Welcome to the guides section of the forums, listed below are all the current guides that have been released.

If you wish to create a guide of your own head to the Guides in Progress sub-forum and create it there. Contact @HydraGoliath or any of the other Analysts for a review once completed.

Note: If you have a question ask in the Help & Supportforum.

New player help:

Registering for the game - A short guide on how to get into the game.

The Newbie Guide - A guide on how to start off in the game. (Could use a complete rewrite)

Video Tutorials - A set of videos aimed to teach new players about the game

Expeditions Guide - A general guide on efficient resource collection.
PvP Guide
- A general guide on PvP.

Map Clearing - A guide that covers Worlds 3, 4 and 5 as well as the extra operations.

Quest Ship List - A list of all ships required to complete quests.

Quest Flow Chart - A chart covering all the current daily and weekly quests. (Somewhat out of date but still useful)

Sortie Farming & Power Leveling - A guide on farming ships and grinding levels.

Game Mechanics:

Everything you need to know about sparkles and sad faces - A guide about ship fatigue and morale.

Load out and Equipment, how to get your Kanmusu's to perform at their best - A guide about equipment load outs and general ship performance.

Tools and Mods:

KanColle Viewer - A user friendly interface to play the game with.

KC3 Player - A Chrome plugin that functions similarly to KanColle Viewer.

KanColle Flash Client - A client that uses a standalone version of flash player, it includes keyboard shortcuts and Logbook.

Damage Calculator - An Excel based damage calculator.

Offline Wiki Tool - A tool that contains all the information that you would find on the KC wiki.


How to play KC on an Android Device - A guide on how to play KanColle on your Android based phone.

How To Love Your Girls - A guide on how to purchase and use DMM points in the in game store.

Troubleshooting Error Screens - A guide on how troubleshooting any errors that show up.

Using your Amazon E2 Server in Windows - A guide on how to use your Amazon server to connect to the game.