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    Lieutenant friggo's Avatar
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    Oct 2017
    Saiki Bay Anchorage
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    Upgrade priorities for upcoming winter event

    So I thought I'd get an early start on preparing for the next event, hoping to clear it on normal this time around. I'm well-aware of the historical ships required, but I'm more interested in a few other points. Here they are:

    1. Blueprints. With all the EO-s and one-time quests, I should manage about 3-4 blueprints by February. I'm thinking about prioritizing the following:

    • Suzuya - for the SPF quest (I currently have 0 seaplane fighters)
    • Zuikaku - implied to be important, also I currently have no armored carriers
    • Nagato - because I don't have either of the hotels
    • Tone/Chikuma - aviation cruisers are always good and I only have one 20.3(3) gun right now

    Thoughts? My only blueprinted ships so far are Abukuma and Fusou.

    2. Since I'm currently busy building SPFs with my dailies, I thought I'd ask if it's worth it to use the guaranteed success slider while upgrading? And if yes, at what point?

    3. As someone who just has 1 interceptor (reward from last event), which plane should I pick from the new quarterly quest?

    4. I have a lot of one-time quests that require spending a bunch of resources and choosing a reward (mostly medal or gun materials). Should I just go for the medal every time?

    Thankful for any help

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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
    Paramushir Anchorage
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    1) Suzuya K2 CAV is a very good choice, especially without having any CAV K2. CAV important and she & Kumano now best CAV. Also, historic ship. So a good choice there since you have ABKM k2 already. CVB also a good idea and try to get at least one jet. Those help.

    Nagato is an historic ship, but so are Tone & Chikuma (and Kumano for that matter). I'd be tempted to go for Kumano K2 since having two good CAV is important (eventually, you'll want all CAV K2). That being said, Nagato definitely has an excellent K2 (apart from cost, but a lot better than Iowa), and I believe there as quite a bit of talk about STF next event.

    My advice is to go ahead with Suzuya K2 and Zuikaku k2 CVB. After that, get Tone/Chikuma/Kumano (Kumano first) along with Nagato to K2 required level, BUT hold off on BP. Lag event and see which BP K2 ship would be most useful for you.

    Other thing is that I'd work on "tankhatsu"/tank carrying, anti-installation DDs. Bet there's an installation map/boss next event. Kasumi is good and no BP, but Arashio & Ooshio a bit better and BP required (and useful to have more than one of this type of DD). Again, can get Arashio/Ooshio to K2 level and see what's best to do once event has started.

    Lastly, seems to be a lot of chatter about Musashi. May or may not have her. LSC is it's own deal, but increased Musashi rate in LSC (not yet, but at some point) so if prudent with resources/stockpiling, perhaps take a shot there. If you have Musashi, then perhaps less need for Nagato K2 though Yamato-class are expensive as hell to sortie.

    2) To use guarantee or not can be quite subjective. A lot depends upon how hard/expensive the fodder is & how much improvemats you may save if successful. More you might save, more reason to gamble. It's safe to go without guarantee to +6 with Akashi Kai (and your Akashi should absolutely be at Kai). For SPF, if say improving Type 0 Recon, then I'd probably gamble to at least +8 with Akashi Kai if not all the way to +10. Fodder's super cheap/easy to get. Conversion = up to you.

    3) Harder to say right now without info on what improvement does for LBAS fighters (e.g. Hayabusa IIIA). Probably best to hold off here until a good amount of testing is done. Going off base stats, I'd say Shiden M11 is the better pick, especially if you only have one interceptor. Improve that to Shiden M21.

    4) You do need gunmats for certain things and limited availability. I imagine that more items/upgrades will use them down the road. Quarterly quest and all, but only get one and is quarterly quest (i.e. if you do need 2 or more gun mats, long time getting those). That being said, may not be the most useful thing for you right now. So maybe choose say 2x gunmats from one-time quests, and medals for the rest as a compromise. OTOH, if you don't see using gunmats for a long time, then medals would help you more near term.

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    Kantai Analyst 211303's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
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    1. Definitely go for suzuya, zuikaku, and one of the tone class for first 3 k2. I will advice against nagato k2 because she is very strong already in kai form. The increase in performance from her kai to k2 is much lower than other high priority k2.

    For the remaining bp, I will say you should hold on it and wait for the event. In the meantime, there will be a musashi rate up in LSC, and you should probably try to build hotel when it comes.

    2. it depends on the rarity of fodder and difference in screw cost between slider/non-slider. For example, I will use slider from +7 for 51cm (that costs you 46cm), but never use slider for 10cmhafd.

    The same applies to t2 seaplane fighter. Since it is so easy to get zero 21, I will not use slider in any stage.

    Remember to kai ypur akashi if you haven't done so. That will increase the success rate.

    3. Definitely shiden mod 11. Skilled zero 21 and 52 can cover the role of hayabusa iiia, but we do not have anything that could act as interceptor in base defense.

    4. Go with medal for now. Yes, there is a bunch of akashi upgrade that needs it, but none of them are of high priority for you. I don't see you will touch any of those upgrades in a year or two.

    Hack, it's not even useful for us oldfags. The only thing that is arguably useful is 41cm kai, but it is still rather not cost effective. Most of my gunmats are still collecting dust.

    For you, it is more important to get as many bp you can to get the high priority k2. And don't worry about future addition of useful gun mat upgrade. F55 is a quarterly quest, so you will have a chance to get one gunmat every 3 months in the future.

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    Admiral NanashiYoukai's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
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    My thoughts.

    For the question of blueprints, the answer as always is to wait for the next event and see what you need. But assuming you really must spend those BPs now, Zuikaku K2 is definitely a first choice for the added power you get for pretty much all sorties involving CV, and for clearing the normal maps, especially EOs so you have a steady source of more medals to get more blueprints.

    The others are a bit more open to debate. I would have said Suzuya K2 immediately for the Kyoufuu Kai quest if it wasn't for that you said you're already aiming for a Type 2 Seaplane Fighter separately and that you don't have Tone-class K2. I would personally prefer having more CAV compared to making Suzuya better, though it really depends on the circumstances, so I'd advise waiting for the event for a 2nd blueprint. Don't forget that Suzuya K2 quest requires you to beat 5-3 (and 5-1) so make sure you have those maps opened.

    I can say that Nagato is a really low priority, because although it's a buff to her stats it's also a massive increase in sortie cost, and slow BBs like her are generally expensive to train for new players compared to other ships (the only reliably cheap place is really PvP). So levelling Nagato to 88 is going to be a huge expense that could be spent on other ships. You can give her some time and effort once you're sure the rest of your fleet (especially your lighter ships that will sortie in the STF along with her!) are up to scratch.

    For the Guaranteed Slider, as goesto11 already mentioned, use slider when rare materials are involved and there is a chance of failure (from +5 to +6 onwards). Equipment conversion (from +10 to a different item) has an especially high chance of failure so you may wish to use the slider there all the time.
    However, you should also consider the screw costs as well - some equipments only cost 1-2 extra screw to guarantee success, which is definitely worth it when large number of screws are involved (e.g. 5+ screws), since the loss from a single failure would be more than enough to account for the extra expenditure from simply setting all to guaranteed success. I remember there was a table somewhere with average screw spend based on the regular failure rate vs all guaranteed success, but I can't find it (or was that one only for large guns, hmm...)

    Regarding the quarterly quest, my advice is the same as blueprints - just wait. Don't complete the quests for now, just leave them at 80% and wait till the event rolls around in February, wait for the frontliners to determine what's needed to beat the map, then complete them. With that being said, on the off-chance you already selected and completed the quests, I would say the following.

    3. Hayabusa II requires Aircraft Mats to upgrade to Hayabusa IIIa, and new players should NOT do anything that involves aircraft mats at this moment until a renewable way of getting them is introduced. (because you need aircrafts mats to avoid having to get more and thus make really bad choices and miss out on one-time equipment in the Saratoga K2 questline when you do open it.). And Hayabusa II set to Sortie mode is weaker than a Reppuu (but +1 more range), and slightly stronger than the Type 21 Skilled available from Souryuu/Hiryuu K2 or the quarterly quest involving skilled pilots, but only by +1 effective AA.

    The Hayabusa IIIa could be useful (pending the results of spading the effects of improvements on LBAS planes) but the need for aircraft mats invalidates that for now. So it's basically useless until more aircraft mats are introduced. Pick the Shiden 11 so you have a reasonbly useful interceptor should we have a base that cannot be set to sortie mode on a map with air raids (e.g. the 3rd base in E4 last event).

    4. All the upgrades that involve gunmats are of extremely questionable value and not a high-priority use of screws at this moment. 41cm Kai, 15.5cm Kai (main and secondary), are just slight upgrades in accuracy over the regular forms. A case can be made for 41cm Kai, but to be honest you're better off improving the Prototype 41cm from Fusou K2. You can go for the medal now and just take the gunmat whenever you feel an itch to create one of the upgraded guns that use it.

    Hope this helped!

    EDIT: Epically ninja'd by 211303 :P

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    Lieutenant friggo's Avatar
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    Oct 2017
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    Thank you all for the thorough answers!

    My goals for following months are now much clearer

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    Captain kazenorin's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
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    @friggo A bit to add to the "slider" discussion from a more general point of view.

    According to some old tests the chance of improving all the way up to +10 and not failing once is about 50%.

    So the rule of thumb is you use the slider only if the fodder is rare or more expensive than the extra screws.

    However, this is more applicable for improving "traditional" equipment (Improving T0 Recons for SPFs still fall in this category).
    "Traditional" equipment typically costs double or roughly double the amount of screws to activate the slider (e.g. T0 Recons, Night Scouts, P35.6, P41).

    More recent improvable equipment sometimes just cost a couple more, but these are typically more veteran oriented equipment.
    (e.g. Seaplanes, American Cats, Boilers, and numerous other stuff only vets who have too many screws would consider)

    Improving the relatively new Shiden 11 is also one example (6 screws -> 8 screws).

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