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    Commander Cosmic Penguin's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
    Hashirajima Anchorage
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    Smile Your Kancolle's 2017 In Review and 2018 New Year's Resolutions

    Following the thread for last year (http://himeuta.org/showthread.php?86...-s-Resolutions), here's the same thread for 2018 as well as a review of what I did in KC in 2017.

    Firstly, here's what I planned last year:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmic Penguin View Post
    - Find all 14 girls still missing from my base (needs Tanaka et al. to get the likes of Roma and Graf out of the fridge first, plus all my LSC luck for the Big 4.5+Mikuma/Yahagi)
    - Find all new girls to be introduced in 2017
    - Finish 6-4 and try out 5-5 and 6-5 at least once
    - Train up a few of my destroyer girls that I like yet still stuck in Tier Three (read: usually only used for expeditions)

    Well, that's it. I suspect that it will be very painful just to achieve the first two. :(

    Ultimately I had a really good run last year:

    - 34 new ships joining the fleet, including all of the 21 introduced in 2017 and 13 out of 14 that was missing as of last year. I managed to get all new ships introduced last year in their debut events except Fujinami (which turned up less than 3 months later), and had fairly good farming luck with all farm only ships bagged by the Fall event in November (key ships obtained: Teru-duck in February, Littorio & Roma in May, Graf in August and Unryuu in November). I did somewhat struggle with LSC but 5 new ships turned up via that way (the latest being Sushi which finally shown up on December 28).

    Unfortunately I barely missed my target of completing the KanDex because one single ship failed to turned up. Despite repeated attempts, I have not been able to build Taihou after 63 attempts so far, with my last ditch attempt on New Year's Eve ended up with only Akagi. :( Acquiring her is now my base's top priority and outside of the mandatory resources required for events I'm using everything else to continue trying build her until she comes.

    - All 4 events completed with satisfying results:
    • Winter 2017: H-M-M (The event was rather easy and I could have done all-hard if not for the heavy frustration of farming for I-13 and Fujinami, which forced me to go down to medium for E2 and E3 to preserve my farming sanity. Even afterwards the frustration of not getting either lasted all the way to my final possible sortie on Feb. 28 when suddenly I-13 shown up - nothing short of a miracle after 64 attempts. Fujinami never turned up and I had to wait until early May to get her)
    • Spring 2017: H-H-H-H-H (My first ever event all-hard clear and my 2nd hard medal acquired. This was a well balanced and fairly easy event and I really think this should be a model for future KC events. Well, not the part of having to farm for 4 new ships, but I had a good time getting them, the last 3 destroyers missing at that time and Littorio & Roma - that's a Grand Slam to me)
    • Summer 2017: H-H-H-H-H-H-M (E1-E6 was fun and fairly difficult at the same time - I honestly enjoyed somewhat the process of beating consecutive maps with fairly high difficulty. However after reading about the E7 English Channel Dash hell I simply decided that I have no interest at all in trying E7 Hard and I settled for Medium. This ended up a wise choice as I finally get Graf in my 2nd sortie - she was introduced in my first ever event in 2015 and until Summer '17 I was unable to farm for her.)
    • Fall 2017: H-H-H-M (I might be able to try for an all-hard clear, but I had a family trip to Japan scheduled during this event which left me with only half of the time that I could use. I had to rush through the event in just 10 days in between work, which was rather exhilarating but ultimately all objectives were completed and I'm happy with my luck in map clearing and farming that helped me to finish just 2 nights from the start of the trip)

    - For regular maps I have cleared 6-4 and 5-5 for the first time, but my attempt with 6-5 was delayed because of woes with the Saratoga K2 5-5 quest (still not yet completed) that pushed back my planned first 6-5 clear, which was planned to be done with the Saratoga K2 6-5 quest.

    - Training wise I am proud to say that all major ships (save for non-front line destroyers and auxiliary ships) acquired before September 2017 are now level 88 or higher, which means I now don't need to worry about training anyone for K2 except for destroyers. In addition, all ships' base K2 versions and all modifications requiring blueprints are now done. All ships are now level 50 or above and I somewhat fulfilled my promise of train up my not used destroyer girls by getting all of them from level 30 to above 50, although even that isn't quite satisfactory to me.

    - Unfortunately my equipment upgrading plans continued to suffer from delays due to tight resources and priority for ship farming and LSC, though I made some improvements to my fighter planes, guns and torpedoes and sonar. I still don't have any Type 14/32/33 radar though......

    - After a long struggle by myself, I eventually decided to give out the One Ring out to Shigure on October 4.

    My new year's resolutions will be in a later separate post.

    Last edited by Cosmic Penguin; 01-01-2018 at 02:41 PM.
    Summer-Early Fall 2018 Event cleared in all Hard mode and all new ships acquired September 30, 2018!

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    Kantai Analyst 211303's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
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    Not much on my side this year.

    Some significant things I have done:

    1. Fully luck modded Yahagi (another step towards phasing out that noisy abkm)

    2. Tried to fully hp modded Fusou, but so far success rate is 1 out of 5 for me.

    The sexiest bridge ever made.

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    Vice-Admiral DLRevan's Avatar
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    Jan 2015
    Kanoya Airfield
    964 Post(s)
    2017 goal 1 was to obtain every single remaining ship girl in the game that I didn't have, including Roma who had eluded me for 2 years, and Hatsukaze who had been playing with my desire sensor for 3.

    Goal obtained.

    But I reneged on my second goal of maintaining my Hard clears, dropping the ball during Summer 2017. What a crapfest that was, though I blame myself for it.

    Final goal was, as always, don't get anyone sunk, which I have happily maintained

    Looking forward to 2018. Expecting some good shit from KC 2.0.

    EDIT: I thought to add as well...I have zero issue with KC and its general game mechanics. If there is anyone who finds that its boring, uninteresting, unrewarding, and are waiting for "improvements" because of certain...competition....I very much doubt that will change in KC 2.0 and 2018. I would like to see more interesting mechanics added to give us more flexibility and some legacy things improved, like management of expeditions can be streamlined. KC for me has always been about the planning and preparation, the game has never been heavy on a tactical or even strategic layer. If I was looking for the latter and can't stand the RNG and non-interactive battles, KC was the wrong game to ever take up in the first place, I think.

    Last edited by DLRevan; 01-03-2018 at 11:39 AM.
    Murakumo 17th June 2015
    Touch Fluffy Kumo

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    Marshal Admiral Zalfier's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
    10466 Post(s)
    2017 was awesome for me, lots of achievements all around:

    -Got every ship n the game as of 2017, a goal that I haven't been able to finish due to Yamato and Roma taking a long time to find us

    -Continued streak of DD-heavy clears during event, definitely one of the most fun things I do, and won't see myself stopping

    -Bonus cleared last event with a full 7 Destroyer fleet, my best achievement to date, really wish I can have another chance to clear again in a similar way

    -Hp and luck mod Akatsuki to 37 hp and over 50 luck, so she is out of the supposed 'danger zone', and can do TCI now. Which means...

    -Fulfilled one long term goal of a full TCI fleet. Always has been a target for me to get 5 favourites to be able to perform TCI, and with Akatsuki hitting over 50 luck, I effectively have Harusame and the entire 6thDesDiv capable of TCI. All left now is to find a map and an opportunity where I can send the five to do TCI against the boss.

    2018 will be even more awesome I bet. Looking forward to more DD-heavy clears during events (Assuming nothing major change during transition to KC 2.0)

    KC Status: Building up the Destroyer Armada
    Other game codes: GBF: 7135808 / FKG: 982660683 / SOA: ZD7GKZA4B2

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    Commander Makikaki's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
    92 Post(s)
    This year was okay; got to clear everything on hard while keeping my sanity intact somewhat well (Looking at you summer 17').

    Got every non-big sub (I-19, I-58, I-168, I-8, I-19, I-26, Ro-500) to almost reach 150, I hope I'll be able to do 165 at the end of 2018.

    Expecting major overhauls/improvements on game mechanics with 2.0, having some competition for KC might be a wake up call for the devs to finally make something innovative and fun.

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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
    Paramushir Anchorage
    1527 Post(s)
    Overall pretty good year. No one sunk - that's the most important thing. Events went fine overall if a bit frustrating/mind-numbing at times. I got all new ships + one DD I was missing along with all 1st class medals. Also was able to make some headway with improving equipment, but still got a ways to go there.

    For this year, just try to keep up as best I can for Hard clears - particularly equipment since I don't rank. Also need to do more luck modding (hope RNG is kind with Maruyu LSC). The usual as well, continue to have all ships and ideally all hard clear for events.

    Honestly, I'm not expecting much from KC v2.0. Frankly, I'd be quite happy if they just improved the resolution even if just to 720p levels. Not expecting that, but would be a welcome addition. As for mechanics, I'm not expecting any radical game changes. Maybe minelayers as one of the bigger additions. So pretty much "steady as she goes", though definitely room for a number of tweaks here and there IMO. Overall, I just hope for good balance for all types of KC players rather than just more. Don't need 24678 unlocking phases, 6 gauge maps and/or 2-month long 9 map events.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zalfier View Post
    Bonus cleared last event with a full 7 Destroyer fleet, my best achievement to date, really wish I can have another chance to clear again in a similar way.
    Very cool.

    Thanks to Arkayda for the signature.

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    Newly Registered
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    Dec 2017
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    Hi all.. I'm new to KanColle (and this site) so 2017 was the introductory year for me, at least starting in July when I first played the web game.

    My HQ level is 81 at this time, not sure if that is good considering the time. In the arcade game I've amassed quite a few cards... my top six "players" are Kongou, Inazuma, Naka, Shouhou, Kaga, and Furutaka.

    For 2018 I hope to make progress slowly but surely, and try to gain more kanmusu both in the web and arcade games. In the arcade game I hope I'll get Sendai, Yamashiro, and Kirishima (it's really hard to acquire new without spending soooo much money!)

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    Commander Acchan's Avatar
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    Jul 2014
    Sukumo Bay Anchorage
    6 Post(s)
    Couldn't recall the last time i posted here but to level Yamashiro Kai Ni to lv 99 (halfway from 98), Saratoga Mk II and hopefully the kancolle upgrade allow us to be more interactive with our ships.

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    Rear-Admiral firemagnet's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
    336 Post(s)
    As for myself, I set no goals for 2017. I've mostly been drummed out of Kancolle proper short of some significant QoL improvements. I really just stick around for the fandom. That being said, I participated heavily in finding Nimu, and ended up getting one or two of the event ships this year. That being said, I find it difficult to consider returning to Kancolle in any meaningful way.



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