It's an interesting coincidence: while most of us are busy refighting the battle of Surigao Strait with our shipgirls, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and his team are in the same strait, documenting and exploring the wrecks of the Nishimura Fleet there.

You can follow their progress on their Facebook page here:

Already posted is the scan of Yamashiro's wreck:

Here is an analysis of the picture, by Redditor beachedwhale1945

Here are the pictures from the dive on Fusou:

And the wreck of an Asashio-class destroyer, tentatively ID'ed as Asagumo has also been found.

Most of the wrecks have been located and will be explored, bar Mogami who sank further away from the Strait while limping back home, and was scuttled by Akebono.

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Calling it: Paul Allen plays Kancolle in his moments off!