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    [Campaign] Summer President Support

    ▼ [Summer President Support Quest] appears!
    During the campaign, the [Summer President Support Quest] appears!
    Rare items such as the popular [Limited] Gold Postbox, and [Limited] Rainbow Anvil, and the new [Limited] Cool Evening Post will drop. Also, a new limited accessory appears!

    Furthermore, old event equipment from [Kanpani☆Summer Festival 2015] event returns with Special Effects!

    ▼ Earn Presents with more clears!
    During the campaign, clear the [Summer President Support Quest] a certain number of times to earn rewards!

    5x Clears! ... [[Limited] Gold Postbox] + [Perabbit Castella]
    15x Clears! ... [[Limited] Summer Festival Hammer] + [[Limited] Rainbow Anvil]
    30x Clears! ... [Bottle in Jelly Ramune Flavour] + [Great Fairy's Pendulum]
    50x Clears! ... [Summer Flower Yukata]
    75x Clears! ... [Food Pack] + [Career Up Badge]
    110x Clears! ... [Resource Set] + [[Limited] Magical Furnace]
    150x Clears! ... [[Limited] Black Fairy's Envelope]
    +50x Clears! ... [Perabbit Castella]

    ※ Presents will be delivered directly to your in-game mail after achieving the clear count
    ※ There may be a slight delay between delivery
    ※ Presents must be collected before the 8/18 maintenance or they will expire
    ※ PC Version can view their current progress by clicking the banner on the bottom right below the game frame

    ▼ [Limited] Cool Evening Post appears!
    New item [Limited] Cool Evening Postbox appears
    - Further increases the chance of resumes appearing from refreshing Japanese style employees for 15 minutes [Limited: 8/18 maintenace]
    ※ [Limited] Cool Evening Post applies to resumes from the below employees
    Mikoto Kisaragi ☆5 Hatamoto (Ronin)
    Hinano Nasu ☆5 X-Sniper (Archer)
    Chika Mitsurugi ☆4 Gokenin (Ronin)
    Hazuki Nasu ☆4 Sniper (Archer)
    Shirayuri Sakura ☆4 Bishop (Cleric)
    Yui Kasin ☆4 Wizard (Magician)

    ▼ Campaign Limited Sales
    - Resource Set
    During the campaign, there will be a time limited Resource Set available in the Shop
    The Resource Set will recover 1500 Wood, Stone, and Steel when used

    - Food Pack
    During the campaign, there will be a time limited Food Pack available in the Shop
    The Food Pack will recover 3000 Bread when used

    - Bottle in Jelly
    During the campaign, there will be Bottle In Jelly available in the Shop
    After use, gain 250% more EXP in Main Quest for 45 minutes. Stacks with the [Adventurer's Manual].

    Perabbit Castella
    Recovers 500 Bread.

    Bottle in Jelly Ramune Flavour
    Gives 300% EXP in Main Quests and Character Story for 45 minutes.

    Bug Catching Prog
    Accessory. High DEF/EVA.
    Gives up to +80% resistance to Poison and Paralysis at +4.
    It should be noted that the Spring Support's Nametags gave resistance to an effect that was very prominent on the next boss.

    Renewed Summer Festival 2015 Equipment:

    Morning Glory

    Bonus: +X% DEF


    Bonus: +x% ATK


    Bonus: +x% Critical

    I've given them a rating compared to what other skills are available in the game.
    The Event equipment has the disadvantage of having ~60~80 less ATK than +3 Main Story equipment, though they have the above bonuses. It should also be noted that if you're lucky enough, you can roll high enough bonus stats to compensate as well.
    Overall, a lot of these are good options to replace Main Story Volume 2 +2 Weapons if you don't need the element advantage, and some are strong enough to compensate the difference between +3s too.


    1.25x2 Single Target

    Rating: Average
    The same as the non-elemental Volume 2 Chapter 7 skill. This is fairly average if you have access to that, though it can roll the added bonus from the event special effect.
    This would be particularly useful if you are a brand new player who isn't far in the story, or anyone who doesn't have a good single target Fighter yet.


    3.1x Single Target

    Rating: Good
    This is the highest multiplier available on any non-Character Weapon for a Ronin. This more than compensates the PATK difference.
    Combined with the +3% ATK or Critical, it can be a fairly good single target Ronin weapon, as it rivals the strength of ☆4 Ronin Character Weapons.


    1.65x Column

    Rating: Average
    While the multiplier is admittedly high, the strongest utility that Archers provide, in my opinion, is their outstanding single target, row attacks to wipe backlines, or ability to full wipe a map before the enemy can react.
    If you really need a piercing attack, this is a very good choice, but Archers will typically be better off with the full map area of effect, row attacks, or single target.


    1.68x Column

    Rating: Poor
    Similar to Archers, this is actually a high multiplier, but the Swimsuit skill is stronger at 1.7x, with a 10% chance to stun.
    The added utility is typically going to be more useful, and this suffers from lower PDEF than Main Story weapons, so look to the most recent Main Story weapon (V2Ch10) too.
    As such, this is given a rating of Poor for its lack of utility and PDEF.


    1.35x 2x2 AoE

    Rating: Average
    I've always been of the opinion that Warriors excel when they have multiple hits, due to their high base strength and critical chance. As such, the Magic Herb weapon is fairly strong despite having a lower total multiplier than this because it can crit twice.
    Grand Down is pretty far away on low rank equipment comparatively, so it may lack the PATK to compensate in this case, and this may be a decent 2x2 area of effect.


    0.62x 2x2 Heal

    Rating: Average
    I was actually looking forward to this as the original Summer Festival Cleric skill was one of the strongest at 0.85x, but they've nerfed it here.
    0.62x is still fairly high, better than story and ☆3s, but not as good as any of the ☆4s. It should be noted that Cleric weapons provide DEF as well, so you will be losing out compared to a Main Story +3 if you have one.


    1.32x Row

    Rating: Poor
    This used to be one of the best Rogue skills due to how high the multiplier was (1.3x) and how high the PATK would roll on the weapon itself; however, there have been many recent skills to compete with this effect.
    The Alice in Wonderland weapon does similar total damage, though in two hits, so defense may be a factor, but the Main Story Light weapon does 1.4x in the same area.
    Since there's actually Main Story weapons that are stronger, I gave this a poor rating.


    1.2x Full

    Rating: Good
    This is slightly stronger than all the story full screen attacks (1.15x) with no element, so you don't have to worry about resistances, though you can't make use of weaknesses either.
    The downside is the lower MATK on the weapon compared to a +3 if you had one (~60), but this is a very good option to replace +2s.

    There also appears to be a Double (W) Log-in Bonus they forgot to include in the notes.

    ▼ Daily W (Double) Login Bonus!
    Log in every day to get two bonus items in your in-game mail!
    Make sure to check before they disappear!

    Important Note about changing clothes for Monique

    If you've used the [Mysterious Apron Dress] to transform Monique into her Apron appearance,
    using the [Summer Flower Yukata] after will transform Monique into her Normal appearance.
    Using the [Summer Flower Yukata] again will transform Monique into her Yukata appearance.

    If you've used the [Summer Flower Yukata] obtained from [Summer Festival 2015] to transform Monique into her Yukata appearance,
    using the [Summer Flower Yukata] from the [Summer Support Campaign] will transform Monique to her Normal appearance.
    Using the [Summer Flower Yukata] from the [Summer Support Campaign] again will transform Monique into her Yukata appearance.

    If you have the [Summer Flower Yukata] obtained from [Summer Festival 2015] in your inventory, you will be able to obtain a second one from the [Summer Support Campaign].
    However, if you use the [Summer Flower Yukata] obtained from [Summer Festival 2015], it will disappear from your inventory, so be careful.
    ※ The [Summer Flower Yukata] from the [Summer Support Campaign] will not disappear when used.

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    yukata monique = essence of cuteness, distilled!

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    TT I thought that the other event would last till 18, should have grilled more golden xp tickets when I could

    "Do not hurt Wo-Chan!" Marius, Abyssal Fleet Teitoku



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