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10-13-2016, 09:34 PM

▼ New Content
Volume 2 Chapter 8 [Ruler's Sword] released.
New Equipment and New Skills added
Discuss here (http://himeuta.org/showthread.php?8127-Kanpani-Volume-2-Chapter-8-Clearing-Discussion)

▼ Campaign
[Dark Elf Campaign] begins
Duration: 10/14 (Fri) to 10/21 (Fri) maintenance
See this post for more details (http://himeuta.org/showthread.php?8128-Campaign-Dark-Elves)

▼ Improvements
Battle graphics processing load has been reduced. (PC)
Mass Layoff UI has been improved. (Android/iOS)

▼ Changes and Fixes
Fixed a display issue in [Demon From Another World]
Fixed a display issue in Class Up. (Android/iOS)
Fixed a display issue when recruiting an employee. (Android/iOS)

▼ Other
The following employees have had their resume rates returned to normal

Saga Nordgren
Enju Imakurusu
Cinzia Ghiglia
Harmonics Acs
Miriam Loschmidt

[Valkyria Knights Campaign] has ended

Main Quest New Chapter [Ruler's Sword] released! Today's update finally brings Volume 2 Chapter 8!
In this chapter, the story's puzzles will slowly begin to unravel...!?
Volume 2 Chapter 8 brings new equipment series, the [Holy Series], [Vulkan Series], and [Strom Series]. The [Holy Series] weapons have new Light Type Skills! Use these new weapons to help Monique and co cut through the darkness!
[Dark Elf Campaign] begins!
Dark elves will appear in the quest, with various popular items dropping.
Dark Elves will have an increased resume rates!
During the period, [Fanaril], [Sytry], [Melnor], and [Ainor] will have an increased resume rate!
Duration: 10/14 to 10/21 Maintenance

There is maintenance for an update planned for the following time frame.
While maintenance is occurring, [Kanpani☆Girls] will be unavailable.

Maintenance Time: 10/14 (Fri) 13:00 ~ 17:00 JST
※Maintenance ending time is subject to change.

Another slightly earlier than normal maintenance. Might get a new story chapter which will include the Light weapons and another campaign (Demons?) out of it.