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How my LSC works.

When we got to the construction docks, the construction girls greeted me again. I went to the monitor
and did a LSC[Large Scale Construction] with 1500 fuel, 1500 ammo, 2000 steel, and 1500 bauxite.

The Construction girls started making the new ship, when suddenly, one of them tripped and accidentally
flamethrowered the ship. The result was a submarine.

"Uuummm.. I'm Maruyu. P-pleased to meet you" She was a small girl, wearing a white swimsuit.

"Wait...you're a submarine right?" I've seen Admiral Bunny's submarines. She was quite different.

"uhh. O-of course I am. What do you think??" She pouted. She's cute.

"Well, I'm Admiral Chiffonn, pleased to meet you as well" I bowed, then took her hand.

"Hawawa.. T-thank you admiral! f-for taking Maruyu in..." She's a really earnest girl. I like her.

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Hmmm..... I'm imagining the story with an ending like this and I keep laughing~

presenting Peggisan's debut short story thing.....clapclapclapclapclap....

nukonuko chucked softly. on the monitor in front of him, the soldering remains of the 6th dev destroyer daughters flickered in the dim light of the control room.
"Captain nuko, we are nearly at the himeuta hq." A silent voice cut through from the background. Ka replaced mask immediately after speaking, her single blue eye being the only other light source in the the room.
Nuko sighed. "I might as well visit the forums one last time before I blow up the main servers." Several clicks, multiple rapid radios of the keyboard, in one well practiced motion the image on the monitor changed to that of general chat thread.
"Oh my" nukos face showed both awe and disgust, "they are already on gct#548...this has gone on for too long, this will be the final gct! Ka, prepare to fire all torpe-"
Nuko paused. On the bottom left hand corner of the screen, a white box...

--you have 1 notification--

Another sigh. "Well, I guess one last post won't hurt"

«leyana 11:52pm» oh my, it's Nuko.nuko welcome back

«Leyana 11:52pm» Nuko.nuko...I know what you're planning

«leyana 11:53pm» (censored)

A drop of blood flowed from nukos nose.

«leyana 11:54pm» (censored)

more nsfw, the blood flowing from nukos nose turned into a steady stream

"CAPTAIN!" Ka shouted in a panicked voice "your nose"
"I can't do anything about it, this is an anime setting, it's impossible to so a nosebleed...the volume if blood that comes out of your nose is much greater than your actual volume of blood youth body contains." Nuko explained in a monologue, another anime gimmick used to explain impossible scenarios and complicated techniques.

«leyana 11:55pm» (censored)
«leyana 11:55pm» (censored)
«leyana 11:56pm» (censored)
«leyana 11:56pm» (censored)
«leyana 11:56pm» (censored)

Nukos nosebleed turned into a small fountain, for anime nosebleeds always increase on an intensity scale with the equation of 2^x where x is defined is the number of lewds

«leyana 11:56pm» (censored)
«leyana 11:57pm» (censored)

The small control room soon began to flood, blood everywhere, up to his shoulders...neck...mouth........eyes...until the entire room was flooded.

«leyana 11:57pm» (censored)
«leyana 11:58pm» (censored)
«lycanous 11:59pm» leyana, do I need to remind you of the rules again...
"R15+ images or lewd images, are not strictly forbidden, but please do not spam them. " at least use nsfw tags.....

--the end--

Akira Ryou
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I wanna try to write fan fics:

Lying around with her on top of the hill, I held her hand
As we watched the starry sky She told me "I always wanted to be star, so I can see and guide the ones I love"
as she said that, she looked at me smiling, with watery eyes.....

I returned a smile and said "Your will be always be a star for me, now till we part," as I said that,
she nodded while tears falling down, and held my hand tightly,

As the hours goes by, under that starry sky, we held each other, lying on that hill,..... She thanked me for the things I have done and apologized for the wrong things that she had done, after that she said "Dont you ever forget me," with a little smile,

I was shocked when she said that, "Wait, what are you saying?" I said,
"Oh its nothing, its getting late we should get back", she changed the topic quickly,
"Well, If you say so", I said, as we get back home, I wondered why she said that, as I accompanied her to her house
"Thanks, See you, I love you and Take care on your way home", she said to me and gave me a kiss,
"Ok you too, I love you" I said back.

After I got home I'm still wondering about what she said, so I tried to text her and asking if there's something wrong,
she didnt replied, I tried calling but all I get is the busy tone, "Hmm, I guess now is not the time for me to ask her" so I said,
"Well I'll try asking her tomorrow",

When morning came I took a bath and went to her house, as I got there, her Aunt was crying in the living room "Aunt Marge what Happened where's Jane?", she looked at me, and said "Chris, Jane is... Jane is...", "Wait what happened to Jane, please tell me!" I begged her hoping for a good answer, "She was sent to the hospital, sh-she was diagnosed of ca-cancer stage 2, th-the doctor said she a few weeks left", aunt said, "Wait what!, is there any other options?", i said loudly, I now know the reason she said those things to me on that hill.... "Jane, you should have told me,.." tear running down my face, as Aunt Marge hugged me,

Days gone by and I went to the hospital everyday, visiting her with stories to tell,.... But she was asleep, always asleep,.....
day's gone to weeks, and the day I didn't want to come approached,

I visited her in the hospital again, to see her awake, "Morning Jane!" I said, "Morning Chris" she said back..... as I tell her of the stories I have she suddenly said "Lets go star gazing to the top of that hill again"...... "Wait, are you ok to be outside?, " I said back....

"Yes the Doctor said I can only go out at night, and I really want to go with you again" she said.... "Well Ok if you insist, but only for an hour Ok" i said back, she nodded her head and smiled..... as we got to the hill...... I placed a picnic cloth on the grass and laid down with her,.....

She held my hand and I held hers, as we go on to talk of the starry sky,.... "I love you Chris" she said suddenly,.... "I love you too Jane" I said back..... she again Thanked me and Apologized, with tears running down her face, I hugged her tightly, and said "OK," and kissed her forehead.... She again said a faint "I love you" and I noticed that she was cold, I put on a blanket on her, and I said "Lets go back"..... but she didnt replied or move....

"Jane, Jane!" I cried..... "Please Jane wake up, please, dont leave me please JANE!!"... i cried,..... "We have lots more things to do!,... to get married to have kids,... to have a family, to grow old together, please JANE wake up!! dont leave me alone!!!" I cried for the whole night......

We decided to bury her on that top of the hill we always went to as kids,.... everyday I go there to tell her of my days,... Every night I noticed a Bright star on my way home,..... as I see that star I always say "Hey Jane, your there arent you?" with a smile and tears running down my face......

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I can't believe I'm doing this.

>Implying I can write :^)


7th of July, 1939. Vice Admiral Tsukishima's Office, Eastern Tokyo

"Admiral, dinner is served. Please proceed to the mess hall." Shoukaku whispered into my ear in her usual sweet voice.
"I will be done in five minutes, and don't forget to knock next time." I replied coldly. To be honest, I wouldn't even stop after an hour. It was just a habit of mine to extend my work time by five minutes.

In front of me was a mountain of paperwork, all due on the 9th of July. As a newly-promoted Vice Admiral, I had to fill out transfer forms among other things, hence all the trouble. Normally I would spend hours upon hours with the ship(girls) in lieu of their morale, but the Admiralty Board has decided to deliver paperwork to fill out by the bulk. Not that I blame them of course, it is just standard operating procedure for promotions.

"There's no way you will be able to finish these in two days." Shoukaku muttered, knowing my diligence for this sort of work. "Please let me h-"
"You know, these things require my signature!" I exclaimed, knowing that she's already ready to do almost anything to ease my burden.
"Just have dinner without me, I'm sure the others are already waiting." I said while sifting through pages of dotted lines. It was at that point I heard the door quietly get shut. I'm betting something crazy will happen though, it always has.

True to my predictions, something did happen ten minutes later. I wish it was something like Mutsu exploding for the nth time (it's just a scratch according to her), but that is far from the case. What my eyes saw was a goddess wrapped in a ribbon just for me to see. No, not just a goddess. There were two goddesses, all in their wrapped splendor. One was white-haired and had almost perfect body proportions with hair that could probably match Rapunzel. I would disgress that in another man's eyes, she would probably be a dream. The other had stocky legs, neatly cut shoulder- Iength hair and glasses that definitely suit her. I stopped moving my pen in awe of what has beholden in my vision. At that moment, the two figures hopped onto my lap.

"Admiral, dinner is served."


ok brb dota.

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May 24, 2014
Sakhalin Naval Base, Sakhalin, Russia
0119 hours

The door squeaked. A girl tried to peek into the Admiral's office.

"Teitoku... when are you going to sleep?"

"Oh, Agano? Why are you staying up late? Yahagi won't forgive me if she sees me overwork her beloved sister, you know?"

Agano giggled.

"Hardworking as always... do you want me to help you out with those papers?"

"I'd rather be the only one with the eyebags among us girls. Go to sleep."

"Alright then... ja ne~"

Agano slowly closed the door and tiptoed her way to her bedroom. Finally, after a good 20 minutes of paperwork, I booted off the computer systems, turned off the office's lights and slept on the desk, resting my head on my crossed arms.

"Piece of shit compass..." I muttered, regretting my failed sorties and the responsibility I have to take for not complying with the daily objectives. I had to write a 5-page report and an apology letter to explain everything that happened today. Jeez.


May 26, 2014
Sasebo Naval Base, Sasebo, Japan
1848 hours

Five shipgirls sat on a round dinner table dressed in Italian suits. They were sipping on cocktails, discussing "serious" matters. These five girls - Shiranui, Sendai, Kaga, Ashigara and Mutsu - may be Sasebo's guests of honor but these girls were the subject of fear amongst the locals. Their mafioso atmosphere struck terror into their hearts. There were a few who were unfazed by it though...

Three kanmusus walked by the round table, wearing orange naval uniforms. One of them looked similar- short twintails, fair skin, and a youthful body. This girl approached her doppelganger and started a little conversation, much to her two sisters' concern.

"Hey, so uhh... are you Sakhalin's light cruiser Sendai, flagship of the 5th Destroyer Squadron?"

The suited up Sendai was slightly surprised by the question, seeing that it came from someone who looked exactly like her.

"Oh? Ah yes, that's me, what is it?"

"I was just wondering if you like night battles, since we're both Sendais and all..."

"Of course I do. I get to sink enemy ships before they can even get to see me, what's not to like?"

"I see..." Before she can excuse herself to go back to her sisters, Sasebo's Sendai noticed a shiny ring wrapped around her lookalike's finger. The tiny turquoise gem sparkled right before her eyes, promptly giving her another question to raise.

"Then, how often would you have night battles with your admiral?"

The one in the suit leaned on her chair, crossed her legs and raised her glass. She faced her twin with a sinister smile.

"I do it every night, my friend. Every night."

Witnessing the conversation from a few steps away, Naka and Jintsuu's faces turned red. Thoughts of their elder sister potentially being threatened at gunpoint were immediately replaced with something a bit more... green.

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Nyaha so this is where you post fanfics~ Read exchange huh?

Well let's start with what I posted back in GCT 7~

First Kancolle fic I've ever made. Focuses on clearing 3-2 in Shigure's point of view. Features Amatsukaze, Yukikaze, Shimakaze, Yuudachi and Verniy

It was raining. Odd as it was, she had felt more comfortable. Though some of the more energetic ships back in the base had never really like rainy days she felt different, after all the rain had always reminded her of her beloved sisters.

‘What a comfortable rain…’

“I’ll show you the nightmare of Solomon!”

She was brought out of her musings by the all too familiar battle cry. She looked towards her sister Yuudachi. The usually carefree and playful sister she was used to had assumed a more serious demeanour. Her red eyes were directed towards the approaching fleet of abyssals that they had encountered en route to their target.

‘They’re fast approaching… Admiral, please watch over us. I hope everything goes well’

“Hmmm… The rain is quite troubling but a nice wind is blowing… Let us commence with this battle”

She turned her attention towards one of the newest members of their fleet, Amatsukaze. The appearance of her hair and general demeanour was reminiscent to that of a cat’s. The ship that carried the name “Heavenly wind” had joined them only for a short time but had quickly proven her capability and had been tasked to perform this operation with them despite its difficulty.

“Hmph… Well everyone should try and keep up with me!”

Next to her was Shimakaze, the ship that carried the name of “Island wind”. She had the tendency to boast about her speed and could be quite the problem child but she was rather endearing that way. It helped that her boasts were not empty. She was easily the fastest ship in the fleet if turbines weren’t considered.

“Un! I can feel the kiss of the fortune goddess! We’ll definitely be able to finish our mission this time!”

The energetic voice beside them was Yukikaze, the “snowy wind”. She felt they were rather similar in certain regards and despite their lack of interaction with each other she had always felt a sort of connection with her. She would make sure to fix that when they return, it would be nice to bond with another ship who knew the burden of ‘luck’.

“Well then, let us start”

Next to Yukikaze was the soft-spoken Verniy. She was taciturn and rarely expressed herself. It didn’t matter however. It was easy to see how much she cared for her comrades when you see the determination in her eyes. She resolved herself to help the girl open up a bit more when they got back.

She turned her attention in front and saw that the abyssals were closing in.

‘One ru-class battle ship and a ri-class heavy cruiser accompanied by two ta-class light cruisers and two ha-class destroyers… it would usually be two heavy cruisers or two battleships. Yukikaze was correct… it seems we are quite fortunate right now’

“Everyone, please assume a line abreast formation! Remember that our intention is to minimize the damage until we reach the target! Please do not be reckless!”

Her fellow ships nodded in affirmation. Even the usual troublemaking Shimakaze had been obedient. It was after all not the first time they had attempted this operation.

‘We will not fail again. All of us have trained hard. Admiral, this time we will return victorious’

The rain grew stronger as if to respond to her determination.

“I see you” She uttered towards her opponents. A habit she developed over the long course of expeditions and sorties she had experienced.

The Kiska Island Withdrawal Tactics

It was the name given to this particular operation. The sorties in Kiska Islands were notorious to the admirals as it had a strange effect on the compass. Marked as 3-2 , it was the bane of many due to the requirements to clear it.

Essentially, in order for a fleet to advance during sorties, they needed the guide of a compass. It was the only proven way to navigate the abyssal plagued waters. It allowed fleets to travel in between ‘nodes’ or keypoints.

The mechanics behind it had yet to be determined however it was revealed that certain locations had a tendency to interfere with the compass. Though using a certain fleet compositions seemed to remedy the problem.

In Kiska Island’s case, the fleet composition required six destroyers. Six destroyers were required to do battles against battleships and heavy cruisers, ships that are more than capable of causing critical damage to them in one shot. It was one of the greatest challenges and road blocks the admirals had to face.

Hence in order to succeed with the sortie, several destroyers were picked among the fleet and trained extensively. The battleships and carriers in the fleet had helped a great deal with their training as they were unable to participate in the operation itself. Remodels and rampant modernization were also performed to each of them and by the end of it their levels matched the battleships and carriers themselves.

She took pride in the fact that she and her sister were chosen for the operation. However despite the amount of preparation they had made they had still experienced consecutive failures. Every time they had tried, they were forced to return with their heads bowed down in shame.

Despite that however their Admiral had never told them off or had scolded them. The look of concern he had always shown when they had returned had always pained her slightly.

She felt that she didn’t deserve such a thing. She was truly thankful of her admiral who advocated the “no sinking policy” in their fleet but every time she returned with the others after having failed the operation, the shame she felt made it more difficult to accept the kindness.

It was why she was so determined to succeed this time around. It was why every single one of them was hell bent on pushing past the abyssals and defeating the boss node.

It was also why she had felt a slight frustration right now.

“Uuuuuuh… I-I’m fine. We should continue! Even like this there’s no way those abyssals can keep up with me!” her voice was laced with frustration and her eyes were teary. The black ribbon on her head was torn and her clothes were ripped apart making for a rather embarrassing sight.

‘It truly frustrates me that we will have to return once again in failure… however it is far too risky to proceed with Shimakaze damaged’

The battle had gone well enough at the start, everyone had been focused on minimizing their damage however Shimakaze who seemed to have drawn the abyssal fleet’s attention was focus fired and though she had been able to evade, a single stray shot form the abyssal battleship had caught her off guard and left her damaged.

She looked at everyone to see how they were doing. Yuudachi was staring intently at the direction where their target was located, Verniy was off to the side with her eyes closed, and awaiting further instructions, Yukikaze and Amatsukaze were tending to the damaged Shimakaze.

There was silence among them. They all knew what was going to come next. The frustration and disappointment could be seen clearly in their expressions and demeanour but the decision she had to make was obvious.

”We’re returning. Remember the rule, we are to immediately return to base if any of us are in risk of sinking” She uttered calmly. Despite her desire to continue, she would rather experience a thousand more failures than having one of her comrades sink.

“No! I-I won’t sink! The damage isn’t too much so I can still manage! We need to continue, please!” Shimakaze argued. She had been part of the many attempts to clear the Kiska Islands as well so she, more than anyone else, did not want to be the one to cause the failure of their operation.

“Shimakaze” Amatsukaze called her and placed her hands on Shimakaze’s shoulders. Her tone of voice was stern. Shimakaze simply looked at her in response supressing the urge to cry.

“Shimakaze. I understand why you want to continue but we cannot risk you sinking. I know you are frustrated but we can’t afford to lose anyone. We are going home now, understood?“

“No! I can still go on! I-I don’t want to retreat after we’ve gone so far! I would rather sink than fail again! That’s why--”


A hard slap caught everyone’s attention. A red mark on Shimakaze’s cheek was left by Amatsukaze’s hand.

“Do not ever speak like that. Do not ever say such words ever again.”

The anger was apparent from her tone of voice and her face.

“Uuuuuh…. *sniff*… I just… I just don’t wanna fail again….” It was then that the tears had started to pour. Amatsukaze came closer and gently pulled her into an embrace and stroked her head.

“There there, it’s okay. We can just try again after we get you fixed up.” Amatsukaze held her tighter and allowed her to cry on her shoulder. Shigure simply breathed a sigh and smiled at the sight before her.

‘Amatsukaze is right. Even if we fail now we can just try again. There won’t be any point in succeeding if one of us doesn’t make it back home’

“It’s okay. Everything will be okay. We can always try again. Victory means nothing if a sacrifice is necessary to achieve it.” She approached the crying Shimakaze and gave her a gentle smile and a pat on the head. Shimakaze looked at her with a conflicted face.

‘I know. I understand fully. If only there was a way I could take your pain away I would do so now…however…’

She had already prepared to give the order to retreat but Yukikaze’s voice interfered.

“I’ll protect her!” She shouted catching everyone’s attention.

“It’s okay for us to continue. I’ll protect Shimakaze no matter what! I won’t let her sink!”

“Yukikaze, I understand but—“

“I shall protect her as well.” This time Verniy chimed in as well. The determination in her eyes was apparent to those who looked. There was no doubt she would jump in and take a hit if the situation calls for it.


“Naah Shigure, we’re not allowed to like, sink right? Then we just have to protect Shimakaze! Don’t worry! I will protect Shimakaze too!” This time her sister gave her a large smile in hopes of assuring her.

“I know… I know how everyone feels but…”

“Shigure” Amatsukaze called her name and gave her a warm smile.

“It’ll be fine. I can confirm to you that this one here wasn’t seriously damaged. As long as we’re careful, then she should be okay” She continued while pinching Shimakaze’s cheek.

She was slightly overwhelmed and took a look at the ship in question.

“Please. I promise I won’t get hit.” It spoke volumes when the usual arrogant and boisterous Shimakaze pleaded honestly.

“*sigh*… I understand. We’ll proceed” She couldn’t help but give a wry smile at the current situation.

‘Please. Please. Whoever is watching over us now. Please let us all go home together’

She pleaded with all her might in her heart. Despite her agreement, the fear of losing a comrade started to spring up inside her.

The rain grew weaker and turned into a drizzle.

‘Admiral… please give us strength’

“Alright, once again please assume the line abreast formation and focus on minimizing damage. We need to bring this into night battle for us to have the best chance of success. However if you see the opportunity to take down the enemy without harm to yourself then by all means take it. Shimakaze, please be careful okay?”

She spoke with a commanding tone. She had personally never felt that she was fit for such a role nor should the ‘term’ commanding ever be associated with her but the admiral and her sisters had decided to place their trust in her so she would do her best regardless.

“Un! Those abyssals won’t even be able to touch me!” Her former energy now restored, Shimakaze replied while making sure that her position was slightly behind the others. They took the line abreast formation and prepared themselves for the coming battle.

At that moment the abyssal fleet arrived, two Ho-class light cruisers, accompanied by two I-class destroyers and two Wa-class transport ships.

‘We’ve fought them many times yet their forms still unnerve me’

Without doubt the Wa-class transport ships were the most grotesque in comparison to the I-class destroyers and Ho-class Light cruisers.

‘However, this should be easier to deal with compared to the last battle…’

Their last battle had included battleships and heavy cruisers, the opposing fleet this time paled in comparison.


A loud bang resounded as Verniy fired the opening shot. The shot was aimed at the Ho-class flagship but it was able to evade at the last moment. The action drew the attention of the enemy fleet towards her but as they prepared to fire, a barrage of shots were released.

“This is a good wind! Commencing attack! Shimakaze, Yukikaze, let’s go!”

The three ships that held the wind in their names stepped up and fired at the I-class destroyers and Wa-class transport ships. The sound of explosions and smoke were blasted atop the open seas as the I-class destroyers and Wa-class transport ships were hit.

Soon enough large waves were made as both transport ships sunk to the depths of the sea. One of the enemy destroyers was moderately damaged but still able to do battle while the other was left unscathed.

Before the damaged transport ship could recover however, it was quickly shot down by Shigure.

‘Yes. We can do this. We just need to keep this up’

“I’ll start with this one then! Poi~” Yuudachi followed up with her Type-B Kai 2 12.7cm twin mounts, firing at the Ho-class flagship. Her firepower that easily rivalled that of other heavy cruisers would’ve completely destroyed the flagship if not for the interference of the remaining destroyer.

The shot was blocked successfully but the destroyer was left moderately damaged from it.

“…?! Prepare yourselves!” Amatsukaze’s shout warned the others of the incoming attack. They turned their attention towards the other Ho-class destroyer, preparing its 5 inch AA cannon.

The shot created waves as it hit the water. They were able to evade but their formation was broken and their view was obscured by the splashes of water caused by the continuous shots from the enemy.

“Shimakaze!” It was the only thing she could think of as she was evading the shots fired by the enemy. This time both the Ho-class flagship and the remaining I-class destroyer joined in.

The surroundings grew darker as the sun set. She was momentarily reminded of a certain light cruiser back at the base who would always wake up the moment the sky became dark but she shook it off.

“Shimakaze!” She continued to evade as she traversed the waters looking for Shimakaze. She could hear the others exchanging shots with the enemy, she thought of joining but there was something inside her telling her to find Shimakaze first before everything else.

“Augh…” The slight whimper caught her attention. She turned towards the direction of the voice to see Shimakaze barely evading the concentrated fire from the I-class destroyer. It seemed that the attacks had dealt her some more damage and lowered her ability to evade.

“?!” Her heart almost leapt from her chest as she saw the Ho-class light cruiser preparing to fire at Shimakaze from the side.

‘I-I’m too far!’

“Shima—“ Her shout was cut short as she had forced her body to evade the attack form the Ho-class flagship. She returned fire only for the enemy to evade with ease. Sounds of explosion came from her side and she feared for the worst.

‘No! Please, please be alright!’

“Shimakaze?!” She shouted hoping with all her heart that Shimakaze was safe. As some fo the smoke from the explosions cleared she couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

What she saw was a moderately Yukikaze and Amatsukaze helping a seriously damaged Shimakaze. The offending Ho-class light cruiser was seriously damaged presumably from an attack by one of her comrades.

Verniy came in to assist them but as they were helping move Shimakaze the three abyssal prepared to attack.

“…. T-too slow!!” The damaged Shimakaze suddenly stood up and performed a double attack with on the seriously damaged Ho-class light cruiser successfully sinking it. The strain she felt afterwards however had rendered her immobile.

“Ah! Verniy from behind!”
“From the side as well!”

Yukikaze and Amatsukaze’s shouted but to no avail. None of them were able to move due to supporting the unconscious Shimakaze and all of them would rather sink than abandon her.

“Don’t you dare!”

The I-class destroyer that had still not been damaged to that point was hit by a double attack from the side while the Ho-class flagship ate a combination of shots and an oxygen torpedo. Both were utterly wrecked from the attacks and promptly fell to the depths of the seas.

They were prompter to look at the figures of Shigure and Yuudachi. One could easily see the anger in their eyes. Shigure, often the calmest and most gentle among the ships on the base and Yuudachi one of the most energetic and playful were now standing atop the water weapons held out and completely serious.

Their forms were both assuring and intimidating to see.

The next second however completely ruined the intimidating image as Shigure clasped her hand, placed it on her chest and heaved a large sigh of relief. Yuudachi on the other hand almost capsized them by tackling them and pulling them into a hug.

“A-ah… did we win?” The utterance of Shimakaze who had just regained her consciousness put a smile on everyone’s face.


He quickly returned to his office as he heard that the destroyer fleet sent out to clear the Kiska Islands have returned from their sortie.

‘I don’t recall seeing them in the docks… maybe the operation had failed again. I hope all of them are okay’

He approached the door to his office a bit curious about the noise coming from the inside.

As he opened it he was greeted by a gentle smile from Shigure.

“Admiral. There were some difficulties but we’ve returned victorious”
He was a bit taken back from the statement and gave the other destroyers a look.

Yuudachi was tightly embracing a heavily damaged Shimakaze while furiously rubbing her cheeks against her own. Yukikaze was trying get Shimakaze away from Yuudachi. A slightly damaged Amatsukaze and Verniy were off to the side with small smiles on their face.

He turned his attention back to Shigure. He couldn’t help but laugh at the sight a bit.

“Welcome home. You’ve all done well. Please enter the docks and get yourselves resupplied. All of you have the day off tomorrow”

He said as he patted everyone’s head as a reward.

07-08-2014, 01:56 PM
Let's try something different shall we?

Well this could be considered a practice on making fics with similar themes. This was originally a full story but I decided to cut out one part of it since it seemed to be able to stand alone~

Anyway, here's "The Burden of Luck" featuring Yukikaze

She was there again.

It wasn’t anything new to her though she had always disliked it. She stood there on top of what would be considered her ship form in the past. It was a peculiar feeling. She couldn’t move from her spot nor could she utter any words.

It was unfortunate really. She wanted to avert her eyes, close it so she doesn’t have to bear witness to it once again but no matter where she turned she knew there would be despair. She wanted to cover her ears, not wanting to hear the shouts and screams, the sounds of explosions and gunfire yet even if she does the sounds would still be heard.

She could do nothing but watch. Watch the nightmare that she had seen countless times unfold once again.

“This is suicide… do they honestly think we have a chance?”

“Orders are orders. There’s no opposing the ones in power”

“I guess… I really… won’t be seeing them again”

It was a conversation between those in her crew. One she had heard countless times. One of the speakers had a family waiting for him. A loving a wife and two children, a family he cherished so much.

His tone carried resignation yet despite the hopelessness in their situation there was determination within those eyes of his.
She admired that. To be able to bravely face adversity despite knowing the unfavourable outcome, to be able to embrace death and have the will to fight to the very bitter end… she truly admired it.

It was the same for all of other men. Not just the crew that exited in her ship but to all the men aboard the other ships. She could see them as well, her fellow ships and their humane form on top of the ships that held their name. She could see Yamato, Yahagi, Hamakaze and Isokaze among others. She could recall that Asashimo, Kasumi and Hatsushimo were also present for this operation.

Their objective was to stop the invasion of Okinawa no matter what. Despite being deprived of fuel they had still departed from

Tokuyama at 1600 hours at the 6th of April. Many opposed it, many expressed their reservations, many proclaimed that it was suicide.
They couldn’t be more correct.

There was tension, tension so thick one would be able physically feel it. A swirl of emotion could be felt in the air itself. Hopelessness, resignation, despair… if she could speak, if she could in any way communicate with any of them she would tell them to turn back. To turn back and return to their families, to tell them that there was no victory waiting for them, to tell them that there was nothing waiting for them but death.

However she was unable to.

She knew it far too well and so she could only watch… watch as everything around her crumbled. Watch as her fellow ships got destroyed by bombs and torpedoes. Watch as the very ships that had sailed along her slowly sank to the cold depths of the ocean.

‘Asashimo… Hamakaze… Kasumi… Isokaze… Yahagi-san… Yamato-san…’

She called out to them despite knowing she wouldn’t be heard. Every hit they took was painful to witness. The sight of them sinking tore her heart apart.

…however there was something even more painful than that. One she could never forgive herself for.

She survived. Out of everyone who fought she of all the ships was able to come out alive.

She despised that fact more than anything else.

She looked down to see the men boarding her doing their best to save any survivors from the battle. She could see it, the small sense of relief they had after realizing that they would be able to live another day.

‘Unfair… it’s unfair… why was I the only one?’

She couldn’t help but ask herself every time. She still couldn’t understand it. She couldn’t understand why she survived. Why she had not sunk along with her comrades. Why she had not been struck by some wayward bomb or torpedo.

‘Go on, retreat. Live on’

It was what she could make out. She couldn’t hear anything but she could tell what the words were from the movement of the lips and the look on the faces of the humane forms of her comrade as they slowly wen down.

She truly hated those words but she decided that she would honour those words. She would honour their wish. No matter what
happened, no matter what she would face, no matter what insanity she would go through she would live on.

For the sake of those who sunk for the sake of those that fought alongside her, she would keep living. She would continue to survive and live the lives that the others had been deprived off.

That’s why… she would never sink.

She woke up feeling worn and heavy. She could feel her face wet with tears from the nightmare that plagued her sleep. The sun had yet to rise and the surroundings were still dark. The silence was deafening and uncomfortable.

“I won’t sink”

She repeated the phrase to herself. Some had found it annoying when she had incessantly said the phrase but she couldn’t help it.

It was reminder. A reminder to herself about the duties and obligations she had taken on. She felt the need to constantly remind
herself of such things so that she would never forget.


She sat up and hugged her knees unable to keep the tears from falling.

“I’m sorry”

She felt the need to apologize despite fully knowing it wouldn’t change a thing.

“I’m so sorry”

Whether her apology was for being one of the two that had survived the whole war or for being unable to do anything to prevent her comrades from sinking, even she wasn’t sure… but she felt she needed to say the words.

“I promise… I won’t sink. Not now. Not ever. So please watch over me”

She wouldn’t sink. She wouldn’t ever allow it. It wasn’t about pride. It wasn’t about upholding her title as a miracle ship.
It was simple.

She wouldn’t sink.

She shouldn’t sink.

She couldn’t sink.

She had no right to sink.

07-15-2014, 03:58 AM
I know a whole bunch of fanfic readers really hate OC's, but this is an idea that I've had for a while and I'm really just writing it down to pass the time.

Anyway, anyone know of some quirks of the Yorktown class aircraft carriers that are either interesting to know or are little known?

I'm working on a fanfic involving the aircraft carriers of the Battle of Midway, and their interactions once they meet up in modern day kanmusu form. The Japanese carriers will be the same as in Kancolle (obviously).

The personalities of the Yorktowns:

USS Yorktown: Has come to terms with her sinking at Midway, and has become friends with both Akagi and Kaga. Sort of an ambassador and tries to promote peace between the Americans and the Japanese. She cares for her sisters, and is the "onee-sama" figure.

USS Enterprise: Proud of being the most decorated ship in the US navy, she appears to be stuck up, and honestly quite naive. While she doesn't necessarily look down at others, she tends to think any other ships that disagree with her are just jealous of her.

USS Hornet: I'm thinking of two personalities, and I'm debating which would fit better...

1. The type A stepford smiler (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/StepfordSmiler). She seems happy and always tries to be cheerful, but she still can't get over the fact that she was abandoned during the battle of the Santa Cruz islands, and tries to avoid talking about the battle and her war experience.

2. The "War is Hell" personality (Don't know what else to call it). During the Doolittle raids, she was just as gung ho as Enterprise, but as the war went on, she slowly changed to become more irritable and pessimistic, eventually mistrusting pretty much anything, and becoming cynical.

Thoughts? Not even sure if you guys would be interested in reading such a fic either...

11-08-2015, 03:46 AM
Well this could be considered a practice on making fics with similar themes

11-08-2015, 09:07 PM
I know a whole bunch of fanfic readers really hate OC's, but this is an idea that I've had for a while and I'm really just writing it down to pass the time.

Anyway, anyone know of some quirks of the Yorktown class aircraft carriers that are either interesting to know or are little known?

I'm working on a fanfic involving the aircraft carriers of the Battle of Midway, and their interactions once they meet up in modern day kanmusu form. The Japanese carriers will be the same as in Kancolle (obviously).

The personalities of the Yorktowns:

USS Yorktown: Has come to terms with her sinking at Midway, and has become friends with both Akagi and Kaga. Sort of an ambassador and tries to promote peace between the Americans and the Japanese. She cares for her sisters, and is the "onee-sama" figure.

USS Enterprise: Proud of being the most decorated ship in the US navy, she appears to be stuck up, and honestly quite naive. While she doesn't necessarily look down at others, she tends to think any other ships that disagree with her are just jealous of her.

USS Hornet: I'm thinking of two personalities, and I'm debating which would fit better...

1. The type A stepford smiler (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/StepfordSmiler). She seems happy and always tries to be cheerful, but she still can't get over the fact that she was abandoned during the battle of the Santa Cruz islands, and tries to avoid talking about the battle and her war experience.

2. The "War is Hell" personality (Don't know what else to call it). During the Doolittle raids, she was just as gung ho as Enterprise, but as the war went on, she slowly changed to become more irritable and pessimistic, eventually mistrusting pretty much anything, and becoming cynical.

Thoughts? Not even sure if you guys would be interested in reading such a fic either...

I have arrived to aid you (especially since we're both working on American Kanmusu fics). I'm actually trying to do some research on the Yorktown carriers now since I'm trying to make Kanmusus for one of my fanfics, Culture Shock, and the redo of a Kancolle AU I had in mind (because now, I actually have an idea for a plot).

For quirks of the Yorktown carriers, Perhaps Yorktown could have a like towards cats? One of Lexington's fighter squadrons, the Felix Cat Squadron served on Yorktown during the Battle of Midway so maybe you could use that as a trait. Enterprise could also be a person who's a quick thinker because there's a lot of moments during WW2 where the crew did some pretty brave things. Enterprise's dive bombers were so outdated that the pilots had to dive at a steep angle (like we're talking straight down nosedrive) in order to drop their bombs; before Pearl Harbor happened, Enterprise was almost taken out by a kamikaze by the quick work of one of her pilots saved the whole ship.

For Hornet...Perhaps a possibility of merging the two personalities you have in mind? She could probably be like the energetic youngster of her sisters which hides the fact that she's actually quite pessimistic and possibly scared of the war because what happened to her during the original WW2. Or something like that, either way, I would love to read your fanfic when it's done!

As for me, I'm actually at a crossroads for another [S](yea, another, I feel the regret coming) Kancolle fic I wanted to try and write later in the winter once the semester is all said and done with. After playing around with a possible plot I had in mind, where actual girls became the Kanmusu instead of being summoned or built, and playing my Battle Girl High School game, I wanted to try and write a Kancolle fic that had a basis similar to Battle Girl High School: with the Kanmusu being high school students (well most of the Kanmusu) where one of their courses is, you know, fighting Abyssals and keeping the seas open for everyone. The admiral would play the role of the teacher, directing the students through their sortie classes, and with each mission success, there's new addition to the class/fleet.

Is that probably a bad idea? I'm summarized it because I'm working on the idea still but does it sound alright so far?

As for Culture Shock (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11365247/1/Culture-Shock), I'm editing the first two chapters since they were done when I was sleepy thus I couldn't really perform to the best of my ability, but I would really like if I could get constructive criticism or thoughts on the fic as it now? I'm about to head down a more sinister path with the fanfic because it's dealing with captured Kanmusu and stuff that goes down in prisoner of war camps so I want to know what I can improve on!

Oh, and enjoy a bit of this fanfic I did after a PvP that will probably be published soon called "Our Admiral's a Cat"

"The admiral's gotta be shitting us!" Maya yelled out, flabbergasted. It was another normal day at the base which meant it was also time for daily training battles with various other fleets from the admirals across the area...and it was just their luck that the fleet they were facing today for practice was a fleet that was way out of their league. The opposing fleet consisted of Shoukaku Kai Ni and Zuikaku Kai Ni with shiny new Reppus to boast along with their new armoured looks, the new anti-air destroyer Teruzuki, Hiei's sister Haruna, and the biggest pain of them all: Yamato class. Both of them.

This was a monstrous fleet compared to theirs: Akagi and Souryuu who both still have their basic planes since their upgrades; Hiei Kai Ni (the person everyone was rooting for because of how well she performed in these practice battles); Verniy, armed with Yuudachi's K2 gun and a couple of torpedo mounts; Sendai, the weakest of the current makeup but she was a part of this battle because the admiral believed that she needed to gain the experience for her remodel; And Maya, leading the fleet as the flagship of the day. Sighing to herself, Maya turned to her fleet who all were sharing the same type of doubt. "Okay listen, we might be overpowered but we can handle this. Hibiki, provide support for Akagi and Souryuu for when they shoot their planes. Hiei, we'll


All eyes turned on Sendai as she fired off her main guns towards Yamato, effectively catching the battleship off-guard. There was a large explosion, causing ripples to produce across the seafloor and everyone to shield their eyes from the dust. When the smoke all cleared, everyone just looked on in silence before...

"Yamato has been heavily damaged! Yamato is out of the battle!"

"Holy shit! Sendai actually took out Yamato!" Maya yelled out, shocked before her surprised look turned into a smirk. "Alright, we might actually win this thing! Come on! Let's kick some ass!"