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    Kantai Analyst 211303's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
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    Fall 2017 Event Wrap up Thread

    So, the event has just ended. It's been fun, and Tanaka has surely delivered his promise of introducing a "different" event. How did the event go for your? Have you got all the new girls? Any self-reflection/opinion? Feel free to express yourself here.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Some statistics:

    Choice of difficulty:
    Among people who have cleared the related map:
    E1: around 50% chose normal mode
    E4: around 50% chose easy mode, around 30% chose normal mode and around 20% chose hard mode.

    Passing rate (for people who have started the related map):
    E1: over 95%
    E2: over 95%
    E3: around 95%
    E4: around 90%

    The sexiest bridge ever made.

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    Marshal Admiral Zalfier's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
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    Pretty fun event for me, lots of locks to open before the actual boss, but I personally don't mind them, it allows for more ships to be used, especially with fleet locks in mind. Especially happy with the fact that I can actually clear E-3H without much difficulty, even though people who knew me know I absolutely despise hard min-maxing.

    I got all the new girls without having to farm, which is a first for me, along side a few dupe DEs who I may train for modernization soon enough.

    The most important thing for me this event is that I was able to, for the first time since starting out 3 years ago, clear a final map using only Destroyers. Where previously every final map involved a Combined fleet which requires me to bring at least one bigger-than-destroyer ship minimum, or has LoS requirement so high that I cannot deploy a full fleet of DDs without gimping my fleet to dangerously weak levels, this event gave us a final map where both LoS and Fleet compositions do not matter much (Using Shima's route). Naturally, I had to go full DD on this map, and never was I this happy to clear a final map in 3 years+. Even though it is not really a huge achievement, this is no doubt one of my biggest achievements to date on KC

    In short, awesome event, really love that I can clear the map using my way without sacrificing too much. I'd wish for another final map like this, but let's be honest, its not going to happen.

    KC Status: Building up the Destroyer Armada
    Other game codes: GBF: 7135808 / FKG: 982660683 / SOA: ZD7GKZA4B2

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    Lieutenant sandrio's Avatar
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    Feb 2017
    Paramushir Anchorage
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    Got all the girls and some I was lacking previously (I finally can get rid of that taunting Unryuu quest, too bad Katsuragi didn't show)
    While farming I dropped down to 6 fuel and thats roughly when the game went down, so perfect timing there.
    I actually did enjoy the event a lot and thought that these unlocking mechanisms aren't generally bad, but E-4 was a bit over the top.
    Liked that there wasn't too much combined fleet going on this time, too. The 7-member fleet is nice, but having it in fleet slot 3 is not a good idea.
    Liked the idea of the different starting points depending on tags in E-4, however that makes it even harder for frontliners, doesn't it?
    Anyways, went N-N-E-N and it was alright, I did need around 150 sorties for E-4 total, most of them on Z6 and phase 1 last dance, but apart from the resources spent I have a very large sanity meter

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    Lieutenant sawhorse's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
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    This might have been the luckiest event I had so far.
    I got all the drops without farming for them, and more.
    I didn't play the event with Kasuga Maru, two of them dropped. I also got two more Hayasuis, and two gumo class I didn't have yet. (I'm collecting gumos in secret)

    Also managed to kill the entombed hime super fast. No extra runs were needed.

    As for the event, it's funny how the rumor was about a small scale one. Turned into a medium scale, THEN it turns out there was so much to do that it could've been classified as a large one.
    Just like last summer (E7 RNG hell), I didn't have fun save for the entombed hime runs.
    All the small tasks before I could even face the boss killed my will to even play for a whole week. I'm very glad it's over.
    Everything would've been fine if the maps were built differently. But it turned into a huge drag instead. We always have to do small tasks to weaken the bosses but it's always optional, and not a total cockblock like this. IMO, they should've dedicated a whole map for them with no boss or tp bar, or spread it throughout the maps.

    My personal lesson here is that instead of trying to pace myself to keep my sanity up, I'll not take breaks anymore. I don't want to rush the last 2 maps with just a week left again.

    Yuudachi, Satsuki, Ikazuchi, Tone.

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    Commander Ferreae's Avatar
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    May 2017
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    By all the salt on the kancolle twitter threads, I'm extremely surprised at a 90% finish...especially all the people saying they just gave up, or were forced out by resources. Were even people resorting to whaling for a few more tries.

    I enjoyed E1~3. E4's designer can go straighten bent outlets with fork for all my cares :P
    As such, ran N-N-H-E

    I mean it was nice, but too rng-happy a gauntlet for my taste. Even that wouldn't been THAT bad were it not the assorted things with morale and support fleet ammo/morale.

    Shipwise, picked up both new kaiboukan, and dupes of the others... Katsu and Unryuu while passing through, A surprise Maruyu who is just adorable (she will NOT be fodder, for she is first of her line~), the purplette kagerou, a dupe maru (the asw one), and the new SeaSpud (pomme de la mer? :P )
    Annd the duckie.

    So outside missing akiduckie and Shioi? I think I made out like a bandit. Finished in good resource state as well (but for ammo).

    Also had to flush pm box twice 'cuz filled with commiserating rantings, laments, and sacrifices to Murphy to get past things :D

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    Newly Registered
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    Jan 2015
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    The event was interesting, the aditional lore they brought up was a nice touch too. Hope to see more of that
    As for how things went...

    • I liked E-1/3 too, and E-4 node unlocking was interesting, but screw S-ranking nodes. Z6 was just too annoying for me.
    • Resource consumption wasn't bad. I ate way more fuel that expected, but nothing that can't be capped back by next event.
    • Ended getting all the ships i was after, including Teruzuki and Shioi, plus a surprise Tokitsukaze. Now i need to figure what to do will all the dupe DEs i got, though.
    • Added a reinforcement expansion slot to Mogamin by mistake in between "trying to S-rank Z6 but failing miserably" runs. It got some use in E4 at least, so nothing to cry over.
    • Being able to use CLTs and subs was nice for once. Goya is back on Orel duty, though.
    • Seriously, screw Z6.
    • Most of the preparation i had done gear/ship wise was for nothing, as usual. I guess now i need to get 2 more SPF to make sure they aren't needed on the next event :P.

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    Captain kazenorin's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
    Hashirajima Anchorage
    200 Post(s)
    NHHH... 5th meme medal...

    Cleared E1 on N because I thought I would post-clear farm for Etorofu-dupes, but at the end went to farm for Kunashiri at E3 instead (and failed 0/60 ).

    This is definitely a large "medium-scale event", or maybe a minor "large-scale event". A lot more to do than for example the Saratoga event last year.
    Still a lot easier than the Summer event, but stuffing multiple phases in each map bothered me a lot.
    I'm much less prepared for this event because of RL busy-ness, and ship locks were poorly planned too.
    But since there are many historical ships bound to their maps/phases, ship locks weren't that much an issue.

    My complaints:
    Perfect air defenses are ridiculous.
    E4H Z6 S-clear reminds me of Summer E7H.
    Waaaaay tooooo many unlock conditions.
    Can Tanaka stop putting terror troll subs in the first node just to piss people off of their unluckiness?

    Sparkling is fun. /s
    I probably spent more time sparkling than actually clearing the event, especially for later maps.
    Node support not appearing with a fully sparkled fleet is robbery.

    2BB2CV2DD is no longer a shelling support, in another word: nerfed

    The brighter side:

    Boss support morale reduction is now the same as node support, which is great.
    It use to cost around 2-3 times more morale.

    7-member Striking force and new FCF are welcomed, well as long as its exploitable by players :(
    But my fleets spent a lot of time idling in the base rather than doing expeditions because of the effort required to set them up.

    Vanguard Formation is great, finally a defensive formation that clearly works. (Dodge TCIs! yay!)

    Farming was friendly, very high drop rates for new ships, and also the easiest event for farming Katsuragi ever (now only Oyashio and Graf Zepplin left, then I'd finally be KanDex complete).
    All new farmable ships drop across at least two maps at high-ish rates, so we don't have to go back or get stuck farming.
    This is quite friendly and I hope it's going to be like that in future events.

    Story-driven event-only dialogues are very welcomed. This is what separates KanColle from other games of the kind IMO.
    Gives life to every ship.

    Neutral takes:
    Failed farming for 2nd Kunashiri dupe (3rd copy) 60 runs and no drops even at 6% drop rate? I'm guessing it's number limited :(

    So many nodes and battles to go through in some maps (like E4 phase 3/4)...
    This is not necessarily bad because it good on the morale, and provided that pre-destination nodes are easy enough they're good.
    But time consuming... and makes node support somewhat mandatory.

    Rewards and new stuff:
    Speaking of rewards...
    Rewards are not appealing across all difficulties, Suzutsuki is probably the best reward imo.

    T0 Recon 11B(Skilled) is a good-to-have... Actually it's almost the best scouter. Not everyone has fulled improved T0Obs afterall, even if so, it has the best bonus stats.
    The Toukais are... Situational?
    Hayates are probably for newcomers, from a veteran POV there are many better choices.
    SK4 looks like a free +10 T0M32(skilled) to me, very situational.

    New ships...
    Kaiboukans are the new trophies, this is the first event I've played that didn't have a trophy DD (Suzutsuki isn't a trophy).
    I-400 seems to be nearly the same as I-401, so from now on we can have two I-400 class in one fleet. Better 2-2 runs I guess?

    Last edited by kazenorin; 12-11-2017 at 07:02 AM.
    Got stuck and cannot proceed, then you, my first battleship passionately came: Kongou 143/165, 2016-02-28
    LSC Journey | Taihou 2016-06-16 | Yamato 2016-09-03 | Musashi 2016-09-08 | Bismarck 2016-09-10
    KanDex complete: 2018-03-18

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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
    Paramushir Anchorage
    1504 Post(s)
    First and foremost, thanks to @211303 for walkthroughs, info on new mechanics and advice, @NanashiYoukai for walkthroughs & farming guides, and all the others like @nwrtz who frontlined and/or posted comps, etc. Much appreciated as always.

    Quite a successful event for me with all Hard clear and all new ships. Primary mission accomplished! My girls did well, and with some RNG help, I never got hung up on E-4 Hard as many did. All map clears went rather smoothly, Not only that, but got my first drop only new ship while clearing (I-400). VERY grateful for that since I was cutting things kind of close (late start due to RL). I did farm for Tsushima, but only 19 sorties and E-2. No big deal. In short, in terms of results, no complaints at all on my end. Quite happy in fact.

    Results aside, event was a mixed bag, and I didn't find it all that much fun. Had its moments, but liked other events better. Again, didn't get stuck on E-4, but while first 3 maps were fine in general, E-4 had issues IMO. Details below.

    [+] Spoiler

    The Good:

    - New Strike Force FCF (or Super FCF as I think of it). Can we make "normal" FCF work like this, please?
    - Reward Structure (not actual rewards): Overall I liked this, particularly E-4 Hard vs. Med. rewards. E-3 was fine as well. E-1 & E-2 though could have been a bit better for Hard IMO.
    - Music: As with most events I enjoyed it.
    - "Part 1" Given the scope of the underlying historic battle, good call to separate it into two events IMO.
    - 2 new drop only ships. After some 4 new drop only ships in recent events, glad back to two (or maybe 3 with large events).
    - Historic theme: Enough said.
    - Boss Support morale change as kazenorin noted. That's one change I've been wanting.
    - Vanguard formation: Nice/helpful, but event only for obvious reasons. Given how event was structured, it was absolutely necessary, but again, no surprise as it's part of the design.
    - Aerial ASW. Liked this, though not exactly sure on details of how damage works with mixed enemy fleets and such.
    - [Forgot this] The ending lines/event specific voicing was a nice touch.

    The "Meh" (neutral):
    - LBAS ASW: It's OK Certainly helpful for pesky troll sub nodes, but then devs will probably just add more gate keeper surface nodes = pick your poison on where you want to send LBAS help. Nets out in other words, and not sure how beneficial it will be going forwards.
    - Reward: Not bad enough to be put on that list, but overall bit underwhelming. Type 0 Recon 11b skilled is very nice. Do like. LBAS ASW planes - meh. Shiden K4 - meh, unless improvable (which will be very expensive I'm sure). Hayate was outright disappointing. Maybe there's a skilled/AG group version with much better stats for next event, but 5 range? Really? I also though devs could have bumped up E-1 & E-2 Hard rewards per above. New girls were fine/OK. Do like 1-400 and another Akizuki-class is aways welcome. DE are... DE *shrugs*

    The Bad:
    - Overall, just too much crammed into 4 maps. Definitely agree with others that this is easily a 5 map event crammed into 4 maps. Also, just going overboard with some things.
    - You know what's better than one gauge per map? Two gauges per map, and why stop there? Seriously? Three gauges for E-3? Should I expect 4 gauge maps at some point? 5 gauges? Sure short gauges, and I get why it's done, but see above how this would have worked better as a 5 map event. E-3 structure, definitely not helping with the pre-clear farming. In contrast, E-2 was fine in that regard because quick and easy unlocking after each reset.
    - Shelling Support change: To me, just a way for devs to increase shelling support costs & maybe nerf a bit. Still have one CV(L) allowed so not like devs thought "Hey, shelling support really should be, well, shelling - i.e. gunships). I'd be fine with that actually - 4xBB and/or CA + 2xDD for shelling, IF (KEY!) you drop ammo costs to say 60%. This however, was a bad change. Not only that, while not 100% sure if correct, I think the rule is now if you have 2+ CA, it turns into torp support? Yeah, no. Just no. IMO shelling should be 4x(F)BB(V)/CA(V) + 2xDD and drop ammo cost to 60% per above.
    - E-4 & 9034563 unlocking steps. OK the number may be a tad off, but too much unlocking. Felt like I was playing a poor RPG that had endless fetch quests. I get some like it, and that's cool, but some balance to be had as well. IMO devs went too far with this mechanic. It also adds some insult to injury if one needed to drop down in difficulty for whatever reason. Maybe not so much to easy, but arguably for Hard -> Med. Whether for unlocking maps or steps for debuff, some moderation is definitely critical to it all. More is by no means necessarily better, and I hope devs show some restraint going forward rather than exacerbating things further.
    - Had to use Fleet #3 for 7 ship fleets. Self-explanatory.

    Last edited by goesto11; 12-11-2017 at 09:04 AM. Reason: addition
    Thanks to Arkayda for the signature.

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    Well, my main goals for the event were getting Suzutsuki and the swag medal. My secondary goals were the all hard clear (and rewards) and getting all ship drops.

    Let us first look at the results I got:
    - All hard clear
    - Subsequently I got the reward girls Suzutsuki and Sado and all other rewards
    - I-400 dropped while clearing the event

    Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

    Now let us look at what I lost/didn’t get:
    - My resources drained insanely, the worst were fuel and ammo, I lost nearly 200k of each, that’s more than in the last large-scale event
    - A damecon (yeah, I’m pretty stingy with them), some Mamiyas and Irakos (to reduce SparkleColle time after I couldn’ take it anymore), a Reinforcement Expansion (used on I-14, normally she wouldn’t get one)
    - Time: real-life time and farming-time
    - Without farming-time I didn’t get any other drops besides I-400 (no Tsushima for me T_T)
    - My sanity…MY COMPLETE SANITY

    This event wasn’t fun for me in the end and that’s really bad in my opinion, because I’m playing games for fun. There were two points, which made this event so annoying.
    First the unlocking mechanism! Nothing bad about them in general, but this was far too much. Especially in E4. There were around three maps in one without rewards for clearing the stages.
    Second the amount of RNG! Sure, I did hard mode and it should be challenging. But there is nothing challenging about waiting and trying forever for luck to finally strike. It’s just frustrating. I mean we had eight nodes with battles before the boss and every one of these nodes had the chance of making you retreat. The new FCF made chipping possible, but for LD I couldn’t use it. The salt was real. I didn’t only think about quitting the event, I even thought about quitting KanColle. That never happened to me up to now. Since many others had a better time in this event, maybe the RNG goddess actually hates me. Dunno.

    In the end I want to say a final thanks to everyone who helped me through the event, especially @211303 for the walkthroughs (and streaming) and @goesto11 for the advice. Without you all, I would have probably quitted KanColle by now.

    Last edited by Keita; 12-11-2017 at 09:45 AM.
    Married to RJ (2016-01-05), Tone (2016-04-10), Haruna (2016-07-15), Zuikaku (2016-10-25), Prinz (2017-03-02) and Abukuma (2017-08-22)

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    Commander Greenie's Avatar
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    Jul 2014
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    Lack of motivation, tons of work and the Nintendo Switch (cause tons of work means more money) made me start the event last saturday.
    Went through E-1 to E-3 in easy. Didn't even try E-4, as it didn't seem doable in less than half a day...

    First time I didn't finish an event since AL/MI (my first one). The rewards were a bit underwhelming, anyway.
    Still, E-4 looked like fun. I hope I'll be able to meet the two new bosses in another event!



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