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04-17-2014, 01:56 AM
As a user of this board, you are given the ability to have signatures. This is a privilege NOT a right. Your ability to have signatures can be revoked at any time when deemed necessary. To avoid such repercussions please read the following rules regarding them carefully

You may only have ONE (1) image in your signature and your signature image may not exceed 800 x 200 (width x height)

Text-based signatures may not exceed FIVE (5) lines of text. Images ALSO count as 1 line.

Your avatar may not exceed 175 x 175 (width x height)

Mods may have more space in their signatures for extra banners such as private messaging links, etc.

Overly bright signatures, flashing signatures should be avoided. If the content of your signature bothers other users, you will be asked to remove the signature, otherwise a moderator may delete it at his/her discretion and inform you of the reason.

Signature stacking is FROWNED UPON. If your signature takes up too much vertical space (Height), your signature WILL BE FORCEFULLY REMOVED. This includes, but not limited to, text to image stacking.

All images used within avatars and signatures MUST BE PG13-rated. No tolerance will be given for explicit content enclosed within signatures and avatars.

Offensive signatures and avatars, including but not limited to: subjects that incite racism and personal attacks will be removed without notice, and signature privileges revoked immediately.

Please keep personal backups of your signature pictures, especially if you are just using links to an external web host. If your signature is removed, there is no guarantee that any of the contents will remain left behind. Forum moderators and admins will not be responsible for any lost/damaged work.

Above all else, if a signature is deemed in violation of guidelines set by the moderating board, which may or may not be listed here, offending signatures WILL be forcefully removed. Hence, a primary consideration of common sense and "safe for work" should be the main guideline for all signatures.

08-15-2016, 01:43 PM
Updated some setting signature setting.

Use of external images has been fixed so as to better enforce the rules we have.

New users should be able to upload signatures now. It was disabled because of an oversight.