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    Lieutenant friggo's Avatar
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    Oct 2017
    Saiki Bay Anchorage
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    Modernization priorities

    A few questions about modernization.

    1. I'm mainly focusing on upgrading firepower/armor/torpedo on ships, but I have lots of spare seaplane tenders and light carriers piling up. Which ships or ship classes benefit the most from AA upgrades? (I've already maxed the AA on Maya and Isuzu for their cut-in abilities).

    2. If I'm reading the wiki page correctly, it's best to use enough ships to increase stats in multiples of 6 when modernizing? For example, using five light cruisers for +6 torpedo/+6 armor?

    3. Is it worthwhile to level up ships to Kai to increase their modernization value?

    Also, since my question thread was closed, here's a reply to those who posted there:

    Many, many thanks for the invaluable advice! I'm honestly grateful for you taking the time to explain this stuff so thoroughly to a complete newbie.

    That link about combat mechanics is gonna go straight to my bookmarks. I already have dozens of assorted Kancolle-related pages bookmarked and I tend to keep a bunch of them open and I browse them whenever I'm playing. Gets kinda cluttered, but I'm trying to learn so much stuff that it's like I'm back in the university, cramming for the final exams :P

    RNG-sama tends to hate me in any game that has RNG, so I suppose I'll stick to 20/60/10/100 and hope for better luck next time. And by saying that I have enough bombers, I meant that I have enough relative to the number of fighters. I know that I'm nowhere near to having a proper air force. Still sitting on just 2 standard carriers as well.

    And as for modding, well... I first have to get Akashi, then we'll talk.

    Last edited by friggo; 10-21-2017 at 06:44 PM. Reason: Added third question

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    Commander Ferreae's Avatar
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    May 2017
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    3- I'd say that outside a certain submarine (and I suppose the DE now), it isn't worth leveling a ship up for better modernisation. Level them up for equipment they might offer (RADAR, SONAR, certain guns, etc), but in the time you spent leveling up ships for fodder, you'll assuredly earn more ships that will surpass the difference.

    1-As for AA, personally I just give the AA to whatever ships have reached 'final form', in order of highest level down. They all get there, eventually, and using 3-2a and 4-3 for leveling up ships tends to give a lot of ships that give AA when used as fodder.



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