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I decided trying to write a little fanfiction, enjoying this little exercise to improve my english over time.
I hope that this will not be too much horrible to read.
Then feel free to leave some comments.

Chapter 1: New home...

It is a beautiful day, especially to discover a new home, a new place to live, and probably the one where all future adventures will happen...

All was so sudden, summoned into this new world, a world where a scary ennemy slowly strangling the world.

The first day, he was in a strange place, looking like a military base, he received some teachings about this world and the threat above it. He had to know his new ennemies.

Mixed with flesh and metal, armed with some existent Warship weapons from some forgotten times, looking like monsters or demons from some bad science fiction movies or comics, they were called Abyssals.
This name is perfect for them, devouring slowly the world, their advance seems unstoppable.
Some of them look strangely to some women, even beautiful sometimes. And more they are beautiful, more they are powerful..

This world could be fully in despair if it does not exist a counterpart to this ennemy. "Shipgirls" or "Kanmusus", they were some girls, looking aged from 10 to 30 years, representative of the human incarnation of some WW2 warships, they were the only hope for this world.

After his short but intense formation, learning about fleet commanding and managing, he received his first grade, as a squadron leader. Then sent to a little island, Hiva Oa, where a recent harbour has been conquered, and left to the precedent leader, an admiral relieved from duty for some "unknow" reasons.

IT is the day of his arrival, he arrives a long time before the time planned. Of course, nobody is here to welcome him. But he already has the informations on the harbour, so he decides to take a look around.

Since the island was uninhabited, except by the commander and his shipgirls, the entrance was not guarded.

The ressources available are quite badly informed, as the precedent admiral wanted to hide something. But he knows the last one was an expert into surface naval battle.
He tries to find the depot to see which weapons is available there.
While walking, he gives a look to the "girls" affected to the base and their class and experience report.

-Kumano: Mogami-class standard cruiser: Mainly use as secretary and main flagship.

Mogami... standard.. cruiser ? Didn't Mogami-class supposed to be an aviation-cruiser class in the last days of the WW2 ?..

he has a bad feeling about her.

-Nachi: Myoukou-class cruiser: MVP and so kind in some situations.

Clear report...

-Myoukou: Myoukou-class cruiser: Third cruiser of the main fleet, pretty good sniping girl and quite better than her sister for some special tasks.

One efficient surface ship again... At least there are some very good attacking ships, but it's not like i am looking for.
But... What could it be the... "special tasks" ?..

-Isuzu: Nagara Class Light-Cruiser: Perfect supporting ship, good firing support, very efficient in battle. Requesting lot of extra tasks.

Now, I definitely start to have an idea about this special or extra task... considering the report i could read on"school", especially about court martial report.
He sighs

-Hamakaze: Good girl, good first line ship, the eyes of the fleet. Too young for special task, designed as ship patrol near the coasts around the island.

Destroyer... eyes of the fleet... Well

Other ship:

Light Carriers

Finally... The ones that i wanted to see.

-Hiyou: Hiyou class carrier: Crap ship, useless, only kept for some dailies tasks at harbour.
What ?

-Shouhou: Zuihou-class carrier: Still worst that Zuihou, but good for dailies occupations.
What the...
The new admiral feels suddenly pale.

-Zuihou: Zuihou-class carrier: Definitely useless, only kept on Shouhou supplications.
He feels quite hatred and bad in same time, he does not know what happened in this base, but it seems that the relieving of the ancient admiral was quite justified.

As an aviation fan, this new leader is one thinking that the war is already won once the air supremacy is acquired. Probably one of his favourite quote in his ancient world "“The power of an air force is terrific when there is nothing to oppose it.” Said a man named Churchill.
Watching some carriers insulted is already an insult to himself.

He finally find the depot, this one is quite spacious. He looks in.

Beautiful artillery pieces. Several 20.3cm twin mount turret, perfected to detail.. Same for some 15.5cm triple mount turret.. 12.7cm twin mount turrent... Then... Even there, a 46cm triple mount turret... Why this thing is here since there is no battleship ?...
But finally, something worst draws his attention. There is.... Nothing else ! No aircraft, no AA mount, no radar, no Sonar, nothing !

What the hell was thinking this admiral.. Was only pure firepower ? What about long range detection ? What about AA armament ? There is definitely something wrong there.

"Hem.... sorry ? Who are you ?"

He blenchs, turn the head to see who is calling for him with a such cute voice.
He sees a beautiful young woman with long dark hair, with red long skirt and ... a top in such poor condition that he does not recongnize it.

He stands to attention "Eric Gadet, new squadron leader taking his duty today !"

The girl in front of him seems quite surprise "Sor-Sorry, i didn't identify your uniform" She stands to attention in turn "Light Carrier Hiyou ! Wel-Welcome to the Hiva Oa island ! Please take care of us !"

"Dismiss" he smiles... instantly she seems on guard.

It seems it was worst that i imagined...

"Can you show me the office ? I arrive some time before I should... I will meet all of you earlier than the planned time !"
"O-of course, let me show you your place and ask to the other ship to come"

She passes before, the new commander follows her.
I think plenty of hard work is awaiting there... Let's proceed carefully !


Sorry again for the bad english ! I hope continuing writing this fanfic will help to improve it !
Thank you for reading

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Chapter 2: First confrontation

Hiyou showed the location of the chief room.

The office is quite small, with only a desk and a chair actually for the leader. The entire room is quite clean, that
surprised Eric. He turns to Hiyou "Who did keep this room is such good condition ?"

"Shouhou-san, commanded by the secratary Kumano."

"Oh, it sounds... convenient from her.."

Why did she not do it herself ?

She heads down ".. You will see why enough soon.. !"

"Well... can you ask to the others to come ?"

"They already know..."

Another mystery to be solved !

He sits down. "Well.. let's ..." Before he concludes his sentence, it knocks to the door.

"Come in !"

The door opens then 2 girls enters into the room. Their habits are like Hiyou's one, in very bad condition.
These ships seem damaged...
One is quite little, mid long hair, looks quite young and.. frightened, staying behind the second one.
The other one is taller, long brown hair, nice looking shapes, her beauty seems to stun Eric.

Both are at attention.

"Shouhou, Zuihou-class carrier, and Zuihou, Zuihou-class leader ship carrier, reporting for duty ! Welcome, Kaigun-chūsa !"

He remains speechless, dumbfounded by the woman in front of him.

"Ohé.. Captain ?" Shouhou asks. The three present girls do not understand what is happening there.

"Heee ! Sorry ! I was... deep in thought !" He blushes.

Hiyou laughs: "Your charm works on the new commander !"

"Hiyou-san ! Don't say this !" She blushes

Zuihou stays behind Shouhou, hidding from the new leader. While he notices her, he does not want to browbeat her.
Some footsteps are heard in the hallway. The door remaining opened, four others shipgirls appear before the door.

"Can we enter ?" Asking a girl with grey hair

"Of course, come in"

The girls line up in front of the head. One by one,

"Nachi, Myoukou-class Cruiser, present !"
"Myoukou, Myoukou-class leader ship cruiser, reporting for duty !"
"Isuzu, Nagara-class light cruiser ! Ready for orders !"
"Hamakaze, Kagerou class destroyer, present."

"Thanks you for coming." He smiles "Where is the missing one ?"

They give a look to each other, Nachi respond, hesitating: "She.. She is coming soon."

"Well, let's start the meeting without her." He stands up "My name is Eric Gadet, new squadron leader of this island for

the following months. I hope we will get along well."
He gives a look to them, one by one.
He takes a deep breath.
"Before going further, I would know how you were aware that i wanted to meet you know, since i only talk to Hiyou. And why the carriers there are all damaged."

The three carriers head down.
Myoukou decides herself: "This is..."
"It is not very important, but i can say it if you want to know." Says the last unknow voice with a charming tone.

All turn to the voice direction.
No doubt about this one..

"Kumano.. You are a bit late, i'm..", he says sharply.

"I know who you are, Eric." She smiles, walking graciously to the commander desk, sit on it. "For these .. hmm.. "ca-rrier" condition... They are useless, so there is no need to repair them, docks are strictly forbidden for them." He lowers his head. "About our information, as you probably know, we, the shipgirls, possess an internal radio to communicate at long range with each other." She chuckles. "The precedent admiral decide to force the communication left on for these three useless waste. And, personnaly, I can listening through them too... Unfortunately, I can't see through their eyes, and i'm unable to know what they write."
She gives a murderous look to Zuihou.
"You should leave me the management of the base... and we could have some good time togeth..."

"Stop it now." He retorts calmy. All the girls look at Eric, agape.

"What ? But.. commander."

"Enough ! Down from my desk, immediately !"
She executes her order, surprised.
All stand to attention, Kumano feels bad about what is coming.
"Ok, let's settle this. All precedent rules decided by the precedent admiral are now revoked. Carriers can and will have to dock immediatly after this meeting !"
"But... Capt"
"Shut up ! Next, when it will be possible, we will fixe their communication, you are some ships, but you are human too, I won't permit any intrusion into privacy."
Kumano bites her lip.
"And, now and until any change, Kumano is relieved as secretary and I give this job to Hamakaze."

All startled, Hamakaze eyebrows. Kumano can not stop to react anymore. "How dare you !? I'm the most experienced ship here ! The most powerful and the most efficient one ! This job is for me !"

He ignores her "By the way, under my command, and until I leave this base, Carriers have to be respected as any other ship."

"No ! No no no ! Carriers are useless, surface ships can win this war alone ! I can beat these three shits alone ! Even if they trains !"

"Oh really ? Ok ! Then I give you a challenge !"
"A challenge ? A duel ? Against me ? Do you want to die now ?"
He laughs, what annoys her more.
"No no, i can't ever think win myself against a ship girl, even if i heard that an Admiral won against Murakumo !" (/Wink to Observer 39 ! :p).
He looks the cruiser in the eyes. "I'm sure that these 3 carriers and the destroyer can beat all the cruisers here in battle in.. three days !"
The four challenged ships take a hit to their pride but do not react.
"If i'm right, then you won't contest neither my choices nor my authority."
"... This won't happen ! And if I... We win, you will order to scrap these 3 ones" Designing the carriers "leave your grades here then leave definitely the navy !"

The three carriers are terrified by what is happening.
Eric look at them. He closes his eyes few seconds. He sighs "Kumano... you are horrible.. definitely ! But I accept your challenge."

Zuihou falls to her knees, blank expression. Shouhou hugs her. Hiyou is agape.

"Ok.." He sits down on his chair "Now, dismiss ! Hamakaze, Shouhou, Zuihou and Hiyou, stay here please."

The shipgirls leave the room, he closes the door after.

"Are you stupid !? Did you just come here to see us dying ? We can't be fixed until the challenge day, we do not have any equipment and Kumano hear us !" Hiyou screams.

He does not answer, he write something.

"At least, tell us why !"

He shows to them the paper "Don't speak, let's write instead of speaking. Please, you have to trust me, and I have a plan.".


I try to use different colors for each girls... I think it's necessary to follow the discussion... but I can remove if necessary later.
Ok I hope my english is slightly better than in the first chapter ! Have a good reading !

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Chapter 3B: Provocation

Last morning was.... HO-RRI-BLE... !

Kumano is exhausted, she has a headache and some tinnitus... And cause of these light carriers !

Tomorrow will be the "battle"... better to call it a training ! These girls have no chance, even with some new equipments.

But, definitely, she wants to avenge about this new stupid leader and his "beloved" ships !

The day before was quiet... The only notable "event" was the delivery of several material boxesat the sunset, ordered by Eric... How did he find enough money and materiel to order this much ?...
Then came this morning... Kumano had a good sleep when she heared a violent engine noise that suddenly waked her.

"What the hell is that !?" She screamed.

On the other side of the radio, Shouhou turned to Eric.
"Cap...Captain ! It seems we just interrupted Kumano's sleep.. !"
The squadron leader directly spoke to Kumano.
"Oooh ! Sorry Kumano-san ! I "forgot" you could listen through carrier's, I should tell you to cut off the radio !"

Then another engine noise blasted Kumano ears, she disconnected her internal radio... leaving her with a tinnitus.

"Aaaaah ! I hate him !"

Then the day came, she only did the usual stuff, cleaning her room. Nachi came to her before lunch. "Kumano ! We should have a training ! And we shouldn't underestimate this new captain !"
Kumano gave her a cold sight "Are you telling me that we will loose tomorrow ? Against these floating wood pieces ?"
"No... It's not..." Nachi sighed then left.

The rest of the day was quiet... She remembered about her old admiral... He missed her... And cause of Zuihou, he was not here anymore ! Damn her !

Sunset finally arrives, then Isuzu runs into her !
"Oh sorry ! I was searching for you !" says the light cruiser
"What was that ? What happened ?"
"The captain... sold the 46cm mount, he sold the admiral's icon !"
"What !?"
The she runs to the depot.. and notices herself that the battleship part is not here anymore.

Hopping mad, she runs to the captain office.
When she enters, he is working on a certain little plane on his desk with some fairies. All turns to her.

"How dare you ?"
"What are you talking about ?"
"You sold the battleship turret in the depot !"
"And ? This base won't receive any battleship ! This was necessary."
"You'll pay for this ! You won't leave this base in one piece."
"Maybe, but you'll have to defeat us tomorrow." He looks deeply to the little aircraft.


She gives a looks too... The little plane was armed with several 20mm cannons.. and no pylons to bring a torpedo or a bomb...
She laughs, and both fairies and Eric looks at her.
"Are you stupid ? Are you seriously thinking about use some fighters against us ? Are you hopeless already ? Ah !" Then she leaves, continuing to laugh.

"We will see, Kumano..." He looks at the little mecanos "I'm counting on you !"
The little fairies stand at attention to him.

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Chapter 4: Relentless wings

It is Sunrise, in docks, with a sense of excitement.
Both teams are preparing and checking their equipments.
The captain is giving some advices to the carrier team and reminds the plan prepared the day before.

On cruisers side, minds are divided between those worried and those, or "the one", confident with the next winning.
Nachi calls to Kumano "We should rush to their position and shoot them down fast !... At least to avoid some complications due to the aircrafts."
Kumano smiles "No need to worry, i'm sure these girls are almost unable to launch their planes correctly !"
"We.. will see.." Myoko sighs.

Their cannons are shining, perfectly ajusted to allow long shots on moving ships. They won't escape any shot, is thinking Kumano.

Eric calls for Kumano "Ok.. I will just adjust something"
"Do you already want to surrender ? Ahah, this won't save Zuihou"
He sighs
"Not really... Hamakaze won't follow them and will stay at base... they don't need her and I prefer to have her near to me for long range observation." He points to the strange equipments on the little destroyer.
One looks like 2 linked funnels in rotation on a semi-circle base and the other looks like a tower on the back on the

destroyer with several fairies on it, looking at what is happening around them.
The poor destroyer blushes and seems very embarassed.
Kumano laughs hard, both amused by the destroyer and provoked by the non-use of the destroyer by the carriers.

"Are you kidding me ? What is this ridiculous stuff on her ? Do you really think that they could ever win without escort ?"
He smiles "With this training battle ! Sure they will ! Cause for the future operations... be sure you will be their escort

She blushes, insulted "This would never happen !"
"We will see... By the way... Let's improve the cash price !"
She gives a serious look to him "Tell me."
"Ok, If my setup looses this battle, I will let you "play" with me as a revenge. You could even torture me if you want to."
Kumano thinks to the proposition, before asking "And what if my team looses ?"
he smiles, nearly sadist "Mogami-class can be remodelled from Heavy Cruiser to... Aviation Cruiser, so.. If my team wins, you'll have to give some excuses to Hamakaze-chan... and.. you'll have to remodel !"
For the first time since they met, Kumano has a frightened look.
"This is... well.. i'm not sure...."
"What ? Are you not sure to win ?"
She remains hesitating for several seconds "Ok ! It's a deal !" Even if some doubts are still visible in her eyes.
"Perfect.. !" He smiles. "Ok ! Time to set the rules."
He takes a breath, waiting for all girls meeting.
"It will be a standard battle, you'll have to find the opponent fleet and defeat it. No special rule. You'll fight into a field of 400 square kilometers.

Your starter area will be determined randomly. You'll start once you'll see red flares into the skies. Any question ?"
No one respond. But he could see stress and worries from the carriers. Zuihou stays close to Shouhou while she is trying to comfort her.

He gives a look to the cruisers equipment... Full of 20.3cm type 3 turret... ! Except for Isuzu, whose wearing some 12.7cm twin mount high angle in their late version. This one would be the most dangerous for the planned attack, cause the few standard 25mm guns weared by the Heavy cruisers wouldn't be a threat for the new "toys" offered to carriers, but... if the plan is followed... Isuzu won't stay a threat for too long... !

"You can now leave and ask to compass your starting position."

While leaving, he shows a paper to Zuihou "Don't worry, don't forget about the plan and the communication system and everything will be okay" He smiles to her, she tries to smile a bit but does not manage to do it. Her first battle could be her last one.
He looks to Hiyou and Shouhou "Don't fail me, I'm sure you will do it !"
Of course, even with the training from the 2 past days, they are not really confident about this. "We will try" answers Shouhou.

They smile to each other. Amused, Hiyou wants to add something seeing this, but Shouhou gives her a cold look. She holds.

They leave to the harbour, and each team make their way, following the data the compass gave to them.

"Ok, let's go to the tower Hamakaze" He smiles to her.
She is still angry about what Kumano said to her earlier, he notices it.
"Don't worry, Kumano will have to beg your pardon enough soon !"
"How can you be so confident about this ? 3 carriers alone can't stand against so much cruisers !"
"Don't worry, and let's watch this battle together... at least, you will be able to tell me their position now !" point to the type 22 radar.

Once in the building, he ask to check if both little fleets are far enough from each other to start the battle. She confirms his request. Then he took the flare pistol and shoot the red flare to the sky.

"Now... time to wait... and hope." Then he sits into a chair. "Hamakaze, please open all radio channels and listen."

Far away, carriers sees the red flare.

"Okay... let's do as planned, no more direct vocal communication.. let's use "the code" instead".
Both others carriers agree.
Then the 3 carriers bend their bow.

On another side of the training field, cruisers are already searching for the carriers at full speed.

"We have to find and sink them ASAP ! Sooner is better !" Kumano ends to brief her teammates.
"But it will be difficult to locate them !" Add Myouko
"We will just wait for the first plane then follow him until we reach them ! Once we see it, they will be enough close !"

Several minutes pass, they are rushing in a random direction in hope to spot them.
Finally, Nashi notices a little object into the skies, remaining at a safe range of the cruisers.
"Plane detected... alone... with a bomb under belly."

Myoukou gives a look "Nop.. it's not a bomb, it's an external fuel tank, this is an observation plane. And it is too far to shoot it..."

Kumano bites her lips "tss... I have no choice, I will listen them."
"But... it's not fair !!" Myoukou lead ship looks at her.
"I can't let them win !"
Myoukou sighs "Do as you please".

Then, Kumano open the channels.


""Craosir ditictid et 23 73 uf thi besi . Ingegi tergit es plennid" ... What the... Is it .. coded ? When did they learn

this !? I can't understand what they are saying !"

"Scripted code ?" Nachi ask, surprised.


"Wow they learned it so fast... !" She thinks

Into the tower, Hamakaze tells about the scrypted communication to Eric.
He looks at her "Good thing they used it" he smiles "I will instruct you all enough soon if they win."

He writes the translation on a paper and show it to the destroyer.
"Cruiser detected at 12 62 of the base . Engage target as planned ."

The cruisers start to stress a bit, and Kumano is a bit frustrated. They are permanently spotted and they can't know where the Carriers are.

Suddenly, an aircraft engine roaring is heard from behind. Before they can turn, an aircraft pass between them, without shooting on them. For which reason ? Kumano thinks about provocation. They look at the aircraft, considering its shape, it was a fighter.. What the point to engage such planes against them ?
Before they can think about the answer, another aircraft shoot with canons on their back, inflicting no damage but cruisers finally react and try to shoot at the attacking aircraft... But it is too fast and can't touch it. Already 2 aircrafts are turning around them like flies... but very fast flies...
"Kumano ! Behind" exclaims Myoukou.
But the identified planes didn't shoot, instead, she pass between Kumano legs and she notices a flash from.. below her skirt !
After few seconds, and watching at this strange plane, she finally understands what just happened and blushes. "He... He took a photo of my.. panties !?" Then she tries to kill this little voyeur.
Listening at the radio, Eric laughs a lot. He thinks "Probably an idea from Hiyou... Good one !"

Cruisers deseperatly try to shoot down the 3 aircrafts just doing some canons pass on them. Even Isuzu, with her little calibers mounts can't follow them. And the light standard AA mount included into the ships reveal to be inneficient.

Kumano suddenly identifies a sound different from the one fighters, she looks around then she understands.
"From Above !"
The ships watch to the sky, and, even dazzled because of the sun, distinguishing the shape of the planes diving on them.

They try to do some evasing manoeuvers, but a bit too late.

Bombs fall around, splashing the little platoon when they detonate into the water. A bomb fall directly on Myoukou, exploding on the ship, destroying a part, she yells.
After few seconds, she notices the damage "...Turret n?‚°2 destroyed... I can still fight...".

Trying to shoot at the bombers continuing to dive on them, at least 12 so far, they forgot to check around.

2 groups of 3 aircrafts are now rushing on both their starboard and port. Isuzu alert them: "Torpedo bombers !" They ignore now the dive bombers, leaving them, and try to shoot the new incomers.
They don't manage to hit one, and now, torpedoes are charging on them.
Isuzu sees one coming on her... too late ! The torpedoe detonates on the light cruiser, she screams... then.. no more sound. After the explosion, Nachi looks at the floating corpse, nearly naked and unconscious. "Isuzu... out of combat !"

Of course, on a training field, shipgirls cannot die, cause weapon used are designed to not kill them, but are done to simulate what could happen... and on a real battle, Isuzu would be now dead.

Myoukou seems to be surprised by the turn of the events, she looks at the light cruiser, then turns to Kumano to tell her to keep moving, they are now some easy preys. But, one fighter strike directly in front of her, hitting with its cannons in her eyes. She screams. "I'm blind ! I can't see anything ! What can i do !?"
Always at the radio, the captain takes note about this...
In fact, ship girls still have a castle like a real ship, their head is their castle... and once shot, they are like ships without commanding crews. Myoukou is not able to decide anything anymore.

Considering the damage received in few times, and seeing the second torpedo bombers wawe incoming, Kumano decide that she can't allow more damage on her team, since victory could be compromised. She aims at an aircraft and shoot... The shell passes very close of one aircraft, damaging its elevator. She notices it, she is happy about her shoot... but she notes that the plane didn't fall immediately.. Instead, it is now rushing to Nachi.
"Nachi ! Move ! An aircraft will crash on you !" She turns to look at the threat, but she does not have time to avoid it...

The plane crashes on her and the torpedo detonates. As for Isuzu, the heavy cruiser screams then.. fell uncunscious into the water.

Kumano rages. But she thinks she can still do it. She intends to reach Myoukou when she sees a bomb falling again on the cruiser. The bombshell penetrates another turret, but does not directly detonate.. instead she falls and now, blinded Myoukou hears a sound of metal clash, the bomb reach the turret ammo rack. "No... Not.. Not th...".
Too late, the bomb detonates, and the ammo rack explodes with all the shells still there. Myoukou join her 2 "sunk" teammates.

Kumano considers the disaster.. alone, with misfit stuff, she can't do anything more. "Fuck you" she murmurs.
Then she gives up, looking at the final raid coming to finish her.

Few seconds later, Hamakaze, surprised, confirmed to the captain that the cruiser team was completely sunk. Just 3 minutes were enough to beat the elite from this base, in Kumano's terms. He uses again his pistols with a blue flare to declare the end of the training.

Far away, carriers can't trust what happened. They won, them, the useless trashes.

They are the first to come back to the base. Eric is here to welcome and congratulate them.
He does not have time to say anything when Hiyou jumps on him !
"We did it ! We did it ! Thank you, Taisho !"
Shouhou comes, Zuihou following behind. Shouhou, shy, does not know what to say, she just smiles.
Zuihou finally comes near to Eric, he looks at her.
"You did it well, congratulations, Zuihou-chan !"
He pats her, when suddenly "Th... Thank you !"

All are surprised. Shouhou hugs her "Finally ! It was long time since I heard your voice ! Finally !" She cries Zuihou gives a smile to her sister "It's all over.. Onee-san."

Then she looks to the Captain, that is continuing to pat her head. She blushes "But... Teitoku.. I'm the oldest ship here... !"

Suddenly, Eric feels his face turning pale "Heeee.. what ?"

Since she awakes, Kumano remains at sea, thinking about what happened, and what will happen. She is thinking about the battle too. How these planes can be send so far from the carriers ? How can they be so efficient, so fast ? The planes themself weren't that good, following the readings she saw in the past. After a few minutes, she remembers about the little fairies on the leader's desk the day before. "Maintenance crew.. hmm.. I forgot about this...".

She closes her eyes.

All will probably be different now.

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Chapter Extra 1: A thankful birthday

Extra chapter separated from the main story, avanced in timeline... It does not change the fact passed in main story, even those not written... yet !

Several months passed since Eric took his position as Hiva Oa commander. A lot of happened already, the base evolved, the seas around are peaceful actually, and things going well.

He gives a look to his engagement ring toward Shouhou, his wife and secretary ship. Shouhou has her head resting on his shoulder, he smiles. Good memories come back. How this relation was developped, how the wedding declaration came. So much.
And, though Eric and Shouhou builded it together.. Someone helped it too a lot.
Today is special, and it's a good occasion to be thankful toward this person, this ship who helped to permit his couple to be born.
He check the little box in his pocket. "Don't worry too much about it ! Did you already care that much about me !?" Shouhou gives him a serious and jealous look. "Idiot !", he smiles and kisses her in response, calm her down immediatly.

We are June, 24th, Eric is called with several admirals at West Pacific Headquaters to the future incoming extra operations, all reunited into the 1st Light Air Fleet.
Once the destination reached and formalities done, they joined the conference waiting room.

They see her, she is sitting on one sofa, they go to the encounter. She notices them come. "Ara ! It's been a while, Admiral Eric." She remains sits.
"Eeeeh, did you forget about hierarchy and respect since you was under my command, light carrier Hiyou !?" with a serious face.
Surprised, she stands up at attention. "I... I'm sorry admiral".

Shouhou hides a smile behind her range.

After few seconds, he drops the mask and laughs "Just kidding ! you don't need to be that formal with me".
Hiyou sighs, trying to relax. "Baka! I was thinking you were becoming such imbued with yourself..."

"Don't worry ! Don't worry, Shouhou won't permit it or would probably kill me before ! and.." Before he could continue, Shouhou pinches him, with a fake-murderous-forced smile. "Eeeh !"

"By the way, where is admiral Nanashi ?" He asks.

"Oh ! He will come back soon enough, he is discussing with admiral Acid"

"Good... cause i didn't meet or congratulate him about your wedding... neither you yet ! Congratulations Hiyou-san ! I wish you the best."
"Congratulations !" Shouhou adds.

She blushes with a smile "Thank you you too..."

"I heard only some good things about him ! He is a great admiral ! I'm quite at ease you are with him !"

"By the way... things went quite fast since you leave the base... I knew you were quite hot... but finding a new admiral, falling in love with him and probably doing lewd things with that fast !" He turns away.
Her face turns red, shameful, she can't resist to reply, quite irritated "Where does it come from !? I do what i want and with the one i want ! There is nothing you should say about...."

"Just kidding ! Just kidding ! I had a good teasing teacher, remember ?" he adds with a wink.

She sighs "I suppose... but I wasn't such direct neither direspectful..."

"Of course you was ! Don't try to hide it !" Shouhou pointing her.

"Okay... maybe...." she turns away. She took a break, then look at him into the eyes "Are you okay now with what happened during the bat..."

"Don't talk about this now. Please. Not today." He lowers his head, Shouhou looks him empathetically. "Dead should rest in peace, I made some mistakes, It's my burden and you are not under my command anymore, please don't worry."

"Okay... I suppose" she replies.

"By the way, since it's a special day.." he smiles then he takes something in his pocket. "We never thank you about all you did for us, Shouhou and me... Thank you very much... ! And since it's your birthday..." He hands her a package.
"Happy birthday, Hiyou... or Izumo Maru". He and Shouhou smile to her.

She blushes again.. takes the little package. "Thank... thank you ! Very much ! Can i open it now ?"

"Of course !"

She opened the box, discovery a little aircraft in. It looks like a Reppu, but revised, on its wing, written "Izumo Maru Variant" with a little card "Happy birthday to the best light aircraft carrier". A tear appeared under one eye. She smiles "Thank you.. You won't stop to create and modify aircrafts, don't you ?"

"Never ! But I let you discover the several changes and all the stuff around this plane !" He smiles.

Then several persons joins into the room. One of the admirals come near Hiyou, starts to attention to Eric and Shouhou "I'm admiral Nanashi , nice to meet you !"

"Nice to meet you too, I'm admiral Eric, or.. HaganeNoKaze !" starts to attention toward the other admiral. "Congratulations with your wedding with Hiyou !"

Hiyou gives a thankful smile.

Then the both talk about several thing, their wife staying close. The meeting start few minutes later... then the daily life comes back, and common stuff takes again its place.

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Chapter 3A-1: Soft training he said...

Remember, this chapter happens before chapter 4 with the battle.It will come in several sub-chapters, cause i won't have time to write a one shot and it would be long to read !

3:00 AM, the night is peacefull and the 3 CVLs are sleeping, quiet. The day before was quite stressful, and the night was welcome to temporarly forget what happened...
The commander said that there will give them a soft and special training for the battle, then they decide to sleep early to get ready.

Sleeping quiet... Until the raid alarm wake up them ! The admiral speaks through the loud speaker:
"Alert ! Incoming abyssal raid detected ! All shipgirls are called for an immediate intervention. I repeat, all shipgirls are called for an immediate intervention."

In panic, Hiyou falls from her bed, before she stands up and runs with the 3 others to the harbour. Unaccustomed with this kind of stuff, our 3 shipgirls hardly reach the launching location, still half asleep.
Once arrived, they notice that the harbour is peaceful, and the alarm stops. Then the admiral appear in front of them, in jogging pants and tshirt.
"Quite bad performance, more than 3 minutes to come here, and yet, you didn't take your equipment and are not ready to go..."

"What the meaning of this !?" said Shouhou, upset.

"You need to train. Definitely. Be sure that the 2 next days will probably be some of the worst you could have in your entire lives !" the reply was clear and serious.

Zuihou trembles a bit. He notices it.

"Don't worry Zuihou, I won't hit you neither hurt you. I need you fresh for the upcoming battle... and ready !"
He takes a break, then continues explanations.
"Plus... I noticed that Kumano can't listen you during night, the ship isn't in alert and won't pay attention at us during night, except if we manage to do enough noise or if you open you audio channels with maximum volume... and this will be usefull !" The girls notices a sadist smile on their commander.

Hiyou yawns. The cute light carrier usually didn't go early at bed. "This has to change, Hiyou !" His call surprises her. "Let's be clear, everybody here will have to go to bed at 9:00 PM. Don't even try to sleep later, i'll check for sure !"
She sighs then gives a little smile "Yes.. sir, please try !"
He totally ignores her reply.

Zuihou remains totally silent with no reaction, worried.

"I definitely need to know about this and what is affecting her..." he thinks, closing his eyes.

"Okaaay ! Ladies, since the night is still long enough, let's start with warming up ! Follow me and i won't permit any stop !"

He starts running, with the 3 girls behind. He was thinking about going to the little airfield in construction, until Shouhou already shows weakness signs... after 500 meters, and Zuihou seems already breathless. He sighs then decides to slow down a bit.

"Hiyou, please go in front of us, to the airfield !" He passes behind then joined the both sisters.

"Ok... let's do this together." He smiles, extending his hands to them. "You can do it ! We can do it together !"

Zuihou looks at him, then take his hand, Shouhou hesitates few seconds then imitates her sister.
With moderate speed, they reach together the airfield.

The landing strip was built recently. It is made with clay but could already host some planes. 2 little hangars on one side, fuel tank on the other. It was modest but sufficient.

After a little break, training continues, Eric chains up exercises until sunrise, staying careful with his 3 trainees.

They are totally exhausted already, unfortenately for them , the day only started.

"Okay... Before we continue, let's have a break. Come with me." Before he goes to one of the hangar.
The building is simple, made of sheet metal and steel rods. The goes near a box, then take a tea set with a tea kettle and a gaz cylinder.

"Do you know how to prepare it !?" Hiyou seems doubtful.

"At home... I only drunk tea, green tea to be exact. So... maybe it won't be perfect, but you can still use it. Please take a sit and rest."

The 3 wet girls wouldn't refuse such proposition. Even Zuihou falls on her knees.
After few minutes, Eric gives a cup of tea to the exhausted beings. "Okay... Enjoy your drink, then... let's start serious stuff !" Then he brings his lips to his cup.

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Chapter 3A-2: Hard reality and new hopes

"Okay girls ! Time to train again !" Eric finishes his cup of tea.
"We are the airfield... so it's time to show we what you got with your planes." He designes the other hangar "You will find your training stuff, please equip yourself then come the end of the airstrip."

"I want to sleep ! I can't hold anymore." Hiyou complains.
"We are not unaccustomed with this kind of training... I don't know if we can take it..." Adds Shouhou
Even Zuihou's face shows her feelings.

"This is an order ! Stand up ! Immediatly !" His tone is clear and masterful. "If you want to die, then stay out of the airfield, do as you please during the next 2 days, then come to the battle and wait for your fate !" He looks even angry.

The 3 girls heads down, shameful.

Few seconds passes before one of them, Shouhou, reacts.
"Sorry... We shouldn't complain if you try to prepare us... but there is no point we can.."
"Shut up already !" He slaps her, Zuihou wants to jump on him, but Hiyou restrains her "I've promised you to do not hurt you..." Tears appear on Shouhou's face. "I really... really want that you beat them, you can do it ! But i need you, I need you give your best now."

He takes an hanky into his pocket, and dry tears on light carrier face.

He sighs "I'm sorry... Maybe i went too far this time."

The 3 girls remain silent in front of him.

He scratchs one's head "eeeeeerrh... Okay let's have a deal ! Let's continue training until lunch, then you are free until tomorrow !"

Surprised, they watch to each others, Hiyou gives him an exasperated look: "Ohe ! We are your ships, where do this pity come from !? And... after slapping Shouhou-san, it makes it worst ! You'll have to do her some proper excuses later !"

He blushes "I suppose... but.."

"But nothing ! Stay strong in front of us and keep your self control ! We have to follow your orders, but you have to consider our strenghts and weakness ! As you can see, we are ... useless actually ! Training ? yes ! But don't push us too much !..." Hiyou is even angry now. "I don't really like idiots who can't even understand what is happening around, don't take this way !..." She marks a break "Well... what are your exercices admiral ?"

He gives a look to Shouhou, full of regrets, she avoids him.

"Well... as i said before, please take training stuff in the second hangar, you will have several training planes... They are quite old, inefficients, but sufficient to train."

After few minutes, fully equipped, the carriers were ready to operate.

"Okay ! Now let's see how can you launch your planes ! Please start first Hiyou-san !".

She blushs a bit "hmm.. hmm okay !"

Hesitating, she deploys her flight deck using her scrolls... Then the little training plane, a little A5M claude materializes, takes-off.... and finally crash few meters after !

Eyes wide open, he does not looks at the others girls "Please... Zuihou, launch your aircraft."

The little carrier bends her bow.... and the arrow directly rush into the ground, the planes even didn't have time to materialize.

"Sho... Shouhou... Please !?" A sweat appears near a brow

The last CVL concentrates, then bends her bow... and the bowstring breaks off. Passing near Shouhou's face "Are you okay ?" he asks immediatly, she does not answer, avoiding his look, but she seems to be okay.

He sits on the ground "We really have a problem... It's even worst that i could imagine..." He thinks few seconds "Can you ask to your... fairies pilot to leave you for a while ? Is it possible ?"

Hiyou looks at him, curious "It is... But .. why ?"

"I can learn them to fly, and that would probably help you to make them takeoff".

She sighs "Okay ! But..." she marks a break "Go away, and don't look at us ! Or i'll kill you !"

He is surprised, what does it mean ? How fairies could go in and out of their ship... the response to this mistery will have to wait a bit ! He goes behind the hangar "It's not the good moment to sneak them... It would make me as horrible as the precedent Admiral..."

"Okay you can come now" calls Hiyou.

Back to the girls, he notices the numerous fairies at the feet of the ships. Several hundred "That much ?"

Hiyou replies immediatly "All are not pilots ! There are mecanos, supply-team, engine operators, and parts of the command crew. Without them, we would only be empty dolls, or simple humans."

"hmm.. okay, i suppose you can't operate without them actually.."

"We can't for sure !"

Zuihou approves a nod.

He look at the 3 girls "Okay... The lesson will probably last a bit. It's quite early right now, but it's okay... You three, take a nap while i do lesson to your crews, you can do it in the Hangar, there are some sleeping bags.. When i'll come wake you up. We couldn't speak anymore or Kumano could listen to you. I will write then we will speak again tomorrow. Dismiss now."

Without any contestations, the 3 carriers leave the place, Zuihou joins Shouhou and hugs her and smiles at her. The grand sister gives her a little thankful smile. Hiyou tells them few words.

With the 3 girls left, he looks at the crew. "Okay everyone ! It's time to learn you how to flight and operate your ship !"

Several hours later, after lunch, lesson finished. Eric is quite tired. "But the day is not done yet".

He decides to wake up the 3 sleepers, when he is stopped by the little fairies "wh... why ?!"
Fairies try to make him understand about they are taking their operation stations "Oh.. okay, i understand, i'll wait". He sits in front of hangar until the last of fairies leaves to the hangar, indicates him a 5 with his hand... probably telling him to wait 5 more minutes before going.

After waiting the requested time, he decides to go in. He comes at the nearest girl, Shouhou, when he approaches, she just naturally wakes up "Did you have a good sleep ?" he writes on a card, He smiles. She does not give him a shit, and leave the hangar, ignoring him. He sighs "I really broke something there..." He notices that the brand slap was still there. He goes at Zuihou next, he wakes up her carefully. She looks at him.. then same written question... same "answer", Zuihou leaves the building, obvisouly rancorous.
Then finally Hiyou "Did you sleep well ?"
She smiles, she writes "Not that bad ! It would be better if a shitty admiral didn't fail with us earlier !"

He sighs "Okay okay i take it..."

"Don't worry, if you do it well... things will be better soon enough !" She smiles.

"I hope so..."

Once everybody, he present them several instructions wrote on some boards, adding several explanations about the lauch of aircraft and ask them to try again, one by one.

Hiyou takes position, and starts again the manoeuver. This time, the planes takes off, and flies, quite unstable, but does not crash. He indicates on board to request that the planes land on airfield first.
The little "Claude" does a lap around airstrip then present itself in final landing. It does it safe. The admiral seems quite satisfied with this evolution. Hiyou got a childish smile and runs to pick up her little plane.

The commander makes a sign to Zuihou to do the same, this time, the arrow flies to the sky and materialize like the same plane than Hiyou. As the first plane, the little aircraft does a lap with a trembling fly then land.
Same happens with Shouhou. Looking at the girl, the brand slap seems to be just done few seconds ago.
He is curious about this... He will ask to hiyou about this later.

He asks them to practice with several planes.

Later, he gives new instructions, this time, the plane has to land on flight deck. The trainees seems less confident about this.. The exercice itself is quite hard for new pilots and untrained crew... and ships !
Hiyou starts the exercice, the little plane presents itself in landing, and Hiyou tries to position her flight deck to facilitate the plane job. The plane manages to land but have to be stopped by the barricade. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_deck)

Zuihou then does the exercice, but... and surprisingly, manages to realize it withtout any problem.

And finally Shouhou. But this time, plane miss the flight deck and end its course into the ground.. Shouhou runs at the damaged aircraft worried for her pilot, but the little fairy leaves the wreck withtout any injury, and stand up, as she tries to tell to her carrier "I'm ready for duty !". Shouhou takes her, and smiles. See at her smile make Eric quite happy. This amuses Hiyou, but she does not show it.

After several other exercices, the Admiral decides to call it a day. He writes "Okay... now you are free until tomorrow. As early as today ! We will have to accelerate things, you have to:
-Learn to perform aircraft flight at sea.
-Shoot at target, with all available weapons. Fixed target then moving one.
-Long range spotting.
-Learn about basic tactics.
-Special communication.
Have a good good rest and a good night !"

He smiles. Zuihou and Shouhou leaves to the base slowly. Hiyou comes at the admiral "You should act now Teitoku !" she whsipers to him.

He blenches "You.. you are right !"

He runs after the both sisters.
After catch them up, he calls "Shouhou ! Please wait"

She turns back, looks at him.

"I ... am ... verry sor..."

"Don't add anything ! I don't care about words ! Words mean nothing ! If you want apologize properly, act !" Then she moves again with her sister. Zuihou looks at him, he can read some mistrust into her eyes. He does not know what to do...
He went back on the airstrip.. then take the little damaged aircraft.
When Hiyou arrives and slaps him in the back "You are a bit stupid, are you ?"

"What should i do ?"

"Seriously ! Look at her ! It's not that difficult ! If you don't manage to understand, we can't trust you..."

She marks a break. Looks at the both sisters until they disappear. "Hiyou ?" he asks.

She smiles, then push him on a tree. "Heee !?" Then she comes close at him, posing her body sensually on him.
She looks him into the eyes "We have some time.... Maybe you could... push my training further... don't-you-think ?" She slid her finger into his chest.

What to think ? What could he do ? He tries to think, but he can't with this carrier rubbing against him.

"Nnnhh... No !" He rejects her. "I"m... sorry Hiyou-san ! You are very beautiful and then... and... , but... but... i can't ! And... why ? What's wrong with you now ? It's the wrong time to do this... !"

She smiles, then laughing out loud. "Okay okay ! Your reaction was cute !"

He does not understand, he remains voiceless.

"Don't worry... i was just.. kidding ! And ... it was a test ! If you were a such pervert, i would ignoring you like Zuihou-sisters. And of course, i would probably kick you before you could show me your.... stuff !" She looks at him up and down, he blushes. She laughs even more. Then she adds: "But i'm reassured you are not this kind of horrible person !" She gives him a gentle smile. "Well... I will give you a tip about Shouhou... remember about the slap !" She winks. "About my... proposition... maybe later !" She smiles.

He sighs "Hiyou...."

"Ahahaha, just kidding, just kidding ! You are not my kind to be honest !" She smiles "Okay... go now ! Don't be stupid".

He finally smiles "Thank you Hiyou, i hope i could help you later"

"Don't worry, if we... survive, you could have many occasions !"

He turns back then runs. He thinks about the tip. When he reaches the base, an idea comes. He goes to the storage and take something. Then rushes to the carriers bedroom.

He knocks on the door.. no response, he sighs, concentrates then decides to go.

"Come in !"

He enters the bedroom. Shouhou looks at him angry "I didn't tell you to enter ! What's wrong with you !?"

"Please Shouhou-san... just leave me one chance !?"

She looks at him "Okay... so... what's now ?" Crossing her arms. He approaches, while she retreats a bit.
He puts in hand into the object from the storage.. It seems to be some type of oil. Then he extends hand to the woman face, to the slap mark. She blushes instantly. But the sensation she feels next was warm, sweet.. even pleasant. Zuihou is here, she does not know what is happening, she just observes. He puts his hand into the object again. Shouhou finally notices that it's a bucket. He treats the little injury carefully. The brand slap starts to disappear. After few minutes, the skin is back to normal. Shouhou looks at him, tears in eyes.

"Don't.... don't think it will be sufficient... If you want I pardon you... I need others repairs !" She turns back "Don't look !"
Before he understands what is happening, she lets her top falls, leaving her back bare. He blushes, looking away. After few seconds, maintaining her breast hidden with her hands "Please look on my back..."

He gives a look, then... he is frightfully surprised by the several scars on her back. "What..." He started
"Don't ask about it... please just... fix me !" she interrupts him then she lies on her stomach.

He applies the special oil on her back for several minutes, rubbing her back with his hands. Sometimes, she moans. "So cute !" He thinks.
When the "repairs" end, he puts a cover on her. "Are you feeling better ?"

She looks at him... and finally smiles "Yes.. thank you... But please.. never do again something like you did this morning."
"I won't forget... !"
"No words ! Some acts !"
He smiles.
Zuihou is smiling near too.

"Okay... now please have a good rest !" He kisses her on cheek. She blushes instantly but does not react. Zuihou blushes, surprised !

He leaves the room. Once the doors closed, he does himself a facepalm, then blushes "What the hell did just I do !?"

Hiyou, while she remains hidden in the corridor, smiles. "Things between these guys could become interesting !"