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    Newly Registered Raftclans's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
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    Iron Saga (Your Mecha Waifu Has Arrived)

    Hey Guys,

    If you like your over the top Mecha with great anime art from the same artists from Girls Frontline then here you go:


    The game can be downloaded from the website above for either iOS or Android.

    The game is fairly new and does not support Google Playstore so if your planning to buy gems or what not you will need an Alipay account until the devs decide to put their game on Google Play anyways.

    The new player daily rewards currently are pretty good and include S rank Pilots and Mechas.



    Screen Shots:

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    Rear-Admiral firemagnet's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    Trying it out now. Is the publisher PRC or JP?

    Uh, that's some impressive live 2d:

    Ok yeah, PRC game and FWIW you do get to pick any three of the girls/guys from a starting roster of some 50+ characters.

    I chose the girl with the metal eyeband, the Ranka-Lee expy and the girl with the purple hair, poncho and eyepatch.

    As seems standard, there are fluent english subtitles and subtext for all PRC games. The game plays like a top-down version of azure lane, controlling one vehicle at a time. Still unsure of precisely how the controls work. Pseudo-censored nations and companies as well. This is the General Dynamics "Seagull"

    This one is called the Lynx Series, but looks far too close to a GM-Cannon to be a coincidence:

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Newly Registered Raftclans's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
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    yeah the game controls basically are you target the enemies and activate the special of each pilots, rest is all AI auto battle during the battles. they do have a game mode where you control your mecha dynasty warriors style/ your mecha vs. an army and you have full control of it.

    Max suits you can deploy at a time is 4 once you hit lvl 15 or so, after wards all other suits in your party are reserves and will come in once the others are destroyed.

    The game as you can guess has a dating/marriage system for your pilots and you can recruit pilots for free once you get your affinity with them to 60, higher pilot affinity allows you to boosts stats and eventually unlock other goodies in the pilot menu.

    The 3 girls you choose in the beginning just means you have higher starting affinity with them and make them easier to recruit, that and it increases their spawn rates i believe when you gatcha for them, keep in mind the pilot gatchas change weekly i believe so save till your pilot pops up in the pilot special for the best chance to get them.

    ***Sniper suits in this game are OP as F*** be super happy if you get one since having an S rank sniper sets you for most of the game modes. Who doesnt love insta kill shots?***

    Rarity of suits in game are as follows:

    S rank- the best suits
    A rank- use them as filler till you have good S ranks, some A ranks are stupid good (snipers for example)
    B and below- fodder dont bother unless you like to see your units explode in glory.

    Color Rarity:

    Gold-special limited suits, usually silly but still very good
    Purple- highest and strongest in their rarity class
    Blue- second strongest in their class
    Green- weakest in their class

    Exceptions to the rarity rules:

    Snipers (1-3 shots wonders that pretty much say your dead)
    Missile spammers (can you even move before you die bro?)
    Gerobi beams of death (long range constant laser atks that penetrate to the next enemy in line)

    Your starter mecha can evolve to any type of suit once you unlock the development option at lvl 20, i went insta sniper and now it wrecks face. Remember the devs were nice enough to give you a S rank purple suit that is already op, the fact you can evo it anyway you like makes it just fun.

    I plan to make a Corps/Guild for English speakers once im lvl 25 and can make one, if anyone wants to join post your ID here.

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    Commander kitsuneshoujo's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
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    Tried playing this three times because I absolutely love the art, but the UI is SO confusing. Using Google translate only kinda-sorta helps.

    There's a bilibili version that you can register your account, the other site you have to have a CN phone number.

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    Newly Registered Raftclans's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
    13 Post(s)
    @kitsuneshoujo can you post the link for the bilibili version please, it would be great if i could play the bilibili version as i would like to register my account.

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    Commander Yoxall's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
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    The Japanese version of the game will be released next month (June). The pre-registrations have already started for those interested: https://yoyaku-top10.jp/u/a/MjYzMDY (Android) or https://yoyaku-top10.jp/u/a/MjYzMDU (iOS).

    Pre-Registration Rewards:
    Over 10, 000 people: 560 gacha gems (2 rolls)
    Over 20, 000 people: 5 parts cubes
    Over 50, 000 people: 840 gacha gems (3 rolls)
    Over 80, 000 people: S-sphere (allows you to get one S-rank mech)
    Over 100, 000 people: 1680 gacha gems (6 rolls) and pilot "Erika"

    They give you enough gacha gems for one 10-roll in the mech gacha.

    There is also a Twitter campaign for those who follow and RT the pre-reg tweet. 10 people will win an Oboro figure.



    Been playing the CN version since it luckily is available on the internation app store as a tourist players (can't seem to make my own account without a Chinese phone number). The game itself was confusing at first, but I am slowly learning everything. I was surprised this game had dual audio with partial Japanese voice acting as well.

    A couple of questions I have:
    1. How do I get more stars in story mode? Run them three times or beat the map within a time limit or have no allies die? Need all the stars to open some chests that require them.
    2. From what I get so far, there is no pilot gacha but there is also kinda one in the bar with the two girls (one of them is a Asuna look-a-like). 10 rolls with 10% of getting a pilot for each roll was what GT told me. How rare is it to get a pilot in that gacha? I rolled once and landed on a pilot so I must've lucked out now that I know it is 10%. Also is it worth rolling in the special pilot gacha or just go for mechs instead?
    3. How does the whole bar thing work? Do you just raise their affinity to 60 and instantly get them?
    4. Are the gacha currency scarce in this game? So far, it seems like you can only get them from the supply quests, story mode chests, whaling, and probably events. Each story mission gives you mech parts and upgrade currency instead of the gacha stuff. Granted, there are those tickets.
    5. From Raftclans' post above, how do I distinguish between snipers, missiles, and beam users outside of battles? Right now, my team is comprised of three mobile suits and one tank.
    6. Do doing stuff like that Flappy Bird knockoff minigame give you anything other than the satisfaction of reaching the high score?

    That should be all the questions I have for now.

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    Oct 2014
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    oh man, i love this game, cuz the gameplay is awesome!!

    Never forget 28/11/2014, RIP my girls:
    Kumano Kai 56.
    Kiso Kai Ni 70.
    Yuudachi Kai Ni 75.
    Fubuki Kai 80.



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