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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Event Discussion: 武神降臨!黒田長政 (War God Kuroda Nagamasa)

    JP Wiki: http://scre.swiki.jp/index.php?%E6%A...95%B7%E6%94%BF
    Duration: 9/5 (Tue) maintenance to 9/12 (Tue) maintenance

    [War God Advent] brings back past Giant Kabuto who use special skills, unleashing their true power as they assault Tono and his castles.
    Furthermore, this War God Advent has reduced automatic [Ki] regeneration, and it is a super high difficulty map that exceeds [E-X1&2] maps.
    Clearing the special requirements of the War God Advent awards the 『★4潮見櫓』 facility, and [Tsubasa & Byakusen].

    The map terrain is Hills.

    ※ These items are only awarded on the first clear after completing the requirements
    ※ Requires Tono Level 30, and the 16 AP Story map cleared.
    ※ War God Advent does not provide castle EXP
    ※ If clearing the map is too difficult, it is recommended you try again when it returns
    [Tsubasa & Byakusen] give +30 000 EXP when combined with a castle or a building.


    This facility gives two bonuses. +140 HP and +5 Regen. As a reminder, if two facilities give the same bonus, only the highest one will be in effect.

    Ki: 30
    Waves: 5
    Automatic Ki Regeneration Reduced (Medium)
    Mountain Bonus
    Special Mission 1: Complete without losing any castles
    Reward: ★4潮見櫓
    Special Mission 2: Complete without losing any castles (hard only)
    Reward: Tsubasa & Byakusen

    Extremely useful video reference using average level 59 castles that are fairly common. Arioka and Usuki are pivotal in this set up though.

    Some overall tips:
    Natural Ki generation is reduced, meaning Ki generating tokens also have less effectiveness. Usuki, Bicchuu-Matsuyama, and del Monte have stratagems that increase Ki on kill, which are very useful and probably necessary. They do not stack with each other though. Usuki has been the castle of choice for most people.
    The bombs can be detonated with tokens, so castles that have low cost red tokens like Pirates, or Arioka-jou can be used to soak them up. The small bombs can be tanked by decently high level units, but the big bombs are likely too strong unless you're in your 80s I believe.
    The boss can be sniped early on and enraged to be forced forward. After the first life bar of the boss is depleted, she becomes enraged and all enemies gain increased movement speed and take less damage.
    By doing this, you can fight the boss early on before she would normally move out, without the other annoying whips around. After she's defeated, enemy status is returned to normal.
    The whips and the boss do 3 hits per attack, so you can use tokens to slow them down, and retreat after the first or second hit before dying.

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    @Folseus After many fails, managed to get the facility somehow. Thanks for the hints. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Folseus View Post
    As a reminder, if two facilities give the same bonus, only the highest one will be in effect.
    Wait a minute - that means I have been doing it wrong by giving my full limit break Tsurugaoka 4 of the range buff facility?



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