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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
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    @sandrio: I wouldn't go max * on torps. +9 is the stopping point IMO for those. Frankly, I called it a day at +7 for my torps. Got a few more Quint Oxy +7 that way. Also, just got a lot of other stuff I need improvemats for. :/ Eventually, I'd make a 2nd Ka-mi tank if I were you. As for daihatsu, not the same as "tankhatsu" when it comes to anti-installation work. Toku + 11th can work, but that can't be improved like tankhatsu and the improvement bonuses for anti-installation work are significant. Sounds like your OK on 20.3cm though can work on some getting to +9 eventually.

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    @sandrio Don't bother with sextuple until you got enough upgraded quint, Rule of thumb is simple.

    1. Imagine the escort fleet you are going to bring against a high armor boss
    2. Count the no. of torps you need
    3. Don't use quint as mod food until you upgraded the same no, of quint to +6

    The same rule of thumbs goes to 20.3 (3) and any other rare equipments you can only get via dupes.

    Definitely upgraded one of the Type 2 tank. It is cheap anyway, and it is highly likely we are facing installations next event.

    The sexiest bridge ever made.

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    Newly Registered sandrio's Avatar
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    Feb 2017
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    I currently have 8 quints, 5x+4,2x+3, 1x+2 and my Type2 Tank is at +5. Just checked.
    So there is work to be done, but its not as bad as I thought it was.
    I have a terrible memory for my improved equipments (mostly because I think the entire Akashi system is a hassle, the limit via screws is okay but only being able to upgrade x gear on y day with z ship is honestly just unnecessary tedium)

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    Captain manacycler's Avatar
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    I am sooo screwed XD I've been so lazy since last event, I only have 270 buckets. That's how many I burned through in one hard map last event!

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    Mar 2015
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    The only event related ships that I have which are highly leveled are Kongou and Isuzu. Everybody else is at low or middling levels and I'm missing at least a dozen of those ships. Should I even bother to prepare?

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    Commander Ferreae's Avatar
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    May 2017
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    @ardiel In a word: Yes.

    First step: throw away pride, be happy with Easy (or medium as your fleet may be)
    Second step: do what you can, don't break yourself over what you cannot.

    Historic ships aren't exactly ENTIRELY required (the EO last event had some routing that was "you think you'll go hard? well.. HAVE FIVE SHIPS OR SUFFER!"), just tend to get a bonus that's helpful.
    I can't say I've crunched the numbers, but plenty said that having the ship into kai/kai ni matters a lot more than '90+'.

    So if you can at least bring up a few ships in each 'fleet', you might find yourself in a better position.

    Also, people have completed events (on low difficulty) under softcap... so don't stress if raising some ships doesn't let you stockpile 200k+ resources (as she hypocritically is stressing about ammo TOO LOW!!!!)

    Regardless of all else..at least try. As long as you aren't some shitty admiral who sinks her ships, you'll leave the event humbled but learned and improved. Might as well try to optimise success and beat your way through it as you can?

    Though reminded by manacycler's post: make sure you have buckets. Expedition #2 for life!

    [and apologies if assumptions seemed insultingly patronising]

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    Mar 2015
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    It looks a lot better if I only need Kai's as I have those mostly.

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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
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    @ardiel: Posting additional information (e.g. your entire fleet and equipment, HQ level, current resources, etc.) would allow for a more detailed response if you want one. Agree with @Ferreae that you definitely should try the event even if you can't clear. To add to what Ferreae posted...

    1) Definitely get your historic ships at least to Kai (not hard to do), and try to get some best in class historic ships to K2 as you can. However, as required, also should still focus on general best-in-class types (e.g. Ayanami K2, Yuudachi K2, Sendai K2 for NB equipment, daihatsu/tank able DD, etc.) If you don't have all historic ships, don't worry about it - do what you can with what you have, but may be the case you'll have to drop in difficulty, especially for EO maps.

    2) Remodeling and modernizing is key for sure and it can help make up for lack of levels. However, levels do matter (accuracy, evasion, ASW (for meeting OASW requirements), etc.), particularly on higher difficulties (e.g. Summer 2017 E-7 Hard).

    3) A LOT depends upon what difficulty you want to clear. Easy has no ship locking which helps a lot, but you always get a tag no matter what so keep that in mind if you want to try and clear some maps on Med/hard. If you're not familiar, take a look at the different requirements/comps for each type of combined fleet. I'd be surprised with a large event if each type isn't required at some point. Also, not sure about Easy, but there's usually some sort of "fast fleet only" type restrictions for Med/Hard.

    4) As for resources, it's a balance of having some resources (especially buckets since no regen there) while ramping ships, getting equipment, etc. as needed. One can clear on Easy even with a large event, but depends what your soft cap is, ships/equipment you have, etc. Also, farming ships is a different matter.

    5) Don't forget equipment. Seaplane fighters (SPF) for sure, improve key equipment, make sure you have some anti-installation stuff (WG42, daihatsu+tank+marines ("tankhatsu"), ka-mi tanks, type 3 shells), decent/good guns/planes/etc.

    Thanks to Arkayda for the signature.

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    Newly Registered
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    Mar 2015
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    These are the ships I have. http://kancolle-calc.net/kanmusu_lis...wXELtJ4AHymsWS

    I don't have any special equipment. I have one AP shell and one Type 3 shell. The only ship I have that can OASW is Isuzu. I have no rockets or landing crafts, or AACI stuff or anything really.

    Also I'm HQ level 80 and have 300 buckets, 15k fuel, 22k ammo, 20k steel and 21k baux.

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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
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    @ardiel FYI - it's quite helpful to either use something like KC3 Kai fleet export, or take screen shots by class (and then by ship level) with EO, Poi or KCV (though that's no longer updated). Can do the same for equipment. Other than that, please type it out. I had trouble with your link so I typed out what you had when I got it work. I may have missed something or got something wrong. What I have for your roster is in the spoiler below.

    [+] Spoiler

    CT: Katori - 20
    AR: Akashi - 9
    Chitose - 12
    Chitose - 13, 12
    I-58x3 - 40, 32, 27
    I-8 - 26
    I-168x3 - 52, 33, 11
    Ise -50
    Fusou - 43
    Hyuuga - 38
    Yamashiro - 27
    Kongou - 84
    Kirishima - 55
    Hiei - 52
    Mutsu - 46
    Haruna - 32
    Akagi -67
    Souryuu - 65
    Hiryuu - 59
    Kaga - 47
    Junyou - 56
    Hiyou - 35
    Ryuujou - 29
    Houshou - 26
    Chiyoda - 18
    Shouhou - 12
    Suzuya - 42
    Kumano - 35
    Mogami - 27
    Maya - 55
    Myoukou - 53
    Kako - 42
    Haguro - 29
    Furutaka - 28
    Takao - 29
    Atago - 25
    Nachi - 7
    Kinugasa - 5
    Aoba -5
    Choukai - 3
    Ashigara - 3
    Tone -1
    Chikuma -1
    Kitakami - 70
    Ooi - 52
    Abukuma 67
    Sendai - 60
    Isuzu - 59
    Yuubari - 35
    Kuma - 33
    Tenryuu - 28
    Tatsuta - 24
    Naka - 22
    Jintsuu - 16
    Kiso - 14
    Natori - 10
    Tama -5
    Nagara - 4
    Agano -1
    Kinu - 1
    Yura - 1
    Murakumo - 72
    Yuudachi - 57
    Shigure - 60
    Hatsushimo - 48
    Hibiki - 40
    Shimakaze - 31
    Yukikaze - 25
    Fubuki 25
    Mustuki - 24
    Akatsuki 24
    Ayanami - 24
    Satsuki - 23
    Kikuzuiki - 24
    Mochizuki - 23
    Nagatsuki - 22
    Kasumi - 21
    Fumizuki - 21
    Mikazuchi - 19
    Akebono - 17
    Sazanami - 17
    Oboro - 16
    Wakaba - 15
    Hatsuharu - 14
    Inazumo - 8
    Ushio - 7
    Yayou - 7
    Ikazuchi - 6
    Shirayuki - 5
    Arare - 4
    Murasame - 3
    Samidare - 3
    Hatsuyuki - 3
    Asashio - 2
    Kuroshio - 2
    Michshio - 2
    Arashio - 1
    Ooshio - 1
    Isonami - 1
    Shikinami -1
    Kagerou -1
    Shiranui - 1
    Nenohi - 1
    Shiratsuyu - 1
    Suzukaze - 1
    Hamakaze -1
    Uranami - 1

    You have some good ships and some at decent level, but need to work on a few things to the extent you can. As I mentioned, it's going to be a balancing act of keeping some resources while still leveling and perhaps crafting equipment. 1-5, 3-2 and 4-3 (if you're there) are all good leveling spots for you on top of PVP (always do PVP if you can). I find CA to be the biggest pain to level so I use PVP a lot for those.

    Ship & Equipment suggestion details in Spoiler below (lot of stuff). Given ships/equipment HQ level, assuming most, if not all, of the event on Easy. You may very well be able to do a couple maps on Med or even Hard (E-1), but majority on Easy.

    [+] Spoiler

    Ships: Long list, so just do what you can. Also make sure to at least fully modernize firepower, torps & armor for remodels as best you can. As noted before, along with the stuff below, try to get all historic ships to kai if you can.

    Akashi - I'd say high priority to kai (35) if not at the top since Kai remodel significantly improves odds of improvement w/o guarantee (100% to +5 and almost 100% to +6) = makes things cheaper to do and you have things to do with improvement and upgrades. PVP and even 3-2 flag will work for leveling. Make a note of which daily/weekly/monthly quests give screws and do as many of those as you reasonably can.

    CT: Just mentioning because some advocate always sticking CT in for PVP XP bonus. Personally, I generally don't - at least not for newer players because you have a lot of ships to level and that spot taken up can give xp to another ship. As for the event, you have Yuubari as a 4-slot CL so unless in the unlikely (IMO) event CT have some special gimmick, no need to ramp Katori IMO.

    AV: If space allows, I'd keep both 2nd copies of Chitose & Chiyoda as AV. So one of each as CVL as one of each as AV. Possible you need an AV, but not super likely/required so low priority ramp on one of them (your choice) to 30-ish if you got other stuff done.

    SS(V): Fine, though I'd concentrate one one of each rather than spreading out XP to the extent possible (I'm sure those are being rotated for 3-2). In general, not a prority, but within class, top priority is I-58 to Kai to give you one good combat SSV.

    BBV: Pretty good shape for Easy though I'd bump Yamashiro to 40 since historic ship.

    (F)BB: Fairly good shape. Continue working on Kongou-class Kai ni with Hiei K2 and Kirashima K2 priority over Haruna K2. If you need Mutsu, you can always emergency grind to 50+ if she's not high enough level.

    CV: Nice. Have more CV than I did at level 80. Also pretty good levels. Throw Hiryuu & Souryuu into your 3-2 fleets to get to K2. Both MUCH better CV at K2 than kai AND get some nice planes. After that, you can work on Kaga some (50-55+), but she's OK-ish at 47 for now.

    CVL: A high priority IMO is getting one of your Chiyoda and one your Chitose copy to CVL Kai (35). K2 (50) is even better (try for that), but at least kai. Thing is that if you need a FAST STF and often it's best to use 2xCVL with STF (just depends), then Junyou and Hiyou won't work. Ryuujou isn't very good until K2 and even then, IMO Chitose/Chiyoda CVL K2 > Ryuujou K2. Bump Hiyou to 40 in case can use 2x slow CVL with STF. Don't bother with Houshou until you get all other CVL leveled.

    CAV: Pretty good since you have 3 already. Almost guaranteed you'll use them. I'd bump Mogami to 35+. If time, get Kumao to 40+

    CA: Maya Kai ni a top priority target though that takes some time. Myoukou K2 is also a target as is Haguro K2 though may/may not need for Easy. Hard to say. Eventually you'll want all 4 Myoukou class at k2, but those 2 are first. Get Tone & Chikuma to Kai (30+ ideally) and perhaps bump Takao & Atago to 30+ as well.

    CLT: Fine

    CL: Get Abukuma to Kai ni. Top priority including BP use. Not only for sortie on maps, but allows you to build a "tankhatsu" (daihatsu + tank + landing force). After that, work on Jintsuu to K2. Mid-level priority for her.

    DD: Top priority is ramping Ayanami to K2. Long ways so probably won't make it, but work on it. Also high priority is ramping Yukikaze more (say 50) and getting Hibiki to K2. Can bump Shimakaze as well to 40+ (Med-ish priority). If you want to work on another DD (other than historic to kai), then work on Kasumi to K2. Like Verniy, Kasumi K2 has no BP and can carry daihatsu/tanks.

    Equipment - Some general points including early improvement targets.

    Stuff to have/get
    1) Need more than one AP shell and one Type 3 shell. Go for 4x AP shell and 3x Type 3 shell.

    2) If you have very little RADAR, then you can farm Isuzu copies. Kai (12) gives you Type 21 along with a Quad Oxy torp (you'll want those if you don't have a lot of Quint Oxy anyway). Type 21 isn't good RADAR, but it's SOME RADAR, and you will need some RADAR. I would NOT bother trying to craft RADAR given cost. You'll get a decent amount (typically small RADAR) with remodels.

    3) ASW. You can emergency build some if needed, but keep that in mind. Almost guaranteed to have some sort of sub map, and Type 3 is a lot better than Type 93/95.

    4) Seaplane Fighter (SPF) - TOP priority: Get two Type 2 SPF by upgrading Type 0 Recon. Make sure to max rank them upon building. Doing Easy so thinking 2 is enough, but if not it's a good start.

    5) I'd build one tankhatsu or at least get one daihatsu to max so you can quickly convert (though limited on days since will only have ABKM k2). If you don't have any daihatsu, then table this for later.

    6) Not sure what you gun situation is like, but probably don't have much of things like Proto 35.6cm triple, Proto 41cm triple, etc. Should have some 41cm twin. NOTE!!! Keep in mind gun fit for (F)BB(V). However, no fit bonus/penalty for support expeditions so having extra 41cm twin beyond at least two for Mutsu & BBV can be useful for your stage of the game. NOT suggesting you build more 41cm twin right now, but keep some if you get Mutsu/Nagato drops. 35.6cm twin are easy to get from drops.

    7) Not sure what your plane situation is like, but stuff like Type 96/97/99 are trash. Shiden K2/Reppuu hard to get and a bit much (you'd think) for Easy, but definitely good to have if you can get some. I'd want at least Type 0 M21 & M52 for fighters. Same thing for bombers - at least Suisei & Tenzan/Ryuusei if not Suisei M12/Ryuusei kai or better. If you don't have any LBAS fighters/interceptors, you'll want some extra Type M21 & M52 for range anyway (Reppuu have decent range as well). See below on LBAS bombers, but can use Ryuusei/Ryuusei kai if needed, but range may be an issue (and they are not as good as LBAS bombers).

    8) If you don't have any LBAS bombers, you get 2 Type 96 from Quests F37 & F38. Quarterly Quest F39 allows upgrade to Type 1. Make sure to do that. Honestly, you'll end up using a lot of those. Ideally would have at least 4 for Easy though eventually want at least 8 if not more LBAS bombers for Med/Hard. If you can keep bauxite around cap with all the other stuff, then can try to build more Type 96 if you don't have at least 4 LBAS bombers. Hopefully RNG will be kind.

    Stuff to Improve:
    1) See Seaplane Fighters above

    2) Type 91 AP shells. Free with daily improvement quest to +6. Get 4 to +4. Do this when you don't have other stuff to improve that day.

    3) Quad Oxy Torps - Also, free with daily improvement quest to +6. Get 6 to +4, again if you don't have other stuff to improve that day. Eventually, you'll want better, but "free" and a decent stop gap for now.

    4) 35.5cm twin. Also free with daily improvement quest to +6 and a decent stop gap. Get 4 or even 6 to +4 if you have nothing else to improve that day.

    5) See above about upgrading one daihatsu to daihatsu+tank

    6) Med. Guns. Debate on 15.2cm (and need Kai model anyway IMO) so I'd hold off on that. Can do 2 or even 4 (max) 20.3cm No.2 to +4 at least. Once you get Mikuma, can work on 20.3cm (No.3)

    7) Small/DD guns, I'd hold off until you get 10cm HA+FD. Only exception is maybe go to +4 on 12.7cm Type D, but that's debatable, especially at your level.

    8) Whenever you get it, Type 53 Iwamoto a top prority (and at max improvement). In the meantime, you can work on ONE Type 0 M21 Skilled and ONE Type 0 M52 Skilled OR M52c (601), but I would NOT try to upgrade fighters to get those planes. Get them from remodels & quests. Wait if you don't have any in stock

    9) Wouldn't bother with ASW upgrade/improvement at this point.

    10) When you get Maya K2, you can upgrade the 25mm Concentrated if you want (some do, especially if no Bofors 40mm/QF-2pdr). Right now, not a top priority for you, but FYI if you run out of stuff to improve right now.

    Resources: Definitely a balancing act since you have a lot of stuff you can work on (depending upon free time) on top of perhaps crafting equipment as well. May need to go into this at soft cap. With sufficient equipment/ships/etc, no guarantees, but should be able to clear with softcap since usually large events end up lasting 4 weeks or even a month. You NEED BP (and improvemats) so don't neglect doing 1-5, 2-5 & 3-5 if that's open for you along with the easier screw quests. DO keep working on buckets. Downside to soft cap is that it doesn't leave much for farming, but give and take situation here.

    Lot of text (sorry), but hope you find it helpful. GL.

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