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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    [Collaboration] No Game No Life Zero

    Official Website
    Duration: 11/17 (Fri) maintenance to 11/30 (Thu) maintenance

    ▼ Get resumes from Schwi and company!
    During the event, you can obtain resumes from [Schwi], [Jibril], and [Think].

    ※ After the event ends, resumes from the collaboration employees will no longer appear
    ※ Collaboration employees have a special resume format
    ※ Collaboration employee will have their exclusive weapons equipped when they are recruited.
    ※ Collaboration employees cannot equip weapons outside of their exclusive weapon.
    ※ Collaboration employees cannot equip mirrors of transformation for other equipment.

    ▼ [Schwi] has greatly increased resume rates!
    During this week, [Schwi] has an even higher resume rate than the other collaboration employees!
    Duration: 11/17 (Fri) maintenance to 11/24 (Fri) maintenance

    ▼ Event Quests appear!
    - Collaboration Quest
    [Limited] Zero Medals and [Limited] Unspeakable Myth Invitation Tickets and other various event items can drop from this quest.
    - Scenario Quest
    A quest that requires no food and has no rewards.
    ※ Will not be added to [Memoirs].
    - [Unspeakable Myth [Victory]], [Unspeakable Myth [Wing]], and [Unspeakable Myth [Spirit]]
    Quests where you can obtain [Limited] Zero Medals easily.
    [Victory] is for players who want to recruit more employees, [Wing] is for those who want to craft event equipment, and [Spirit] is for those who want to promote employees
    - ~Great War~
    Quests with special requirements for victory.
    In these quests, [Schwi] or [Jibril] will join your party filling in as a sixth member to fight by your side.

    ▼ Event Exchange Items available!
    In the special event page, you can exchange for various items.
    Use the [Limited] Zero Medals you obtain from the quest to exchange for items.
    ※ [Limited] items have a limited time before they expire, so be careful.
    ※ Event Exchange Items will be added and renewed in updates as the event progresses.

    ▼ Unspeakable Myth Invitations Drop!
    The collaboration Quest can drop the [Limited] Unspeakable Myth Ticket. Using this ticket will open the [Unspeakable Myth] map where lots of [Limited] Zero Medals can drop.

    ▼ Special Quest ~Ancient War~
    Quests with special rules appear.
    Alongside your regular party's employees, a collaboration employee will join your battle.
    Certain conditions are required for victory.
    Furthermore, in the special quest ~Ancient War~, you will not be able to 'continue' so be careful.
    ※ The assisting character's stats will depend on the quest you have selected.

    Victory Conditions:
    Special Quest [Defend]
    Defend the Guest for a certain number of rounds.
    You will afil if the Guest Employee becomes KOed, defend her for a certain number of rounds for victory.

    Special Quest [Attack]
    Defeat the Target enemy before she runs away.
    After a certain number of rounds, the Target will run away, leading to failure. Defeat the Target before she runs away for victory.
    ※ After the set number of rounds have passed, you will not be able to use status effects to prevent the target from running.

    Rare Drops ([Limited] Fairy's Sweet Sake
    The [Defend] and [Attack] quests each have various difficulties that can all drop [Limited] Fairy's Sweet Sake as a rare drop.
    The [Defend] Quest's all difficulties can drop a total of 3, and the [Defend] Quest's all difficulties can drop a total of 3.
    As the difficulty increases, the [Limited] Fairy's Sweet Sake drop rate increases.
    After obtaining the 3 limits, [Gold Chests: Consumed Food (300)] will appear in their stead.
    ※ After obtaining the 3 limit, the Rare Drop Item display will have an [Obtained] marker displayed.

    ▼ Event Mission
    During the event, there will be limited Missions available.
    The [Mission] button will have an Event tab available.
    They must be claimed before the event ends.

    ▼ Urgent Quest
    Urgent Quests will appear every day at set intervals.
    You can get the event accessory as a drop here, as well as Schwi and co's exclusive armor, and other various types of quests will appear.
    The Urgent Quest schedule will be posted one week in advance below the game frame in the notices section.

    Urgent Quest Schedule:

    Manufacturing Frontier
    - Drops 2500 Individual Resource packs.

    Inherited Oath
    - Drops the Event Accessory

    Promotion Exam
    - Divides 600k EXP between the members of your party
    - Has a chance to drop Career Up Badges

    Great War Armor
    - Drops Collaboration Character Armors

    ▼ Collaboration Employee's Exclusive Recipes
    The event exchange offers recipes which can be used to manufacture exclusive equipment for the collaboration employees.
    Craft their exclusive weapon's +3 to obtain powerful skills.
    ※ After the event ends, the [Collaboration Employee Recipes] will not disappear.
    ※ The Collaboration Employee's exclusive weapons cannot be used for Mirrors of Transformation

    ▼ Event Limited Accessory
    The event exchange offers the event limited accessory.
    It can be equipped by all employees.

    ▼ Event Costume Item
    Employees can equip this item to transform into [Schwi, [Jibril], or [Think]'s costumes.
    [Schwi's Costume] is Archer-exclusive, [Jibril's Costume] is Warrior-exclusive, and [Think's Costume] is Magician-exclusive.
    ※ Collaboration employees cannot equip these items
    ※ Equiping these items will change the character's appearance in the formation menu and in battle.
    ※ These costumes do not affect an employee's stats.
    ※ Mirror of Transformation cannot be used on these costumes

    ▼ Limited Sales
    New items appear for a limited amount of time
    <<Special>> Collaboration Commemoration Recruitment Set 1
    For the first week, a collaboration commemoration employee recruitment set! [Sale Duration: 11/24 maintenance)] [One Per Customer]

    Contains the following item
    1x [Limited] Zero Post
    10x [Limited] Fairy's Sweet Sake
    1x [Limited] ★5・★4 Black Envelope
    110x Silver Feathers

    ※ On sale until the 11/24 (Fri) maintenance

    - [Limited] Zero Medal
    An ethereal stone specially made into the shape of currency as a medal. Can be exchanged for items at the Event Exchange. [Limited: 11/30 maintenance]

    - [Limited] Zero Ice
    Increases EXP by 100% for 30 minutes when used. [Collaboration Event/Urgent Quest Only] [Limited: 11/30 maintenance]

    - [Limited] Unspeakable Myth Invitation Ticket
    Unlocks the [Unspeakable Myth] quest for 15 minutes when used. (Recommended Level: 30~) [Limited: 11/30 maintenance]

    Asyut Armor
    Damage: 1.8x
    Area: 2x2

    Damage: 1.1x2
    Area: 2x2
    Effect: 30% chance of paralysis

    Where are you going?
    Damage: 2.0x
    Area: 2x2

    Heaven's Strike
    Damage: 2.3x
    Area: 2x2
    Effect: 10% chance of lethal

    Aaka-shi-anse [Test Version]
    Damage: 1.5x
    Area: 3x2

    Aaka-shi-anse [Full Power]
    Damage: 1.6x
    Area: 3x2
    Effect: 20% chance of MATK Down

    Increases ATK/MATK/EVA/CRIT
    Effect: Aggro -20% (+1) -25% (+2), EXP +2%

    It is highly recommended you farm the accessory as it will be very useful against any scenario where you want to -aggro or level.
    It can only be obtained from its Urgent Quest, [Inherited Oath].

    [+] Spoiler

    Schwi Dora (☆5 Archer)
    Asyut Armor


    Jibril (☆5 Warrior)
    Where are you going?
    Heaven's Strike


    Think Nirvalen (Free ☆4 Magician)


    Collaboration Resumes

    Collaboration Quest

    Collaboration Items

    Shinestone Purchasing Campaign

    Twitter Contest

    Follow on twitter and create your own [Rule] to enter the contest!

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    Rear-Admiral Marius's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    I want my Jibril

    "Do not hurt Wo-Chan!" Marius, Abyssal Fleet Teitoku

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    Admiral Yamako's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
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    I hope at least Shinku is given for free. I want Jibril, but I have Sigred so it hardly justifies hunting for Jibril unless she has some crazy multipliers.

    "Bolt actions speak louder than words."

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    Rear-Admiral Krad Hunter's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
    Sukumo Bay Anchorage
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    I know literally nothing about No Game No Life Zero but hey, more collab characters? Me wants!

    Married to Nagato on August 19, 2015

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    Sep 2016
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yamako View Post
    I hope at least Shinku is given for free. I want Jibril, but I have Sigred so it hardly justifies hunting for Jibril unless she has some crazy multipliers.
    The last collab characters were mostly unremarkable in power and these are likely to be no different. Ironically Kuro was more useful than Ilya or Miyu for harder content.

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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    @Yamako Shinku is free

    [No Game No Life Zero] Collaboration Event will have various quests appearing!
    Even a new type of quest that is different from other [Kanpani] quests!
    Let's introduce a little bit today!
    Oh, the party members here...?

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    Marshal Admiral ofi123's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    If there is a guaranteed draw promo and I got the other 5* in a draw, I might pay to get the other one.

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    Newly Registered
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    Nov 2017
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    I just started the game and i need help,how do you buy the collab pack? When i go into the gem shop all i see are the regular packs,also,is there any discord chat for this game?

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    Rear-Admiral Marius's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    just in case someone is having trouble with the quest where you have to defend for 7 rounds:

    position your party so that the empty spot is behind a soldier, Schiwi (the guest you have to defend) gets automatically placed in the empty spot
    this makes it trivial to complete

    "Do not hurt Wo-Chan!" Marius, Abyssal Fleet Teitoku

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    Commander Ophis's Avatar
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    Sep 2016
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    Or just put a healer in the party. The guest never dies due to a single attack.

    "Now, let’s open the curtains on our play.
    A hell fire banquet of fear and madness, where even the ashes will be burnt to nothing!
    " - One of 72 Demon Gods of Solomon, The Demon God Belial



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