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    Here's a bit of a write-up from a newface and first-time event participant.

    Sorry if it’s a bit tl;dr, but I figured that since I asked a bunch of questions on the forums about preparing for the event, it only seems fitting to provide some sort of feedback about my experiences and results with my first-ever Kancolle event. And boy, was it a doozy! SPOILERS: I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    So, first it was reported to be a beginner-friendly small event. Then it was amended to "relatively smaller" than the previous event. And finally, it was classed as a medium-sized event. Having no frame of reference, I guess this was supposed to be a small-ish medium event then? If that's the case, I dread to think what a large-scale event would look like

    Firstly, I want to thank everyone who helped guide me in my preparations for the event, especially @211303. I owe you so much! However, in retrospect, my biggest weaknesses - and the causes for most frustration - throughout this event were:

    • No OASW-capable destroyers
    • No duck guns
    • No seaplane fighters

    Hoping to remedy some of those points before Winter 2018. Anyway, let’s talk about this event!


    Starting resources: 29k / 27k / 58k / 60k + 811 buckets

    I spent the initial day of the event just gathering info and watching streams instead of just rushing in. By all accounts, E1 wasn't notably challenging even on normal, so although I had planned to clear the whole event on easy, I bit the bullet and now I have a nice, new plane to show for it

    Anyway, here's the fleet that I used to do pretty much everything in E1: unlock nodes, chip the boss, finish off the boss and farm for drops:

    Ashigara & Nachi: I spent so much time and effort leveling them before the event, so you'd better believe I'm gonna take them into the fray.
    Abukuma: one of my highest-level ships, also a historical ship, a CL for branching purposes and equipped with an opening torpedo. What's not to love?
    Maya: since I have no duck guns, she served as my AACI and definitely pulled her weight when it really counted.
    Yukikaze / Yuudachi / Ayanami: my three strongest destroyers, always had two of them in the fleet, rotating for occasional light repairs / morale.

    My equipment was really basic. Heavy cruisers had stock 20.3(2) guns, recon planes and surface radars. Abukuma had two 15.5cm red guns and a minisub, Maya had the standard AACI set-up with her stock AA gun, a 8cm high-angle gun and my best air radar. Destroyers had 10cm stock guns and T13 air radars. Only two of the heavy cruiser guns had any Akashi upgrades (+4).

    I ignored the sub nodes entirely: no OASW ships, no anti-sub support, not even a single sonar. Didn’t use any support expeditions either. I tried the boss expedition once (3BB 2DD 1CV), but the resupply was just so expensive that it wasn't worth it. On the other hand, the LBAS squadron was a real MVP during boss fights. And unlike support expeditions, they only required resupplying if I actually reached the node, making them quite cost-efficient.

    Speaking of cost-efficiency, all the submarine and airstrike nodes meant that I barely spent any fuel and ammo, so even after 60+ sorties farming for ships, I was still not below softcap despite starting the event with only a ~30k stockpile.

    New ships: Katsuragi, Yamakaze (x3), Etorofu (x2), Mizuho, Zuihou (x3), Ooyodo (x3), Fujinami, Shimushu (x2)
    Rare dupes: Makigumo, Mutsu

    I got lucky by getting Katsuragi on my fourth sortie while clearing the nodes. RNG-sama would have revenge on the next map, though...

    E2 – phase 1

    This is where the lack of OASW-ships and equipment really became a problem. I mean, I even had to use Naka on this map (after powerleveling her a bit) because I literally had no other options. I didn’t even have enough T3 sonars and depth charges to equip my entire fleet, so I ended up spending a bunch of resources and screws on crafting / upgrading my anti-sub gear. Final fleet for first phase:

    Naka, Isuzu & Abukuma: my only OASW-capable ships, so I really had no other option than to bring them.
    Ushio & Yuudachi: two destroyers were needed for routing, so I brought my strongest overall DD and the one with the highest ASW stat (Ushio started the event at level 21).
    Kitakami: picked her for the opening torpedo and later added Ooi when I was using the 7-ship fleet.

    As for equipment, everyone was carrying as many sonars and charge projectors as I could muster. I upgraded a few of them to +1 and even spent a bunch of screws getting the T4 passive sonar so Abukuma could use OASW while keeping her opening torpedo. Having no AACI, I mostly just used prayer to get past the air strike node.

    Before progressing to the second phase, I basically made it a goal for myself to get Unryuu simply because I liked the art, not gonna lie. Little did I know that it would take four days, as RNG was determined to pay me back for getting Katsuragi so easily. In the end, the total was 66 S-ranks on easy and 53 S-ranks on normal, since I upped the difficulty out of frustration halfway through. Normal was actually a bit easier, since I didn’t have to reset the map after every run.

    New ships: I-401 (x3), Kamoi, Harukaze (x3), I-19 (x2), Matsuwa (x2), Kamikaze (x2), Unryuu
    Rare dupes: I-8, Maruyu

    E2 – phase 2

    The second phase was honestly easier than the first. I used two different compositions for this map:

    Ashigara, Nachi, Maya, Abukuma, Yuudachi, Ushio, Kitakami – the same exact fleet as in E1, with Kitakami added as the 7th ship. No air power obviously meant bad times at the boss node, so I ended up switching it around to...
    Mogami, Kumano, Ashigara, Maya, Abukuma, Yuudachi, Ushio – minus a CA and CLT for two aviation cruisers and no more air inferiority at the boss node.

    This used the shortest routing and managed to S-rank the boss quite easily, even though nearly all battles went to yasen. The spoon was a real MVP in the L node, as I was forced to retreat on L only once. This was probably the most painless part of the event overall, with a bunch of nice drops to boot. I probably could’ve beaten the whole map on normal, but eh.

    New ships: Harukaze (x3), Kiyoshimo (x2), Urakaze, Tsushima (x3), Isokaze, Hayasui (x2), Nowaki, Tanikaze, Hayashimo (x2) and of course, Sado
    Rare dupes: Akashi, Hamakaze, Mutsu

    Well, a second Akashi finally means full cranes for overnight repairs. Yay!


    This was my first experience with combined fleets and ended up being a huge resource drain, since I went a bit crazy farming this map. There were just so many new ships I wanted to get. I actually cleared the map really quickly and went straight into farming the transport node, as I didn’t really have a problem reaching and S-ranking it and the second phase boss required a more resource-intensive fleet.

    For clearing the first boss, I used the longest route with a brute-force fleet:

    Main: Kongou, Haruna, Hiei, Kirishima, Chiyoda, Chitose
    Escort: Maya, Abukuma, Kitakami, Ooi, Ushio, Yukikaze

    Only took 3 runs to finish off the boss.

    For the transport node, I mostly just used my strongest ships:

    Main: Kumano, Mogami, Ayanami, Shimakaze, Michishio, Fubuki
    Escort: Abukuma, Yuudachi, Yukikaze, Nachi, Ashigara, Ushio

    Fairly standard loadout on all ships. Didn’t really bother with drums or daihatsus, since I knew I’d be farming this node anyway, so I wasn’t in any particular rush to clear it. I accidentally used Michishio here, because I didn’t know that shiplocks had an effect even on easy mode.

    For the final boss, I once again went with a strong fleet and the shortest route:

    Main: Zuikaku, Chitose, Chiyoda, Maya, Kumano, Mogami
    Escort: Abukuma, Kitakami, Ooi, Ashigara, Yuudachi, Ayanami

    New ships: Tokitsukaze, I-400, Kasugamaru (x2), Amatsukaze, Arashi (x2), Yahagi, Nagato, Kunashiri, Takanami, Mikuma
    Rare dupes: Zuihou (x4), Zuikaku, Matsuwa, Naganami

    I would later return to this map to farm for Teruzuki. At the moment, my main attention was directed towards the apparent hell that was E4.

    E4 / EO-1

    I cleared this map over the course of ten days, unlocking and chipping a tiny bit every day in order to avoid excess saltiness. In the end, it wasn’t too terrible, all things considered. 8 sorties to unlock the boss node, another 18 to clear the map and bring Suzutsuki home.

    U-node: 1 sortie

    Main: Kongou, Haruna, Kirishima, Kumano, Chitose, Chiyoda
    Escort: Abukuma, Yuudachi, Yukikaze, Shimakaze, Myoukou, Maya

    Y-node: 1 sortie

    Abukuma, Yuudachi, Shigure, Maya, Mogami, Haruna, Ashigara

    Z6-node: 2 sorties

    Main: Kongou, Haruna, Kirishima, Ashigara, Chitose, Chiyoda
    Escort: Abukuma, Shigure, Yukikaze, Kitakami, Myoukou, Maya

    Z9-node: 1 sortie

    Mogami, Yamagumo, Michishio, Yamashiro, Shigure, Maya, Fusou

    Z8-node: 3 sorties

    I-168, I-58, I-19, I-401, I-8, I-400

    For the boss itself, I used the Nishimura fleet with a tanking sub. Having no seaplane fighters made this a real chore though, as I failed to get air superiority multiple times before properly tweaking my loadout.

    First boss:

    Mogami: 20.3(2)cm gun, 2x Zuiun, SFFCF
    Fusou: 2x 41cm guns, AP shell, Zuiun
    Yamashiro: ditto
    Yamagumo: 2x 10cm guns, skilled lookouts
    Shigure: 2x 10cm guns, star shell
    Kumano: 2x 20.3(2)cm gun, 2x Zuiun
    I-400: 2x Zuiun

    Can you tell that I didn’t have any seaplane fighters? The skilled lookouts in particular were amazing, as Yamagumo basically had a 100% kill rate against PT Imps. The FCF was mandatory on all runs, since I think I only made it to the boss once with all seven ships present.

    Second boss:

    Mogami: 2x 20.3(2)cm guns, Zuiun, SFFCF
    Fusou: 2x 41cm guns, AP shell, recon
    Yamashiro: ditto
    Yamagumo: 2x 10cm guns, skilled lookouts
    Shigure: 2x 10cm guns, air radar
    Yuudachi: ditto
    I-400: 2x boiler

    The takedown of the second boss was particularly epic in every sense of the word. Allow me to regale you with a short tale of the Surigao Strait...

    This was it. The last dance. Fleet fully sparkled. Both support expeditions underway. Landbase bombers deployed. Seven-ship fleet heading out to deliver the killing blow. But then... in the very first battle node...

    I suggest watching the replay of the run yourself, it was unbelievable. If you just want the short version, well...

    [+] Spoiler
    The abyssal submarines absolutely wrecked Fusou on the first node, instantly forcing the retreat of my strongest battleship – the only one who happened to be K2 and had all the best equipment to boot. After that, I still somehow made it to the pre-boss node, where my submarine was finally turned back. So I was heading into the boss battle without a tanking sub and lacking my best battleship, leaving it all up to Yamashiro to pull off a miracle. And she did. Yamashiro not only entered the boss battle at full health, she didn’t take a scratch of damage throughout the entire thing and ended up delivering the finishing blow to the boss.

    What a way to end it!

    New ships: Asagumo (x2), Kawakaze and of course, Suzutsuki

    After rescuing my first-ever duck, I went back to E3 to get her sister, fully intending to rescue her as well. By this point, my fleet was strong enough to take the shortest route and reliably S-rank the boss 95% of the time.

    Main: Yahagi, Suzuya, Haguro, Takao, Maya, Kongou
    Escort: Abukuma, Ooi, Kitakami, Zuihou, Shimakaze, Yukikaze

    With six days left in the event and a fairly healthy amount of resources remaining, I thought that this would be a nice cherry on top of a damn great event.

    And yet...

    100 unsuccessful S-ranks later...

    I was spent. My sanity and resources had been drained over the course of those six days to the point of breaking. The only thing that kept me going was actually – believe it or not – a line from the anime, specifically Nagato quoting one of the five reflections of the Imperial Japanese Navy:

    "Hast thou exerted all possible efforts?"

    With less than a thousand fuel remaining and under an hour left until the end of the event, I had barely enough for one more sortie. I had resigned myself to failure, knowing that at least I had made every possible attempt to free the duckie. And then...

    Words cannot describe the emotions I felt.

    Event complete!

    Can’t wait for Winter 2018!

    Some stats:

    [+] Spoiler
    New shipgirls rescued: 38
    Total sorties: 493
    E1 – 103
    E2 (phase 1) – 143
    E2 (phase 2) – 40
    E3 (clearing + transport node farming) – 74
    E3 (Teruzuki) – 107
    E4 – 26

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    Let's see. I managed a M-M-H-M clear as I mostly wanted equipment. E-1 was farm city and I saved Katsuragi. E-2 I had Tsushima drop my first run. E-3...This was a pretty painful map for me for one single reason. 30+ runs to get a perfect defense. This is when I realized that I wasn't even remotely having fun. It was a pure slog. I lost faith in Kancolle and wondered about the future of Kancolle. Poor new players...hit that map and say, fuck this game. I am not a fan of gating by equipment and it felt like that to me. I cleared E-3 after forever...phase 3, lol and skipped farming to tackle E-4. It wasn't easy for sure, even on medium. Just getting lost in what I needed to do and everything else just wasn't fun and was too much like work. I don't need more work, this time of year I am away from home 14 hours a day at work and coming home to more 'work' sucked. I managed to do it and saved Shiden Kai 4 (and Suzutsuki) but it wasn't remotely fun for me but playing a game when you are time-crunched isn't the best way to have fun. I went back to e-3 after clearing and got I-400 on my first farming run and that was that.

    I did like the new formation and the 7 ship fleet but I sent my first fleet out more than once, killing my sparkles and that is very angering. I guess it just was the wrong time of year for an event like this for me.

    What would Tanaka do?

    Missing in action: Okinami and Katsuragi

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    Gratz to everyone clearing the event.

    As for me, this event will be one of my favorite event. Apart from that extra duckie boss that should not exist in the first place, I don't really have anything to complain about this event.

    Lots of things I love about this event, especially in terms of the special lines and performance of Nishimura fleet. I hope they will keep this up in the future.

    People have covered most of the merit of this event, so I guess I should instead talk about some notes I have taken in terms of this event, and some preparations you might find useful for the coming Winter event.

    1. Importance of SPF
    Well, since its introduction, SPF has been proven a very valuable addition to our fleet, enabling many comp that are not possible without them. I think you all have seen their importance in the combined fleet route in E4. Tanaka had already mentioned that STF will be featured again next event, and that is the type of fleet that SPF shines. Since then, it should be one of the most important priority to get enough seaplane fighter if you do not have enough now. For hard mode, I would recommend to get at least 5 (enough for a CAV mule and another with gun/gun/recon/spf). Quality of seaplane fighter does not matter too much, but I would not suggest crafting Ro.44 due to its lack of improvement potential.

    2. Importance of historical fleet
    Historical ships are unprecedentedly important in this event, and since the next event is a sequel of this event, it is only logical that the same trend will continue. This is also hinted in the latest comptiq interview, which you can read here. If you want to have a better time next event, it would be a good idea to have the historical ships ready. From the interview, Tanaka mentioned that Kurita fleet, Suzuki fleet, Nishimura fleet, Ozawa fleet, and Shima fleet (so basically everyone in Leyte), will be important next event, particularly zuikaku and musashi. I guess everyone would have got zuikaku, but if you do not have musashi, you should try to get her in a coming Musashi LSC rate up.

    In terms of the no. of ships to prepare, this is an estimation for hard mode based on the routing requirement in this event:

    Kurita+Suzuki fleet: 7-10 (Kurita routing in E3 needs 10 ships)

    This shouldn't be difficult for vets, since most of the kurita+suzuki fleet are strong ships you would have anyway. Some ships that are worth mentioning are both hotels and asashimo. The first two are due to their sheer power, and latter is the only DD in kurita+suzuki fleet that can perform OASW at a relatively low level. You would want to have Suzuya and Kumano CVL as well. Although using other CVL is probably possible, having their CVL form will make your fleet choice more flexible, enabling better non-historical ships to sub in at the DD and CL position (i.e. ABKM for yahagi/noshiro, Ayanami for Shimakaze, etc).

    Ozawa fleet: 6+

    Among these, I would recommend zuikaku, chitose, chiyoda, ooyodo, tama, akizuki and hatsuzuki. I mentioned more than 6, because you might want some degree of flexibility. Another thing to note is that Tama needs a bp for her k2, but her k2 is not all that great. You might want to consider whether or not to spend a bp on her if you have other high priority stuff.

    3. Importance in estimating the effect of LBAS on fighter power requirement
    Another thing about this event is that it has very, very high fighter power requirement, most notably E3 p3 boss and E4 Z6. A common point about these nodes is that you will lose way too much firepower if you aim to meet the AS requirement with your fleet only. LBAS is necessary in order to lower the fighter power enough. The reduction per wave is very random though, and subject to a lot of factors (the aerial battle condition of each waves, random shotdown rate per wave, the plane you lose before reaching the target node, etc). It is thus important to know how to accurately estimate the AS requirement AFTER all LBAS waves, in order to optimize your fleet to the best possible.

    To do that, I would recommend you to use this software: https://ux.getuploader.com/airwarfaresimulation/

    In short, this simulator will provide you the estimated % of your setup in getting AI/AD/AP/AS/AS+, as well as the estimated % of wiping out all enemy bombers. It is in Japanese, but I have written a brief guide about how to use this software here: http://himeuta.org/showthread.php?10...ttle-Simulator

    Feel free to try it out and ask me anything about the program in the thread.

    Last edited by 211303; 12-11-2017 at 07:03 PM.
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    I gotten everything I wanted got lucky with Tsushima coming on the last dance of E-2 easy mode, gotten I-400 in 16 runs of farming for her, then got Umikaze at E-4 first phase, and then L node E-2 gave me Arashi during my farm. I would of had more time to do some farming at E-2 L node for Unryuu and I-401 if I wasn't swamped with work, but other than that I did beat the event so, it all worked out in the end, I'm quite shocked the only thing that took a slight dent was fuel and buckets everything else was ok. Although the gimmicks on every map bit was a bit of a turn off for me, I mean what happened to the just go to the boss and slap them in the face and then go to the next map, I did net myself a ton of Mikumas and a dupe Kunashiri and Matsuwa which is good for me.

    Junyou (Officially Married! 9/16/2015), Maya (Officially Married! 8/12/2016), Abukuma and Kaga (Officially Married Both! 11/19/2016)
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    I have to say I was quite pleased with the event for the most part, it was nice to finish this and not do it in Easy Mode, the advice from my fellow Admirals and lessons learned from previous events helped a great deal. My biggest gripe however has to be my utter failure to get Unryuu to drop while I was farming E-2 "AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" but I did finaly get Mizuho so there is that, better float planes for next event.

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    This year's summer event was kind of a letdown for me: I made it all the way to the last map's boss, but was unable to clear last dance, since I was running out of every possible resource needed. And no drops either, "only" the standard reward ships being Hatakaze and Richelieu. And just when I thought, I'd finally made good progress considering events in general, after being able to clear two events in a row.

    So, I had very mixed feelings when I was sortieing to the first map of the fall event. But everything went rather well. The transport missions in E-2 and E-3 were not much fun, as usual, but I somehow managed to complete them (while also dropping Tsushima). Surprisingly, Aircraft Carrier Hime was unexpectly easy as the map's boss. Or, at least, I did remember her to be more difficult. Anyhow, unlocking the Z nodes in E-4 was not that much of a problem (I even secured AS while scroring A/S ranks in Z4 and Z6; granted, it was all easy mode). The boss runs were a bit of a headache, until I found a viable fleet composition (Kumano - Fusou - Yamashiro - Shigure - Yuudachi - Isokaze - Maya) and equipped Kumano with the new SFFCF. Fun fact: I never needed it after passing Y node.

    Night Strait Princesses proved not that difficult (although it hurt to hear them say "Stop it...", since they sounded a lot like the actual Fusou sisters), but last dance with them did and I was so close to developing a last dance trauma. So, I skipped vanguard in favour of line ahead at the boss and it worked. I totally underestimated Entombed Anti-Air Guardian Princess' anti-air power, when I sent my LBAS bombers there, only to find out, that their numbers and ranks had dropped to 0. Luckily, I also rescued Hagikaze and Umikaze on my way to last dance and ultimately made it through. And I'm really, really happy about that achievement. Totally wanted to have Suzutsuki as my first Akizuki-class destroyer, and as it seems, she already joined the ranks of Isokaze, being among my favorite destroyers. And like I said, it's three wins and three losses for me now.

    Post-clear farming. Yeah, I wasn't really that lucky with farming ships after clearing an event in the past. Granted, I rescued many ships during last year's fall event, but didn't manage to get past E-4 back then. I was looking to get Unryuu from E-2 this time, in order to get rid of that damn quest. In the end, it wasn't Unryuu, but I-401. Which was kind of a coincidence, since I had just watched the "Arpeggio of Blue Steel" series. Still happy about it. And the event in general.

    Bring it on, Tanaka-san!

    PS: Oh, and of course, Yamato arriving for post-clear LSC celebrations!

    Last edited by Sora Amamiya; 12-11-2017 at 11:07 PM.

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    @211303: Thanks for the tips. "but I would not suggest crafting Ro.44 due to its lack of improvement potential." *Sigh* Have a couple since they were fast/ cheap and needed SPF when they first came out. So only 4 others (and non improved since got a ton of other stuff to improve). Couple questions.

    Question: Kurita+Suzuki fleet. I did a quick search for Suzuki fleet, but came up empty. Event (KC Wikia) listed all the fleets but Suzuki. I THINK Suzuki is part of Kurita's Is that right? I copied a list of all the fleets listed for this event. Are there others that were not listed on KC Wikia (lists Shima, Kurita, Troop Transport (Aoba, Kinu, Uranami), Shima Escort (hatsuharu and couple other DD), Ozawa & Nishimura fleets.

    In short, anything you know of that I need to add to the list so I can get working on it.

    "Another thing to note is that Tama needs a bp for her k2, but her k2 is not all that great."

    No, no it's not. :/

    Thanks to Arkayda for the signature.

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    Full hard clear got all the new boats, dupe katsuragi, and extra FFs for hp improvement.

    Event quite fun, only gripes being boss preparation took a bit too long (although this is preferable to long boss gauges, only 3-4 boss kills before last dance is perfect), historical ships being quite limiting (although i wud use historical comp regardless), and the fact that subcheesing was viable for the last boss.

    "There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today," Admiral David Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty. Battle of Jutland, 1916

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    @goesto11 Yes, Suzuki fleet was treated as part of Kurita fleet, or center force. The members are:

    BB: Kongou, Haruna
    CA: Suzuya, Kumano, Tone, Chikuma
    CL: Yahagi
    DD: Urakaze, Yukikaze, Isokaze, Hamakaze, Kiyoshimo, Nowaki

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    Finished my event without issues, went hard, hard, easy, easy because the rewards of the last maps weren't interesting at all, other than that I didn't get any new ship besides the new duck and I didn't even farm the new sub potato because... I have to be real, I-401 is just gathering dust since I don't use her at all so having her sister with me would be awkward... so yeah, nothing new but it was a decent event despite the cancer of the last map.



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