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    Kantai Analyst 211303's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
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    Fall 2017 Event Stream Thread

    Event will start in 10 days, so guess it's time to gather information of potential streamers.

    As always, please leave your link, your streaming schedule (in JST if possible), your playing style/target, and any other extra info.

    I will start by posting my own:

    As always, will be doing a full hard mode clear as soon as possible. Also, since this is Fusou's event, I will try to use full Nishimura fleet for clearing final map. No promise in scoring the actual clear with that fleet though, since I just got a new job and is rather short of time.

    Link: https://www.twitch.tv/211303

    Schedule: Will probably need to start a bit late on the first day, starting at around 26:00 till I clear. Then for the 2nd day I should start as soon as the 2nd part is released, and stream till I clear/fall asleep.

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    Admiral NanashiYoukai's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
    Explosive Licking Castle
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    A bit of event streaming is really good for hanging out with others from the community, and keeping up the interest in this game. I hope to see more people drop in every now and then!

    Link: https://www.twitch.tv/nanashi_yamabiko

    Post-maintenance start time: Probably the next day's morning. I dislike wrestling with the game servers right after maint officially ends (watching frontliner strims instead)

    Schedule: Primarily daytime JST and usually on weekdays but in truth any time I feel like it. Objective-oriented but easygoing, perhaps? XD

    Playstyle: All Hard clear with Easy mode farming for new characters beforehand. I'll be "second-lining" - trying to come up with/test/implement efficient comps based on information gathered by frontliners to clear maps with a minimum of trouble, as well as trying to devise good farming comps for the new characters. Rampant abuse of dupe characters for cheesing maps if possible.

    Other Notes: Due to IRL commitments, I won't be doing any post-clear farming or testing. My event involvement will officially end the moment I get the Hard medal and all new characters.

    KanDex First Completed 16 February 2016 // HQ Lvl 120! 9 March 2016 // 2nd Anniversary with Hiyou! 31 March 2017

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    Marshal Admiral Zalfier's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
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    No one really drops by, but let me drop this here anyway. I always enjoy having some company while I am cruising leisurely in event maps


    Not really having a schedule now, since I have commitments coming up at seemingly random timings, so I can't promise anything beforehand

    Playstyle: As per usual, as many DDs as the map allows me to sortie without sacrificing too much, expect alot of sub-optimal comps and alot of fights under AI (Please don't come in if these trigger you). In the event using too many DDs is gravely detrimental or if I am running out of time I will try to use a slightly weaker version of the recommended fleet.

    Other notes: I will only stream clearing runs. I will not stream farming runs, or if a part of the map seems too boring to stream. Also note this is not a hard-mode stream.

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    Kantai Analyst nwrtz's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    Going to stream my clear as always, this time right away since I'm not on a vacation oustide of the country.

    Starting right away after maintenance ends (whenver that will be with the usual delays). However the stream will go live a bit earlier, probably when they twitter announces a final maintenance end time.

    You can expect the usual full hard clear without any previous easy mode farming unless there is something too important to miss (capital combat ship). There will be music to pass the time but the biggest change is probably the better stream quality due to my new connection. I also use a microphone these days since I have been streaming regular games for the past weeks

    Since it starts on a Friday I'll probably be up for quite some time. Stream link can be found in my signature.

    Thursday 17:00~21:00 UTC | Friday: 18:00~22:00 UTC
    Saturday: 16:00~Open end UTC | Sunday: 16:00~21:00 UTC

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    Vice-Admiral DuckiePlucky's Avatar
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    Jan 2015
    Saiki Bay Docks
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    Oh my is it that time again?~

    Here's da link: twitch.tv/duckieplucky

    Schedule: I usually start around 5:00 PM EST (7:00 AM JST) or 8:00 PM EST (10:00 PM JST) I will stream earlier than intended if the need arises, however I will not stream the day before I'm scheduled to work and the day I have to go to work, don't worry I'll give a heads up on when I have to work, and Sundays I usually stream around 3:00 PM EST (5:00 AM JST) because of church however if it's passed 3:00 PM then it'll fall onto 5:00 PM EST. I stream until I'm tried so don't worry about sudden stream cut-off unless error cat strikes.

    FYI: I stream a few days after EOs and stuff is added in due to I like to keep going full steam ahead and want to gather information.

    Play-style: I do easy mode due to my work schedule is weird and plus I'm a causal, I like to take things slow, but I clear the event maps first then after beating the event I go back to whatever map I'm missing an event ship on although sometimes my luck manages to let me nab said ship. I don't mind people giving me tips about my setups and whatnot (GOD HELP US ALL IF I HAVE TO ASK ABOUT LBAS SETUPS FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME).

    Other-Notes: My laptop can be a bit of a toaster sometime so, if the stream appears laggy and what not it's my laptop being weird... apologies for the toaster laptop. I do often tend to brb or afk due to real life needs like food, bathroom, etc and my aunt not knowing the meaning of I'm streaming.

    Junyou (Officially Married! 9/16/2015), Maya (Officially Married! 8/12/2016), Abukuma and Kaga (Officially Married Both! 11/19/2016)
    (Joined the HQ 100 Club at 11/6/2015)



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