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    [Event] New Year 2018

    ▼ [Kanpani☆New Year 2018] begins!
    Starting from 0:00 of the new year, celebrate with [Grab Bags] and [Shrine] visits, as well as the [New Year Scenario]!

    Duration: 2018/1/1 (Mon) 0:00 to 2017/1/19 (Fri) maintenance

    ▼ Special New Year's Plan! Daily rate ups for popular employees!

    1/1 (Mon) 00:00 ~ 23:59
    [Magic Knight] Monique Waroquier ☆4 Knight (Fighter)
    Rose Le Verrier ☆5 Paladin (Fighter)
    Luciel Feuel ☆5 Spell Master (Magician)

    1/2 (Tue) 00:00 ~ 23:59
    Ques e'Quel ☆5 Avenger (Warrior)
    Fanaril Ney ☆5 Paladin (Fighter)
    Michaela Zaccardo ☆5 Phalanx (Soldier)

    1/3 (Wed) 00:00 ~ 23:59
    Nomadoa Nihil ☆5 Paladin (Fighter)
    Ealice Liddell ☆5 Cardinal (Cleric)
    Cinzia Ghiglia ☆5 Phalanx (Soldier)

    1/4 (Thu) 00:00 ~ 23:59
    Levie Yethan ☆5 Hatamoto (Ronin)
    Hinano Nasu ☆5 X-Sniper (Archer)
    Eva Slade ☆5 Cardinal (Cleric)

    1/5 (Fri) 00:00 ~ 23:59
    Saga Nordgren ☆5 Spell Master (Magician)
    Armonica Rehula ☆5 Assassin (Rogue)
    Lido Cromwell ☆5 Paladin (Fighter)

    1/6 (Sat) 00:00 ~ 23:59
    Yan Shi ☆5 Phalanx (Soldier)
    Elsa Novem ☆5 Paladin (Fighter)
    Camille Plumray ☆5 Assassin (Rogue)

    1/7 (Sun) 00:00 ~ 23:59
    Ada Cromwell ☆5 X-Sniper (Archer)
    Holly Balbirnie ☆5 Cardinal (Cleric)
    Sibylle Zweig ☆5 Avenger (Warrior)

    1/8 (Mon) 00:00 ~ 23:59
    Verg Vuze ☆5 Avenger (Warrior)
    Sytry Bush ☆5 Spell Master (Magician)
    Nona Ainsworth ☆5 Cardinal (Cleric)

    ▼ New Year's Tradition! [Grab Bags]!
    Grab Bags have the following 7 varieties, the one per customer [First Dream Bag [Pine]], [First Dream Bag [Bamboo]], [First Dream Bag [Plum]], and the unlimited purchaseable variety [Dream Money Bag], [Dream Smith Bag], [Dream Experience Bag], and the gold purchaseable bag [Gold Grab Bag].
    Grab bags can have a set of items that are guaranteed, and a list of items that have a chance of appearing.
    Purchasing a grab bag will display all of its contents.
    Purchasing more grab bags will not affect the chances of its contents.
    ※ Items with the [Limited] tag will expire at the end of the event
    ※ See the Game Guide entry for [Kanpani☆New Year 2018

    ▼ Receive blessings from the [Shrine]!
    The shrine visit on the New Year's event page can give up to four different buffs that last for 30 minutes so be prepared to use the effect when you get it.
    Increased EXP in the Rock Cave and Altar Quest
    Increased chance for Gold Chests in the Rock Cave and Altar Quest
    Decreased bread cost in the Rock Cave and Altar Quest
    Decreased crafting costs

    You can only get a blessing once in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
    The time-frames are
    04:00 ~ 11:59
    12:00 ~ 19:59
    20:00 ~ 03:59

    ▼ Employee Side Stories available in the [New Year Scenario]!
    See many different employees enjoying their New Year in these side stories.
    There are no battles and no EXP, and they only contain story.
    The first clear of each quest gives a reward.
    From 1/1 to 1/7, there will be a new story added every day.

    Grab Bag Contents:

    1x [Limited] Infinite Black Envelope
    1x [Limited] Five Star Black Envelope
    1x [Limited] ★5・★4 Black Envelope
    1x [Limited] Black Fairy Envelope
    100x Fairy's Sweet sake
    1000x Silver Feather
    5x Gold Postbox
    5x Great Fairy Pendulum
    5x Bottle in Red Bean Soup
    5x Extravagant New Year's Food
    5x New Year's Soup
    5x New Year's Food
    5x Career Up Badge
    5x Mirror of Transformation

    1x [Limited] Five Star Black Envelope
    3x [Limited] Black Fairy Envelope
    50x Fairy's Sweet sake
    500x Silver Feather
    3x Gold Postbox
    3x [Limited] President's Hammer
    3x [Limited] Rock Cave Armor Hammer
    3x [Limited] New Year Hammer+
    3x Resource Set
    3x Wood 2500
    3x Steel 2500
    3x Stone 2500
    3x Magical Furnace
    3x Rainbow Anvil

    3x Fairy's Sweet Sake
    30x Silver Feather
    1x Gold Postbox
    1x Career Up Badge
    1x [Limited] New Year's Shrine Road Invitation Ticket
    1x Extravagant New Year's Food
    2x New Year's Soup
    5x New Year's Food
    1x Resource Set
    1x Magical Furnace

    30x Sweet Fairy sake
    1x Gold Postbox
    2x Career Up Badge
    1x Food Pack
    2x Extravagant New Year's Food
    1x Bottle in Red Bean Soup
    1x Adventurer's Instruction Manual
    1x Management Instruction Manual

    + Random
    [Limited] President's Hammer
    [Limited] Black Fairy Envelope
    [Limited] New Year Hammer 2018+
    Fairy's Sweet Sake
    Food Pack
    Extravagant New Year's Food
    Bottle in Red Bean Soup
    Great Fairy Pendulum
    [Limited] Gold Postbox
    [Limited] Purple Postbox

    10x Magical Furnace
    10x Resource Set
    3x Rainbow Anvil
    3x Wood 2500
    3x Steel 2500
    3x Stone 2500
    3x [Limited] New Year Hammer 2018

    + Random
    [Limited] New Year Hammer 2018+
    [Limited] New Year Hammer 2018
    Rainbow Anvil
    Magical Furnace
    Resource Set
    Wood 2500
    Steel 2500
    Stone 2500

    7x Food Pack
    7x Extravagant New Year's Food
    7x New Year's Food
    7x Career Up Badge
    2x Bottle in Red Bean Soup

    + Random
    Food Pack
    Extravagant New Year's Food
    New Year's Food
    Small Bread
    Career Up Badge
    Bottle in Red Bean Soup
    [Limited] Training Field <<Raising>> Ticket

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