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    Quote Originally Posted by 211303 View Post
    However, the main reason to rank, for me at least, is never the reward. 5-4 is the most effective map for leveling most ships, and also the main source of ranking pt. Ranking reward is just a by-product of leveling. Depending on the server you are in, you can reach t500 with all eo and 12-25 runs of 5-4 per day. That is not exactly a lot, and you can maintain positive gain of resources with that amount of grinding.
    A little bit OT but I'm curious if you actually still have anyone left to level since you only use one ring. I feel like I'm done with pretty much nobody to level except either dupes, the latest character to get a K2, or random DDs that 'may' come in useful for historical routing/damage but are likely to be passed over anyway in favour of actually strong characters. So yes ranking does feel a little like a chore at this point, which is why I cut it down to only the months I plan to use the Z-cannon.

    And 25 runs of 5-4 is, uh, actually quite a lot if one has other things to be doing. Even without having a job and not playing (m)any other games I find it takes too much time, though I also never use submarines there.

    No debate about the value of levelling and resources though. Consistent ranking is definitely the best and most rewarding way (well, either you get a reward, or you get none at all and only sorrow in 4-3 J and boredom in 3-2 A) to grind one's fleet to hardmode-worthy levels assuming one has the time (and the ships needing grinding are somewhat compatible with 5-4 routing).

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    @NanashiYoukai Well, not much to level on my side too except the new ships from events and trophy DD, which is why I stepped back to being a seasonal ranker as well. Not the most effective playstyle, but that's the way I decided to go with.

    And on the no. of runs you need for T500, I only mentioned 25 runs to account for the extreme case named Hashirajima, which consistently has a cutoff 300-500 pt higher than the 2nd highest server. If we disregard that server, we are talking about ~20 runs at most, and in many cases much lower, especially if you are in one of the casual oldfag servers. If we count z cannon as well, we are effectively reducing the daily no. of runs by 5, which further cutting down the runs you need.

    A run with a normal surface fleet will take around 5-6 min, depending on your setup (and sub fleet actually takes longer, it's only good for saving resources). This means you should be able to do around 10 runs per hour. If you are doing anything less than 7 runs per hours, there is probably something you can do to speed things up, which includes having multiple fleets for rotations, reducing your idle time between runs, more CV, not using BB to reduce 2nd round of shelling in the first two nodes, etc. I would say 4 hours of play time per weekday is all you need for T500 and all the valuable dailies/weeklies. You could spend a bit more on weekends and holidays for the EO and monthlies, but that's about it.

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