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    Maintenance Notice Aug 14th, 2017

    There will be a maintenance on Aug 14th, 2017 at the usual time (1400-1700 JST). With this, the second half of the event "Shinobi, The Missing Girl and The Festival Fireworks" will commence. Bloomed flower knights(both with bloomed forms and with bloomed stats only) will also be release this week as well as the re-opening of the Whale Airship Mission.

    Patch Notes:
    1. Event: The second half of the event "Shinobi, The Missing Girl and The Festival Fireworks" is now commenced.
    - Card sheets 11 - 16 has been added, extra sheet 7-11 has been added
    - New challenge stage is now available

    2. Campaign
    - 2.5 anniversary campaign part III:
    i. 30% stamina discount on the following stage missions: All Ultimate Missions, All Whale Airship Missions (Aug 14th til Aug 21st)
    ii. Gold up campaign: earn 1.5x more gold from Aug 14th - Aug 18th and 2x more gold from Aug 19th - Aug 21st.
    iii. Strengthening EXP and Great Success Rate up campaign (Aug 14th - Aug 21st): gain 10% more exp when strengthening and chance to get a success has been increased.
    iv. 2.5 anniversary login bonus (Aug 16th - Sep 4th): Login at least 10 day to get all rewards

    3. Characters:
    - Blooming is now available for the following flower knights
    i. Bloomed with art form: Peach Blossom, Ionocidium (Christmas), Wax Vine (Christmas), Leschenaultia
    ii. Bloomed w/o art form: All new girls from "Beyond The Boundaries of the Reflecting Water" (Lotus, Rabit-ear Iris, Pomegranate, Lamium)
    -Ability Re-adjustment
    i. Viola (Yukata)
    During combat, increase all party members' attack power by 22% (instead of 18%)
    ii. Cherry
    During combat, increase damage dealt on bosses by 18% (instead of 10%)
    iii. Apple
    During combat, increase party members' skill activation rate by 1.2x depending other their respective levels of affection, and increase her own critical damage by 10%
    4. Stage Missions
    - Whale Airship Mission is now opened
    - New ultimate mission: The one that resist destruction
    - Stage difficulty readjustement on Story Mission 20 and Story Mission 24
    - Recurring event:
    i. Temporary: Beyond The Boundaries of the Reflecting Water (Aug 17th - Aug 30th)
    ii. Permanent: Great Parade of the Ghost Pumpkins & Fill the World Flower with Love

    5. Garden: 3 new garden, 20 new pest for picture book

    6. Exchange shop
    - Updated: Gold
    - Removed: Event 2 and Brilliant Festival: Tropical Princess exchange shop

    7. Misc
    - Garden misc
    i. Change the screen composition of the "Redefine" screen and added filter to it
    ii. Hide buttons when moving a character or a garden item.
    - In the case when a character get a skin changed, the character's original skin will be shown instead during Strengthening and Evolution
    - Added an icon indicator in the skin changing screen to show that the dedicated skin on the characters that has dedicated skin was never being used since the date the said character has been obtained or since the skin changing system is implemented
    - In the case when a character changed her skin to a dedicated skin, added "go to quest" button on the display screen.
    - Change the "Set Name Change" button on the formation sceen to a pencil mark button
    - Change the position of the "Learning Ability Attachment" buttons from the bottom left to the top right of the formation screen and whale airship formation screen
    - Added "All-in-One" button to the Learning Ability Attachment Screen so that you can assign one ability attachment to all members of the party.
    - Added "Used for The Whole Party" button to the Developing Ability Attachment Screen. After selecting a character, you can attach the ability attachment that this character has to all character in the party by simpl click the ability in there and click "Used for The Whole Party" button
    - Added a button in the Learning Ability Attachment Screen so that you can proceed to Developing Ability Attachment Screen after selecting a character.
    - In the "The Little Girl who got dragged into a Mess Chanpter 3" mission, added "Involved Guest" indicator to indicate that the little girl in in the guess party.
    - Story Mission 1 - 6 now has facial expression animation.
    - Re-implement the "Received in batch" button in the quest screen after being removed due to a bug on Jun 10th

    8. Bugfixes
    - It's now possible to install all Nicocafe garden item all at once via serial code.
    - Fixed the bug that cause Anemone (World Flower's Shrine Maiden) to play the wrong voice when a message is display in the case of her using a dedicated skin.
    - Fixed a bug that cause some character to not displayed properly in the garden
    - Apparently a certain ability stats for Raid Boss for Story Mission 39 is similar to the Raid Boss for Story Mission 40, so, the certain ability stat for Raid Boss for Story Mission 39 is lowered.

    9. Compensation
    - Compensation has been distributed for stage difficulty re-adjustment for Story Mission 20 & 24
    - 1 free Flower Gem has been distributed as compensation for the Raid Boss ability stat bug
    - 3 free Flower Gem has been distributed as compensation for the connection issue with DMM site at Aug 14th, 2017 at 2:20pm JST

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    Seems like the server is bombed again, as it usually happens immediately after every major Nico live stream.

    Also, I'm pretty sure that Peach Blossom got her bloomed form a few weeks ago. Are you referring to the bride version by any chance?

    Last edited by LostLogia4; 08-28-2017 at 10:11 AM.
    Lacrima Memoria: Graveyard of the Fleet Maidens (May Poi-chan rest in peace)
    Christmas Eve Marriage: Shiratsuyu-Class 1300JST
    Marriage Memoirs with Murashigure
    Current Flower Knight : Oncidium altissimum (Bride of Fos).

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    I am pretty sure you are on the wrong thread :P

    Piuy is the boss.



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