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    Maintenance Notice Oct 16th, 2017

    There will be a maintenance held on Oct 16th, 2017 at the usual time (1400 - 1700 JST). With this, the event "The Healing and The Disturbance of The Hot Spring District" will end and the new event "The Mystery Case of The Glass Mansion" will commence. Bloom batch (stats only) will also be release after this maintenance.

    DMM site will also undergo maintenance on the next day from 0100 til 1000 JST.

    Patch Notes:

    1. Event: the new event "The Mystery Case of The Glass Mansion" is now commenced.
    - This is a Card Flip Event. Collect the Bullet of Truth to flip a card with a chance to win an event girl. 11 extra sheets will also be available.
    - Choice is added to the cutscene for your entertainment (since this is "Sherlock Holmes" event theme)
    - Testimonial file is also added once per day, you can check these files through a button in the homescreen. For the first half of the event, you will received up to 8 files.
    - Challenge Stage is also available.
    - New girls: 6* Streptocarus (Sci name: Streptocarpus spp.), 5* Night Shade (Sci name: Solanum carolinense), 5* Larkspur (sci name: Consolida spp.), 5* Red Barberry (Sci name: Berberis thunbergii) (event girl).

    2. Campaign
    - 30% stamina discount is available for the following stage maps (lasted until the next maintenance): Special Mission "Knight of The Aqua Phantoms Part 4"
    - 10 days Laboriously‚Äč " Successive Flower Circle Campaign" (Oct 16 til Oct 26th): Login within these period to get 2 Flower Gems per day
    - The Continuous Login Bonus campaign for 1000th day till 1500th day: Get Flower Gems for every 50 days you login to the game after you reach the 1000th day mark
    - 3K DMM points Flower Gem purchase boost campaign (Oct 16th til Nov 2nd): During this campaign, the 3K DMM points Flower gem bundle will have 60 Flower Gems instead of 36.

    3. Character:
    - 4* and below Lotus Lake's Flower Knights has been release. Currently only these flower knights are available in-game: 4* Water Fringe (Sci name: Nymphoides peltata), 3* Annual Blue-eyed Grass (Sci name: Sisyrinchium rosulatum), 2* Buckbean (Sci name: Menyanthes trifoliata)
    - Bloom form (stat only) is now available for the following flower knight: Streptocarus, Night Shade, Larkspur, Red Barberry, Snow Drop, Himalayan Creeping Saxifrage, Delphinium, and Alyssum.
    - New ability "Turn-based Attack Power-up": Increase the attack power of all party members by 30% per turn (buff will be in-effect at the second turn)

    4. Gacha: Event Gacha, Bloomable Character Priority Gacha

    5. Stage Mission:
    - New stage Mission: Special Mission "Knights of The Aqua Phantom" Part 4

    6. Garden:
    - 8 new garden items, one new bgm

    7. Misc:
    - Home screen has been change to fit the theme of the event
    - In the base character selection screen of reinforced synthesis, maxed stat for Character Lv, Skill Lv, Equipment slot, and Ampule bonuses is shown.
    - In the material selection screen of the reinforced synthesis, if the character is at max level, added restriction to selecting strengthening material depending on the type of strengthening material and maxed stats (i.e. if your character is at max level, you no longer be able to put the strengthening spirits into the strengthening material slots anymore even if you do it for fun)

    8. Bugfixes:
    - Fix the bug in Easter Cactus's Conditional Revive/Recover ability. 3 Flower Gems has been send to players as compensation.

    Last edited by MrHueHue; 10-16-2017 at 02:59 PM.

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    I've already gotten my hands on those daily testimonials ahead of time, You can see the testimonials right here, if you're up for the potential spoilers.

    On another note, ability descriptions are no longer tied to the skills, individual or compound. Instead, they're now tied directly to the Flower Knight themselves.

    Last edited by LostLogia4; 10-16-2017 at 04:04 PM.
    Lacrima Memoria: Graveyard of the Fleet Maidens (May Poi-chan rest in peace)
    Christmas Eve Marriage: Shiratsuyu-Class 1300JST
    Marriage Memoirs with Murashigure
    Current Flower Knight : Oncidium altissimum (Bride of Fos).

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    Is just me or a lot of new girls are added...

    Lord Paramount of the High Gardens. [Flower Knights pomf'ed: 161]
    Flower Knight Girl ID: 221329971 (DMM)
    Shiratsuyu, Shigure, Murasame, Yuudachi, Harusame, Samidare, Umikaze, Yamakaze, Kawakaze, Suzukaze



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