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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    12/26 Maintenance

    ■ Event
    「城娘絵巻 迎春の陣」 begins
    [Castle Girl Scroll New Years] begins

    ■ Gacha Spotlight 1 has changed
    ★7 Jousaitoshi-Carcasonne (Cite de Carcasonne) [Hills] [Shield]
    ★6 [Summer] Inuyama-jou [Hills] [Cannon]
    ★6 [Summer] Shigetsu-Fushimi-jou [Hills] [Bell]
    ★5 Takaoka-jou [Hills] [Bow]

    ■ New Castles added to construction
    ★4 Edogawashi-yakata [Plains]
    Skill: Decreases the ki required for gigantification by 15% for all castles in range
    Stratagem: Increases target's range by 100 for 10s (Target Self Only)
    Cost: 3ki
    Cooldown: 20s
    ★3 Minato-jou [Plains] [Gun]
    Skill: Increases number of enemies blocked by 1 for all castles in range

    ■ The following Castles have received their kai-ichi
    ★4 Tottori-jou

    ★3 Naegi-jou

    ★3 Ishigakiyama-jou

    ■ Senko Orb Exchange has been updated
    Until the 12/29 (Fri) maintenance
    ★7 Jousaitoshi-Carcasonne (Cite de Carcasonne) [Hills] [Shield]
    ★6 [Summer] Inuyama-jou [Hills] [Cannon]
    ★6 [Summer] Shigetsu-Fushimi-jou [Hills] [Bell]

    ■ Other
    Happy New Year Campaign part 1 begins

    Daily Sorties [Keystone] has had a new difficulty [Extreme] added

    With the changes to [Construction] after the 12/26 maintenance, [Construction], [Special Construction], and [Super Special Construction] now have a certain chance of constructing previously gacha-only castles
    ※ Excludes summer versions, and similar limited castles

    [Seven Star Prayer Stone] added
    UI Changes
    Construction UI now includes the [Seven Star Prayer Stone]
    BGM and territory background has changed to a New Years theme.

    ■ Max Tono Level increased to 250!

    ■ Daily 2x Spirit Orbs and 1x omochi presents!
    From 12/27 (Wed) ~ 1/8 (Mon), log in every day to receive 2x Spirit Orbs and 1x omochi as a present

    Furthermore, on 1/1 (Mon), log in to get the New Years weapon ★4「門松寿槍(+1) as a present!

    Starts from 12/27 (Wed) at 05:00 and the 1/8 (Mon) present can be obtained until 1/9 (Tue) 4:59

    ※ Omochi can be used to recover your Spirit like a Spirit Recovery Herb; however, it will not appear as an option if you try to sortie without enough Spirit. It must be manually used from the presents inventory.

    ■ Spirit Orb Purchasing Amount Special
    During this period, [Purchasing Spirit Orbs] for the first time for each lineup will give bonus Spirit Orbs and additional items

    [Sale Period]
    2017/12/26 (Tue) to 2018/1/9 (Tue) maintenance

    [Purchasing Lineup]
    100 DMM Point
    1x Spirit Orb → 3x Spirit Orb (+2 Orbs)
    10x Keystones

    500 DMM Point
    5x Spirit Orb → 10x Spirit Orb (+5 Orbs)
    20x Keystones

    1000 DMM Point
    11x Spirit Orb → 20x Spirit Orb (+9 Orbs)
    50x Keystones

    3000 DMM Point
    35x Spirit Orb → 60x Spirit Orb (+25 Orbs)
    50x Keystones
    Five Star Prayer Stone

    5000 DMM Point
    70x Spirit Orb → 110x Spirit Orb (+40 Orbs)
    50x Keystones
    Six Star Prayer Stone

    10000 DMM Point
    150x Spirit Orb → 230x Spirit Orb (+80 Orbs)
    50x Keystones
    Seven Star Prayer Stone

    ■ [Special Gacha] begins!
    During this period, a [Special Gacha] will appear where a limited selection of ★5 or higher castles can appear
    ※★3~4 lineup appears as normal
    ※ Select this gacha from the [Shrine] > [Special] Tab and check the [Summoning Details] for more information
    ※ While [Special Gacha] is ongoing, [Gacha Spotlight 2] will not appear
    ※ Special Gacha castles will not appear in the Senko Orb Exchange

    ■ The [100 DMM Point Gacha] has been refreshed!
    To celebrate this campaign, all users are able to roll the [100 DMM Point Gacha] once more. (One time only)
    ※ Applies to all users who may have used the [100 DMM Point Gacha] before the 12/26 (Tue) maintenance

    ■ Happy New Years! Super Special Construction Campaign!
    ★5 Tsu-jou, ★4 Imabari-jou and ★3 Naeki-jou have increased rates in special construction.

    Super Special Construction costs 10 Keystones per construction and 5000 Gold
    There is an increased chance of the above castles appearing
    If you do not already own these castles, they have an even higher chance of appearing
    There is also a 10x increased chance of ★3 or higher castles appearing compared to normal construction
    ※ If you have level 7 or higher construction, there is a greatly increased chance of ★4 or higher appearing, and as a result, the increase for ★3 castles is slightly lower than 10x

    2017/12/26 (Tue) to 2017/1/9 (Tue) maintenance

    ■ New Difficulty added for the Keystone daily map and increased drop rates!
    Daily Sorties [Keystone] has had a new difficulty [Extreme] added.
    In addition to this, the number of warehouses for the keystone maps will not change, but they will have increased keystone drop rates

    ~Campaign Part 2~
    ■ Gacha will have limited New Years Version castles added!
    ★7 [New Years] Kumamoto-jou
    ★6 [New Years] Shigisan-jou
    ※ These castles will not appear from [Construction], [Special Construction], or [Super Special Construction]
    ※ These castles will only appear until the 2018/1/9 maintenance. They may appear again in the future.

    ■ Happy New Year Celebration sets for sale!
    During this period, to ring in the New Year, there will be several specials for sale at 10000, 5000, and 3000 DMM Points.
    The 10000 DMM Point set has a [Six Star Selection Ticket (Happy New Years Version)] where you can select any ★6 Castle for exchange!
    Furthermore, each set's 10x gacha will have a guaranteed ★7 [New Years] Kumamoto-jou if you roll a ★7.

    ※ Six Star Selection Ticket (New Years Version) details
    Choose any castle added before 12/29
    No castles will be added to this pool
    With the exception of [New Years] Shigisan-jou, all time-limited castles are excluded
    There is no time limit

    <Happy New Years Celebration Set Details>
    10000 DMM Point Set (Limit 1)
    1x ★6 or higher 10x gacha roll
    100x Spirit Orbs + 25 Spirit Orbs (125x)
    1x Six Star Selection Ticket (New Years Version)
    2x Rassha [Kai-ichi]
    2x Tsubasa [Special]
    門松平蜘蛛砲(★4/大砲) (New Years ★4 Cannon)

    5000 DMM Point Set (Limit 2)
    1x ★6 or higher 10x gacha roll
    50x Spirit Orbs + 20 Spirit Orbs (70x)
    1x Six Star Prayer Stone
    1x Rassha [Kai-ichi]
    1x Tsubasa [Special]

    3000 DMM Point Set (Limit 3)
    1x ★5 or higher 10x gacha roll
    25x Spirit Orbs + 10 Spirit Orbs (35x)
    1x Five Star Prayer Stone
    1x Rassha

    [Sale Period]
    2017/12/29 (Fri) maintenance to 2018/1/9 (Tue) maintenance

    There is currently a bug where activating a certain stratagem on a target and gigantifying them will cause their skill to not activate correctly.

    Please wait while a fix is found.

    ★5 Tsu-jou [Plains] [Hammer]

    Skill: Increases Regen by 30
    Stratagem: Increases target's ATK and DEF by 1.3x for 40s
    Cooldown: 50s
    Cost: 7 ki

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    Last edited by Folseus; 12-31-2017 at 03:04 AM.

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
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    Even with the special construction, it's still pretty hard to get Tsu-Jou. I burnt 100 key-stones, only got 1. Also no sign of Edogawashi at all.

    I want both of them, but the construction is so random. -__-

    Last edited by Mikan; 12-26-2017 at 02:38 PM.

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    Rear-Admiral D Des's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
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    Save for the new 5s from construction......
    How disheartening it is that all the updates including new year is only intended for paying players....

    At the very least give all players at least 1 7s praying stones.


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    Jan 2016
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    I got a Susuki from the new event, which the wiki says boosts the max level of any unit I feed it to... are there any classes that are particularly important to raise their max level or should I just use it on my highest rarity units ? I only play once in a while so my units are only around lvl 45-50 anyway, so I guess there's no real rush deciding.

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    1140 Post(s)
    @Diirk No need to think it too hard, Susuki show up from time to time, not extreme rare. Just use it on any of your main castles. Higher rarity probably a good idea, because it's harder to get their dupes. :)



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