■ Event
「赤き脅威と諏訪の浮城」 second half begins

■ New Castle added to gacha
★6 Kokura-jou [Plains/Water] [Cannon]

Skill: Increases ATK speed by 25%
Decreases movement speed by 20% for all enemies in range
Stratagem: Deals 1.5x damage to all enemies in range, decreasing their attack range by 30% for 20s (Range: Large)
Cooldown: 60s
Cost: 5ki

■ Spotlight 1 and 2 have changed
Spotlight 1
★7 Azuchi-jou [Hills/Water] [Talisman]
★6 Matsue-jou [Hills/Water] [Spear]
★6 Kokura-jou [Plains/Water] [Cannon]
★5 Oyama-jou [Hills] [Spear]

Spotlight 2
★7 Nagoya-jou [Plains] [Hammer]
★6 Ishiyama-Gobou [Plains] [Song]
★6 Wakayama-jou [Hills] [Sword]
★5 Nijou-jou [Plains] [Gun]

■ The following castles have received their kai-ichi
★7 Azuchi-jou [Hills/Water] [Talisman]
Skill: Increases ATK by 30%
Decreases DEF by 20% for all enemies in range
Kai Skill: Increases ATK by 35%
Decreases DEF by 25% for all enemies in range
Increases damage taken by 20% for all enemies in range
Stratagem: Deal damage to enemies close to the target of your weapon attack (Self only)
Kai Stratagem: Increases Talisman slow effect, deal damage to enemies close to the target of your weapon attack (Self only)

★5 Nijou-jou [Plains] [Gun]

Skill: Decreases cooldown by 35%
Kai Skill: Decreases cooldown by 40%
Increases damage of area-attack-type stratagems by 1.3x for all castles in range
Stratagem: Deal 2.2x damage that ignores defense to all enemies in range (Range: Large)

■ Senko Orb Exchange has changed
Until the 11/21 (Tue) maintenance
★7 Azuchi-jou [Hills/Water] [Talisman]
★6 Matsue-jou [Hills/Water] [Spear]
★6 Kokura-jou [Plains/Water] [Cannon]
Until the 12/5 (Tue) maintenance
★7 Nagoya-jou [Plains] [Hammer]
★6 Ishiyama-Gobou [Plains] [Song]
★6 Wakayama-jou [Hills] [Sword]

■ Other
[November Raising Campaign] begins

■ Daily 1x Spirit Orbs and 1x Tsubasa presents!
From 11/15 (Wed) ~ 11/20 (Mon), log in every day to receive 2x Spirit Orbs and 2x Tsubasa [Kai-ichi] as a present
Starts from 11/15 (Wed) at 05:00 and the 11/20 (Mon) present can be obtained until 11/21 (Tue) 4:59

■ [Bonus added] 3000 DMMpt Spirit Orb first purchase!
During the campaign, when you [Purchase Spirit Orbs] for the first time with the 3000DMMpt option, you will receive increased orbs, and an additional [Five Star Prayer Stone] for a guaranteed ★5 Castle!

<<First Purchase 3000 DMMpt>>
Spirit Orbs: 35 -> 60 (+25 Orbs) + Five Star Prayer Stone

■ Great and Ultra Success when combining increased by 3x
■ [Story] maps all have 1.5x Tono EXP and 2x Castle EXP
■ All daily maps unlocked
※ Excludes Keystone maps
■ All daily maps have +1 Warehouse

Maintenance from 13:00 to 16:00

Preview of new castle.

Sitting in Fukuoka prefecture, famous for having Hosokawa Garasha's wife, Hosokawa Tadaoki as her lord.