A Maintenance was held on Dec 4th from 1300 til 1800 (JP timezone). With this, the second half of the event, "Let's Ride The Waves! Everlasting Summer Christmas!" has been commenced. Bloomable Flower Knights and Whale Airship Mission is also have been made available after this maintenance.

Patch Notes:
1. Event:
- The second half of the event, "Let's Ride The Waves! Everlasting Summer Christmas!" is now commenced. You can now earn more Banana-mas from Raid Boss and Bonus Stages
- Challenge stage is also available

2. Campaigns;
- 30% Stamina Discount on the following stage mission: Ultimate Mission "Scouts that Lurks In The Forest"
- Strengthening EXP & Great Success Probability Up Campaign: During the event period, flower knight will get 10% more EXP when strengthening and higher chance of getting a success.

3. Character
- Blooming is now available for the following flower knights:
i. With Bloom form: Anemone, Christmas Begonia, Fir Tree, Lycaste
ii. Without Bloom form: Annabelle, Sakura (Apron), Japanese Chloranthus, Lampranthus

4. Gacha: Bloomable Character Priority Gacha

5. Conquest stage
- Whale Airship Mission is now opened
- New Stage Mission: Ultimate Mission "Scouts that lurks in the Forest"
- Recurring Event:
i. Temporary: The Search for The Ideal Bride (Dec 7th - Dec 20th)
ii. Permanent: Glorious Festival "Grande Fleur" & Valentine Knight

6. Garden: 3 new garden items, 20 new pest for Pest Encyclopedia

7. Exchange Shop:
- Gold Exchange Shop has been updated.
- The Call of the Prison Island Exchange Shop has been removed

8. Misc:
- Added Facial Expression animation on a certain stage map in Finding the Strength to Help the Ruler Recurring Event & Fill The Night's Radiance with Gratitude Recurring Event
- The production of the Whale Airship Skill "Flower Cannon" has been adjusted.
- Added a "More Difficult Challenge" button on the "Knights of The Aqua Shadow" EX grade stage map selection screen. It will appear once you clear the EX stage so you can challenge the Destructive EX stage.
- The order of the displayed main quests has been re-adjusted.
- When you click on the "Subjugate" button on a quest that requires you to clear specified stage maps, it will bring you to the Stage Selection Screen of stage mission that is related to it instead.
- Operation related to the characters and the material items has been re-adjusted. The screen composition and the function remains unchanged.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that sometimes skip player's turns in Whale Airship Mission (and make the enemy receives no damage) after using the Whale Cannon at the start of the battle to activate Wheele Cannon Burst, with Light Gauge is full at the start of the Whale Airship battle before Whale Cannon/ Burst is activated. 1 Flower Gem has been given to all players as a compensation for the bugs.
- Fixed the bug that cause the enemy panel to be not displayed properly after getting a "DRAW" from the battles.
- Spelling corrections