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    Azur Lane Quick and Dirty Equipment Guide

    8/28/2018 UPDATE
    I wrote this about a year ago. While most of these still apply, subtle things have been changed in game. I really have no time to keep this guide up to date. Therefore if you need 1 on 1 help just find me in the Azur Lane channel in my discord below. Upon joining please briefly introduce yourself so that I can validate you. Otherwise you will not be able to read most of the messages. Thank you.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/nXp6Rkm

    This seems to be requested a lot so I'll do this one first. This guide will tell you what equipments are "best" for each kind of ship.
    Disclaimer: this will tell you WHAT to use, not much details into WHY you should use them. I only have short bullets points for quick justifications, at most a paragraph. This is merely a list for quick references and lookups. For more detailed justifications please wait for my future guides.

    This guide talks about equipments that are available in either JP or CN server. It is the players' responsibilities to check the corresponding wikis for the equipment availability in their respective games so that they do not waste time and resources trying to get equipments that do not even exist yet.

    Special thanks to KotoNano, soulbuster, dranzerstar, Valkirion and many others from the forum and my discord for their help in digging up info from various Chinese/Japanese forums that are compiled and used in this guide.

    I. DD Guns
    [+] Spoiler

    There are five DD guns that you should use.

    127mm Twin Dual Purpose T3 (US)

    Slow reload but high damage per shot.
    HE shells with 4 shots per salvo easily set ships on fire.
    Adds AA stat to ship in addition to firepower.
    Verdict: Overall good stats with reload being slight downside. Best used for DDs with bad or nonexistent danmaku, because you don't care about reloading fast to cheat out the danmaku and just want to deal damage normally.

    120mm Twin T3 (UK)

    Highest theoretical DPS for DD guns(high inherent modifier).
    Faster reload than 127mm Twin gold, but still relatively slow.
    Regular ammo (not HE), therefore actual DPS is likely lower.
    Verdict: Solid performance and not a pain in the ass to get compared to gold guns. As with 127mm Twin gold, also best for DDs with bad danmaku that don't care about fast reload.

    127mm Single T3 (US)

    Significantly faster reload than the two guns above.
    Theoretical DPS on par with 127mm Twin gold.
    Fires HE.
    Verdict: More suited for DDs with good danmaku that need faster reload.

    100mm Twin Type 98 High Angle (JP)

    Also known as "gold Akizuki".
    Even faster reload than 127mm Single.
    Adds AA stats just like 127mm Twin gold.
    Theoretical DPS slightly higher than 127mm Twin gold.
    Unfortunately fires regular shells unlike 127mm Twin gold's HE, therefore actual DPS likely lower.
    Verdict: Similar performance to the other gold gun 127mm Twin gold, trading off HE for faster rate of fire (to trigger danmaku). Good for DDs with worth-using danmaku.

    76mm Gun T3 (US)

    Fastest reload among all DD guns. Absolute beast in terms of rate of fire.
    Unfortunately does not have any real stats to speak of other than rate of fire.
    Verdict: Exclusively used on DDs with good danmaku/skills that you want to cheat into play with insane rate of fire. Good on ships like Yuudachi or Eldridge if you want to abuse their danmaku/skills. Otherwise don't use this because it doesn't really do what a real gun is supposed to do.

    II. CL Main Guns
    [+] Spoiler

    Three mainstream CL main guns are used. I'll also talk about some hipster guns just for reference.

    150mmTbtsKC/36 Twin T3 (DE)

    Also known as "Tbts" or "Cleveland gun".
    High rate of fire (good for triggering danmaku).
    AP shells. Good at clearing mobs because of multi-ship piercing.
    Verdict: Probably the best AP CL gun. Solid performance all over.

    155mm Triple T3 (JP)

    Also known as "Belfast gun"
    HE shells, Perfect for Belfast's skill that buffs HE damage and fire chances, hence the name.
    Slower reload than 150mm Tbts, higher damage per salvo, HE shell instead of AP shells.
    Verdict: Performance on par with Tbts with various minor stat trade-offs. Best HE alternative.

    152mm Twin T3 (UK)

    AP gun, similar to Tbts.
    Unlike Tbts, this gun has no firing delay. Rationale in spoilers for those who are curious:
    [+] Spoiler

    Although game stats say 4 shells per salvo for both this gun and Tbts, the actual animation is slightly different. This gun fires all 4 shells at the same time, whereas Tbts in reality fires 2x2 in two separate rounds with 0.10 seconds delay, giving this gun about 0.26 more theoretical DPS than Tbts. In practice this is not at all noticeable though. The same delay is present in all guns that separate one salvo into different groups and is absent in guns that fire all shells at the same time such as this one

    28 degrees of spread instead of 20 degrees on the Tbts. Arguably better than Tbts for maps with many enemies filling up the screen.
    Because of the wider spread, it's not a bad option as a BB secondary gun if you don't have anything better.
    Verdict: Not as popular as Tbts but performance is very on par. Good AP alternative to Tbts.

    150mm SKC/28 Single Gun T3 (DE)

    Super fast reload. Fires AP.
    360 degree rotation of turrets, unusual feature for a non-DD gun.
    Very bad DPS. Supposedly used to trigger CL's danmaku with high RoF, analogous to DD's blue 76mm.
    Verdict: RoF-specialized CL gun that sacrifices most stats to trigger danmaku. Except as of now CL danmaku are all pretty mediocre and it's not worth using this gun. Maybe wait for a future update.

    152mm Single Gun T3 (SU)

    Highest theoretical DPS in all CL guns, beating Tbts and 152mm Twin by 10. Yes you read it right.
    Does 32 base damage per hit when fully maxed out, which is quite insane for a CL gun.
    Also happens to have very fast reload.
    What's the catch? this gun has insanely wide spread(40 degrees with only 3 shells per salvo) making it extremely inaccurate. To actually achieve the DPS you need to hug the enemy's face and fire point-blank.
    And yes, this is actually a Soviet gun. Therefore it is unobtainable from boxes due to the current 4-nation system. You have to farm blueprints in 3-2 to craft this gun.
    Verdict: Some argue that this is actually a very viable transitional gun for CLs to use before you can get the more mainstream weapons, as long as you play manually to make sure the gun hits. All you need are 5 blueprints from 3-2, and very little resource investment to max out its stats (because blue equipments only need to be upgraded to +6). Needless to say this is also great for those who want to relive the glorious "super inaccurate but hard hitting" stereotype of Soviet engineering.

    III. CA Main Guns
    [+] Spoiler

    The best guns for CAs are very straightforward. There is one best normally obtainable AP gun and one best normally obtainable HE gun. I will also mention a few others for completion.

    203mm SKC Twin T3 (DE)

    Colloquially known as "the Eugen gun".
    Best CA gun that fires AP, which is the best option for CA in most cases.
    Solids stats all over.
    Verdict: Really not much to say here. All purpose CA gun with good performance.

    203mm Twin T3 (JP)

    Better known as "Atago gun"
    Best HE gun for CA(that is normally obtainable). Usually you want to pick AP for CAs for clearing mobs, but this gun is very good on ships with skills that buff HE damage and firing chances, such as Atago.
    Verdict: Best normally obtainable HE gun for CAs. If your CA is good at firing HE, use it.

    203mm Twin Prototype No.3 (JP)

    Strict upgrade from the purple Japanese 203mm Twin. Slight increase in all stats. Also fires HE.
    Only obtainable from events as of now.
    Verdict: If you happened to have it, use it instead of the purple Atago gun for CAs that specialize in HE.

    203mm SKC Twin T2 (DE)

    Inferior version of the gold SKC. Same idea as the gold, just weaker.
    Much easier to obtain than the gold version.
    Verdict: Still a good CA gun to use. Solid transitional gun before you get gold Eugen guns.

    283mm SKC28 Triple T3 (DE)

    As of now, Deutschland is the only CA that can equip this gun.
    Highest DPS beating gold Eugen gun slightly.
    Big firing arc that causes indirect hits. In practice, this gun can shoot over enemy shields to cause damage.
    Verdict: Give this to Deutschland because nobody else can use this thing. Though gold Eugen gun isn't exactly a bad option for her either.

    IV. BB Main Guns
    [+] Spoiler

    BB shelling mechanics are rather complex, and a lot of it depends on whether you are equipping your ships for PvE or PvP. I am personally not an expert on PvP so I'll probably ask a ranker to write the PvP guide in the future. I will only briefly mention PvP here and mostly focus on PvE.

    If you don't want to inundate yourself with all the silly details, just remember this: Use the purple 406mm Mk6 . For the vast majority of of game purposes, this gun will suffice as a safe option.

    It might be counter-intuitive but, at the time of this guide, the gold BB guns you can get from boxes are all pretty bad. They are mostly better than most blue guns but many purple guns are clearly superior. Gold BB guns from boxes are by no means terrible and you are welcome to use them as transitional guns in mid-game, but just keep in mind that rarity isn't a very good guide for BB guns as it is for other weapons.

    406mm Triple MK6 T3 (US)

    Highest actual DPS in the game(highest theoretical is actually 410mm Sanshiki but who are we kidding, I'll talk about that later).
    HE ammo.
    Maxing out at 156 base damage per shot. Highest per shot damage in all BB guns.
    Reload is very reasonable for the damage it does.
    Accuracy is also good with a dispersion of only 20 degrees. The three shells per salvo will more or less all land on your target.
    Verdict: Best gun all around for general BB purposes. Must have for PvE.

    410mm Twin T3(JP)

    Alternative to the MK6. Similar performance.
    Two shells instead of three per attack, leading to faster reload.
    DPS is about 4 lower than MK6, but the gun itself has 5% more inherent modifier than MK6 leading to more fire damage.
    Also, given that not all shots in a BB salvo can always land, being a twin gun probably doesn't hurt the DPS in practice compared to triple guns as one might expect.
    Verdict: Good alternative to MK6 with some stat tradeoffs. You are not really losing a whole lot if you use this one.

    406mm Twin MK5 T3 (US)

    AP version of the US 406mm(-1 barrel).
    Probably the best AP gun for BBs that is easy to obtain multiples of.
    Likely not all that useful in PvE because most enemies are lightly armored.
    Verdict: Good AP gun for BBs, for when you actually want to use AP on a BB. Otherwise probably not all that useful.

    381mm Twin T3 (UK)

    Very fast reload(the fastest on JP server at the time of this guide, among normally-obtainable guns).
    AP shells, and pretty low DPS.
    The reload is good for maximizing firing triggers on BB/BC skills.
    Verdict: Similar to the blue 76mm DD gun, this is a specialized high RoF BB gun used mainly to trigger BB skills. Actual gun performance is not spectacular. Reload advantage is overshadowed by the introduction of 381mm Twin Kai and the German SKC34. Currently obsolete on CN server.

    381mm Twin Kai T3 (UK)

    Strikes a good balance between gun power and rate of fire.
    Unlike the original 381mm, this fires HE shells, making it much more relevant for PvE.
    Also reloads faster than the 381mm.
    Obtainable through events only.
    Verdict: Arguably the best gun for BBs with good firing trigger skills because it is well balanced in terms of shelling damage and skill triggers.

    380mm SKC Twin T3 (DE)

    Fast reload AP gun.
    Often compered to 381mm Kai, and mostly overshadowed by it slightly in all relevant stats.
    Two degrees less of dispersion than 381mm Kai, making it slightly more accurate.
    Obtainable through events only.
    Verdict: Not a bad AP gun for balanced damage/reload. Actual usage is likely limited.

    283mm SKC 34 Triple T3 (DE)

    Note: This has the same equipment image as Deutschland's SKC 28 but is a different equipment.
    BB gun with the fastest reload.
    Fires regular ammo.
    Should be the best gun in triggering BB skills because of the fast reload, but the 381 Kai is only slightly slower (less than 2 seconds) and is all around a better gun than this.
    Verdict: Fastest reload well suited for BB skill triggers. Probably no need to use the purple Twin 381mm anymore if you have this gun.

    410mm Twin Sanshiki T0 (JP)

    Event reward.
    Highest theoretical DPS BB gun in the game.
    Except shells break into tiny bits in mid air and almost none of them hits.
    Those bits that do land on the enemies do little to no damage.
    Gives great fireworks. Animation is quite pretty.
    Adds some AA stats to your BB, but because everyone is distracted by how hilariously the gun fires, nobody cares.
    Verdict: No.

    305mm Twin T0 (JP)

    Mikasa's stock equipment.
    Fast reload. The fastest on JP server as of now. Probably a top-down design meant to trigger her own skill.
    Slower than SKC34 by a little bit, also fires regular shells so no ammo type advantage over SKC34 either.
    Does not seem to be normally obtainable as of now.
    Verdict: Not a bad option for a RoF gun to trigger BB skills. Eventually SKC34 will come to JP server and this will be likely obsolete. If you play on CN you probably won't bother with this gun either when it gets introduced.

    Waiting on image acquisition for some other BB guns. To be continued.

    V. Low-Caliber Secondary Guns
    [+] Spoiler

    These are basically "DD guns". They serve as secondaries for CLs and CAs that do not carry torpedos. They are also used by BBs and BCs as secondaries if they happen to be caliber restricted(unable to carry CL guns).

    127mm Twin Dual Purpose T3 (US)

    Already described above in the DD gun section. Good damage output firing HE shells.
    Verdict: Solid performer as a low-caliber secondary.

    120mm Twin T3 (UK)

    Described above as a high DPS normal shell gun.
    Easy to obtain due to rarity.
    Verdict: Good alternative to the 127mm Twin as a low caliber secondary.

    100mm Twin Type 98 High Angle (JP)

    Gold Akizuki seems like an unusual choice as a secondary, but it does serve a special purpose on ships with AA specialization.
    Remember, ships with AA specialization like San Diego and Isuzu don't carry this as "secondary" in the strict sense. Rather, this goes onto their main gun slot to replace the main gun.
    Even without taking into account the AA bonus this is still not a bad gun by itself for secondary gun purposes.
    Verdict: Overall good secondary gun. See DD section for details. Has additional values on specialized AA CLs.

    VI. High-Caliber Secondary Guns
    [+] Spoiler

    These are mostly CL guns fitted (usually) on BCs and BBs. Keep in mind that some BCs and BBs are caliber-restricted and cannot mount these guns. Refer to the small-caliber section above to equip those ships.
    Unlike cruiser secondaries which focus on damage output, BB/BC secondaries are mostly used to kill suicide boats to defend your back row. Therefore, the things you care about are range, spread and reload.

    152mm Triple T3 (US)

    This is the usual go-to high-caliber HE secondary.
    Very high range at 60. If you use DDs to push and drag the screen to the enemy side, your BBs might even actively use this gun to attack into their formation.
    Highest spread at 42 degrees. Gives the classic "fan of protection" spread against suicide boats.
    Verdict: Stereotypical back row secondary. Good protection and coverage.

    152mm Twin T3 (UK)

    Described above as an alternative to Tbts for CLs. It is also a viable secondary gun.
    The spread at 28 doesn't offer as much coverage as the 152 Triple above.
    Fast reload. Reported to have shorter reaction time against suicide boats.
    Verdict: A less common choice for back row secondary. Some claim that this gun reacts to suicide boats more quickly and swear by it.

    VII. Torpedos
    [+] Spoiler

    Options are rather straightforward. Mainly comes down to the slower 533mm series that have more shots, or the faster, longer range and more hard hitting 610mm series that have fewer shots. I will also discuss some special ones.

    533mm Quint Torpedo T3 (All Nations)

    The usual torp option for most ships.
    Fires 5 torps at the same time, large AOE.
    Torpedo speed is mediocre.
    Fairly easy to obtain because it appears in every nation's gold box(and given as a ship collection reward).
    Verdict: Solid choice for most ships. Especially shines in auto-battle mode because the large torpedo spread and the high quantity of torps make it more forgiving for the AI to operate.

    610mm Quad Torpedo T3 (JP)

    Faster torpedo speed than the 533mm, also more damage per shot and longer range.
    Fewer shots than the 533mm.
    Hard to obtain because it only comes from JP box.
    Verdict: Probably a better option than the 533mm for manual play because the torps hit much harder. The AI doesn't seem to use this torp very well in auto. Good for ships with high torp stats to maximize damage per shot.

    533mm Quad Torpedo T3 (All Nations)

    Very respectable reload for the amount of torps it fires per salvo.
    Easily obtainable from all equipment boxes.
    Verdict: Good transitional option before you get the gold torps.

    610mm Triple Torpedo T3 (JP)

    Similar characteristics to the gold 610mm Quad. Long range, high damage and few torps.
    Reload is pretty fast as it only has 3 torps per salvo. Easy to maximize damage output if you play smart and manually.
    Base damage per torp is actually the same as that of the gold 610mm Quad at 206.
    Note: This is actually a lot more hard-hitting than its quad purple version (610mm Quad Torpedo T2 JP), even though the images look very similar. The purple 610mm Quad has much lower base damage than this and than the gold one.
    Verdict: Good transitional option especially for manual play.

    533mm Quint Magnetic Torpedo T3 (DE)

    This kind of torpedos are truly homing (unlike the aiming attack pattern of some torpedo bombers), meaning that when it gets close to the enemy ships, it will actively "chase" them.
    This noticeably increases accuracy especially when playing in auto mode.
    Damage is lower than all the torpedoes described above. The speed is also very slow. However the homing feature makes up for a lot of these shortcomings.
    Verdict: Good accuracy. Worth using if you have it. Helps in auto mode.

    Waiting on image acquisition for some other torpedos. To be continued.

    VIII. Fighters
    [+] Spoiler

    In general higher rarity fighters are usually better. It's pretty intuitive. A lot of detailed differences in the weapons they carry but actual performances aren't all that different.

    F6F Hellcat T3 (US)

    Armed with 4 x 12.7mm machine guns and 2 x 20mm cannons.
    The 12.7mm has a large angle of coverage at 180 degrees. High end fighters actually don't all carry this kind of guns so the coverage is pretty reassuring.
    Verdict: Stereotypical gold fighter. Good overall performance.

    Seafang T3 (UK)

    Very similar to the Hellcat.
    Carries more 20mm cannons than the Hellcat (4 vs 2) at the cost of not carrying MGs. Smaller angle of coverage because 20mm cannons can only go up to 80 degrees, but they do have a little more range.
    Flying speed is higher than the Hellcat's. Takeoff time also slightly faster. Coupled with the cannon ranges this is good for early damage.
    Verdict: Minor differences from the Hellcat. Actual performance very similar. Solid fighter.

    Reppuu T3 (JP)

    Fastest plane in the game(flying speed). The purple version also flies at the same speed.
    Carries 4 x Type 99 20mm Cannons. Cannon stats are slight upgrades from the 20mm the other planes carry.
    Similar to Seafang, no MGs so coverage is narrower than those that carry MGs.
    Lower plane HP than Hellcat or the Seafang so they die more easily.
    Event only plane. Pretty hard to get more than one or two as of now.
    Verdict: Slightly better overall than the non-event planes. Expected performance of a gold fighter.

    Zero Fighter Type 52 T3 (JP)

    Used to have the fastest takeoff speed until the German Me-155A was added. Still has faster takeoff than the vast majority of planes.
    As a result, it's a good plane for takeoff-abuse on CVs that have plane-launch triggers skills such as Unicorn to maximize skill effects.
    Carries two 7.7mm MGs and two 20mm cannons. Has two puny 100 lb bombs when most gold fighters carry 500 lb bombs. Not very impressive weaponry.
    Low HP. Lower than Reppuu's and much lower compared to Hellcat and Seafang.
    Used to be the fastest plane in flying speed until it was replaced by Reppuu.
    Verdict: Still good if you want to abuse the takeoffs when Me-155A isn't available in your game. But overall weaker than the other gold planes both in armaments and in HP.

    Me-155A T3 (DE)

    Specialized fighter that focuses exclusively on AA. It carries no bombs and replaces them with extra guns.
    Carries 2 x MG151 20mm cannons and 3 x MG131 13mm cannons for massive AA damage.
    Fastest takeoff in the game. Can be used to abuse CV launch triggers along with Type 52.
    Lowest HP among all top tier fighters.
    Verdict: Very strong AA performance. Has no anti-ship capabilities like the vast majority of other fighters. Good option in CV-heavy maps and in PvP against Akagi+Kaga fleets for quick remedies against their early air strikes.

    F4U Corsair T3 (US)

    Best purple fighter in the game.
    Carries six 12.7mm MGs for massive AA coverage.
    Compared to F4F Wildcat that also carries similar weaponry, this plane has the extra 2x 500 lb bombs that the Wildcat doesn't have, making it more relevant for anti-ship damage output.
    Verdict: The best transitional purple fighter before you get the golds. The pinnacle of MG spam.

    IX. Dive Bombers
    [+] Spoiler

    Dive bomber quality has a lot to do with the stats of weapon they carry and unfortunately they do not correspond very much with rarity. To make matters worse, dive bombers are a very important part of CV damage output and can't be ignored or treated casually. Therefore new players should really pay attention to this section.

    SB2C Helldiver T3 (US)

    The best dive bomber in the game. This was debated in various communities for some time because of the plane's outrageous weapon setup and questionable rarity, but after multiple testings right now people seem to have reached the consensus that this is the king of dive bombers despite of it being purple.
    This thing carries one 2000 lb bomb and two 500 lb bombs. The 2000 lb is currently the biggest bomb in the entire game, and SB2C is the only carrier of this bomb.
    This bomb has an extreme AOE and very high damage. Even the two "small" bombs are still 500 lbs, which further contribute to this plane's massive damage output.
    To make this even more OP, the AA weapons this plane carries are 2 x 12.7mm MG. As mentioned in the fighter section, this gun has very good AA coverage and overall performance, making the SB2C win against other dives of the same tier even in terms of AA.
    Verdict: OP as fuck. Join the Cult of SB2C.

    Ju-87C T3 (DE)

    The Ju-87C carries 1 x 1000 lb bomb and 4 x 100 lb bombs
    It was once debated that this kind of setup leads to low accuracy (5 total number of bombs). However, recent testing showed that dive bomber accuracy has a lot more to do with bomb weight and not total bomb number.
    As a result, the 4 baby bombs this plane carries are not necessary a liability and can contribute consistently to damage output.
    Because this is a German plane, it gets buffed by Graf Zeppelin so there are some extra synergy stats to consider.
    Verdict: Overall slightly weaker than SB2C but still a top tier dive bomber.

    BTD-1 Destroyer T3 (US)

    Used to be considered the strongest dive (because gold), but after testing this is at most tied with Ju-87C for second best if not worse.
    Carries two 1600 lb bombs. Second biggest bomb in the game. This bomb has considerable AOE and damage.
    However, because ALL this carries are the two big bombs, it kind of suffers from "putting all my eggs in one basket" syndrome. If the BTD missed one hit, then the output is cut in half. Dive bombers with multiple bombs seem to perform with better stability.
    Much harder to obtain than SB2C though SB2C performs much better than this plane.
    Verdict: Still a top tier dive bomber. It's just that the rarity doesn't really correlate with how good it actually is. As a new player you should not be obsessed with trying to get this plane if you don't have it(ignore the sources that still say this is the best dive).

    Suisei T3 (JP)

    Carries one 1000 lb bomb and two 100 lb bombs. Pretty underwhelming for a gold bomber.
    One advantage is that among the top tier planes the Suisei has the fastest takeoff. It can help in triggering some CV skills.
    Verdict: Weakest of the top tier dive bombers but still better than most things of lower rarities. Don't stress if you don't have this one.

    Fulmar T3 (UK)

    The dive bomber that cares much more about AA than dive bombing.
    Seriously. It has 8 x 7.7mm MG. but only 2 x 100 lb bombs.
    The AA is so extreme that it actually beats a lot of fighters.
    Very fast takeoff that can be abused.
    Maybe also useful as AA options on CVLs that do not have a fighter slot (like Shouhou).
    But the downside is that this is not a true fighter so it can't intercept and can only use the guns when it bombs.
    Verdict: I have no idea why this is the way it is. History nerds please enlighten me.

    X. Torpedo Bombers
    [+] Spoiler

    The most important thing to know about torpedo bombers is that they have two distinct attack patterns. Knowing when to use each attack pattern is crucial in later maps.

    Barracuda T3 (UK)

    The Barracuda has the highest damage output for the sweep attack pattern. It will drop torpedos parallel to each other to cover most of the screen.
    This can be devastating for fast moving ships because you are negating most of their play area.
    The Barracuda also happens to have extremely high touchdown damage (colloquially known as "kamikaze damage", the damage surviving planes deal to enemies upon reaching their end of the screen in PvP) at 480. This applies to both the gold and purple version
    For reference, the torp bomber with the second highest kamikaze damage(not counting the hero unit Swordfish) is gold Ryuusei at 188.
    Verdict: Unless there is a special case in which sweep attack pattern isn't the right answer, Barracuda should always be your first choice for torpedo bombers.

    Barracuda T2 (UK)

    Weaker version of the gold Barracuda.
    Same idea. Very good torp bomber for the sweep attack pattern.
    Much easier to obtain than the gold.
    Extremely high kamikaze damage identical to the gold version.
    Verdict: Great transitional sweep attack pattern torp bomber before you get the gold Barracuda.

    Tenzan T3 (JP)

    The most easily obtainable torp bomber with the aiming attack pattern.
    Torpedos will attempt to aim at a single target. This is great for stationary or slow-moving enemies(like boss Maya in 8-4), but absolutely terrible for fast enemies because the torps are slow and easy to dodge.
    Damage output far exceeds Barracuda if there is one stationary target because every single torp will hit.
    Verdict: Representative member of the aiming attack pattern. This can be very efficient on certain maps.

    Ryuusei T3 (JP)

    Gold torp bomber with aiming attack pattern.
    Strict upgrade from Tenzan.
    Only obtainable from events at the time of this guide.
    Verdict: Same idea as Tenzan, just with better stats. Use this instead of Tenzan if you have one.

    Ryuusei T2 (JP)

    Downgrade from the gold Ryuusei.
    Aiming attack pattern.
    Performance on par with purple Tenzan.
    More HP and flies faster than the purple Tenzan, and slightly more kamikaze damage. All other stats are a little bit worse.
    Verdict: Probably makes no big difference whether you use this one or the purple Tenzan. Both are good options for aiming attack pattern.

    TBS Avenger T3 (US)

    This purple plane actually has identical torpedo damage to the gold Barracuda.
    Sweep attack pattern.
    Takeoff is very bad. It's okay for mid-game where you don't need your CVs to attack ASAP.
    Verdict: Heavy-hitting transitional torp plane. Damage justifies the slowness of it. Good choice before you get better planes.

    XI. AA Guns
    [+] Spoiler

    AA mechanics are not really easy to explain. I will only briefly touch on mechanics here in each equipment. I will definitely write a more detailed guide later.
    Bottom line: AA setup is a FLEET effort, not an individual ship effort. Your AA circle of death requires contribution from all your ships. So the "best" AA guns are not specific to specific ships. It's all about teamwork.

    113mm Twin High Angle T3 (UK)

    Highest base damage per shot..
    Very long range.
    Reload is longer than desirable.
    Verdict: Best to use on ships with high AA stat in order to increase range and to maximize highest possible damage(AA damage is a lot of RNG but maximum attainable AA damage is based on highest AA stat. Increasing it on already high AA ships will yield the best results).

    Bofors 40mm Quad T3 (US)

    Highest DPS.
    Fastest reload among top tier AA guns.
    Range is lower than most peers.
    Verdict: Good reload and DPS. Also great on high AA ships because high AA stat.

    105mmSKC Twin High Angle T3 (DE)

    The intermediate gun between 113mm and Bofors.
    Reload, damage and range are all between the two guns above.
    Verdict: Good AA gold gun. Put on high AA ships due to gold-tier AA stat.

    QF 2-pounder Octuple Pom-Pom (UK)

    Used to be considered the strongest AA gun, but now has too many competitors.
    Still has the second highest DPS.
    Does more damage per shot than Bofors, but reloads slower and has less range.
    Verdict: Still a solid choice as a gold gun on a high AA ship.

    76mm High Angle T3 (US)

    Now we are moving onto purple territory.
    Because AA capabilities take average of all AA guns and ship AA stats, you need to worry about each parameter (reload, damage, range)individually.
    The gold guns all hit pretty hard but none of them have very good reload.
    This is where this gun comes in. This gun has very good rate of fire that can be used to supplement gold guns, leading to a higher average RoF.
    Even faster options exist(like some blue guns) but using them would sacrifice too many other stats such as range. This one has good range and is more suited for normal AA setups.
    Verdict: Supplemental gun used to increase RoF. Because It doesn't add as much AA stats as gold guns do, you are free to use this on a ship with bad AA, because we don't depend on that ship to increase AA damage cap.

    28mm Quad AA Gun "Chicago Piano" T3 (US)

    Same idea as the 76mm High Angle with slightly faster rate of fire.
    Good RoF supplement for normal AA setups.
    Does sacrifice quite a bit of range compared to the 76mm, but in exchange, this hits much harder.
    Verdict: Supplemental gun used to increase RoF. Alternative to 76mm High Angle with more emphasis on damage and less on range. Doesn't add as much AA stat as gold guns so you can put on a bad AA ship.

    25mm Triple T3 (JP)

    Rate of fire supplement. Fires even faster than the Chicago Piano.
    Range is about the same as Chicago Piano.
    Damage is about the same as the 76mm High Angle.
    Verdict: Less damage-focused than the Chicago Piano. Very RoF-focused with average damage output (similar to 76mm HA). As with other supplemental guns, it matters less which ship carries this compared to gold guns.

    12.7mm AA Gun T3 (US)

    As you can tell by now, AA gun stats are split among range, damage and rate of fire. Some seem to lean more extreme to one stat than others.
    You can check the intermediate AA guns' stats in your spare time. But just to illustrate a point let us talk about this 12.7mm, which sits at an extreme end of the spectrum.
    This AA gun has the fastest reload in the entire game. When fully maxed out it fires once every 0.33 seconds.
    In exchange, it has practically no range or damage to speak of.
    If you want to experiment with manually-controlled low-range high-damage high-RoF build, this gun can actually be proven useful.
    Verdict: Extreme example of sacrificing every stat for rate of fire. Using this as a RoF supplemental gun will most likely ruin your AA circle because it will tank the averages of all your other stats, but it has high potential to be used in niche AA builds.

    XII. Accessories
    [+] Spoiler

    There are a lot of accessories available in the game but only a handful of them are useful. I will not list every single one of them. A lot of them come in different rarities so if you don't have the specific ones listed here you can deduce what is the next best option for you.

    Type 93 Oxygen Torpedo T3(JP)

    For those who didn't figure it out by now, this is not a torpedo. As in, this doesn't go into your torpedo slot. Rather, it goes in your accessory slot and adds torpedo stat to your ship. The actual weapon for the ship is still whichever torpedo equipment you have on her.
    When maxed out, this adds 100 torpedo stats along with some reload.
    The relationship between torpedo stat and torpedo weapon efficiency of the ship are multiplicative in arriving the final torpedo damage. Therefore, ships with very high torpedo efficiencies(e.g. JP DDs, Takao) will likely benefit a lot from this equipment.
    The gold version of this is still very worth using.
    Upgrading to +10 is extremely costly.
    Verdict: Excellent equipment for ships that are defined by their torpedos, but very hard to obtain due to rarity.

    Hydraulic Catapult T3 (All Nations)

    Airpower stat boost for CVs/CVLs. Adds up to 100.
    Straightforward and brutal power-up. Not much to say here.
    Purple version is also good.
    Verdict: CV accessory staple.

    Plane Fuel Tank T3 (All Nations)

    Adds up to 70 airpower and 60 ship HP. Basic stats increase is identical to the purple Hydraulic Catapult.
    However, it has a skill that adds 30 HP to all planes.
    Increases your plane survival. Great for surviving planes to cash in the kamikaze damage in PvP.
    Verdict: Another CV staple. Very useful effect for plane survival. Strictly superior to purple Hydraulic Catapult.

    SG Radar T3 (US)

    Extremely useful equipment that decreases map ambush chances and increases your likelihood of escaping ambushes.
    Boosts accuracy and evasion as well.
    The purple version is weaker but also very useful. It is worth keeping until you get more golds.
    Verdict: Very useful especially in later maps to save you from ambush woes. Doesn't stack so you just need to carry one.

    AA Radar (All Nations)

    Adds a lot of extra AA stat. Helpful for ship survival on CV heavy maps.
    Verdict: Simple and straightforward AA boost. Worth keeping for AA heavy builds.

    Repair Tools T3 (All Nations)

    Heals your ship's HP over time(1% every 15 seconds). Also straight up adds up to 500 max HP.
    Pretty great on almost every ship type.
    Easy to obtain. Comes in all boxes and can be farmed in 3-4, which you probably farm anyway for Akagi and Kaga.
    Verdict: A great equipment with wide usage. Extremely helpful in auto-mode to make the game more forgiving for the silly AI.

    Automatic Loader T3 (All Nations)

    Extremely wide applications similar to repair tools.
    Directly adds reload stats. Used on almost all ships to increase DPS.
    Because this is a direct stat increase, you are welcome to carry two of these on the same ship, works like double-catapult on CVs.
    Very useful on all kinds of ships. Despite the equipment image showing gun shells this works on all reloads. Including torpedos. DDs can benefit a lot from this as well.
    Verdict: This is one of those things that you can never get enough of. Keep every single one of them because you will need them.

    Electronic Loader T3 (All Nations)

    Same idea as the purple autoloader but worse. It's usable as a transitional equipment before you get the purple loaders.
    Verdict: Poor man's purple loader. Different image though because it's technically a different equipment.

    Torpedo Bulge T3 (All Nations)

    Decreases torpedo damage by 30%. Very good for your front row ships.
    Also has a flat HP boost at up to 350. Less than repair tools but still nothing to sneeze at.
    Somehow doesn't seem to guard against torpedo from torpedo bombers as it does against ship's torpedos.
    Verdict: Good buff against torpedos as the name suggests. Worth keeping for torpedo-heavy maps.

    Fire Extinguisher T3 (All Nations)

    Do NOT be fooled by the low rarity. This is a really useful equipment. Do not scrap do not scrap do not scrap.
    Decreases fire chance by 30%, decreases fire duration by 6 seconds, decreases fire damage by 20%.
    Adds a flat 266 to max HP when maxed out.
    This saves your low armor ships from getting bullied by HE.
    This is especially great for auto mode when your ships are played by the stupid AI. For manual play you can probably opt for something less defensive.
    Extremely easy to max out because this is a blue equipment. Minimal investment will give you maximum effect.
    Verdict: Very decent anti-HE solution on low armor ships. Great for auto mode.

    Ship Repair Facility T3 (All Nations)

    Can only be used by repair ships.
    The most annoying thing ever because it takes up a gold slot in your equipment pools and you probably opened about 10 of them before you even got your first repair ship.
    Heals flat 15 HP every 5 seconds. Can't stack. The ship being healed is the one with the lowest percent HP.
    Adds 500 max HP to the ship carrying this when maxed out.
    Verdict: Not much to say. Put one on your repair ship. You probably don't want/need to use the purple version.

    Beavers Emblem (Collection Reward)

    You can get one from the The Little Beavers ship collection reward.
    Increases fleet sailing speed by 20%.
    The best speed-boosting equipment in the game because it increase FLEET speed.
    In contrast, stuff like boilers are completely worthless because they increase individual ships' speeds.
    The speed at which your front row ships move is based on an average. Increasing one ship's speed by a few points barely matters.
    On the other hand, this emblem gives a pretty extreme speed boost because it gives 20% up to your final fleet speed and doesn't care what ships you took with you.
    Verdict: The best speed buff in the game.

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    Thanks for the topic and the explanations for each guns, this is very helpful !

    Thanks to @Neskape for this signature !
    Many thanks to @Fuda ! Regulars GCT are wonderful !

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    posting this again:

    German 20.3 is currently the best gun (AP) due to it's firing pattern while the other 2 is good for Atago (because of her skill)

    CL, the german 150mm tbts is for overall. But for Belfast it is either the IJN 155 for concentrate fire or the 152mm. Either way both the IJN 155 and RN 152mm are good secondaries for some Battleships.

    For DD guns, it's the RN 127 however it fires normal rounds and not useful for DD's who had a AP skill. The USN 12.7 twin Mk12 is good for secondaries and so is the single gun counterpart however don't expect the gun to shoot accurately.

    For fast DPS take the IJN 100mm which also a good Dual Purpose gun or the 76mm but the latter is perfect for those who had unique and powerful barrage cut-ins.

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    @dandan550 hey get a load of this guy copypasting shit his seen without understanding it.
    So other than posting an image you saw and what you've heard do you actually have anything productive to add to the discussion or is it an attempt to sound smarter.

    The 203mm SKC is favoured because of its heavy damage, not the slow firing pattern so not sure where you get that its good "due to it's firing pattern" like you don't even play the game sometimes. In fact the dps difference between it and the 20.3cm (3) is almost negligible in practice outside heavily armoured maps, it's just the 20.3cm (3) isn't readily available.

    The best secondary gun for battleships is neither of those, it's the 152 triple HE, due to it's longer range. The dual 152mm AP is great for suicide boat heavy maps which is what you usually use the guns for though. Flat out The 155mm IJN twin is awful on battleships.

    On a side note @Kalinsre, you're going to do the accessory items as well as the planes in this guide right? Outside three of them I don't actually pay attention enough to know what else is good.

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    @KotoNano Yes. After guns and torps there will be specific sections for planes. Just gonna need to pull some images first.
    The accessory section will take up the majority of the guide I'm afraid.

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    All carrier planes sections are updated! See OP. @KotoNano
    Taking a break for a little bit.

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    @KotoNano I didn't say that the german gun is "fast firing" obviously but it's firing pattern isn't like the rest of the other CA guns that spread lmao and lastly don't act also like a smartass as you even stop doing any kind of progress of the wiki after the other becomes the main one lmao.

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    @dandan550 I stopped working on the wikia because I stopped playing the game at the end of august due toreal life emergencies and issues and some of the other content up-loaders moved to JP when that was released. The wikia would of been complete ages ago if it wasn't for that, the two event and maintenance notes I posted without updating the game myself because I was busy with hospital appointments and looking after three kids.
    Let me make it clear for you and everyone else with stupid conceptions because I've been in the 'official' discord and seen all the personal attacks on my person while they sat around talking about fucking loli's and doing nothing toward uploading AL content to their wiki whenever I make a post on the forum involving wiki shit.

    The .jp wiki didn't even have a ship list or ship information when I stopped working on the wikia because of those real life issues. So anyone thinking otherwise should really stop being conceited.

    Honestly though, what's that really got to do with anything? I stated before when about a week after I started the wikia; when I had some rather pushy rude people approached me saying "Stop working on your wikia, there is only enough space for one wiki to be around and we decided it's ours with no content.", that I had no interest in competition or arguments. We (as in 4~5 people) was working on the wikia to give English players a database they could work off when there wasn't one. I never cared about any 'internet fame' I made it for the benefit of others with some friends because it was fun.

    You're the one being a smart ass regurgitating information like a baby chick, but then I suppose you've never actually done any testing in the game yourself so it's understandable. You really shouldn't talk about things you don't have any understanding of.
    If you had you'd know that prinz gun is situational better than the 155, where if there's larger and more heavily armored higher HP enemies that group up in small numbers it's got good performance, yet the 155 is better against low HP low armored swarms. Rate of fire, ammo type damage modifiers and shooting pattern all apply for this as the SKC will fire all 6 shots at a single target even if the first hit of the salvo sinks it. It's firing pattern is only good against bosses and in PvP, while in normal PvE cells a faster firing spread shot is actually more desirable.

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    Please keep the discussion civil and on topic.

    Also, the guide is 90% complete. It can now be used as a reference. I just need to find a few more equipments to add then this can be considered finished for now.

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    The new gold SBD squadron is probably on par with the SB2C, while it has the same loadout as the regular SBD (1x 2000lb, 2x 100lb) it has a much higher damage on it's bombing, 283 at +10 instead of 202 at +6 like the blue. It's gold rarity and T0 ranking might give it's 2000lb bomb an edge over the SB2C's in speed and damage (unlike the regular SBD whose 2000lb bomb is weaker) but it's two 100lb bombs are still inferior to the SB2C's 500lb pair. Damage output will probably be close, but the new SBD has a .20s shorter launch time at the cost of MGs.

    Overall probably comparable with the junker, and better than the BTD and of course a step up from the suisei whose only advantage over is is the 1.3~s launch time.

    The XF5F looks pretty shitty since it's AA isn't as high as I'd expected but it's the fastest launching plane in the game by around 0.3s faster than the fulmar or ME-155

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