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    Captain oryxlynx's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
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    shine badge : base vs non-base stat

    Just a quick question here. Which type do you prefer to put in the shine badge?
    The base stat: STR , VIT, INT, PIE, LUK, DEX, AGI
    Non-base stat: ATK, DEF, MATK, MDEF, Acc, Crit, Dodge

    I ask in term of fighting, not in the facility girls.

    in general
    ATK vs STR
    DEF & HP vs VIT
    Acc vs DEX (if archer yeah it ATK too)
    Dodge vs AGI
    Crit vs LUK

    Are there any hidden algorithms when it comes to battle? If not then the base stat should be better, isn't it? like VIT gives HP too. or AGI gives dodge and turn order speed.
    What do you think?

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    Captain ohno133's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
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    @oryxlynx I'll go over case by case on these situations.

    ATK vs STR - since STR doesn't add anything other than attack, ATK would be the better one here unless you plan to use it in the facility. In the case of magic attack vs INT or PIE for magic user, I prefer the later since they also add magic resist. Especially for INT, it is super useful for bread making.

    DEF & HP vs VIT - VIT is mostly better, but since VIT gem is somewhat rare (at least for me) it not bad to just use both Def and VIT. For HP, it look meh to me thb unless you can get it to a very high number that's when it is useful on soldier with HP armor.

    Acc vs DEX (if archer yeah it ATK too) - If you want more damage on your archer just use raw attack, they won't miss if you use crit armor anyway. In the case of Acc vs DEX for non-archer, accuracy would give more here but it is still one of the most underwhelming stat in the game.

    Dodge vs AGI - AGI all the way here, since raw evasion stat is similar to accuracy stat in term of being "underwhelming".

    Crit vs LUK - Raw crit would give you more crit here, but LUK also give evasion(?) so it is up to your reference on what you want.

    IGN (for most game): Akagi

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    Commander Ophis's Avatar
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    Sep 2016
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    In my opinion, Crit/LUK/AGI are the only stats worth getting. With characters on their 3rd CUP, the other stats make close to no difference at all.

    I would go with Crit -> LUK -> AGI.

    "Now, let’s open the curtains on our play.
    A hell fire banquet of fear and madness, where even the ashes will be burnt to nothing!
    " - One of 72 Demon Gods of Solomon, The Demon God Belial

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    Captain oryxlynx's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    69 Post(s)
    Thank you for both of you
    As far as I can check the result of my calculation to kanpanitool (in case of acc, eva and cri)
    here is the formula for non-base stat

    I agree with you that the non-base gems are acquired easier and has a bit higher stat than the base gems.
    so it depend on the purpose like you said

    Also I'm still curious about critical so I tried an experiment myself
    one is Ronin Sion LV30*** CRI 172 LUK 1174
    the other is Archer Ada LV29* CRI 39 LUK294 with +60%cri armor

    Almost every hits of Ada are critical. I'd give her 90% rate
    for Sion, from my inspection, I 'd give her about 20% at best.
    Not sure how that armor crit algorithm work though



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