottom on The List.

If I log in to your account and it requires the profile to be filled out before continuing, I will make up information for your account and proceed on to the lottery.

If I successfully win the lottery for you, I will notify you in the thread.

If I do not get to your name for a lottery day, or otherwise unable to get you in, your name will be moved to the next lottery day unless you PM me and tell me otherwise.

If I will not take any more requests for that day, (CLOSED) will be displayed under "The List."


I am doing this as a service for people having problems winning, so please only request my help if you are unable to attempt the lottery due to whatever reason (time constraints, multiple unsuccessful attempts, technical issues, etc).

Also, please allow first time players a chance before using my help to get multiple accounts.

If I learn that you are attempting the lottery at the same time I am trying to assist you, I will immediately nullify and ignore your request.

Please do not PM your login information until a time is announced and I have OPENED my requests.

It is your responsibility to check that your registration information is correct. If I cannot log in, I will cancel your request.

Respect the Registration Helpers! Do not go to several people requesting help. Be patient. We offered to help because we wish to do so. Please be patient!

I will not use your information for any personal gain nor horde your account, but I recommend changing your password after I successfully get you into the game.

If you find this service to be helpful, please use the forum reputation system to show your appreciation, or consider donating (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=B3MLZXTXRVTPA) for my time!

I reserve the right to suspend or discontinue this at anytime for any reason.