▼ Receive Christmas Presents from your employees!
Clear a Main Quest, Event Quest, and Character Story and receive a [Christmas Present] from the participating employees from the sortie.

※ You can receive 1 [Christmas Present 2017] from each employee, except for collaboration employees.
※ If you sortie with two of the same character, you can only receive 1 present from the first employee
※ Clearing a Prologue or Scenario only quest will not give a [Christmas Present 2017]
※ When used, a [Christmas Present 2017] will recover 100 Bread

▼ Campaign Memento!
Complete the requirements during the campaign to receive a special memento.
The requirement is to receive 20 Christmas Presents.

▼ Daily Special items appear in the item shop!
Every day, a new special item will appear for sale in the shop.
Duration: 12/15 (Fri) maintenance to 12/25 (Mon) 23:59

※ The Shop will reset every day at 0:00.
※ Items marked [Limited] will expire at the end of the campaign.