▼ Campaign Quest appears!
During this period, [Limited] Floating Continent Posts, [Limited] Gold Posts, [Limited] Magical Furnaces, and [Limited] Rainbow Anvils can drop from the [Floating Continent Commemoration Quest].

▼ Daily Quests appear!
Every day, a new quest will appear that you can clear once!
[Old Shine Badges], [Purifying Holy Water], and other new items can appear, with Shinestones being rewarded for clearing.
※ Daily Quests reset every day at 00:00

▼ Floating Continent Play Presents!
During this period, [Shine Badge Strengthening Count] and [Floating Continent Exploration Count] will give you various wonderful items as presents, such as[Compass of Fortune] and [Limited] Black Fairy's Envelope!
※ PC Version has a button below the game frame which can display your progress.

Present Lineup

Shine Badge Strengthening Count
1x ... [1x Old Shine Badge]
5x ... [5x Old Shine Badge] [1x Indestructible Charm]
10x... [10x Old Shine Badge] [1x Compass of Fortune] [1x Platinum Stick]

Floating Continent Exploration Count
10x Clear... [1x Resource Set] [1x Magical Furnace]
50x Clear... [1x [Limited] Fairy's Sweet Sake]
100x Clear... [1x [Limited] Black Fairy's Envelope]

※ Presents will be delivered directly to your in-game mail
※ If you retreat or fail an exploration, they will not count.