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    [Event] It's Back! Steam and Monique and Bathtowel

    New information highlighted in red.
    The ticket exchange shop has been restocked.

    [It's back! Kanpani☆Steam and Monique and Bathtowel] event begins

    ▼ Enter the Hot Springs!
    You can use the special event page to have female employees enter the Hot Springs.
    Employees who are enjoying the baths will gain EXP.

    Employees will enter the baths for a certain amount of time.
    Employees who have entered the baths cannot exit for a certain amount of time.
    (3 hours)

    Employees who have left the bath will have a rested condition and cannot re-enter the bath for a certain amount of time.
    Every day at 04:00 JST, the special event page will reset to a [Daily First in the Bath] status, and the employees who enter first will receive a 1.5x EXP bonus from the Hot Springs.

    ※ If an employee is still bathing when the event ends, they will not receive the EXP.
    ※ Employees who are in the bath can participate in Quests, be assigned to facilities, inherit, and be dismissed.

    ▼ Rested Condition employees
    Choosing a rested employee and selecting the [Finish Resting] button can allow an employee to enter the Hot Springs again.
    To immediately end the resting condition, you can use the event item [Limited] Mysterious Fan or a [Shinestone] is required.

    ※ To end the rested condition, the required amount of items depends on the remaining time
    ※ Using the [Finish Resting] button requires 1 [Limited] Mysterious Fan or [Shinestone]

    ▼ Entering the men's bath
    The special event page has a men's bath, where you can listen to the conversations between employees happening in the women's bath.
    The details of the conversations changes depending on which employees enter the bath.

    After listening to their conversations, you may receive an item.
    In the men's bath, Sho Fujiyama and monsters can appear.
    Choosing either of them will make items appear.
    After receiving the items, these two may reappear after a certain amount of time.

    ▼ Let's go to the Gift Shop
    The special event page has a gift shop you can visit.
    The gift shop requires the [Limited] Hot Spring Tickets that you can obtain from the event quest to exchange for items

    ※ [Limited] items will disappear after the event so be careful
    ※ The wares available in the gift shop will be updated as the event goes on with new items

    ▼ Gift Shop Lineup Increased!
    The gift shop now has [Limited] Hot Springs Milk available for sale.

    ▼ Event Quest begins
    Clearing the Event Quest [Everyone's Hot Spring] will unlock new event quests.

    ▼ Golden Geyser
    The Golden Geyser is a limited quest can be accessed with the [Limited] Geyser Invitation Ticket for 30 minutes after it is used.
    The [Limited] Geyser Tickets are distributed to your in-game mail at certain times.
    They will expire 24 hours after they are distributed and must be used before then.
    Their distribution times will be published one week in advanced and available in the official community notices.

    ▼ Distribution Times:
    10/6 (Fri) 18:00 to 10/7 (Sat) 18:00
    10/9 (Mon) 12:00 to 10/10 (Tue) 12:00
    10/11 (Wed) 14:00 to 10/12 (Thu) 14:00
    10/14 (Sat) 20:00 to 10/15 (Sun) 20:00
    10/18 (Wed) 19:00 to 10/19 (Thu) 19:00

    The event items [Limited] Local Unfiltered Sake and [Limited] Local Hot Springs Ice can either be used to increase the EXP gained.
    ※ These two items do not stack together.
    The event item [Limited] Local Hot Springs Milk can be used to increase the Fame gained

    ▼ Step Up Hot Springs Quest schedule

    Step 1 10/13 (Fri) maintenance to 23:59
    Step 2 10/14 (Sat) 00:00 to 23:59
    Step 3 10/15 (Sun) 00:00 to 23:59
    Step 4 10/16 (Mon) 00:00 to 23:59
    Step 5 10/17 (Tue) 00:00 to 23:59
    Step 6 10/18 (Wed) 00:00 to 23:59
    Step 7 10/19 (Thu) 00:00 to 10/20 (Fri) maintenance

    You can only sortie to the quest and clear it once per day.
    Every day at 00:00, the rewards are powered up and you can sortie to the quest again.

    Event item buffs apply to this quest.

    ▼ Event Recipe
    Even recipes can be obtained from the event quest and gift shop.
    Each recipe has a chance to randomly craft 1 of the class's event weapons.
    The gift shop also has event accessory recipes available for exchange.
    Equiping the event weapon will give employees a new in-battle graphic where they are in Hot Springs attire.
    After the event ends, the [Event Recipes] will disappear, but any crafted equipment will remain

    ▼ Daily Log-in Bonus!
    Check your in-game mail every day for log-in bonuses!
    ※ These items will expire after 24 hours if they are not claimed

    ▼ Event Limited Sales
    - Food Pack
    During the campaign, there will be a time limited Food Pack available in the Shop
    The Food Pack will recover 3000 Bread when used

    - Resource Set
    During the campaign, there will be a time limited Resource Set available in the Shop
    The Resource Set will recover 1500 Wood, Stone, and Steel when used

    - Bottle in Jelly
    During the campaign, there will be Bottle In Jelly available in the Shop
    After use, gain 250% more EXP in Main Quest for 45 minutes. Stacks with the [Adventurer's Manual].

    ※ Items on sale during the event can still be used after the event ends

    ▼ Girls who love the bath have increased resume rates.
    Elsa Novem ☆5 Paladin (Fighter)
    Judita Jicha ☆5 X-Sniper (Archer)
    Ealice Liddell ☆5 Cardinal (Cleric)
    Gina Gesualdo ☆4 Sentinel (Soldier)
    Coco Rococo ☆4 Gokenin (Ronin)

    Duration: 10/6 (Fri) maintenance to 10/13 (Fri) maintenance

    ▼ These five girls with a calm mood have increased resume rates.
    Holly Balbirnie ☆5 Cardinal (Cleric)
    Hisame Shakadou ☆5 Hatamoto (Ronin)
    Lokia Logel ☆5 Assassin (Rogue)
    Harmonics Acs ☆4 Black Knight (Warrior)
    Berit Richter ☆4 Wizard (Magician)
    Duration: 10/13 (Fri) maintenance to 10/20 (Fri) maintenance

    ※ This event will end on the 10/20 (Fri) maintenance
    ※ Event [Limited] items will expire at that time
    ※ After the event ends, there is a possibility of it returning in the future.

    Enter the Hot Springs to gain EXP!
    You can listen in on conversations and receive items too!
    Exchange at the Gift Shop for various Items!

    Quest List
    From the bottom up
    Quest 1:
    Story intro
    Entering with one employee wearing event equipment gives 1 more battle
    If the event equipment is +3 or +4, it gives 2 more battles instead
    Quest 2:
    Drops Class Up Stones
    Quest 3:
    High EXP and Gold Ratio
    Chance to drop employees
    Quest 4:
    Drops Hammers
    Chance to drop employees
    Quest 5:
    Drops More Tickets per stack (but appears to drop fewer overall)
    Entering with one employee wearing event equipment gives 1 more battle
    If the event equipment is +3 or +4, it gives 2 more battles instead
    Quest 6:
    Drops Class Up Crystals
    Story epilogue

    Despite 5 fights, Quest 3 appears to give more tickets on average since so many of the silver chests are Class Crystals.

    Gift Shop Contents:
    Additional items are added upon spending a certain amount of tickets.
    The following are eventually available
    [Limited] Fairy's Sweet Sake [8000 Tickets]
    [Limited] Four Star Black Envelope [10000 Tickets]
    [Limited] Black Fairy's Envelope [20000 Tickets]

    [+] Spoiler

    [Limited] Local Hot Springs Unfiltered Sake
    Increases EXP from event quests by 500% for 15 minutes after use. Recommended for the [Golden Geyser] (Gives 1.2m EXP per run)

    [Limited] Geyser Invitation Ticket
    Grants access to the [Golden Geyser] for 30 minutes when used (Recommended Level: 30~)
    Gives 200k base EXP for 2000 Bread.
    Expires after 24 hours.

    [Limited] Hot Springs Hammer
    Increases the chance of +s when crafting event equipment

    [Limited] Mysterious Fan
    Used to allow an employee to enter the baths again.

    [Limited] Hot Springs Egg
    Increases ATK by 100% when used for 30 minutes. [Hot Springs Quests Only]

    [Limited] Extra Spicy Hot Springs Egg
    Increases ATK by 300% when used for 30 minutes. [Hot Springs Quests Only]

    [Limited] Red Hot Hot Springs Post
    Increases the chance of resumes appearing from employees with increased resume rates for 15 minutes [Limited: 10/20 maintenance]
    ※ [Limited] Red Hot Hot Springs Post applies to resumes from the below employees
    Holly Balbirnie ☆5 Cardinal (Cleric)
    Hisame Shakadou ☆5 Hatamoto (Ronin)
    Lokia Logel ☆5 Assassin (Rogue)
    Harmonics Acs ☆4 Black Knight (Warrior)
    Berit Richter ☆4 Wizard (Magician)

    [Limited] Practice Range <<Training>> Ticket
    Unlocks a training map that drops class up items and lots of EXP for 15 minutes.
    Gives 250k base EXP for 2000 Bread.
    Event Buff items no longer apply to this quest

    [Limited] Foundry <<Manufacturing>> Ticket
    Unlocks a manufacturing map that drops crafting items and resources for 15 minutes.
    Event Buff items no longer apply to this quest

    Event Weapons:

    [Healing +10%]


    1.550x 2x2 Area of Effect


    1.700x2 Single Target


    1.150x Full Map


    1.000x4 Single Target


    2.600x Single Target


    0.59x Full Party Heal
    No Cleanse


    1.150x3 Single Target Water


    1.400x Full Map

    Event Accessories:

    Hidden Spring Charm
    [+5% DEF]
    Increases PDEF, MDEF, and ACC.

    Origin Spring Goddess Statue
    [+5% Critical]
    Increases MATK, MDEF, EVA, and Critical.

    Boiling Spring Demon Statue
    [+5% Critical]
    Increases PATK, PDEF, ACC, and Critical.

    Memento Hint:
    Contribute to the sales at the Gift Shop
    [+] Spoiler
    Spend 2500 Tickets at the Gift Shop

    Memento Spoiler:
    [+] Spoiler

    Quest 1:
    [+] Spoiler

    <New Scene>
    Coco: grr... To be sent out to a middle of nowhere forest in the scholar state...
    Coco: Just because she's a little talented... Just what does that Sion person want to teach me...!
    Coco: Ei! You there rolling around! You're in the way you damn rock~!
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    <White Flash>
    Coco: hmph... I hope you're sorry! My Kogenmito-ryuu has no match--
    Coco: hm...!?
    Coco: Wha!?
    Coco: What's happening~~~~!?
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Coco: uh.uhhhhh, what... what happened... fog suddenly appeared and...!
    Sho Fujiyama: ............
    Sho Fujiyama: This... couldn't be...!
    Sho Fujiyama: Hey! You kemomin there! Did you do this?
    Coco: t!! Who're you!
    Sho Fujiyama: No, I'm just passing through but... I had an idea.
    Ran: Sho-ojisan? What is this fog... it's really warm.
    Kirika: This is... steam...!?
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    President: .........
    Sho Fujiyama: .........
    President: ...It's a hot spring...
    Sho Fujiyama: Yes, a hot spring.
    Monique: That's a hot spring?
    President: It sure is...!
    Ann: Someone just now was handing out pamphlets. Let's see here...
    Coco: [Scholar State Recognized Relaxation Resort - Comfy Kemomin Hot Spring]
    Coco: [The main facility is located at a hot spring in the Scholar State Yggdrasil's Lebrow Forest ravine]
    Coco: [Here you can relax and enjoy both lodgings and fun, partaking in exotic Scholar State atmosphere]
    Coco: [Enjoy it as a summer resort, hot springs in the winter, have a stay while climbing the mountains, or companies can use the lodgings as a place for meetings too]
    Coco: [Please enjoy your comfy stay. From the facility owner: Coco Rococo]
    Ann: ... Aside from the hot springs, there's really nothing else~!
    Pulum: That's right! This is a hot spring! But it's still in the pre-open stage!
    Monique: Ah, so our client this time has come around. What is this? What's the goal?
    Pulum: Hey hey, don't look at me with such suspicious eyes~. Pulum-chan is innocent you know?
    Lukas: Is that so~?
    Loviisa: I had heard that you were using metal perabbit as a way to earn a killing, but it was actually about dodging taxes...
    Pulum: That was well... Exactly as Loviisa said but... that's exactly why I'm invested here!
    Pulum: If I'm gonna take this money, using it with another country's sponsored project is smart right!?
    Sho Fujiyama: I was the one that came up with the proposal though. It isn't my intention for you to use your funds on the orphanage.
    President: So that's what it was, the facilities at this resort... they're pretty cunning.
    Sho Fujiyama: That's what I should be saying. I saw that you invested into the Neutral State's project on that island in the summer.
    President: Well that was... I was thinking it would be a good idea to have at least one place where we could relax.
    Pulum: Well as I said earlier, it's still in the pre-open phase so preparations aren't done yet.
    Pulum: That's why we need you guys to help collect the materials and help set up the area nearby.
    Pulum: In return, you can freely use the facilities and hot springs during your stay.
    Ann: In other words, we can enter the hot springs as much as we want!
    Hilde: Ann... You're obviously thinking of something else.
    Monique: When they say there's no cure, they meant this.
    President: How do I put this... in moderation please?
    Lukas: President, you can't be peeping ither okay~?
    President: I wouldn't...
    Sho Fujiyama: I wonder about that... Who knows what this type of person would be up to when in such a remote place away from prying eyes.
    President: That's pretty mean...!
    Marica: ... That reminds me, where are Toka-san and the others?
    Flavie: They went ahead to check out the hot springs it seems.
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Toka: Oooooh! It's a proper Wakoku-style open air bath~!
    Kirno: And the bath is shimmery and clear, it feels really good! It's definitely a natural hot spring!
    Tilda: I wonder if the Magical Academy had something like this in their dorms if it would be more fun~...
    Toka: hm...? This presence... It seems there's someone here before us.
    Hot Springs Pengu: Poyo~
    Tilda: Wa! Pengu!?
    Tina: ... It looks like it's enjoying itself.
    Hot Springs Pengu: Purururu~...
    Tilda: Ah, the sign says... "The monsters won't attack if you leave them alone so it's okay..."!
    Teresia: It quickly became a place for monsters to relax too.
    Tilda: The effects, relieve nerve pain, muscle pain, join pain... there's a lot... recovers fatigue... and a growth effect too!
    Tilda: Also... it says "You can very quickly become dizzy in the bath, so please use in moderation and rest".
    Tina: A growth effect...? What does it help grow I wonder...!?
    Toka: Hey Romana-san, there's a bunch of facility invitation tickets stuck in the pamphlet, I wonder what they're used for?
    Romana: We're here already, and they're only usable within the pre-open period so---
    Romana: Why don't we use give them as presents to other people to use? Why don't you try inviting Ren or something?
    Toka: I see~! Then I better get ready to send them!
    Teresia: In that case, when I get back to the Kingdom, I'll send some to everyone in the platoon and Holy Knights too.
    Kirno: mm, I want to hurry up and relax... Let's get the work over with right away~!
    <End Scene>

    Quest 6?: I didn't check, but I don't think the dialogue changed.
    Currently not unlocked, but same as 2016 version
    [+] Spoiler

    <New Scene>
    President: Phew, today was really busy too...
    President: Before I knew it, I've become an inn manager...
    President: ... Well, there's reward in that too, so this is fine I suppose.
    President: hm...? The women's bath is having equipment inspection I see.
    President: Well, I'll take my time relaxing here---
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    Rival Employee 1: Phew, the cleaning and inspection for the women's bath is done~!
    Rival Employee 1: Ah! Today's the day the baths switch... I'll just move this sign... there we go!
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    President: Pheeeew, it's definitely great when it's quiet...!
    President: The sound of the water, and the trees rustling in the wind sure is relaxing.
    President: Ever since coming to this world, I should have visited a place like this, but there's so many that I've never noticed---
    President: ............
    President: ............
    President: That was a good bath---
    Monique: m!
    President: m!?
    Monique: Wh-wha...!
    President: Monique!? Wait a sec! This is the men's bath---
    Monique: What are you talking about! It's the women's bath---
    Azamino: Alright, let's make up for what we've missed and relax today~!
    Orfe: (tekuteku...)
    Monique: !
    President: Eh!?
    Monique: This is bad! President!
    President: Wai, M-monique...D-don't push---
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    President: ............
    Monique: ............
    Azamino: This is a great bath ain't it~!
    Orfe: (hmmhmmhmm♪)
    Anna: If I spend so much time soaking in this bath, I might become the ashen warrior...
    Loviisa: You say that, but haven't you been using the baths on a pretty heavy rotation, Anna-san?
    Anna: Well of course~! This inn is a top level Yggdrasill certified Strider's House!
    President: <Why... this...!>
    Monique: <I-I don't know either! My body just...!>
    Monique: (Pr-President is this close... and naked too!? Well it's a bath so of course he is... no that's not!)
    President: <T-tight..!>
    Hilde: Apparently, you can drink this bath too.
    Azamino: Oh! Really?
    Romana: Wait Azamino. You should be using the designated faucet for that.
    Romana: ...This facility really is well done, isn't it... Who produced it I wonder?
    Romana: For that fox kemomin, Pulum, and Fujiyama alone, it wouldn't be this refined...
    Tilda: What's with that serious analysis!?
    Kirno: Romana's home is an inn too. It gets adventurers from the Kingdom of Qualia to Lunaento, it's a really nice place!
    Tilda: Eehh... but, isn't the business completely different?
    Romana: Even I know though. But talking about it like this is an occupational hazard I guess...!
    Ann: ... That reminds me, where's Monique? Didn't she come in first?
    Monique: !
    President: !
    Monique: <Don't move! They'll find us!>
    President: <Well you were the one who came in first...Uh...>
    Monique: <President...!?>
    President: <uuhhhh...I wasn't in here for that long and yet... somehow I feel...>
    <White Flash>
    <Black Screen>
    <White Flash>
    <Black Screen>
    Monique: President!
    Ann: Monique...!?
    Monique: ...Umm uhh Ann... This is...---
    Ann: Circumstances aside... He got dizzy from the bath I see. Let's get him treated right away.
    Ann: Someone! Bring some bathtowels and wet towels here---
    <End Scene>
    <New Scene>
    President: ............
    President: ............
    President: Huh... I was...?
    Hilde: Ah, you're awake.
    Monique: President! Are you okay!?
    President: Ah... I was... in the bath and... for some reason, Monique came in---
    Monique: ............
    Monique: We were hiding behind a rock and you lost consciousness in the bath, President.
    Monique: After that, we learned what went wrong but... An employee of the facility made a mistake and switched the signs.
    Monique: That's why everyone knows you're innocent. Don't worry.
    President: ... I see... I'm sorry for causing such a commotion.
    Azamino: It was nothin. Things like this happen all the time in this company.
    Loviisa: Though it's usually Ann-san that causes trouble like this!
    Ann: A-ahaha... Well, for now the treatment is working fine, so take your time lying down.
    President: Thanks, Ann...
    President: ............
    President: Wait a second.
    President: I got dizzy and lost consciousness, and you carried me here---
    President: So my being naked...
    Monique: ............
    Loviisa: ............
    Azamino: ............
    Ann: ............
    President: Uhm... Everyone?
    Kirno: W-well... Let's just say it was an act of God...
    Toka: You at least had a bathtowel covering yourself but...
    Anna: It just wanted to fall over and your Dark Master should I put it...
    President: ............
    President: I want to die...!
    Romana: Wait! You're a man, so something like this should be no big deal right!?
    Tilda: Since you showed me, you should be mine~!
    Monique: Uh... It was so embarrassing I want to die too~!
    President: Uwaaaaaaaaaaa.......
    Tina: ............
    Tina: Ummm this... I offer a prayer for all the lost sheep... is this appropriate...?
    <End Scene>

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    Have we seen the gold post for what I believe allows you to increase the likely chance of getting girls currently in the Osen? I think that's new. (The Gold Post with the osen thing symbol on page 5)

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    Onsen weapons? I checked out the sprites. Kanpani sprites with towels, meh not cute at all. -__- No need to make weapons.

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    @waterflame It's new. These spotlight postboxes were introduced around March/April if I recall.
    @Mikan Some of these skills look really strong actually if you're looking to fill in anyone who doesn't have a +3 CW. The Soldier one for example could be useful since it hits 4 times, and for a fairly high multiplier for a Soldier, plus you get bonus healing.
    The Archer one is actually really strong as a full map attack.
    The Rogue one is super good water DPS.

    A couple more items get added after your party gets out of the bath, so maybe there's more than that too.
    The extra items include the [Limited] Extra Spicy Hot Springs Egg, and some material sets.

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    @Folseus The accessory, I'm interested to make. But those weapons, even some of them could be good, the idea my employees running around outside in towels with buckets, it's so silly. It's too embarrassing to bear. -___- I'll pretend I don't know them. :D

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    @Mikan Just change their outfits

    Married to Nagato on August 19, 2015

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    @Krad Hunter Isn't that too much effort? It's only a substitute for +3 CW, means at least it need to be craft +4 to be actually worth using and it's random class. If they look cute like the Alice set or cool like the Dragon set, I would actually make the effort to craft. Only for a towel, meh it doesn't trigger my switch. ( = ___=) zzz

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    Weapon skills got buffed compared to last time. Looks like they practically doubled their multipliers for most of them.

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    1,200,000 per 2000 bread.... I should stock up the bread baskets for this..

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    First max set. thx to Hot spring



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